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Panda Memory Foam Baby Pillow Review UK (2022)

Written by Holly

Last updated: 10.08.2022

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It’s not easy knowing what’s best for our little ones. 🤔

As babies grow, we want to ensure their development with the best products available.

Unfortunately, Sleep Hero can’t change nappies, but we can help make your job a little bit easier…🦸‍♂️

Our Panda Memory Foam Baby Pillow review will tell you everything you need to know about your baby’s first pillow.

Take a look! 👇

Top features of the Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow:

Machine-Washable Cover
30-day trial period
30-Day Trial Period
Gentle on skin
Gentle on Skin
Environmentally Friendly


  • Soft pressure-sensitive memory foam
  • Contour-curve design to discourage flat-head syndrome
  • Hypoallergenic materials that protect against skin irritation
  • Antibacterial bamboo cover that prevents dust mites and bacteria
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Environmentally friendly packaging & sustainably-sourced organic bamboo
  • 30-night sleep trial
  • Free delivery & returns
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Outstandingly positive customer reviews


  • Only the cover is washable
  • Available in just one size for babies
  • Additional pillows will need to be purchased after your baby grows

What makes the Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow special?

  • Contour-curve design to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Hypoallergenic materials safe for sensitive skin
  • Machine-washable cover with baby-friendly zip

What age can a baby have a pillow?

Before we get started, it’s essential to ensure your baby is at a suitable age for a pillow.

So, when can a baby have a pillow? 🤔

There is mixed advice online surrounding this topic.

Yet, the NHS advises that a baby should not use a pillow or duvet under age 1.

Panda Baby pillow box corner
The Panda baby pillow is suitable for 12+ months.

This will reduce the risk of suffocation caused by objects in the cot during sleep.

Safe sleep for your baby

40,000 under-5s are admitted to hospital every year due to accidents, including those sleep-related. 🙁

Ensure the safest sleep for your baby by:

  • Sleeping them on their back
  • Keeping their feet at the foot of the cot
  • Tucking the blanket across their chest and under their arms
  • Removing any pillows and soft toys from their cot under the age of 1
  • Keeping other objects such as nappy bags and cords well out of reach from the cot

This will help to keep your baby safe during the night and prevent any worries of your own that can create a disruptive sleep.

But is the Panda Baby pillow suitable? 👇

Is the bamboo pillow any good for babies?

We love the entire Panda range and think the Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Baby pillow is an excellent choice for your little one. 👶


Holding corner of panda Baby pillow
The Panda Baby pillow is made with soft memory foam.

Made with third-generation extra soft and snuggly foam, the pressure-sensitive pillow moulds around your baby’s head and shoulders.

Is memory foam good for babies?

We only recommend high-quality and safely manufactured memory foam pillows such as the Panda Memory Foam pillow made to support babies.

The memory foam is extra soft and cosy for your little one.

The pillow is also low enough to align the neck and shoulders correctly. 🥰

Contour-curve design

The concave in the centre of the pillow is designed to shape perfectly around your baby’s head.


Pressing on Panda Baby pillow
The Panda Baby pillow has been designed to support babies.

This unique design contours around the shape of your baby’s head to spread the weight and relieve pressure. 😍

The shape is designed to help prevent flat head syndrome caused by continual pressure on the baby’s skull.

Sleeping position

The contour curve in the centre of the pillow is designed to support babies sleeping on their backs. 👍

This is the safest sleeping position for your little one, recommended by the NHS.

We wouldn’t advise using the pillow for side or stomach sleeping babies as they may get stuck in the concave structure of the pillow and soft foam. 👎

Panda Memory Foam Baby Pillow composition

We’ve covered whether or not the Panda Baby pillow is suitable.

But what is this product actually made out of? 🤔

panda baby pillow composition
The Panda baby pillow is made of soft memory foam.

The Panda baby pillow has 3 main components.

These are:

  • 3rd generation memory foam
  • An in-built mesh fabric protector
  • A removable bamboo fabric cover

So, how do all these ingredients equal one perfect baby pillow?

3rd generation memory foam

The inside of the pillow is 100% Visco memory foam. 🧽

The memory foam is much softer than other brands, allowing it to contour gently around your baby’s head and shoulders.

The kidney shape of the pillow and concave middle is also unique.

The design follows the natural shape of your baby’s head and shoulders and encourages optimal pressure relief to avoid a flat head. 🥰


Panda Baby pillow angled view
The Baby Panda pillow has an unusual shape.

In-built mesh fabric protector

Most people won’t go out and buy a pillow protector.

But it’s more important than some might think.

A pillow protector provides extra protection from accidents, bacteria and moisture-build up over time. ☔

panda baby pillow mesh protector

panda baby pillow protector

Typically these cost anywhere from £10 upwards, so Panda London has saved you the extra cost with one already built into their design. 💰

Removable bamboo cover

The removable bamboo fabric cover is made from 40% bamboo fibre and 60% polyester.


Panda Baby pillow cover on pillow
The Panda Baby pillow cover can be easily removed.

Bamboo is highly breathable, durable and naturally antibacterial. 🦠

Likewise, polyester is strong, fast-drying and resistant to shrinking in the wash.

The Panda cover is made from organic bamboo that has been sustainably sourced to protect wildlife.

We’ll go into more detail about the eco-friendly manufacturing process a bit later.

Panda bamboo pillow cover

The high-quality bamboo cover is so soft to the touch it can be used without a pillowcase. 🙌


Panda Baby pillow cover scrunched up
The Panda pillow cover feels soft and high quality.

The hypoallergenic material is kind to the baby’s sensitive skin. 🦔

The bamboo cover is naturally antibacterial and will prevent dust mites and bed bugs.

It's also moisture-wicking, which helps to keep the pillow fresh and clean.

(Currently, it can’t do anything about monsters under the bed! 👾)

Baby-friendly zip

The cover comes with a zip so that the cover can be easily removed. 😀

The zip is baby-proofed with a little flap covering the sharp bits of the zip.


Panda Baby pillow from side

Panda Baby pillow zip

We loved the attention to detail in this feature that many other baby pillow manufacturers have ignored.

Likewise, what other pillows have you seen that come with an adorable Panda logo design?

The super cute Panda logo on the cover has been a hit with children and adults who have tested this pillow. 😍

How to wash the baby pillow cover

Babies can be more prone to leaking fluids, whether a runny nose, vomit, or worse! 💩

Luckily the bamboo pillow cover is washing machine-friendly.


Panda Baby pillow cover folded
The Panda Baby pillow cover can be machine washed.

Does the Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow sleep hot?

Memory foam has a bit of a reputation for being warm.

Temperature regulation scale graphic
Memory foam is one of the warmest pillow materials.

As one of the warmest sleep materials, you might be concerned about your baby’s temperature on this pillow.

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, so it’s important to ensure your baby doesn’t get too hot or cold during sleep.

Luckily, Bamboo is highly breathable and is great at regulating temperature to assist your baby in the night. 🌬️


Panda Baby pillow
The Panda Baby pillow cover is made with breathable materials.

This breathable pillow encourages airflow during the summer while retaining heat during winter.

How can I keep my baby cool while sleeping?

However, a pillow can only do so much, and there are other ways you can keep the little one at their natural temperature during a heatwave. 👇

Why not try:

  • Blocking out the sun with light-coloured blinds or curtains
  • Putting a fan in the bedroom (Ensure it is not blowing directly on the baby and all wires are out of each)
  • Putting them in just a nappy when the temperature exceeds 27 degrees
  • Giving them a cool bath before bedtime

We also recommend keeping an eye on the temperature of the room. 🌡️

The GRO-Egg Thermometer always displays the room temperature and changes colour if the room becomes too hot or cold.

It also works as a nifty little night light to keep nightmares at bay!

What size is a baby pillow?

The Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow is perhaps the thinnest pillow we’ve tested, the perfect size for teeny tiny shoulders. 🤗

It's also small enough to fit into your baby's cot bed.


Panda Baby pillow being measured
The Panda Baby pillow is a low loft.

It measures just 45 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm (17.7 x 9.8 x 1.18 inches.)

Unfortunately, it only comes in one size.

However, a toddler pillow is available for those who may have already outgrown this size. 📏

How much is a Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow?

The Panda Baby pillow is fantastic value for money. 💰

As a mid-range product of exceptional quality, the Panda Memory Foam Baby Pillow gives you more bang for your buck than a regular baby pillow.

And with a 10-year guarantee, you can feel content in the fact that this pillow isn't going to lose its shape and need replacing.


Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow discount codes

If this baby cot pillow is still a little bit out of your price range - don’t worry!

Panda has regular offers and promotions throughout the year. 🏷️


Man sitting on pile of coins
The Panda range has regular discounts.

You can also bookmark our discounts page for regular offers on our favourite sleep products. 😍

Are pillows safe for babies?

Pillows are safe for babies to use over the age of 1. 👶

Panda Baby pillow box corner
The Panda Baby pillow is safe for babies.

However, not every pillow will be suitable for your little one.

Panda pillows have been specifically tested for your child's safety and are OEKO-TEX certified Standard 100. ✔️

This means:

  • They have gone through the strictest requirements of testing
  • They have been tested to be safe for babies and children
  • They are deemed safe for skin contact
  • Every component of the product (including stitching, adhesive, etc.) has to comply with this standard
  • The tests are updated annually to comply with any new research or data for health standards

On top of taking care of you, Panda London also has a keen interest in protecting the environment. 🌎

They use organic pesticide-free bamboo from FSC-approved forests that help to protect wildlife.


Baby panda graphic on pillow
Panda pillows help to protect panda habitats.
Did you know the survival rate of baby pandas is only 60% in the wild? This is largely due to their habitats being used by humans for manufacturing.

This sustainable resource also follows a closed-loop system in the manufacturing process, which reuses water for agricultural irrigation. 🌱

What pillow is best for babies?

A baby pillow isn’t just for sleeping. 🤔

There are all kinds of pillows available to support your baby and their continual development.

So, what are they? 👇

Baby support pillow

A baby support pillow, also known as a baby sit up pillow, is a great product to encourage your infant’s motor skills.

These pillows can help with feeding, tummy time, and helping your baby sit up independently.

woman nursing with v pillow
A baby support pillow can provide some additional help when nursing.

Baby wedge pillow

A baby wedge pillow can reduce acid reflux. 🤢

The elevated design of the pillow stops acid leaking from the baby’s stomach and into the oesophagus.

The Wedgehog is one of the best-selling reflux wedge pillows available.

The pillow comes with a bamboo cover, and 15p of every sale goes towards a UK charity for children suffering from reflux.


Baby Tummy pillow

Tummy time is an integral part of your child’s early development.

This is when you lay your baby down on their tummy so they can practice rolling over and can begin as early as a few days old.

The Kally Baby Nest can be a great tummy baby pillow that encourages your baby to progress with their development. 🌎

It’s also a great way to keep your baby secure when changing them or laying your baby beside you on the sofa when your arms need a break!

25% OFF KALLY NEST£ 59.99

Baby nursing pillow

A baby nursing pillow or baby feeding pillow can help make feeding time a little easier. 🍼

You can prop the pillow under your baby to take the strain off your arms for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.

The XXL Niimo Nursing Pillow is made from silicone polyester fiberfill and a 100% cotton washable cover. 🧼


Panda pillow for kids and adults

Did you know that Panda has an entire range of pillows suitable for every age?

Panda Baby pillow and Panda Toddler pillow
You can also buy a Panda pillow designed for toddlers.

So, once your little one has grown out of their baby pillow, you can invest in the next size up.

We’ve even tested and reviewed the following:

The Panda Memory Foam pillow is an excellent choice for adult side or back sleepers who want a comfy and supportive pillow that is good value for money. 💰

Already sold? 👇

What else does Panda sell?

Panda London has a range of bamboo and memory foam products for you to enjoy.

Some of our favourites include:

Why not check out the Panda collection before placing an order?


Panda delivery conditions

The Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow comes with free delivery that takes just a few days!

On the day of delivery, we received an hour time slot to let us know when our Panda pillow would be arriving.

Panda Baby pillow box
The Panda Baby pillow was delivered in a cardboard box.

The Panda Baby pillow arrived in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box. ♻️

The pillow itself was wrapped in a plastic bag, which we were pleased to discover was also fully recyclable.


panda baby pillow in box

panda baby pillow in plastic

Make sure you keep the plastic out of reach of children and pop it into your recycling box as soon as possible.

Does the Panda pillow come with a trial period?

Did you know that very few brands offer a trial period for pillows? 😱

But Panda London has fantastic customer support, including providing a 30-night sleep trial on all of their pillows.


Trial period

This means you can thoroughly test the pillow before deciding whether or not you want to keep it. ⏲️

It’s highly unlikely that you and your baby won’t fall in love with these pillows…

But if you don’t, then you can send it back and get a full refund.

So, whatever happens, it’s a win-win either way. 🥇

Panda bamboo pillow guarantee

Let’s face it; we’ve all spent money on pillows that don’t last five minutes…

One minute it’s a plump and fluffy pillow, and it goes completely flat by the end of the month. 🙁

Every Panda pillow we’ve tested so far has kept its shape without the need to puff and fluff.

Even better, the Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow includes a 10-year-guarantee.

hollowfibre pillow vs memory foam pillow
Memory foam pillows last longer than hollowfibre pillows.

This means you’ll be covered by manufacturing faults, including material dipping or coming undone. 👩‍🔧

Babies grow out of pillows fast, but you could pass the pillow down to the younger siblings instead of having to buy a new pillow.


Is the bamboo pillow any good for babies?

We’re big fans of the entire Panda London range, and the Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow is no exception.

We love this pillow for babies because:

  • It is made from the safest hypoallergenic materials
  • It’s the perfect size and softness for your little one
  • It comes with a removable and washable cover
  • The unique design can reduce flat head syndrome
  • It includes a 30-Night trial and a 10-year warranty

What more can we say? 😅

The Panda Memory Foam Baby pillow may be one of the best baby pillows available right now. 👑

We're confident your baby (and, therefore, you!) will get a great night's sleep with this pillow.

But don’t take our word for it – test it out for yourself – you have 30 days to make your mind up! 👀


Frequently asked questions:

  • Are panda pillows washable?

    Unfortunately, Panda pillows aren't washable.

    However, you can remove and wash the bamboo fabric cover that comes with the Panda pillow up to 40 degrees

  • Where can I buy a baby pillow?

    You can buy baby pillows from a variety of mattress and bedding manufacturers. 

    These include:

    You can also buy the Panda pillow range directly from the Panda website or other authorised retailers.  

  • How long does the Baby Panda pillow last?

    The Baby Panda pillow comes with a 10-year guarantee, but it's not going to be suitable for your child up to 10 years old. 

    You should use this pillow until your baby outgrows it and no longer supports their sleep. 

    The Toddler Panda pillow is suitable for 2-years onwards, so you can always upgrade to this size once your baby reaches the age of two. 

    However, all babies grow at different speeds, so this will depend on the child.


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