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Dunelm Bedding & Duvet Covers Review UK (2022)

Written by Holly

Last updated: 09.08.2022

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For many of us, buying Dunelm bedding is a no-brainer. 🧠

Who can argue with the promise of affordable and high-quality bedspreads in a range of styles of fabrics?

But did they pass the Sleep Hero test when we explored the Dunelm shop?

Dive into our Dunelm bedding & duvet covers review. 👇

woman shopping for dunelm bedding


  • Affordable and luxury bedding available
  • High-quality bedding includes Egyptian, and sateen cotton
  • Lots of deals and discounts up for grabs
  • Huge selection of bedding and duvets
  • The online website is easy to use
  • Fast delivery and free on orders over £49
  • Supports local high streets & keeps brick-and-mortar stores alive
  • 28-day return policy
  • Good reviews on Trustpilot


  • Not always the best quality compared to some other brands
  • The store itself is a bit disorganised with a warehouse feel
  • No sleep trial on products

What makes Dunelm bedding special?

  • A beloved UK retailer for over 40 years
  • Fast and easy delivery options
  • Huge selection of products to choose from

Who are Dunelm?

Dunelm was founded in 1979 by Bill and Jean Adderley, market textile traders from Leicester. 🧵

Since then, Dunelm has become a staple UK retailer, recognised by most brits.

They are best known for selling bedding products and other homewares, including curtains, lights, and even mattresses.

dunelm online and in-store
You can shop online or in the physical Dunelm store.

You can find out more about these other products in our Dunelm Online Shop Review.

But we’re here to talk about Dunelm bedding. 😅

What bedding does Dunelm sell?

Dunelm sells a variety of bedding to help you fully kit out your bedroom with all the bells and whistles.

You can find the following:

  • Dunelm bedding & sheet sets
  • Dunelm duvets
  • Dunelm quilt covers
  • Dunelm throws
  • Dunelm blankets
  • Dunelm valances
  • Dunelm mattress toppers
  • Dunelm mattress protectors

The easiest way to find the type of Dunelm bedding you’re after is to use the filter tool on the Dunelm website. 💻

Alternatively, you’ll find a dedicated Dunelm bedding section if you visit a Dunelm store.

Each aisle is separated by mattress protectors, toppers, duvets, and so on.

Dunelm bedding aisle

Dunelm bedding aisle

Whilst the bedding section was fairly well organised, some parts of the store were cluttered, making it difficult to look around.

Is Dunelm bedding good quality?

It’s fantastic that Dunelm has a vast range of bedding products.

But we’re all about quality over quantity.

So, how do Dunelm stack up?


Dunelm bedding is made from either natural or synthetic fibres.

Synthetic vs natural bedding
Dunelm has a selection of synthetic and natural bedding.

To determine whether Dunelm bedding is good quality, you must first consider the benefits of each type of material.

We’ll break down the pros and cons of each below. 👇

Dunelm synthetic bedding

Synthetic bedding comes from manufactured fibres.

This includes Dunelm fleece bedding, polyester, velvet, viscose and acrylic.

Dunelm duvets in synthetic material usually have hollowfibre or microfibre fillings.

Hollowfibre vs microfibre
Dunelm duvets often have hollowfibre or microfibre fillings.

Synthetic bedding is generally cheaper than natural bedding.

It’s also hypoallergenic and easy to wash, making it a great option for allergy sufferers. 🤧

However, it sometimes feels cheap and can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Dunelm natural bedding

Dunelm has a variety of bedding made from naturally-sourced fibres. 🌱

One of the most popular is Dunelm cotton bedding, including Egyptian and brushed cotton.

Dunelm duvets usually have a cotton or bamboo outer cover with wool filling.

Natural fibres
Dunelm duvets can include a range of natural fibres.

Natural bedding tends to be more expensive but is much more breathable and can absorb moisture. 💦

Dunelm bedding made with natural fibres will likely last you much longer and feel softer and gentler on the skin.

You can also get Dunelm polycotton bedding.

This blend of natural and synthetic bedding gives you the benefits of natural bedding at a more affordable price. 💰

Dunelm bedding complaints

We looked at real customer reviews on Trustpilot to determine if Dunelm was good value.

Dunelm has a 3.8/5 score on Trustpilot.

But how does that compare with other shops? 🤔

Retailer Overall reviews Excellent reviews Bad reviews
Dunelm 41,913 71% 14%
John Lewis 32,809 48% 38%
Wilko 39,746 70% 14%
Dreams 51,620 87% 4%

As you can see, in terms of reviews, Dunelm is averaging somewhere in the middle along with Wilko.

Their reputation isn’t as great as Dreams on TrustPilot, but they’re still getting much more positive feedback than John Lewis.

Overall the reviews regarding the quality of the products are very positive. ✅

dunelm bedding reviews

dunelm bedding mumsnet reviews

Many customers agree that it is good value, and most complaints focus on delivery issues and late orders.

However, many customers at Mumsnet regard Dunelm as inferior to John Lewis.

Many agree that the quality of Dunelm bedding used to be good but is now overpriced and at a similar standard as Wilko (which is considerably cheaper.) 👎

We’d agree with the above comment that the store itself did have a cold, warehouse-like feel.

It was also somewhat disorganised, and we found using the website much easier.

We thought the quality was good overall, but it’s a fair assessment that some products were overpriced. 💰

If you’re unsure, it may be worth visiting a Dunelm store and having a closer look at the Dunelm bedding range.

Buying bedding can be subjective, as everyone has different expectations when it comes to quality.

Which bedding brand is the best?

Dunelm is known for selling a wide range of bedding brands.

This includes:

  • Dunelm Dorma bedding
  • Dunelm Furn bedding
  • Dunelm Winchester bedding
  • Dunelm Catherine Lansfield bedding
  • Dunelm Fogarty bedding

Dunelm has also worked with celebrity brands, such as Holly Willoughby, who has a selection of sheets and duvet covers in white and floral patterns. 💮

Likewise, the Dorma collection is a staple part of the Dunelm range.

Dorma bedding
Dorma is a popular brand by Dunelm.

But there’s no “best brand” per se. 🤔

Instead, we’d advise you to pay attention to the materials, quality, and price of the bedding you buy.

There are also other online bedding brands that you could consider.

See our favourites below:

Dunelm bedding buying guide

There are all kinds of decisions to make when choosing your bedding set, from thread count to sheet style. 🤯

We’ll help you decide on each one below.

Flat sheet vs fitted sheet

A flat sheet is the more traditional type of set.

flat vs fitted sheet
The main difference between a flat and fitted sheet is the corners.

This is a simple rectangle that must be tucked under the mattress.

This is the most popular type for those who want that crisp “hotel look”, but it does take a bit of extra work to make the bed.

On the other hand, fitted sheets have elasticated corners, making them fit onto the bed easily. 🤗

However, they are a pain to fold away and can look untidy in the cupboard.

Thread count

Thread count refers to how many threads have been woven into the fabric and how tightly woven this makes it.

Thread counts range from 200 - 800, but this also depends on the particular material and weave.

Weave types
The quality and feel of the material depend on the weave.

For example, you may find a cotton sateen plain sheet in a thread count of up to 600, whilst the highest for Egyptian cotton is 400 thread count percale. 🧵

Typically, the higher the thread count, the more expensive the bedding collection, but it will also be of a higher quality.

But the quality of yarn (for example, is it organic cotton?) and weave should also be considered.

Housewife vs Oxford pillowcase

You might be surprised to learn that pillowcases also come in different styles.

housewife vs oxford pillowcase
There are two types of pillowcases available at Dunelm.

The Housewife pillowcase is the “standard” as it is the most widely used in the UK. ✔️

It has a simple design with a flap that tucks over the gap to secure the pillow.

Alternatively, the Oxford pillowcase has a more embellished design with a wide-stitched hem around the edge.

Oxford pillowcases give the pillow a fluffier and fuller look and are a great choice for those who want a more classy style. ✨

You can buy single pillowcases or a pillowcase set with sheets at Dunelm.

Dunelm has a great selection of pillowcase pairs in both the Housewife and Oxford styles.

But it’s not just Dunelm that has a great pillowcase selection.

Take a look at our favourite pillowcases:

What Dunelm duvet cover should I buy?

As well as your sheets, you may consider a new Dunelm duvet covet set.

Bed set
You can get a full bedding and duvet set at Dunelm.

Like sheet sets, Dunelm duvet covers vary in quality depending on the material, brand, and manufacturing process.

You can choose between the budget-friendly Fogarty soft-touch duvet to a luxury pure cotton reversible duvet cover.

The duvet cover you should buy needs to be suitable for your lifestyle. 🥰

Some of the most popular Dunelm duvet cover brands include Dorma, Fogarty, Appletree and Catherine Lansfield.

Dunelm duvet cover sets come in various styles, patterns, and materials.

Consider the following criteria before buying a duvet cover:

  • What size do I need?
  • What is my maximum budget?
  • What style is my bedroom?
  • Do I want a statement piece of something that blends in?
  • Should I choose a synthetic or natural duvet cover?
  • What tog duvet do I need?
  • Do I want a reversible duvet cover?

Once you have figured out exactly what you need, this will help narrow down your options.

You can then filter your search by size, style, material, etc., so you don’t have to spend time looking at products that aren’t suitable.

Tog rating

Duvets themselves come in different tog ratings.

Our chart below gives you an idea of how warm you will feel depending on your tog rating:

Tog rating scale

A 10.5 tog is a good all-rounder for every season. ☀️❄️

Take a look at our favourite 10.5 tog duvets:

Dunelm bedding size guide

Dunelm bedding comes in standard UK sizes.

Dunelm bedding sizes include:

  • Dunelm bedding single size: 90 x 190 cm (35.4 x 74.8 inches)
  • Dunelm bedding small double size: 120 x 190 cm (47.2 x 74.8 inches)
  • Dunelm bedding double size: 135 x 190 cm (53.1 x 74.8 inches)
  • DreamCloud sheet king size - 150 x 200 cm (19.6 x 78.7 inches)
  • DreamCloud sheet super king size - 180 x 200 cm (70.8 x 78.7 inches)

But what about duvet sizes? 👇

Dunelm duvet sizes

You don’t necessarily need the duvet size to match your bed.

In fact, choosing a duvet size above the size of your mattress creates that full “hotel look” with the duvet draping over the bed for a luxury statement.

Dunelm duvets come in the following sizes:

Duvet sizes

We highly recommend checking your size before ordering, as you might not be able to get a refund if you make a mistake. 😱

How much does Dunelm bedding cost?

As the Dunelm bedding selection is huge, it will be no surprise to learn that the prices vary. ⚖️

Dunelm bedding & duvet sets range from £6 - £380.

There will be quality differences depending on how much you spend.

Price-performance ratio
Dunelm bedding prices vary.

For the cheapest Dunelm bedding, you can expect synthetic fibres that likely won’t last too long after frequent washing. 🧼

Higher-quality bedding is made from natural materials such as Egyptian cotton, Tencel, or bamboo.

Luxury Dunelm bedding will also have a high thread count, be gentler on the skin, and last through multiple washes.

Therefore, you should always go for the best quality you can afford.

A £6 set that has to be replaced every month will end up more expensive than a £100 set that lasts for years.

Dunelm bedding discount codes

So, what kind of deals can you expect from Dunelm to make their high-quality bedding more affordable? 😍

Dunelm bedding sales include special discounts on sheets, duvets, and bedspreads where you can save as much as 50%.

The most popular sales for Dunelm duvet covers and other bedding are during seasonal periods such as Boxing Day, Easter, and Black Friday.

Man jumping with coins
You can get Dunelm bedding discounts throughout the year.

You can also find clearance items in-store and online.

Bookmark our discounts page for a consecutive list of the best online bedding offers.

Dunelm bedding delivery & returns

Dunelm bedding comes with free standard delivery when you spend over £49.

dunelm delivery process
The Dunelm delivery process is easy.

If your order basket is under £49, you’ll be charged £3.95 for delivery.

How long your order takes depends on the specific product you buy.

However, bedding normally arrives fairly fast and should be with you between the next day to a week.

You can also opt for express delivery for an additional charge of £5.95, which will arrive the next working day (excluding weekends.) 🚚💨

You’ll get an update via text message from your designated courier with more details about when to expect your delivery.

Can you take bedding back to Dunelm?

You can take your bedding back to Dunelm within 28 days of purchasing.

However, you must keep your proof of purchase, and the item must be unopened, with all the packaging and tags intact. 🏷️

Return policy
You can return your Dunelm bedding within 28 days.

Unfortunately, Dunelm does not offer sleep trials on their bedding products. 👎

We love sleep trials because they allow you to test the product fully.

And if you don’t get on with it, you can send it back.

Dunelm sells brands that offer sleep trials, but not through the Dunelm store.

For example, you can buy the Panda Bamboo bedding set at Panda London for the same price as Dunelm, but including a 30-night sleep trial and a 1-year guarantee.


We recommend looking into bedding with money-back sleep trials if you're indecisive.

Take a look at our favourites:

Should I buy Dunelm bedding?

Overall, we think that Dunelm has a wide variety of bedding products available, no matter your pay grade. ✅

Yet, there are certainly some online competitors they have to contend with that have sleep trials to give you full peace of mind.

Other brick-and-mortar stores like John Lewis, Dreams, and Argos may be better value for the quality.

We advise you also to consider your size, material, quality and budget preferences.

Not sure where to start? 😅

Our top bedding products are listed below:

Contact Dunelm UK

Customer service: To contact Dunelm directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0345 165 6565 or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Dunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd, Watermead Business Park, Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1AD.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are dunelm shops?

    You can find Dunelm shops across the UK.

    In fact, Dunelm has as many as 175 stores.

    You can use the Dunelm Store Finder tool to search for a Dunelm shop near you.

    Alternatively, you can order online from the Dunelm website.

  • How do I know if my bedding is good quality?

    You can check the quality of your bedding by looking at the thread count and type of material.

    Natural fibres tend to be higher-quality compared to synthetic fibre bedding.

    Pure organic cotton bedding with a thread count of 400 would be considered very good quality.

    If your bedding is cheap but has a high thread count, it may have been made with lower quality yarn and type of weave.

  • What style of bedding does Dunelm sell?

    Dunelm bedding sets come in various styles to suit your bedroom decor, from block colours including duck egg blue duvet cover sets to bold ochre for a statement piece.

    Consider a Dunelm waffle bedding set or Mandalay style if you prefer a textured look.

    You can also get floral patterns, such as the Meadowsweet set by Catherine Lansfield or a stripe duvet cover set for those who require geometric decor.

    There are also plenty of children’s bedding sets with Disney designs and simple blue, green, or pink duvet cover sets.


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