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Black Friday Sofa Deals

Black Friday Sofa Deals UK (2023)

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We may love sleep, but there’s nothing like a good nap on a comfortable sofa.

The best time to get one is during Black Friday, which will be on 24 November 2023. 🔥

In fact, you can get excellent savings on sofas and sofa beds throughout the entire month!

So, check out the best Black Friday sofa deals from our favourite brands and retailers. 👇

Black Friday sofa deals

The best Black Friday sofa deals UK 2023

Check out the best Black Friday deals on sofas, sofa beds, and chair beds:

Need some help deciding on a sofa or sofa bed? We've got our favourites listed below. 👇

Our favourite Black Friday sofa deals:

Where can you get Black Friday sofa deals?

Let's dive into some of our favourite brands and retailers with the best Black Friday sofa and sofa bed deals. 👇

Our favourite Black Friday sofa retailers

You can shop at the top UK sofa retailers in-store or online.

You'll find the best deals at the following:

Now let's take a look at some of our top sofa and sofa bed brands.

Bruno Black Friday sofa bed deals

Bruno is offering 15% off the Bruno mattress, Bruno sofa bed, and other Bruno products during Black Friday week.


bruno sofa bed closed

bruno sofa bed open

Happy Beds Black Friday sofa deals

Happy Beds has plenty of sleep products up for grabs from the most popular brands, including up to 70% off sofas and sofa beds this Black Friday.


Emma Black Friday sofa bed deals

You can get 30% off the stylish Emma sofa bed, which includes a 200-night sleep trial, as well as up to 55% off other bestselling Emma products.


emma sofa bed

emma sofa bed open

There's definitely no shortage of options!

What to expect from Black Friday 2023

Black Friday sofa deals 2022 offered as much as 55% off bestselling sofas and sofa beds, but we anticipate even better deals for 2023.

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How to choose the best Black Friday sofa deal

The Black Friday sofa bed sale is the perfect time to buy big items, but it makes sense to plan ahead and save items to your wishlist early. ⏲️

Black friday sofa deals criteria for buying

Our key criteria of what to look out for may help guide you. 🎉

Sofa design

Do you need a 2-seater sofa or a corner sofa for five? 🤔

This depends on your living room, how you prefer to sit (or lie), how many people you need seating for, and how much space you have.

Those who don't have space for a guest bedroom may also want to consider a sofa bed or chair bed.

woman laying on sofa bed

Of course, you shouldn’t be sleeping on sofa beds every day - you’ll need one of our best mattresses for that.

What style sofa do you want?

There are dozens of different sofa styles.

  • Mid-century sofas: An elegant, modern-retro sofa with a boxy, streamlined look with wooden legs and lower arms.

  • Chesterfield sofas: Grandiose sofas often made of leather, with a rolled back and arms of equal height and button detail.

  • Contemporary sofas: Modern sofas with loose back cushions and straight arms with the same height as the back.

  • Traditional sofas: These are often characterised by short, rounded arms that are lower than the back and don’t stretch all the way to the front.

  • Country sofas: These include valances that cover the feet, armrests that are lower than the back, and removable cushions.

Of course, many sofas these days are unique, and you can choose a wide variety of styles to suit your preferences. 🥳

What fabric and colour sofa do you want?

Sofas can either stand out as a key feature or simply serve a purpose, melting in with the room. 🔑

sofa fabrics

The most popular fabrics include:

  • Leather sofas or faux leather sofas: Highly durable and easy to maintain but expensive
  • Fabric sofas: Cost-effective and vegan-friendly but sensitive to wear and tear
  • Velvet sofas: Soft and stylish, but can trap dust and allergens easily

It’s a good idea to get some fabric swatches to see which feel and colour upholstery you like the look of most.

What filling do you want?

Sofas need to look nice, but they also need to be comfortable, which often depends on the cushion filling.

Different sofa fillings

Some of the most popular filling options include fibre, foam, or feather.

Fibre-filled sofas are lush and soft but require more upkeep, while foam sofas have a firmer feel but will be more durable.

What about delivery and return policies?

Feeling a sofa before you buy is a good idea - you have to sit on it and see if you like it.

We recommend buying from brands offering risk-free trials, like the Bruno sofa bed, or solid return policies in case you're unsatisfied.

Check for delivery fees and times; some brands offer free delivery while others charge extra, and certain retailers may have extended waits of weeks or months.

Should you buy a sofa this Black Friday?

Yes! If you've done your research, then investing in a new sofa or sofa bed on Black Friday is an excellent way to get a quality product without the hefty price tag. 💰

Here's a reminder of the best Black Friday sofas UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • When is Black Friday 2023?

    Black Friday will be on 24th November 2023.

    Mark these important dates:

    • Black Friday: 24 November 2023
    • Black Friday weekend: 24 November - 26 November 2023
    • Cyber Monday: 27 November 2023

    Get saving!

  • What exactly is Black Friday?

    Black Friday originated as a shopping holiday in the USA. 🇺🇸

    It is traditionally celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of the American Christmas shopping season.

    You can get the best Black Friday deals on all your big bedroom furniture, living room items, and dining room furniture.

    Big retailers like John Lewis, Amazon, and Debenhams all offer UK Black Friday furniture deals. 🏢

  • Where else can I get sofa Black Friday deals?

    There is no shortage of Black Friday sofa sales UK. 

    But where you shop depends on what type of sofa you're after.

    • Black Friday deals on leather sofas: Chesterfield has an excellent range of luxurious leather options.
    • Corner sofa Black Friday deals: Shop at popular contemporary retailers like DFS and Sofology. 
    • Black Friday armchair deals: John LewisDunelm and Wayfair have some excellent options.
    • Black Friday deals on sofa beds: Mattress retailers like Dreams and Bensons for Beds are your experts.
    • Recliner sofa Black Friday deals: Try traditional retailers such as Furniture Village and Oak Furniture Land. 
    • Modular sofa Black Friday deals: Contemporary online brands such as Snug and Dusk have stylish options. 

    Check out these retailers online or in-store to find more Black Friday sofa deals UK.

    Where can I get Black Friday sofa bed deals?

    Sofa beds are available at many furniture and mattress retailers. 

    The best sofa bed Black Friday deals can be found at Bruno, Emma Sleep, HappyBeds, Dreams, and Bensons for Beds. 

    We've tried and tested the Bruno sofa bed and Emma sofa bed to give you a more detailed look at these products. 

  • Where can I get Black Friday sofa bed deals?

    Sofa beds are available at many furniture and mattress retailers. 

    The best sofa bed Black Friday deals can be found at Bruno, Emma Sleep, HappyBeds, Dreams, and Bensons for Beds. 

    We've tried and tested the Bruno sofa bed and Emma sofa bed to give you a more detailed look at these products. 

  • What is a sofa-in-a-box?

    We focus largely on bed-in-a-box mattresses - but what exactly is a sofa in a box?

    Just like mattress brands, which are focusing on making delivery easier and more manageable for the everyday (wo)man and smaller spaces, sofa companies are coming up with unique concepts that make buying a sofa much easier.

    If you reside in a London flat with tight entrances or stairs and want a corner sofa, a sofa-in-a-box ensures you don't have to settle for less.

    Like IKEA sofa beds, sofas delivered in a box are disassembled but come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can put the whole thing together by yourself. Or, preferably, with a friend or family member. 

    Popular sofa-in-a-box companies in the UK include Swyft, Snug, Argos, DFS, John Lewis, and Next ... and don't forget IKEA!

    And many of these retailers are offering Black Friday sofa sales! 

  • What other furniture has Black Friday deals?

    It's more than just sofa sets that have bargains during the Black Friday sofa bed sale.

    You can also get deals on other homeware items, including dining chairs, dining tables, footstools, chest of drawers, dining sets, dressing tables, sideboards, and more.

    If you are looking for furniture sales to decorate the entire house, then we recommend visiting a retailer who sells a range of home decor, as a larger order could secure you a better deal. 

  • Can I buy mattresses and sleep accessories for Black Friday?

    While sofas and sofa beds are among the most expensive living room furniture items you’ll purchase for a good snooze, these aren’t the only ones that’ll be on offer for Black Friday. 💷

    You’ll also find the following Black Friday deals:

    It doesn’t matter what you need to get a good sleep - you’ll get it for Black Friday!

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