Black Friday Bedding Deals

Black Friday Bedding Deals UK (2022)

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Last updated: 01.08.2022

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Black Friday 2021 was great, but we anticipate an even better Black Friday 2022!

The next Black Friday is on 25 November 2022! 🎉

Why not get a head start and bookmark your favourite bedding brands?

Snuggle up and let’s get to it! 👇

Black Friday Bedding in the UK

Important dates to remember

  • Black Friday: 25 November 2022

  • Black Friday Weekend: 25 November - 28 November 2022

  • Cyber Monday: 28 November 2022

What can you expect from Black Friday 2022?

In 2021, Black Friday offered as much as much as 50% off some of the best duvets, mattress protectors, and sheets!

We're hoping for an equally fantastic (if not better) Black Friday 2022!

We'll share our favourite Black Friday bedding brands further down. 👇

Black Friday bedding deals at online bedding brands and retailers

Independent high street bedding stores are becoming few and far between.

Luckily, there are plenty of retailers and brands online where you can get a fantastic deal on the best bedding. ✔️

You can expect HUGE savings on these:

  • Simba Sleep
  • Panda London
  • Otty Sleep
  • Eve Sleep
  • Aeyla (formerly Mela Comfort)
  • Bedfolk
  • Dreams
  • Amazon

The choice is endless! 🤯

bedfolk logo


Shop for all your luxury bedding essentials this Black Friday.


amazon logo


You can find a ton of different bedding accessories this Black Friday on Amazon.


dreams logo


Dreams provide a fantastic selection of bedding brands including Tempur, Relyon, and Hypnos.


happybeds logo


Shop for the best Black Friday bedding deals at HappyBeds.


mattress online logo

Mattress Online

Get the best deals on bedding, mattresses, and more this Black Friday.


simba sleep bundle

Simba Sleep

Get huge savings on bedding bundles at Simba!


panda cloud duvet

Panda London

Panda creates sustainable bedding products made from bamboo and cotton!


eve mattress protector

Eve Sleep

The Eve Sleep range includes sustainable cotton mattress protectors, duvets, and sheets!


otty duvet

Otty Sleep

Otty offered 50% off all bedding products during the last Black Friday event.


aeyla eucalyptus sheets


Aeyla (formerly Mela Comfort) has a fantastic range of Eucalyptus silk sheets, duvets, and weighted blankets!


Do beds go on sale on Black Friday?

It’s not just bed sheets and duvets that are available at great prices over the Black Friday weekend.


You can also enjoy:

You can get huge discounts on beds and mattresses, saving you hundreds of pounds!

Why not treat yourself to that mattress you’ve had your eye on? 👀

What is Black Friday?

Most people think Black Friday shopping is a new phenomenon.

However, shopping on the first Friday after Thanksgiving has been a tradition in the USA since the 1960s.

Thanksgiving day graphic
Black Friday is on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

Yet, Black Friday has grown increasingly popular over the years, with everybody eager to get the best sale they can. 🏷️

Today, you can get Black Friday sales on all kinds of products, including gadgets, clothes, homeware and even furniture!

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is relatively new, and the term was originally coined back in 2005.

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday refers to the first Monday after Thanksgiving. 🦃

With online retailers becoming a regular part of holiday shopping, online sales on this day are increasing each year.

Shopping online can be an easier way to get your goodies, especially during this busy weekend, so you can avoid queues and shop safely from home. 💻

black friday bedding shopping vs cyber monday
Cyber Monday can be a more stress-free shopping experience.

Black Friday in the UK

Like many US traditions, the UK has adopted this crazed sale period as a part of British culture.

Whether you’re shopping from the comfort of your home or dashing to the shops on Black Friday weekend, there are lots of ways to make your Black Friday both successful and sensible.

You definitely don't want to be missing out.

What to look out for when buying bedding on Black Friday

It’s easy to get carried away with bedding sales, and you could end up spending more than you planned or making unwanted purchases. 😨

If you’re looking to get your hands on some bedding items this Black Friday sale, then follow our simple buying guide. 👇

black friday bedding key criteria

1. Start early and make a list

If you need a duvet set for guests this holiday season or your own fitted sheets need replacing, then think about creating a priority list. 📝

Perhaps you've had your eye on getting a weighted blanket, but this is less of a necessity?

Creating a priority list will allow you to focus on the most important products first, and move on to other items only if you have the leftover cash. 💰

2. Budget for what you need

Bedding isn’t always cheap, particularly if you’re looking for high-quality materials such as Egyptian cotton. 😍

Price performance ratio graphic
Find a balance between quality and price.

Keep a realistic budget in mind for what you need and try to stick to it.

Consider how good the Black Friday offer is and whether or not you can get these items later.

For example, if you’re only saving 5% on some pillowcases, why not focus your attention on other items that have half price offers or more? 🏷️

3. Consider the materials

You should do some research into the different kinds of materials before you make up your mind.

Woman shopping online in bed graphic
Do your research so you know the best products for your needs.

For example, whilst silk sheets are great for the skin and hair, they can be expensive. 💰

Likewise, cotton bedding comes in different forms, including cotton sateen, organic cotton, and polycotton.

Are you looking for an easy-care product or sheets that are super soft on sensitive skin?

Find out what you need first, and this will help to narrow down your options.

4. Choose the correct size

One key element that shouldn’t be overlooked is choosing the correct size for your bed.

UK duvet sizes
Check you have the right size before placing an order.

Always double-check before you order, as you might not get a refund. 😮

Duvets are available in the following sizes:

  • Single duvet: 135 x 200cm (53” x 78” approx)
  • Double duvet: 200 x 200cm (78” x 78” approx)
  • King size duvet: 230 x 220cm (90” x 86” approx)
  • Super-king duvet: 260 x 220cm (102” x 86” approx)

If you need custom sizes, it's best to shop around.

5. Check the refund policy and guarantee

Bedding is often non-refundable once it has been removed from its packaging due to hygienic reasons. 🧼

This means you’ll want to be sure of your decision before making a purchase.

You should also see if the bedding comes with a guarantee that protects you from manufacturing faults such as loose seams and threads.

Compare the guarantee with the price you are paying and see if it is worthwhile. 🧐

For example, spending £150 on sheets may seem excessive, but this works out at just £30 per year with a 5-year warranty.

Should you buy bedding this Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Everybody deserves a little treat once in a while, and what better time to do it than during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale? 🏷️

It's a smart way to stock up on those necessary items whilst making some great savings.

Remember to stick to your assignment and apply any codes at checkout.

You don't want to miss out on these fantastic offers!

And most importantly, have fun! 😅

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Black Friday has come and gone.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • When is Black Friday 2022?

    This year Black Friday falls on 25 November 2022.

  • When is the best sale period for bedding?

    The Black Friday Autumn sale isn't the only great time to buy bedding. 

    The other popular sale periods for bed items include Boxing Day and the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

  • What is the best thread count for cotton bedding?

    Typically, the higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets will be. 

    For a regular cotton duvet cover, 200 - 400 thread count cotton is a good amount. 

    For those looking for more premium cotton such as sateen, then you should opt between 300 - 600 thread count cotton.


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