IKEA Mattresses

IKEA Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

Last updated: 27.03.2024 Reading time: 19 Min.

IKEA needs no introduction.

This Swedish furniture retailer stocks numerous IKEA mattresses, beds, and sleep accessories at incredibly low prices.

One in five people in the UK actually sleeps on an IKEA mattress!

But are IKEA mattresses good quality?

And how do you make sense of the vast selection available?

We've spent some time in the IKEA sleep world and have IKEA mattress reviews on our favourites. 🤓

Below is our selection of the best IKEA mattresses in the UK.

Let's get straight to it. 👇

Ikea Mattress Reviews

Who are IKEA mattresses suitable for?

  • Those on a budget
  • Kids, teenagers, and students
  • Those who sleep alone
  • Those looking for a cheap, temporary mattress
  • Buy-to-let properties
  • Those looking to collect a mattress on the same day

The best IKEA mattress UK

IKEA mattresses are a convenient and affordable choice for those upgrading their bedroom space.

Let's take a look at our favourites in the IKEA mattress range below. 👇

IKEA Vestmarka mattress review

Best for: Budget buyers, kids & teens, single-person sleepers, buy-to-let homes.

The IKEA Vestmarka is an open coil sprung mattress with steel Bonnel springs and a polyester and cotton cover.

It's more suitable for kids, teenagers or those sleeping alone since you'll feel quite a bit of movement from the interconnected spring system.

 IKEA Vestmarka

 IKEA Vestmarka

It offers a medium-firm feel ideal for back and side sleepers and has an unbeatable price.

The IKEA Vestmarka mattress comes vacuum-sealed and takes around 72 hours to return to its original shape.

It comes with a 10-year guarantee and can be ordered online or collected in-store.


IKEA Vestmarka mattress
Composition: Bonnell steel springs
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 18 cm (7 inches)
Cover: Polyester and cotton
Available sizes: IKEA mattress double, IKEA mattress king
Price £

IKEA Valevåg mattress review

Best for: Mid-range shoppers, cold sleepers, side and back sleepers, couples.

The IKEA Valevåg is a mid-range pocket sprung mattress featuring steel springs with extra foam padding.

The extra foam padding offers extra softness and a comfortable feel that hugs around the body.

IKEA Valevåg

IKEA Valevåg

The springs run from edge to edge, offering excellent support across the entire mattress, so you can sit on the edge of the mattress without it collapsing.

It also includes 5 comfort zones designed to support the hips and shoulders and align the spine.

The foam layers increase the warmth in the mattress, which may be unsuitable for particularly hot sleepers. 🔥

It also comes with a 10-year guarantee.


IKEA Valevåg mattress
Composition: Steel pocket springs with foam padding
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 24 cm (9.4 inches)
Cover: Polyester
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, IKEA mattress small double, IKEA mattress double, IKEA mattress king, IKEA mattress super king
Price: ££

IKEA Vatneström mattress review

Best for: Luxury shoppers, those needing more support, couples & restless sleepers, hot sleepers.

The IKEA Vatneström is a more advanced IKEA mattress, reflected by the higher price point.

It features steel pocket springs with latex foam, coir, and wool wadding. 🐑

These natural layers are highly breathable and offer cushioning comfort to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders.

IKEA Vatneström

IKEA Vatneström

It also includes 5 comfort zones for extra spinal support and edge-to-edge pocket springs.

The pocket spring layer helps to isolate movement, so you shouldn't feel your partner getting in and out of bed.

This IKEA latex mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee and is available in two firmness levels: medium-firm and firm.


IKEA Vatneström mattress
Composition: Pocket springs with latex foam and wool
Firmness level: Medium-firm & firm
Height: 26 cm (10.2 inches)
Cover: Cotton
Available sizes: IKEA mattress double, king, super king
Price: £££

IKEA Ågotnes mattress review

Best for: Kids, temporary beds, trundle beds, as a firm mattress topper

The Ågotnes is IKEA's cheapest all-foam mattress and consists of a single layer of resilient polyurethane foam with a total height of 10 cm (3.9 inches).

This IKEA memory foam mattress doesn't offer much support, and we would only recommend it for kids or those who need a quick, temporary mattress.

ikea agotnes mattress

ikea agotnes mattress

Its low height could also make it a great option for a trundle or some IKEA day beds.

Unfortunately, it is only available in single sizes.

If you sleep on a single mattress which feels soft and unsupportive, the IKEA Ågotnes mattress could be used as a topper for additional firmness.

Despite the very low cost, it also includes a 10-year warranty.


IKEA Ågotnes mattress
Composition: Polyurethane foam
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 10 cm (3.9 inches)
Cover: Polyester & viscose/rayon
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, 80 x 200 cm, 90 x 200 cm
Price: £

IKEA Vågstranda mattress review

Best for: Mid-range shoppers, hot sleepers, couples & restless sleepers, stomach sleepers.

The IKEA Vågstranda mattress is one of IKEA's highest-quality offerings, with steel pocket springs and quilted foam for the best combination of comfort, stability, and support.

It has a double layer of pocket springs, offering more support and helping to contain any motion across the bed.

ikea vagstranda

ikea vagstranda composition

The additional foam layer is designed to contour around the body and works with the 7 comfort zones to keep the body aligned and the joints ache-free.

It's also very breathable and an excellent choice for hot sleepers. ❄️

Because of its firm and supportive feel, we'd recommend this IKEA mattress to stomach sleepers.

The IKEA Vågstranda is delivered rolled up and includes a 10-year guarantee.


IKEA Vågstranda mattress
Composition: Pocket springs with polyurethane foam
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 28 cm (11 inches)
Cover: Polyester
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, IKEA mattress double, IKEA mattress king, IKEA mattress super king
Price ££

IKEA Vesteröy mattress review

Best for: Budget-buyers, teenagers & students, loft rooms, buy-to-let properties

The IKEA Vesteröy is a medium-firm mattress featuring pocket springs and polyurethane foam.

It's a great option for those on a budget who want the support of a pocket spring mattress.

IKEA Vesteröy

IKEA Vesteröy

However, it's still a fairly basic mattress, and we wouldn't recommend it to adults who require more support.

It comes in single, double, and king-size and would be a good value option for parents looking to upgrade their teenager's beds.

The IKEA Vesteröy mattress comes rolled up, making it easy to deliver into narrow entryways or loft rooms. 🌀


IKEA Vesteröy mattress
Composition: Pocket springs with polyurethane foam
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 20 cm (7.87 inches)
Cover: Polyester
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, IKEA mattress double, IKEA mattress king
Price: £

IKEA Vadsö mattress review

Best for: Budget-buyers, kids, temporary beds, as a floor mattress

The IKEA Vadsö is one of the cheapest spring mattresses in the IKEA mattress range, offering excellent value for money.

It's made with interconnected Bonnell springs that give that bouncy, springier feel.

IKEA Vadsö

IKEA Vadsö

Because of the less advanced spring system, we wouldn't recommend this mattress to adults as a sleeping situation.

Those looking for more support should consider a pocket-sprung or hybrid mattress instead. 👽

However, we think it's a great budget choice for kids, or even as a temporary bed or floor mattress, since it's light and easy to maneouvure.

The IKEA Vadsö mattress comes vacuum-sealed and can be collected in-store or ordered online.


IKEA Vadsö mattress
Composition: Bonnell springs with polyurethane foam
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 17 cm (6.7 inches)
Cover: Polyester & viscose/rayon
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, IKEA mattress double
Price: £

IKEA Vannareid mattress review

Best for: Kids and teenagers, stomach sleepers, day bed and trundle bed users

The Vannareid mattress is designed to be the perfect size for day beds and trundles.

It features edge-to-edge pocket springs with a firm and supportive feel.

A top layer of foam provides additional cushioning for enhanced comfort.

Vannareid mattress

Vannareid mattress

The Vannareid mattress cover is removable and machine-washable for easy maintenance, keeping it fresh and hygienic.

This mattress is delivered roll-packed and has a generous 10-year guarantee. 🤞


IKEA Vannareid mattress
Composition: Pocket springs, foam layer
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 12 cm (4.7 inches)
Cover: Polyester
Available sizes: 80 x 200 cm
Price: £

IKEA Åsvang mattress review

Best for: Budget-buyers, kids, temporary beds, as a firm mattress topper

The IKEA Åsvang mattress is another very cheap option made from firm polyurethane foam.

It comes in at a 12 cm (4.7") depth and is vacuum-sealed and roll-packed for easy transport.

ikea asvang

ikea asvang composition

Like the Vadsö, it's on the thinner side, so we wouldn't advise adults to sleep on a mattress like this every day, as after a few nights, you might experience aches and pains.

However, we think the IKEA Åsvang mattress is an excellent firm choice for kids or those who want to add it as a layer of support to their current mattress.

It also features a removable and machine-washable cover, so you don't need to worry about unexpected accidents.

Despite being the cheapest IKEA mattress, it also includes a 10-year guarantee.


IKEA Åsvang
Composition: Polyurethane foam
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 12 cm (4.7 inches)
Cover: Polyester
Available sizes: IKEA mattress single, 80 x 200 cm, 90 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm
Price: £

Are IKEA mattresses good?

When choosing a mattress, we all want the best bang for our buck, right?

But are IKEA mattresses worth the money?

We'll dive into our favourite features of IKEA mattresses below. 👇


IKEA mattresses come up trumps for those watching their wallets.

They are significantly cheaper than many other UK brands, with prices as low as a few hundred quid or less.

IKEA offer affordable mattresses for those upgrading a kid's bed or on a tight budget.

price and mattress
Many IKEA mattresses offer good value.

Even the more expensive options from IKEA provide good value, so you won’t have to break the bank for a good night’s sleep. 💷

However, this does mean they often fall short in terms of quality.

We'll go into more detail about quality in the next section.

Generous guarantee

Every IKEA mattress, even the cheapest, is backed by a 10-year guarantee. 🛡️

This generous offer covers you for any manufacturing faults, which is pretty impressive considering the price point.

For a £100 IKEA mattress, you'll only pay £10 per year with the guarantee factored in.

IKEA stands toe-to-toe with pricier competitors offering similar guarantees.

Fast & easy delivery

IKEA mattresses include quick and easy delivery.

You can click and collect an IKEA mattress directly from your local IKEA store or opt for express delivery to have it on your doorstep within 1 - 3 days. 🚚💨

One downside is the delivery cost, unlike popular brands like Simba or Emma, which offer free delivery.

But similar to these brands, many IKEA mattresses are vacuum-sealed and roll-packed.

IKEA mattress rolled up
Most IKEA mattresses are vacuum-packed.

This makes them convenient for those navigating tight spaces, perfect for loft rooms or narrow stairwells.

A range of options

Whether you're after a traditional coil mattress for the kids, supportive pocket springs, a cosy foam mattress, or even luxurious options with latex and wool, IKEA has plenty of options. 🌟

There are also medium-firm to firm options and mattresses with washable covers, making them suitable for various needs.

Our mattress firmness guide can advise you on the best firmness for your sleeping position.

IKEA mattresses are on display in most IKEA showrooms, so you can try them until you find one that feels comfortable.

Available in UK standard sizes

Previously, IKEA mattresses were only available in EU sizes, causing issues when purchasing bed frames or sheets elsewhere.

IKEA has now aligned its mattress sizes with UK standards. 📏

Standard UK sizes include:

  • IKEA mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • IKEA mattress small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • IKEA mattress double:135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
  • IKEA mattress king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • IKEA mattress super king: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

We go into more detail about choosing the perfect size in our FAQs.

UK size guide
IKEA mattresses are available in UK standard sizes.

Standardising to UK sizes makes them a game-changer for those wanting the convenience of mixing and matching their bedding and furniture.

What are the drawbacks of IKEA mattresses?

When considering the purchase of an IKEA mattress, it's important to weigh the potential drawbacks alongside the affordable pricing.

Here are some key concerns to keep in mind. 👇

Low quality

IKEA mattresses may not be the best option if you're looking for quality.

These mattresses are often criticised for being toosimba thin and lacking adequate support, making them incomparable to other brands with high-quality memory foam, a high spring count and zoned comfort layers. 🏅

It's important to remember that we spend a significant portion of our lives sleeping, so a mattress should be viewed as a long-term investment for your comfort and health.

Opting for a cheaper option might not be the best idea in the long run.

Instead, consider a mattress that offers both good value and quality, such as the Hypnia Essential Hybrid mattress.

Not ideal for couples

For couples, a mattress that minimises motion transfer is essential for a good night's sleep. ⛵

This feature ensures that movements are absorbed by the mattress, preventing disturbances throughout the night.

kids jumping on bed
A low motion transfer mattress prevents disturbance.

However, IKEA mattresses are often reported to have high motion transfer, likely due to their construction with open coil springs or a low count of pocket springs.

Although IKEA offers higher-quality mattresses that are more suitable for couples, we'd recommend the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress as a better alternative. 👩‍❤️‍👨

Not very durable

IKEA's generous guarantee might give the impression of reliability, but there have been numerous complaints regarding the durability of their mattresses.

Issues with support and comfort emerging over time are not uncommon from customer reviews. 👎

mattress lacking support
IKEA mattresses may lose support over time.

As a result, buying an IKEA mattress may work out more expensive than just investing in a higher-quality mattress from the start. 💸

Too firm for some sleepers

The construction of IKEA mattresses tends toward the firmer side, which could lead to discomfort for some people.

While this firmness may be ideal for those who sleep on their stomachs or those looking for an IKEA orthopaedic mattress with lots of support, it doesn't cater to the needs of side sleepers or those who experience joint pain. 😞

side sleeper mattress
Side sleepers require softer and more adaptable comfort.

IKEA mattresses don't have the same body-hugging adaptive foam as better quality brands, which can leave you waking up with aches and pains.

The Simba Hybrid is an excellent alternative for side sleepers.

Made with soft Simbatex foam, it gently hugs around the body, relieving pressure from the shoulders and hips. 😍

Overview of the IKEA mattress selection

Walking through an IKEA store is a bit like venturing through a well-designed maze.

But exploring their mattress world is more like running around a chaotic maze with no lights turned on - especially if you're new to mattresses.

With an extensive selection of mattresses in a variety of different mattress materials, it can be challenging to navigate the IKEA sleep space.

It doesn't help that the names of the different models are all of Swedish origin and give no indication as to what type of mattress to expect.

But luckily, that's why we're here to help you. 🥳

Different mattress materials

We've spent countless hours making sense of IKEA mattresses so that you don't have to.

IKEA mattresses all look very similar - but they're all quite different.

The best way to divide them is to look at the different materials.

IKEA mattress materials

IKEA offers mattresses made of many different materials, including springs, pocket springs, cold foam, polyfoam, polyether, memory foam, synthetic latex, and natural latex mattresses.

In order to make sense of the IKEA mattress range, we've sorted the mattresses according to mattress type in the tables below.

This will make it easier for you to find the right model quickly.

IKEA offers numerous mattresses in mainland Europe that are not available in the UK. These include the Matrand, Myrbacka, Haugesund, and the Hidrasund, amongst others. We have not included these in the tables below. If you're looking for European IKEA mattresses, we'd recommend you check out our partner companies that operate in Germany [1], France [2], Portugal [3], Spain [4], Italy [5], and the Netherlands [6].

The mattresses below are suitable for adults and children above the age of 6.

We'll explore IKEA cot and children's mattresses in our FAQs. 👇

IKEA foam mattresses

All-foam mattresses are among the cheapest mattresses available.

But, there can be significant differences in the quality of foam beds, depending on the type of foam used.

High-density memory foam, for example, is a very high-quality foam used in great mattresses, offering you an exceptional night's sleep. 😴

One of our all-time favourite memory foam mattresses is the Nectar.


Memory foam
Memory foam is characterised by its memory imprint.

Cheap polyether foam, in contrast, won't be very comfortable - or supportive.

IKEA spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are the most common mattresses worldwide. 🌍

They generally offer much better support and better ventilation than foam mattresses.

Like foam mattresses, though, you can get both quality innerspring mattresses (like pocket sprung mattresses) or cheap innerspring mattresses (like open coil mattresses).

Pocket spring mattress
Pocket spring mattresses are very popular.

You're also likely to find hybrid mattresses that combine pocket springs with multiple layers of foam.

Our favourite hybrid mattress is the Simba Hybrid.


Take a look at the UK IKEA spring mattresses below:

Type Height Layers Firmness Cover Price from
Vatneström Pocket springs 26 cm Steel springs with latex foam and latex, coir, and wool padding Medium-firm & firm Cotton £599
Vågstranda Pocket springs 28 cm Pocket springs with polyurethane foam Firm Polyester £250
Valevåg Pocket springs 21 cm Steel pocket springs with foam padding Medium-firm Polyester £165
Vestmarka Springs 13 cm Bonell steel springs with polyurethane foam Medium-firm Polyester and cotton £139
Vesteröy Pocket springs 20 cm Pocket springs with polyurethane foam Medium-firm Polyester £129
Vadsö Springs 17 cm Bonell steel springs with polyurethane foam Firm Polyester & viscose/rayon £75

How to choose your IKEA mattress

Choosing a new mattress is never easy - something IKEA is well aware of.

That's why they've developed a digital IKEA mattress quiz to help you find the best IKEA mattress.

This online quiz [7] leads you through a series of questions to help you find your ideal mattress. 🤔

Questions include:

  • Whether you sleep alone or share your bed with a partner
  • The type of bed frame you have
  • The size of your bed
  • Preferred temperature
  • Your body weight
  • Preferred sleeping position

We'll explain why these points matter below.

The quiz is super simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once finished, IKEA recommends several mattresses from their range.

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner

Of course, the size of your mattress matters if you're sharing your bed with a partner. 👩‍❤️‍👨

But, there are also a few other things you need to pay attention to:

  • Edge support: You'll want a bed with good edge support so you can use the mattress's full width.
  • Motion isolation: You'll want a bed with good motion isolation so that you won't feel your partner toss and turn at night.

If you have a large enough mattress with good edge support and low motion transfer, you can share a bed most comfortably with another person.

Motion transfer
A mattress with good motion isolation allows you to sleep comfortably, even if your partner tosses and turns.

We found all IKEA mattresses to be lacking in terms of edge support.

If this is non-negotiable (or you love sitting on the edge of your bed), we'd recommend you look at some of our favourite alternatives, like the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress.


Bed frame & mattress size

Your bed frame also matters.

Unless you're looking to invest in a new bed frame as well, you'll need to get a mattress that works well with your current bed frame.

You can find a range of IKEA beds if you want to get everything from one place, but we recommend looking at higher-quality pieces.

We love elegant options like the Simba Orion bed frame.


Preferred temperature

Different mattress materials retain heat differently.

This is why your preferred temperature matters.

Memory foam, for example, retains more heat than other types of foam.

Temperature scale
Different materials hold heat differently.

This isn't ideal if you're a heavy sweater or easily feel hot at night.

Spring mattresses are generally the most breathable and the preferred choice for heavier sweaters or people who prefer a cooler sleep. ❄️

A mattress like the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress, for example, has multiple layers of springs for enhanced airflow.


Bodyweight & preferred sleeping position

Your build, weight, and preferred sleeping position affect the degree of firmness you should be choosing.

We categorise mattresses according to our Sleep Hero firmness scale, which runs from 1 to 10 (where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest).

Lighter-weight people, for example, will often do better on a slightly softer mattress, while heavier-weight people or those of larger builds often require a firmer mattress that offers more support.

Firmness according to sleeping position
Your preferred sleeping position affects the degree of firmness you should choose.

Similarly, side sleepers often need a softer mattress that allows their hips and shoulders to sink in more deeply.

The Hypnia Essential Hybrid is an excellent medium-feel hybrid option for side sleepers.


Back sleepers and stomach sleepers can opt for a slightly firmer mattress as they need more lift for their hips and shoulders.

Getting the right mattress firmness to match your build and preferred sleeping position is important to allow for optimal spinal alignment. 📏

Optimal spinal alignmnet
Your perfect mattress will allow for optimal spinal alignment.

Your spine should remain straight no matter your sleeping position.

This will prevent aches and pains.

Is your mattress too firm?

IKEA mattresses are generally quite firm. 🧱

This is great for heavier-weight sleepers but can be quite uncomfortable for lighter-weight or average-weight sleepers.

If you already have an IKEA mattress and want to make it more comfortable, we'd recommend investing in a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers are pads of extra material that you place on top of your mattress.

These offer greater comfort and are used to make firmer mattresses feel softer - but we'd steer clear of IKEA mattress toppers.

Our favourite mattress toppers:

IKEA mattress delivery conditions

You can schlepp to your nearest IKEA store to buy an IKEA mattress - but you can also order online.

Like standard bed-in-a-box mattresses, IKEA mattresses are delivered rolled-up and vacuum-pressed.

But, unlike other mattress brands like Nectar and Simba, IKEA still charges for delivery. 🚛

Delivery fees vary according to the size of the parcel ordered - and since mattresses are often quite large, you can expect to pay a bit more.

  • Selected Day Delivery: Your item will be delivered to the room of your choice within 4 - 30 days.
  • Express Delivery: Your item will be delivered to the room of your choice within 1 -3 days.

Once unpacked, your mattress will slowly expand to its original size.

IKEA recommends waiting 72 hours for full expansion. ⏰

Off-gassing is very common with rolled mattresses.

Your new mattress may smell a bit when first unpacked.

This is called off-gassing and it's completely normal.

We recommend unpacking your new mattress in a well-ventilated room. 🏠

Ordering via Amazon

While we expect IKEA delivery costs to be cut at some point, we think ordering through Amazon is a much smarter idea.

Amazon has a huge range of IKEA products.

Numerous IKEA products even qualify for free delivery. 🥳

Products are generally dispatched within 10 days of purchase.


Of course, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll also get faster delivery.

Some European IKEA imports are a little more expensive, so double-check on prices before you purchase.

IKEA mattress trial period

Even though IKEA offers a standard 365-day returns period, this only applies to products that can be returned in a new & unused condition, with the original packaging.

IKEA mattresses only come with a "90-day love it or exchange it" returns policy.

We're not fans of this.

IKEA trial period

Most of the mattress brands we recommend offer completely risk-free trial periods.

For example:

  • Emma offers a 200-day trial.
  • Nectar even offers a revolutionary 365-day trial period!

These trial periods are great as they allow you to test the mattresses in the comfort of your own home.

If you're not satisfied, you return them free of charge and get a full refund. 💷

IKEA return policy

If you're not happy with your IKEA mattress, you can return it - provided it is not dirty, marked, or damaged.

IKEA will offer you an exchange or a credit note.

So be prepared to spend the price of the mattress, even if you don't end up keeping it.

  • You'll have to pay the difference if you choose a more expensive mattress.
  • If you choose a less expensive mattress, IKEA will give you a credit note on an IKEA refund card.

If you had your mattress delivered, the collection and delivery of the replacement mattress would be free of charge.

While we can appreciate the IKEA returns policy, we really do prefer mattress brands that offer completely risk-free trial periods, allowing you to test the mattress and get a full refund if you're not happy.

Our favourite mattress trial periods:

Should you buy an IKEA mattress?

IKEA offers some of the cheapest mattresses on the market.

This low price point is great if you're on a budget, but we don't think these are best-buy options for permanent use.

We can recommend IKEA mattresses for:

  • Kids and teenagers
  • People on a budget
  • Occasional use
  • Guest bedrooms or holiday homes


But if you're looking for a good quality mattress that will last you a long time, offer you the best spinal support, and keep you pain-free, then you should look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, even the best IKEA mattress in the UK can't compare to the more premium brands.

We can recommend a few great value-for-money options instead. 👇

Best IKEA mattresses UK alternatives:

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0203 645 0000, visit their live online chat [8], or seek out the help of their customer service robot [9]. The IKEA Customer Support Centre is available Monday - Saturday from 7 am - 8 pm, and Sundays from 7 am - 7 pm.

Registered office: IKEA United Kingdom - 7th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you tell me more about IKEA?

    The Swedish furniture retailer surely needs no introduction.

    Established in 1943 by billionaire business magnate Ingvar Kamprad [10], the idea behind IKEA was to offer a selection of furniture and household products suitable for the mass market - and affordable for everyone.

    Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, IKEA attached great importance to attractive design

    In the beginning, Kamprad only sold single products.

    The first IKEA catalogue was published in 1952.

    Today, IKEA is one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers with around 155,000 employees and an annual turnover of around £33 billion [11]

    The huge furniture stores can be found almost everywhere - IKEA has a total of 433 stores in 52 countries [11].

    Of these, 50 are located in Germany, 9 in Switzerland, 7 in Austria, and 21 in the UK.

  • Does IKEA offer any warranty on all its mattresses?

    IKEA used to offer a 25-year limited warranty but now offers a 10-year warranty on all mattresses.

    This is on par with the best online mattress brands.

    Only the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress and the Nectar memory foam mattress come with a longer lifetime guarantee.

    Of course, we wouldn't recommend keeping a mattress for that long.

    You should replace your mattress every 8 -12 years.

  • What mattresses did IKEA UK offer previously?

    The IKEA mattress selection available in the UK has recently undergone some changes.

    Here is a quick overview of the mattresses IKEA offered before.

    Previous IKEA foam mattresses

    Take a look at the UK IKEA foam mattresses that were available before:

      Type Height Firmness Cover
    IKEA Malfors mattress Foam 12 cm Medium-firm & firm Polyester
    IKEA Moshult mattress Foam 10 cm Medium-firm Polyester

    The IKEA Ågotnes mattress is our recommended alternative to the IKEA Malfors mattress. 

    Previous IKEA spring mattresses

    Take a look at the UK IKEA spring mattresses that were available before:

      Type  Height Firmness Cover
    IKEA Hokkåsen mattress Pocket springs 31 cm Medium-firm & firm Polyester
    Hyllestad IKEA mattress Pocket springs 27 cm Medium-firm & firm Polyester
    Hövag IKEA mattress Pocket springs 24 cm Medium-firm & firm Polyester & viscose
    Hamarvik IKEA mattress Springs 21 cm Medium-firm & firm Polyester
    IKEA Husvika mattress Springs 13 cm Firm Polyester, modacrylic & cotton
    IKEA Hafslo mattress Springs 18 cm Firm Polyester

    The IKEA Hövag mattress was one of the most popular options, but it has been replaced with the IKEA Valevag.

    Unfortunately, the budget-friendly cage-sprung mattress known as the IKEA Hamarvik mattress is also no longer available.

    For our IKEA mattress review UK, scroll up to the top of the article to see evaluations of all the models currently available.   

  • IKEA kids' and cot mattresses

    In addition to the standard adult mattresses, IKEA also offers a range of kids' and cot mattresses. 🧒

    The kid's range includes some extendable mattresses and the smaller sizes of the adult mattresses.

    But IKEA also has specific cot mattresses.

    IKEA cot mattresses

    The IKEA cot mattresses are made from polyurethane foam.

    Most of the cot mattresses have a removable and machine-washable polyester cover 🛀

    The cot bed mattress range includes:

      Materials Price from
    IKEA Skönast Foam cot mattress £70
    IKEA Krummelur  Foam cot mattress £45
    IKEA Drömmande Pocket sprung cot mattress with coir and natural latex comfort filling £150

    Cot mattresses are available in 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 120 cm sizes.

    While choosing a high-quality mattress is important at any age, it is even more important for babies and small children.

    A good cot mattress supports growth and healthy bone development. 🦴

    This is why investing in the best quality you can afford makes sense.

  • What else does IKEA offer?

    Of course, IKEA is more than just a hub for mattresses.

    They also have a huge selection of sleep accessories. 🛌

    IKEA sells everything you could need to enhance your bedroom and sleeping experience, including IKEA bed frames and slats, IKEA mattress toppers, IKEA sofa beds, IKEA bedding, IKEA duvets, IKEA pillows, bedroom furniture, lamps and reading lights, and even decorations like paintings, candles, and more.

    You can even find IKEA pillows and pillow protectors on Amazon.

    Need a bed to go with your IKEA mattress?

    Dive into our IKEA bed reviews for all our favourite recommendations. 

    Other sleep accessories

    IKEA is great because it's such a one-stop hub - but we love some of the premium products other bed-in-a-box brands offer. 

    If you're looking for other budget-friendly options, you could consider shopping at Argos, Silentnight, or Aldi's Kirkton House.

  • Which IKEA mattresses are available in which sizes?

    Not all IKEA mattresses are available in all sizes.

    Below, you'll find an overview of which UK IKEA mattresses are available in which sizes.

      Available IKEA mattresses
    IKEA mattress EU size 80 x 200 cm: Ågotnes, Åsvang
    IKEA mattress single 90 x 190 cm: Ågotnes, Åsvang, Morgedal,Vadsö, Vågstranda, Valevåg, Vesteröy
    IKEA mattress EU size 90 x 200 cm: Ågotnes, Åsvang
    IKEA mattress small double 120 x 190 cm: Valevåg
    IKEA mattress double 135 x 190 cm: Morgedal, Vadsö, Vågstranda, Valevåg, Vatneström, Vesteröy, Vestmarka
    IKEA mattress EU size 140 x 200 cm: Åsvang, Morgedal, 
    IKEA mattress king-size 150 x 200 cm: Morgedal, Vågstranda, Valevåg, Vatneström, Vesteröy, Vestmarka
    IKEA mattress EU size 160 x 200 cm: Morgedal
    IKEA mattress super king 180 x 200 cm: Vågstranda, Valevåg, Vatneström

    You'll notice that IKEA doesn't stock any emperor beds.

    These are decidedly difficult to find.

    The only bed-in-box emperor mattress we've found is the Otty Hybrid.

    Which mattress size is right for you?

    The right mattress size for you will depend on your personal situation, budget, and room size.

    As a guideline:

    • IKEA mattress single sizes are best for children, or teenagers who need more floor space
    • IKEA small double mattresses should be reserved for teenagers or young adults sleeping alone.
    • IKEA mattress double size or larger is recommended for couples.

    We'd recommend that couples opt for a king-size or larger.

    This ensures that both partners have enough space to move comfortably. 

    Our mattress size guide can help you choose the right size for you.

    IKEA European mattress sizes

    IKEA mattresses are also commonly available in standard European sizes. 🇪🇺

    Standard European sizes include:

    • IKEA European small single mattress 80 x 200 cm
    • IKEA European single mattress 90 x 200 cm
    • IKEA European double mattress 140 x 200 cm
    • IKEA European king size mattress 160 x 200 cm

    We prefer UK sizes as they make finding the right bed frames and bedding much easier.

  • The best value-for-money alternatives to IKEA mattresses

    By now, you'll know that we're not big fans of IKEA mattresses.

    Many value-for-money bed-in-a-box mattress brands offer much better quality and attractive features, like free delivery & returns and lengthy trial periods.

    Our favourite bed-in-a-box mattresses include:

    Understandably, if you're looking at budget mattresses, these may be a little out of your price range. 💷

    If you're looking for a good budget mattress brand, we'd recommend turning to Silentnight or Happy Beds instead.

    Many of these are also very well priced, but a lot more comfortable than most IKEA mattresses.

    As with all mattresses, pay attention to the quality of the individual mattress materials. 👌

    Always look for all-foam mattresses with high-density foams and spring mattresses with a high spring count.

  • References



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