Constanza Colombo

With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of the latest testing methodologies, Constanza is in a unique position to ensure all Sleep Hero reviews are thorough and transparent.

As the Airi SleepLab product testing manager, she is at the forefront of reviewing all the latest mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories, thereby playing a key role in the Sleep Hero team.

When not testing mattresses, Constanza enjoys writing intimate and political poetry, visiting art exhibitions and museums, advocating for the queer community, and riding her bike along the coastline of Portugal.

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Constanza's diverse background in project management, digital marketing, business analysis, sales, and UX design has equipped her with the qualities necessary in her current role of leading and continuously developing the Airi SleepLab testing methods, ensuring our readers receive honest and detailed analyses of sleep products.


  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Ergonomics in Design | The Ergonomics in Design course has been created to provide an understanding of ergonomics by introducing human anatomy, anthropometry, and modelling techniques.

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Contact Constanza

To contact Constanza with questions, advice, or comments, please reach out to her via LinkedIn or by e-mailing her at, or send an e-mail with "Constanza" in the subject line to

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