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Najell SleepCarrier Review UK (2024)

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New parents have a lot on their plate - safety, comfort, and sleep magic, not just for their tiny tot but also for themselves. 💤👶

Babies need sleep for what feels like a bajillion hours, so finding a baby sleep product with portability is the secret key often hidden deep in the parenting manual.

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is designed for just that, aiming to make those first few months so much easier.

We even had our tiniest reviewer and his new parents put it to the ultimate test, and we share all in this Najell SleepCarrier review.

  • Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X
    Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X
    Babynest SleepCarrier X
    Price from   £ 145
    The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X is a versatile choice for your and your baby's daily needs.
    The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X is a versatile choice for your and your baby's daily needs.

Top features of the Najell SleepCarrier

Multi-Functional & Adjustable
Environmentally Friendly & Vegan
Gentle on skin
Safe For Babies


  • Adjustable length to expand as your baby grows.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Fits all prams.
  • High safety standards.
  • Multi-functional product serves several purposes.
  • Increases mobility for parents.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Expensive.
  • Integrated harness difficult to put back into storage pocket.
  • Not suitable for babies that can sit up on their own.
  • Not compactable for travelling.
  • Awkward for use as a carrier.

Najell BabyNest Carrier Vol 2 vs Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X

The Original Najell BabyNest Carrier has been upgraded to the Babynest SleepCarrier X.

But what's the difference?

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X

The SleepCarrier X is 5 cm (1.9 inches) longer than the previous model, offering more room for your baby to grow as they get bigger.

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X
The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X is longer than the original.

This newer model also features higher sides that are both flexible and firm, incorporating stabilising boards on all sides and the bottom.

These baby nest meets the upcoming European Safety Standard EN 1466:2023 [1], making the SleepCarrier X suitable for your sleeping baby.

The SleepCarrier X is made from 99% recycled or bio-based materials, showing Najell's commitment to sustainability without compromising safety or quality.

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier X

While this new version does not include the integrated harness found in the previous version, it retains the extended breathable air mesh sides for improved safety and comfort.

Additionally, the design includes enhanced Najell handle strap holders, simplifying the process of attaching and carrying handles together, and improving overall portability and convenience.


What is the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier?

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is a multi-functional product that can be an absolute dream during the first few months after giving birth. 🤩

It's a baby nest, carrycot, play mat, and sleep carrier all in one, designed for use from birth up to three years of age.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 as play mat
The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier has multiple purposes.

As a smart baby nest, it provides a familiar environment for your little one to sleep and play in, no matter where you are.

It even has an adjustable length so you can change its size to fit your growing baby.

The Najell SleepCarrier fits into prams as well, making it super easy to transfer your little one from home to pram and back again, all within the carrier and without disturbing your baby's sleep.


There are a couple of notable features - including an integrated harness for the carrier function and handles for rocking your baby to sleep - but we'll look at all of these in more detail in the next section. 👇

How to use the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier

As we just mentioned, the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is a multi-functional product that can be used as a carrycot, baby nest, play mat, and sleep carrier.

But how exactly does each of these work, and is it actually as fabulous as you'd hope?

We'll explore that in this section.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier uses
There are many ways to use the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier.

But first:

Before using the SleepCarrier, Najell recommends keeping it in your bed for a week before your baby is born.

This will give the SleepCarrier your scent and make it a more calming space for your baby. 🥰


Using the Najell SleepCarrier as a carrycot

We thought the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier was extremely useful as a carrycot.

New parents are often constrained by their child's sleep schedule, which is just a tad inconvenient.

But using the SleepCarrier as a carrycot allows you to move around without disturbing your baby's sleep.

Our new mum tester found that when moving her little one around the house in the SleepCarrier using the integrated handles, the gentle rocking motion from natural movement kept him in a deep sleep. 💤

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 handles
Handles make the Najell sleep carrier easy to move.

This meant the little one could fall asleep downstairs, and the parents could take him to the crib when they were ready to go to bed.


Our mum tester also felt that the hard surface (more on this in the composition section below) left them comfortable having the little one sleep in the Najell baby nest for long stretches. 😅

Conveniently, the SleepCarrier can also be easily moved into a pram when you need to be out and about.

During testing, mum felt that using the Babynest SleepCarrier as a carrycot was the most helpful functionality of the item.

Najell carry cot functionality: 5/5

Using the Najell SleepCarrier as a baby nest

About 9 in 10 families co-sleep with their babies [2] at some point, and the Najell baby nest function is great for this purpose.


Using it as a baby nest means placing it safely near the pillows on your bed.

This allows your baby to have his or her own sleeping space within the family bed.

Co-sleeping can be done safely by following a few simple precautions [3], including:

  • Keeping sleep accessories away from your baby.
  • Keeping pets or other children out of the bed.
  • Making sure your baby won’t fall out of the bed or get trapped between the wall and the mattress.

The Najell Babynest can help make co-sleeping safer in the early days.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 with baby
Your baby can sleep safely in the Najell Babynest.

However, once the baby can roll over comfortably, the baby nest can feel a bit riskier as your little one could potentially roll out of the nest while you're sleeping.

During testing, this also meant that dad was awoken by a kick to the face. 🤦‍♂️


While good for the earlier months, we would not recommend using the Najell Babynest for co-sleeping for a more mobile baby.

Najell baby nest functionality: 4/5

Using the Najell SleepCarrier as a baby carrier

The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier includes an integrated harness contained within a zippered outside pocket that allows it to be used as a carrier.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 harness with zipper
The zippered inside pocket conceals the harness.

In order to convert it from baby nest to baby carrier, you need to clip the harness into two buckles.

Najell has covered these buckles in an elasticated fabric, which is a thoughtful touch that prevents tiny (or bigger) fingers from getting pinched.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 harness
The harness enables you to use the Najell Babynest as a carrier.

The particular design of this carrier only makes it useful for shorter distances, but Najell also sells a line of more traditional baby carriers, which we'd recommend for walking longer distances.


The Najell baby carrier functionality is likely to be most useful during the first few weeks when babies are light and relatively stationary.

Our tiniest reviewer was a little older and heavier when we tested the Najell SleepCarrier, and our testing parents didn't find the carrier function very useful.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 buckles
Attach the harness to the fabric-covered buckles.

Once pulled out, the harness is also quite difficult to stuff back into the pocket. ☹️

Mum found that the standard carrier handles provided a much quicker and easier solution for short-distance moves and opted for this over the harness.


Najell baby carrier functionality: 2/5

Using the Najell SleepCarrier as a play mat

When fully extended, the SleepCarrier can be turned into a play mat, providing a soft, safe surface for your tiny tot to play on.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 as play mat with baby
The Najell Babynest expands out into a play mat.

Though not the primary function, this is a great added feature.

It allows you to bring fewer items along when travelling with your baby as you can quickly convert the product from carrycot to play mat. 🥳

Mum and dad particularly appreciated this convenience, while our tiny tester enjoyed the soft and familiar surface.


This function will be useful all the way from birth to 1+ years of age.

Najell play mat functionality: 5/5

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier composition

Now that you have some idea of how to use the Najell Babynest Sleep Carrier, let's take a closer look at the composition.

Some of the most important features:

  • It contains an integrated harness, practical handles, and fabric-covered buckles to attach the harness.
  • It has a wooden plate under the mattress that provides a firm sleep space for your little one, even when lifted.
  • The sides are made of breathable air mesh for extra safety.

Conveniently, it's also adjustable in length, ranging from 60 to 80 cm (23.6 - 31.4 inches). 📏

This means you can extend the length of the product to provide the perfect fit as your little one grows.

Najell sleepcarrier babynest composition
The Najell SleepCarrier has been perfectly crafted.

The main fabric materials are:

  • Main fabric: 100% cotton
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Air mesh: 100% polyester

All materials used in the Najell SleepCarrier are environmentally friendly and vegan. 🌱


They're also OEKO-TEX Class 1 [4] certified, which means that they're guaranteed to be free from harmful or toxic chemicals.

We look at the safety features and certifications of this product in a little more detail in the next section.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 side view
The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is made from environmentally-friendly materials.

Najell Babynest SleepCarrier safety

Safe sleep is a primary concern for all parents, especially in the early months when babies are most vulnerable to sudden infant death syndrome [5] (SIDS).

In the UK, the Lullaby Trust [6] is the authority on safe infant sleep. 🍼

The Lullaby Trust provides guidelines for safe sleep, among which one of the key points is that babies sleep on a firm surface.

For this reason, baby nests and other sleep positioners are typically not recommended.

Unlike many other popular baby nests marketed at parents, the Najell Babynest features a hard board that makes the mattress firm and allows it to keep its shape when carried.


This is vital to ensure baby safety!

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 with leaflet
Najell guarantees baby safety.

The tall sides of the Najell Babynest are also made from air mesh, a breathable material that children can breathe through, ensuring the product is safe to use even if your baby's face is snug against the side of the product. 💨

In addition, Najell has safety-tested the product according to carrycot standards:

  • The European Standard for carry cots: EN-1466:2015 [7]

  • The European Standard for mattresses for cots and cribs: EN-16890:2017 [8]

  • All fabrics are certified according to OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 [9]

You can rest easy knowing that Najell has put safety first in the design, construction, and testing of the Babynest SleepCarrier. 🤗


But, as with any baby sleep products, we recommend speaking to a health advisor, GP, or the Lullaby Trust about any specific safety concerns.

Can you wash the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier?

The Najell SleepCarrier is easy to wipe down for minor cleaning, but conveniently, it's also machine-washable if needed. 💦

We all know that babies are prone to accidents, so having a machine-washable product is super convenient.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 washing instructions
Conveniently, the Najell baby carrier is machine-washable.

Washing instructions include:

  • Remove the stabilising board before washing.
  • Wash the product separately in a wash bag to protect the buckles from damage.
  • Wash at 40℃ with a high-speed spin cycle.
  • You can use any baby-safe detergent but avoid using fabric softener.
  • The SleepCarrier cannot be dry-cleaned or tumble-dried.
  • Dry the product flat.

Najell also recommends vacuuming the product before washing it. 🫶


Najell Babynest SleepCarrier delivery

Najell products are available to order directly from the Najell website, with free delivery within the UK, the EU, and Norway.

Shipping to the UK usually takes place within 3 - 5 working days.

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 in packaging

Najell babynest sleepcarrier vol 2 in packaging

The baby sleep carrier is shipped in 100% recycled plastic, which you are encouraged to recycle locally after opening.

The brand also has a 30-day free return policy in the UK, but items will need to be returned unused and in their original condition.


What else does Najell sell?

While the Najell SleepCarrier can be used as is, you can also protect the actual mattress by investing in baby bedding.

The brand sells a range of removable mattress covers made from soft GOTS-certified organic cotton, perfectly designed to fit the Babynest SleepCarrier.

Najell bedding is available in a range of colours, including charcoal black, daisy white, linen beige, olive green, peony blue, peony pink, soft lilac, and terracotta rouge. 🎨

In addition to the sleep carrier and bedding, the brand also sells a range of other products, including the Najell footmuffs, pregnancy pillows, and baby wraps.


We highly recommend sticking to brands specifically designed for tiny tots when choosing baby products, but you could steer away to more generic (and often cheaper) brands when it comes to items like pregnancy or body pillows.

pregnant woman on body pillow
Body pillows are great for pregnancy, while nursing, and side sleepers!

These are also great to use for side sleepers, pregnant or not!

We've linked a few of our favourites below.

Our favourite body pillows:

Should you buy a Najell Babynest SleepCarrier?

This is a beautifully designed, high-quality product, and our new parents found it useful during their Najell baby carrier review.

Its multifunctional nature means you may not need to buy as many items, which is particularly convenient for new parents who are often strapped for cash.

We can recommend the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier to:

  • Parents of babies aged 0 - 6 months
  • Parents who travel often or are out and about a lot
  • Parents with larger houses, who may need to move a sleeping baby between rooms

While, technically, the product has been designed for babies from birth up to 36 months, our testers found it a tad less useful as their tiny tot got older and heavier. 👶

We’d even recommend purchasing the carrier before the baby is born in order to get the most use out of the product.



  • Material

    Premium materials.

  • Comfort

    Comfortable and firm.

  • Off-gassing

    No off-gassing.

  • Breathability

    Good airflow.

  • Motion transfer & support

    Firm and holds its shape.

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery.

  • Value for money

    Excellent product.

Motion transfer & support
Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Najell UK

Customer service: To contact Najell directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, call them on +46 (0) 46 276 91 90, or visit their live online chat. Customer support is available on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00.

Registered office: Najell AB, Kyrkogatan 9b, 222 22 Lund, Sweden

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Najell, the brand?

    Najell is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2012 by power couple Niklas and Freja.

    The idea of the first product - the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier - came to mind when Niklas was putting his baby niece to sleep, and she would keep on waking up.

    The company now focuses on a range of trendy products specifically designed for babies and new parents. 

  • How good is the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier?

    The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is a high-quality baby product.

    It’s useful for new parents as it provides several functions in a single product.

    The carrycot feature, in particular, will be helpful for busy parents.

    It is extremely well constructed with safety in mind.

  • What ages is the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier good for?

    The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is recommended from birth to 36 months, though we found it more useful for smaller babies and only some of the features - like the play mat - are actually suitable for children above the age of 1.

    The baby nest carrier is not recommended for babies who can pull themselves up to seated, or those who can roll over.

    Babies reach these milestones at different ages, from around 4 months onward, but these milestones are likely to occur before the baby is one year old.

    The play mat functionality will continue to be useful for as long as the baby is interested. 

  • Is the Najell BabyNest SleepCarrier safe for premature babies?

    You should always speak with your GP or health advisor before using this baby sleep carrier with premature babies.

  • What’s the size of the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier?

    The Najell Babynest SleepCarrier is extendable in size from 60 - 80 cm (23.6 - 31.4 inches).

    We tested the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2, which had these dimensions:

    • The smallest size as a baby nest: 60 x 23 cm (23.6 x 9 inches)
    • The largest size as a baby nest: 80 x 27 cm (31.4 x 10.6 inches)
    • Largest extended size as a play mat: 106 x 64 cm (41.7 x 25 inches)
    • Size of stabilising board: 54 x 23 cm (21.2 x 9 inches)

    The baby nest weighs approximately 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) on its own. 

  • What does the Najell Babynest SleepCarrier cost?

    The Najell Babynest Original is not the cheapest product on the market, but considering its multiple uses, it’s well worth the investment.

    Different colours are also available at different prices.

    Unfortunately, you'll rarely find a Najell discount code online.

  • What colours does the Najell BabyNest SleepCarrier come in?

    The Najell BabyNest SleepCarrier Volume 2 comes in 8 different colour and fabric options. 

    These colours include

    • Najell SleepCarrier Morning Grey
    • Najell SleepCarrier Sage Green
    • Najell SleepCarrier Sandy Beige
    • Najell SleepCarrier Teddy Beige
    • Najell SleepCarrier Coconut Brown
    • Najell SleepCarrier Dusty Pink
    • Najell SleepCarrier Leopard Brown
    • Najell SleepCarrier Matte Black

    The Teddy Beige, Coconut Brown, and Dusty Pink are new to Volume 2. 

    We trialled the carrier in Teddy Beige.

    The new Najell BabyNest SleepCarrier Volume 3 will be available in different colours. 

  • What’s the difference between the Najell Sleepcarrier Vol 1 vs Vol 2 and the Vol 3?

    The Najell SleepCarrier Volume 1 was the first generation of Najell baby carriers.

    The Najell Sleepcarrier Volume 2 - and now the Najell Sleepcarrier Volume 3 - are the updated products.

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