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Best Floor Mattresses UK (2024)

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Did you know that, traditionally, the Japanese sleep on the floor? 🎎

They believe this relaxes the muscles, supports the back, and aligns the spine and neck.

Not only that, but floor mattresses are a great space-saver and travel accessory. 🗺️

We’ve found the best roll up mattresses that will totally floor you!

Dive into our floor mattress review below. 👇

floor mattress in room

The best floor mattresses in the UK

Best Orthopaedic Support

Yoshoot Futon Mattress

The Yoshoot Futon mattress has pressure-relieving materials and reinforced edge support.
  • Polyester cover & memory foam 
  • 10 cm (3.93")
  • Single, double, or king

Tell me more about the Yoshoot Futon Mattress

The Yoshoot Futon Mattress ensures softness and improved circulation by reducing aches on pressure points. 

This floor bed for adults adapts to the body shape, improving sleep without aches and pains. 

It folds up easily, so it can be stored with you or taken travelling for those who need to sleep on the go. 

It offers reinforced support via a double-layer tape edge along the mattress surface, protecting against edge breakdown.

This mattress can serve as a bedroom futon, tatami pad, guest bed, or tent mattress.

The Yoshoot mattress may initially display a lump in the middle, but this disappears after laying it flat for a few days.

Reasons to buy


Removable cover included 

Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Some customers complained it's thinner than expected 

Silky Soft

Maxyoyo Japanese Floor Mattress Futon

The Japanese Floor Mattress Futon is a highly versatile floor.
  • Memory foam, polyester & brushed cotton
  • 10 cm (3.93")
  • Storage bag included 

Tell me more about the Japanese Floor Mattress Futon

The Japanese Floor Mattress Futon is highly popular on Amazon. 

Made from supportive memory foam, cotton and polyester, this mattress provides excellent support on the floor. 

The Japanese Floor Mattress Futon has thick filling to relieve pressure on the joints. 

We highly recommend this floor mattress for travelling, as it can be easily compressed into the storage bag. 

The floor mattress is lightweight and easy to transport whilst providing optimal support for the back. 

The mattress is available in most UK sizes and a variety of colours. 

Reasons to buy




Reasons to avoid

Some said it was thinner than expected 

Natural Choice

Leewadee Rollable Floor Mattress

The Leewadee Thai floor mattress is the perfect sleeping companion for a home away from home.
  • Kapok & cotton 
  • 5 cm (1.9")
  • Firm support

Tell me more about the Leewadee Rollable Floor Mattress

The Leewadee Thai floor mattress is lightweight, making it ideal for those on the go. 

The kapok filling is a silk-like fibre that supports your sleep whilst keeping you naturally cool. 

The Leewadee Thai floor mattress also includes a cotton cover, which helps to wick away moisture during the night.

It rolls up easily and can be secured with a strap to be stored away or taken on your travels. 

The Leewadee Rollable Floor Mattress can also be used for yoga and meditation. 

It comes in a range of sizes and patterns, depending on your personal preference.

Reasons to buy

Highly sustainable 


Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Might be too firm for some 


Loft 25 Loft 25 Folding Fold Out Single Z Bed

This budget-friendly Z bed provides you with an extra place to sit during the day and sleep at night.
  • Polyester cover & foam core 
  • 60 cm x 168 cm (23.6 x 66.14")
  • Firm feel

Tell me more about the Loft 25 Folding Fold Out Z bed

The Loft 25 Folding Fold Out Single Z bed is our top budget-friendly chair bed choice.

It can be used as a chair during the day and then folded out for extra sleeping space. 

The Z bed is available in various colours to suit your individual space.

The polyester cover can be removed and washed to keep it looking fresh for longer. 

The mattress has an extra-firm feel that supports both light and heavier weights. 

If space is tight, then this compact chair bed is a great option. 

Reasons to buy

Washable cover 

Compact design 


Reasons to avoid

It might be too narrow for some adults 

What is a floor mattress?

A floor mattress, to put it simply, is a mattress that goes on the floor.

A floor mattress is usually made with foam or other firm fillings. 📦

These folding mattresses can be stored away, making them ideal for guests and travelling.

Floor mattresses are often called futon mattresses, Japanese mattresses, tatami mats, or Z beds.

In fact, we’ll use the term “futon mattress" and “floor mattress” interchangeably throughout this article.

But they all have the same mission, which is to help you sleep comfortably on the floor. 🤞

Who are floor mattresses suitable for?

A floor mattress is an excellent choice for those interested in a non-conventional mattress.

However, they’re particularly suited to:

  • Small spaces (studios, flats, homes without spare rooms)
  • Travellers (whether that be campers, backpackers, or climbers)
  • Those who move home often and don’t want to transport heavy furniture
  • Those who have frequent guests or host kid's sleepovers
  • Those who suffer from back pain and need a firmer sleep
  • Those who want a more minimalist lifestyle
  • Hot sleepers (sleeping on the floor is cooler!)

However, we wouldn’t recommend a futon mattress to the elderly or less able who may struggle to get up and down off the floor.

Likewise, if your home has plenty of space, a floor bed may also be unnecessary.

Instead, you should consider a sofa bed or trundle bed for your regular guests.

These tend to be more expensive, but you can get some budget-friendly options.

Our favourite budget-friendly sofa beds:

Types of floor mattresses

Floor bed mattresses come in different shapes and sizes.

We’ll guide you through each below. 👇

Foldable floor mattress

A foldable floor mattress is also known as a tri-fold or Z-bed. 💤

Foldable mattresses are best used in the home for everyday use or guests as they include a thick mattress with lots of support.

These are often memory foam mattresses with firm foam layers.

floor mattress foldable
A foldable floor mattress can be folded 3 ways.

Typically they can be folded in half or 3 ways to make them more compact.

Folding floor mattresses can often be used as chairs in the living room or another space when the bed isn’t needed.

The Loft 25 Folding Fold Out Single Z bed is an excellent budget-friendly option that can be folded into a chair or a bed.


Roll-up floor mattress

A roll-up floor mattress can also be considered a rolling mattress or camping mattress. ⛺

These make great beds for travelling as they’re highly portable.

They can be rolled up like a sleeping bag and usually come with a carrying handle.

camping with floor mattress
A roll-up floor mattress could be the ideal camping accessory.

Roll-up mattresses aren't the most comfortable, so they’re better used for occasional use.

The Leewadee floor mattress is a comfortable choice and can be rolled up easily for those on the go.


Floor mattress pad

A floor mattress pad is similar to a futon, tatami mat, or Japanese mattress.

They have a soft cover and a thick and puffy design but can still be rolled up for portability.

floor mattress pad
A floor mattress pad adds a thin comfort layer to the floor.

Similar to a roll-up floor mattress, they can usually be stored away when they're not being used.

They come in soft, medium, or firm support.

They’re also helpful for those who enjoy yoga and meditation but find a regular yoga mat too firm. 🧘

The Japanese Floor Mattress Futon on Amazon has soft memory foam and cotton layers to relieve pressure on the joints.


What are the benefits of floor mattresses?

There are many reasons why you should consider a floor mattress.

Let’s take a look at what they are below. 👇


A massive benefit of floor mattresses is that they’re highly portable.

This makes them an excellent buy for travellers who require more comfort than a lousy sleeping bag. 🚗

Workaholics may also consider a futon mattress for office spaces, so you can stay behind on a late shift and still get some shut-eye.

If you move around a lot, you’re better off with a rollable mattress that you can bring with you rather than wasting money on a new bed.

portable floor mattress
A floor mattress can be taken on your travels.

The Leewadee Rollable floor mattress is lightweight, rolls up, and comes with a handle for those on the move. 🧳


Saves space

Floor mattresses save much more space than other guest bed alternatives.

Rolled up mattress graphic
Roll up floor mattresses that can be stored away are the best floor mattress for guests.

Unlike sofa beds, chair beds, and trundle beds, a floor mattress can easily be stored in the cupboard.

This makes them a great option for those who don’t have a spare room to accommodate guests.

The Japanese Floor Mattress Futon comes with a storage bag and dustproof cover for easy storage.



Perhaps you want to move away from throwaway culture and make more sustainable purchases. ♻️

Rolled mattress benefits
Floor mattresses can be more eco-friendly.

Luckily, a floor mattress is a sustainable product as you won’t need to waste materials on an extra bed frame.

Many people aspire for a more minimalist lifestyle, with less furniture and clutter in the home.

The Japanese mattress contributes to the concept of keeping life simple and uncluttered for a “wabi-sabi [1] way of living. 🧘

The wabi-sabi approach is a Japanese philosophy that values simplistic living, imperfections and the beauty of impermanence.

The Leewadee Rollable floor mattress is made from natural kapok and cotton for a sustainable and natural lifestyle.


Easy to maintain

A mattress for floor sleeping is reasonably easy to maintain and can be tidied away during the day with little effort.

They don’t deflate like air beds, which must be constantly pumped up.

They also don’t need to be constructed like a sofa bed - just roll it out, and away you go!

Often futon mattresses come with removable covers that can be washed to keep them clean. 🧼

floor mattress with washable cover
Some floor mattresses have washable covers.

They’re also typically made with firm materials that keep their shape for a long time.

The Loft 25 Z bed has a removable cover that can be bunged in the washing machine.


Is a mattress on the floor bad?

A mattress on floors can be a good option for many, but they’re not for everyone.

There must be some reasons our ancestors converted from sleeping on the floor to a raised bed frame.

So, what are they? 🤔

Not as hygienic

Whilst sleeping on the floor encourages simple and minimalist living, it’s not the cleanest.

Dust gathers on the floor, meaning this will directly contact your floor mattress and encourage dust mites in the material.

Therefore, you should consider a hypoallergenic floor mattress or one with a washable cover. 🧼

Woman putting mattress cover in washing machine
Some floor mattresses include washable covers.

If your mattress is on the floor, you might also find children and pets climbing all over your bed with dirty feet. 👣

Therefore, we'd recommend washing your roll up bed more often than you would a regular mattress.

Additionally, you’ll be more exposed to bugs and insects when sleeping on the floor, so it’s not a good choice for those with entomophobia [2].

Inadequate ventilation

Whilst sleeping on a Japanese futon-style mattress can be comparatively cooler than a raised bed, they don’t have the best airflow. ♨️

Woman laying on mattress with good ventilation
Beds that are raised encourage better ventilation.

On a regular bed frame, heat that builds up inside the mattress can usually dissipate in the gap underneath. 🌬️

A mattress on the floor prevents this air circulation, encouraging mildew to build up in the mattress.

You should allow your floor bed to air out regularly and protect the underneath with waterproof material, such as a mattress protector.

Typically, a mattress protector would go over the top of the mattress, but an additional mattress protector tucked underneath your floor sleeping bed is a good way to prevent mildew.

Only floor mattresses are suitable for floor placement. Using regular mattresses this way often voids the warranty, as most manufacturers require use with a bed frame.

Unsuitable for the elderly

A floor bed for adults is all well and good, but what about the less able?

The elderly and those with mobility issues may struggle to get out of a bed so low to the ground. 👵

Elderly man sitting on bed
A bed frame is a better choice for those that struggle with mobility.

The elderly should look for a bed that allows their feet to touch the floor but is high enough to sit up out of bed easily.

Take a look at our favourite budget-friendly bed frames:

Are floor mattresses comfortable?

But what about the comfort? 🤔

Is it true that sleeping on the floor is better for your back, or is that just a myth?

A thin mattress for floor sleeping unsurprisingly has a firmer feel than regular mattresses because they're not quite as deep and body-hugging.

A 2003 study [3] found that a firm mattress doesn't necessarily prevent back pain. 😮

Woman with back pain
Those with back pain shouldn’t necessarily consider a mattress on the floor.

In fact, they discovered that a medium-firm mattress had better results in reducing aches and pains.

However, we think this has more to do with your sleeping position than anything else.

The firmness level you need depends on your sleeping position.

For example:

  • Side sleepers need a soft or medium mattress that contours the hips and shoulders
  • Back sleepers need a medium-firm mattress that encourages a straight spine
  • Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that aligns the spine and neck

The firmness you need also depends on your weight and sensitivity to pressure.

A futon mattress could be a good option for back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers generally need a mattress with more give. ⚓

The Simba Hybrid is one of our favourites for side sleepers:

How to make a floor mattress more comfortable

In your search for better sleep, there is more to consider than just the comfort of the mattress.

In fact, sleep accessories can have a huge impact on your overall sleep comfort.


Maintaining a neutral alignment of the neck with the spine is crucial for preventing discomfort and potential long-term health issues. 🙅‍♀️

pillow alignments graphic
It's important to consider whether your pillow is providing enough support.

A pillow that provides the right level of support and height for your sleeping position is essential.

We recommend:

Adjustable memory foam pillows are a brilliant choice due to their ability to mould to the contours of your neck and head, providing optimal support and maintaining your body's natural alignment.

The Emma pillow is an excellent option, made with 3 adjustable foam layers that you can customise to your preferred sleeping height and firmness. 🛠️



Duvets have a huge impact on your sleep, particularly when it comes to temperature.

About 80% of the overall temperature in bed is determined by the duvet. If you overheat or freeze in bed, you should reconsider your choice of duvet. Depending on which duvet you use, it may not be suitable for your new mattress.

Walter Braun

Mattress Expert

Since floor sleeping can reduce air circulation, the ideal duvet choice for a floor mattress is a breathable option. 🌬️

This type of duvet is designed with materials that allow heat to dissipate easily, preventing overheating, which can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Opt for duvets filled with natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, or silk.

The Panda Cloud duvet is a highly breathable and eco-friendly duvet option composed of bamboo and microfibre. 🐼

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Mattress toppers

If you’re set on a floor mattress but find it’s still too firm, you can consider adding a mattress topper.

Mattress topper making firm mattress softer
A roll up mattress for guests can be made more comfortable with the addition of a topper.

A mattress topper adds another layer of comfort to the mattress.

This additional comfort layer can be placed on your floor mattress to help mould around pressure points (such as the hips and shoulders) and encourages natural spinal alignment.

Floor mattress vs mattress topper

But then, can’t you just use a mattress topper instead of a futon mattress?

The short answer is no.

A mattress topper is usually much thinner than a floor mattress (around 5cm), so it won’t provide the same support. 👎

They're usually designed as an extra layer for regular mattresses rather than a standalone product.

Memory foam mattress topper
Mattress toppers are often made with memory foam to mould around the body.

However, some toppers can be rolled up and stored away, making them a good addition to a floor mattress at home.

Our guide on the best mattress toppers can tell you more about the practicality of the toppers we've tested.

Our favourite mattress toppers:

What sizes are floor mattresses?

Floor mattresses come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

A small mattress for floors measures around 50 x 190 cm (19.6" x 74.8")

You can purchase floor mattresses in the standard UK sizes:

  • Floor mattress single size- 90 x 190 cm (3 x 6'3 ft)
  • Floor mattress double size - 135 x 190 cm (4'6 x 6'3 ft)
  • Floor mattress king size- 150 x 200 cm (5 x 6'6 ft)

We recommend a smaller floor mattress for travelling and a double bed for multiple guests and couples.

How much are floor mattresses?

Floor mattresses are a budget-friendly alternative to a regular mattress. 💰

Depending on the quality, they’re typically priced between £70 - £200.


Man sitting on coins
Floor mattresses are reasonably priced.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the more you spend, the more high-quality it will be.

We recommend spending more on a floor bed mattress that will be used every day and buying a cheap futon mattress for occasional use.

Floor mattresses are a cheap guest bed alternative to sofa beds, which are much more expensive.

Floor mattress discount codes

Is a floor mattress out of your budget?

No worries! 😅

You can find all the best floor mattress discount codes online.

Our discounts page keeps you up to date on online offers from the best UK brands.

Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about the latest mattress promotions:

Alternatives to floor mattresses

Do you need a guest bed, but you’re not keen on a roll up mattress for guests? 🤔

That’s okay - a guest mattress for floors isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Instead, why not check out some of our other guest bed articles:

Or you can jump straight to our favourite guest bed options in the UK right now!

Our favourite guest beds:

Are floor mattresses good?

We think a floor mattress could be a game-changer for those who need firmer support. ✅

It may take a while to adjust to a floor mattress for sleeping, but you’ll be on the right track to a less cluttered and minimalist lifestyle.

We think they’re well suited to:

  • Travellers
  • Back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer sleep
  • Those creating a minimalist home
  • Those with occasional guests

However, they’re not for the faint-hearted. 💔

We don’t recommend a futon mattress to those opposed to creepy crawlies, dust, or if you have problems with mobility.

Whether you’re a globetrotter or you need a mattress for those coming to visit, here’s a reminder of our favourite floor mattresses.

Our favourite floor mattress for adults in the UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • How to make a Japanese floor mattress

    A floor mattress for sleeping is essentially synthetic or natural fibre padding that’s had a cover stitched around it. 

    The video below can show you how a traditional Japanese futon mattress is made!

    Perhaps this will inspire you to DIY your own Japanese floor mattress UK. 

  • Why is my mattress more comfortable on the floor?

    Many people opt for a roll up floor mattress for back pain as it is believed sleeping this way is better for the spine

    There is some truth in this statement, although this won’t be the case for everyone. 

    If your mattress feels more comfortable on the floor, it’s likely that your sleeping style and body shape require a firmer sleep

    A sleeping mattress for floors can distribute your body weight evenly and encourage natural spinal alignment. 

    However, we wouldn’t recommend a floor mattress for side sleepers who need a softer mattress.

    Instead, consider our best picks for side sleepers that will be more suitable.

  • Where can I buy a floor mattress?

    Unfortunately, not many retailers sell floor mattresses. 

    However, you should check out the following:

    • Floor mattress Argos 
    • Floor mattress IKEA 
    • Floor mattress Amazon
    • Floor mattress Etsy

    Amazon is one of the biggest stockists for floor mattresses, where you can choose from various styles and materials. 

  • Mattress on floor ideas

    Maybe a futon floor mattress has piqued your interest, yet you're apprehensive about its visual impact on your space.

    If you intend to use the floor mattress daily, or if you're contemplating placing a conventional mattress on the floor, think about integrating a low loft bed [4] for floor sleeping.

    This will encourage air circulation even when using a regular mattress while offering a distinctive Eastern-inspired aesthetic. 🎎

    Similarly, you can purchase low bedside tables [5] designed to accommodate a mattress for the floor.

    To achieve the ultimate zen ambience, consider adorning your space with tranquil decor accents like candles and sizable indoor plants. 🪴

  • References


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