Maryna Lievshyna

Maryna's path as a graphic designer and illustrator has been a kaleidoscopic adventure fuelled by resilience and a quest for growth.

After leaving Ukraine in 2014 due to the Russian occupation of her homeland, she embarked on a journey across 40 countries. From the vibrant streets of Thailand and Indonesia to the rich cultures of Brazil, England, and Mexico, her travels have now led her to France, which evokes the cosy feeling of becoming her "new home".

For Maryna, illustration is not just a job - it's a way of life. As the creative lead for UI/UX design and illustration at Airi, she merges her passion and profession, infusing her work with magic and wonder. Her illustrations make the digital world a little more enchanting.

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Maryna's talents shine in various fields, from magazine layouts to brand identity, packaging, and clothing design. With an MA in Arts & Graphic Design, she has the academic background to support her quests, and the practical experience to make her invaluable. Her clothing brand, launched in Bali, showcases her creativity and entrepreneurial flair, and her designs have resonated with a global audience, topping Amazon's bestseller lists and even being worn by Instagram celebrities. Now, at Airi, she finds joy in crafting website illustrations that blend beauty with functional design.

Contact Maryna

To contact Maryna with questions, advice, or comments, please reach out to her via LinkedIn or by e-mailing her at, or send an e-mail with "Maryna" in the subject line to

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