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IKEA Sofa Beds Review UK (2022)

Written by Holly

Last updated: 27.07.2022

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So, you’re thinking about getting an IKEA sofa bed? 🤔

IKEA can be a good option for budget-buyers looking for a cheap and convenient product.

But some quality alternatives might better impress your guests during their stay.

Our comparison review will guide you through fantastic alternatives that we think outmatch the best IKEA sofa beds. 🤯

Buckle up! 👇

IKEA Sofa beds



  • One of the most affordable retailers for furniture
  • Delivery is often quick or orders can be collected from your local IKEA store
  • Flat-pack furniture is easy to assemble and store away
  • 10 year guarantee on all IKEA sofa beds


  • Cheap low-quality materials that don’t withstand the test of time
  • IKEA sofa beds and mattresses can be uncomfortable
  • Delivery charge and higher assembly cost
  • Self assembly on some sofa beds but can be difficult
  • IKEA products usually contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

What is the best IKEA sofa bed?

IKEA has a huge selection of sofa beds to choose from.

But which one is the best? 👇

FRIHETEN corner sofa bed

FRIHETEN sofa bed
The FRIHETEN sofa bed is a bestseller.

The FRIHETEN corner sofa bed by IKEA is a popular choice.

There is plenty of seating space on this corner sofa, perfect for movie nights. 🍿

The hidden storage underneath is also a great way to store cushions or board games.

But there are better quality products that deserve a spot in your living room.

We think the Limerick 3-seater sofa bed is a fantastic higher quality alternative. 👌


We love the pocket spring base that emulates a real mattress.

NYHAMN sofa bed

The NYHAMN sofa bed closed
The NYHAMN sofa bed comes in a simple design.

The NYHAMN IKEA sofa bed is one of the most convenient options with its simple click-clack mechanism.

Despite the compact frame, this space-saving sofa bed folds out into a double size when open. 🙌

This three-seater sofa bed comes with a removable cover that can be washed up to 40°C.

We think the Aurora sofa bed is a great alternative with a more premium look. ✨


This affordable alternative comes in soft-touch velvet and a 5-year guarantee. 🤞

LIDHULT sofa bed

LIDHULT sofa bed
The LIDHULT sofa bed is made with real leather.

For those leather lovers, you’ve probably already checked out the LIDHULT IKEA sofa bed.

This premium choice sofa bed is made with durable real leather, which will withstand the test of time. ⏲️

This traditional-style sofa bed has a real double mattress that pulls out from the inside.

There is even some extra storage space under the chaise for bedding and pillows.

But for those looking for a cheaper and more compact alternative, the Franklin Black Leather Sofa Bed is a fantastic option. 😍


This faux leather sofa bed offers a modern design with an easy click-clack mechanism. 😀

LYCKSELE sofa bed

LYCKSELE sofa bed
The LYCKSELE sofa bed is compact in size.

The LYCKSELE sofa bed provides more sleeping options without compromising space.

This simple chair bed design folds out into a single bed perfect for the occasional guest. 🧳

The LYCKSELE comes with a removable cover available in a range of colours.

However, the Jay-Be Footstool sofa bed is also worth considering. 🤔


The design of this footstool bed is more compact, saving even more of your precious space.

This UK-made product is manufactured with sustainable materials. 🌎

IKEA sofa bed features

We’ve mentioned some of the best IKEA sofa beds already…

But what is it that makes these Swedish-made sofa beds so popular? 🧐


We love the integrated storage of the FRIHETEN Corner Sofa Bed and the HEMNES Day Bed. 😍

The FRIHETEN seat section contains hidden storage underneath, whilst the HEMNES Day Bed has built-in drawers.



Storage is key, particularly for those who live in newer builds or flats, with limited storage space available. ⛺

IKEA isn’t shy with storage and as many as 28 of their sofa beds have different storage options.


Another key aspect of IKEA products is the simplicity of their designs.

IKEA sofa beds have a sleek and clean look ideal for a minimalist style in a contemporary home. 🏠

We also found that corner IKEA sofa beds, 2 seater IKEA sofa beds and grey IKEA sofa beds were amongst the most popular style choices.

Some of our favourite IKEA sofa beds that implement this minimalist look include the BRIMNES day bed, FLOTTEBO sofa bed and the VALLENTUNA.




For IKEA, one of its biggest selling points is the price.

IKEA provide some of the most budget-friendly sofa beds in the UK market.

IKEA sofa beds typically range from £100 - £3000. 💰

However, whilst IKEA sofa beds can be a great option for those on a budget, they often compromise on quality.

If you're looking for a high-quality alternative, check out some of these options:

Types of IKEA sofa beds

Once you’ve decided on the most important factors for your new sofa bed, this will help to narrow down the type of sofa bed you need.

ikea sofa bed types

Below is a list of all the different IKEA sofa beds available! 👇

Single IKEA sofa bed

A single size sofa bed that sleeps one person. 🙋

They are ideal for children or occasional use for guests.

The mattress usually measures around 90cm x 190cm (the same size as a single bed!)

The LYCKSELE chair bed is a popular choice.

LYCKSELE single sofa bed open

LYCKSELE single sofa bed closed

Our review of the best chair beds can show you even more compact sofa bed options.

Double IKEA sofa bed

Double IKEA sofa beds sleep up to two people. 👫

Double IKEA sofa beds are ideal for those who have couples staying overnight.

The mattress usually measures around 135cm x 190cm (the same size as a double bed!)

The ASKEBY two-seat sofa bed offers double the comfort.

ASKEBY ikea sofa bed closed

ASKEBY IKEA sofa bed open

Corner IKEA sofa bed

Corner IKEA sofa beds typically come as an L-shaped sofa.

Corner IKEA sofa beds are ideal for rooms where the sofa will be used regularly.

They usually come as a 2 or 3 seater with a chaise or corner piece.

Sizes differ, but they are usually bulky and need to be in a room with more space. 🌌

The FRIHETEN and HOLMSUND sofa bed are big sellers.

IKEA Friheten sofa bed


2-seater IKEA sofa bed

2-Seater IKEA sofa beds can be compact whilst still offering plenty of seating and sleeping space. 🛋️

2-Seater IKEA sofa beds are composed of 2 seats that convert into a sofa bed.

This is often done with a click-clack mechanism, making it convenient for frequent use.

They are usually up to 200cm wide and look great in an office space. 🖱️

The VALLENTUNA 2-seat modular sofa bed is a popular choice.

💡 3-seat sofa beds are also available for those that need some extra room. However, these are usually much wider, so ensure you have the space available before you buy.

How to choose an IKEA sofa bed

IKEA sofa beds come in many styles, shapes and sizes. 🤯

Choosing what kind of sofa bed you need depends on your own individual needs and preferences.

Consider the following criteria:

  • How much space do I have available?
  • What room do I want to use for the sofa bed?
  • How many people does the sofa bed need to sleep?
  • How often will the sofa bed be used?
  • What is my budget for a sofa bed?
  • What style/colour/fabrics suit my living space?

Once you know the kind of sofa bed you are looking for, this will help to narrow down your options. ✔️

Are IKEA sofa beds comfortable?

We would be lying if we said IKEA sofa beds were the most comfortable option available.

If you’re looking for a cheap-as-chips product that will not be used often, then an IKEA sofa bed is your best bet.

They can be a brilliant choice for children who can sleep on lower quality products without suffering from back pain. 🧒

But, particularly for older guests, an IKEA sofa bed will likely provide an uncomfortable sleep.

back and neck pain graphic
Cheap and unsupportive sofa beds will cause back and neck pain.

For those who will have frequent guests or those staying for more than one night, it’s important to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Nobody wants to wake up sore and tired on Boxing Day morning because your cheap IKEA sofa bed kept them up all night.

And there’s no reason a sofa bed should be any less comfortable than a regular mattress.

Consider a high-quality alternative for a more refreshing sleep. 👇

Our favourite IKEA sofa bed alternatives:

How can I make my IKEA sofa bed more comfortable?

So, you have an IKEA sleeper sofa, but you want to improve the way it feels?

The last thing you need is your guests having to visit their chiropractor after their stay...

Don’t worry! 😅

Before you decide to throw the sofa bed in the skip, there are ways you can try to enhance its overall comfort. ☁️

Consider investing in a mattress topper

A mattress topper goes on top of the sofa bed or mattress to offer an added layer of support and comfort.

mattress topper graphic
Mattress toppers can add some extra comfort to your mattress.

A thick mattress topper can also double-up as a futon for those guests who like a firmer sleep.

We highly recommend the Panda Mattress Topper. 🐼

The advanced gel-infused topper keeps you cool whilst adding a layer of comfort.

The Hydro-foam™ improves support for the back, neck and hips.

The hypoallergenic bamboo cover is kind to sensitive skin. 🦔


Upgrade your guest pillows

Pillows can make the world of difference to a good night’s sleep, but their importance is often overlooked.

Pillows are usually the most affordable way to impress your guests. 💡

woman hugging pillow graphic
Upgrading your pillows can make the world of difference to the feel of your sofa bed.

The Nectar Adjustable Pillow is a great pillow for your overnight visitors.

These memory foam pillows contour around the body for the best pressure-relieving support.

The layers can be removed depending on your guest's sleeping position to ensure they wake up free from aches and pains. 🥰

We recommend using 3 layers for side sleepers, 2 layers for back sleepers, and 1 layer for stomach sleepers.


Save up for a better sofa bed

Sometimes, planning ahead of time is the best solution. 🤔

Is it your turn to host during the holidays and you’re anxious about those coming to stay?

Often people don't realise that sofa beds have as much as a 4 - 10 week wait for delivery. 🚚

If you prepare months in advance and order ahead of time, you don’t have to limit your options to the IKEA range.

Instead, consider some of the best sofa beds available in the UK right now.

price performance ratio graphic
Instead of compromising on quality, why not plan your purchase in advance?

By purchasing earlier, you can consider retailers with finance available so you can spread the cost before it's time to start Christmas shopping.

Dreams have interest-free finance available on all sofa beds over £500. 💳


IKEA products

IKEA isn't just famous for its sofa bed selection.

In fact, IKEA sells a whole range of furniture products to make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

IKEA’s most popular products include:

  • IKEA bookcase
  • IKEA desk
  • IKEA wardrobes
  • IKEA kitchen
  • IKEA rugs
  • IKEA chest of drawers
  • IKEA mirror
  • IKEA chairs
  • IKEA mattress toppers
  • IKEA mattress

Want to find out more about IKEA mattresses? 🧐

Our IKEA mattress review can tell you everything you need to know.

IKEA sofa bed accessories

For those who already have an IKEA sofa bed, you might want to add some accessories to complete the look and feel of your sofa bed.

Replacing the covers often keeps the sofa bed in good condition and improve its overall lifespan with a fresh new look.

You can also buy cushion pads and cushion covers to add some style to the overall look of your sofa bed.

Should I buy an IKEA sofa bed?

An IKEA sofa bed can be a great choice for those on a tight budget or in need of fast delivery.

However, if you have time to wait and some extra cash to spare, consider investing in a better quality sofa bed.💰

You should never compromise on quality, particularly for your sleep.

For those who have frequent guests, you shouldn’t skimp out on their comfort. 🥰

If you don’t want your visitors checking into a hotel on their next visit, then offer them better quality sleeping arrangements.

Check out some of our favourite sofa beds:

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you assemble an IKEA sofa bed?

    IKEA sofa beds can be assembled by following the instructions that come with your IKEA furniture

    The difficulty level of assembly will depend on the type of IKEA sofa bed you buy. 

    Usually, it takes around 2 people to assemble an IKEA sofa bed and shouldn’t take more than a few hours.  

    You should have basic tools to hand such as an Allen key, hammer and/or screwdriver

    The video below can give you a good understanding of how an IKEA sofa bed is assembled:

    If you struggle with self-assembly, consider asking a friend or relative for a hand. 

    You can also check the assembly documents in product details before finalising your purchase. 

    You can usually add assembly on for an additional fee for IKEA or another furniture retailer, such as Dreams.

  • How do you open an IKEA sofa bed?

    IKEA sofa beds open differently depending on the type of one you buy. 

    Some IKEA folding beds with ‘click-click mechanisms can be easily opened by pulling the backrest of the sofa bed forward or backwards and then laying it flat. 

    Other IKEA sofa beds come with wheels on the base of the bed that can be pulled out and extended

    Alternatively, some other types of IKEA sofa beds follow a fold-out method, just remove the back cushions and unfold the seat

    Check the assembly guide of your IKEA sofa bed to see the structure of the design. 

  • Where can I buy an IKEA sofa bed?

    IKEA sofa beds are available for purchase at most IKEA stores.

    Alternatively, you can buy IKEA sofa beds online

    Just type the product name or article number of the sofa bed into the search bar of the IKEA website.

    Unfortunately, IKEA sofa beds are not currently available on Amazon

    However, there is a great selection of other IKEA products on Amazon that can come with Prime delivery.



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