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Get Laid Beds Review UK (2024)

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Imagine a bed that's been crafted to meet your exact needs. 😍

Get Laid Beds has revolutionised bed frames with innovative designs and customisable solid wood beds.

From making bed frames in their garage to revolutionising the UK bed industry, Get Laid Beds' journey reflects their commitment to quality and innovation. 🚀

Our Get Laid Beds review can tell you more.

Dive in. 👇

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Who is Get Laid Beds?

Get Laid Beds is a British brand of bedmakers with a vision to create bespoke, made-to-order wooden bed frames.

The journey began humbly in a garage where the founders poured their passion into designing bed frames in between attending university lectures. 🛠️

Get Laid Beds assembly
The founders, Jonny Haskins and Jean Lombard, started the company by making beds in their garage.

Now with a dedicated team behind them, Get Laid Beds bed frames are handcrafted in a factory in Leicester, but the same passion and care for design remain.

What does Get Laid Beds sell?

Get Laid Beds sells a range of sleep products, including bed frames, mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

However, customisable solid wooden bed frames are at the heart of their brand.

We’ll discuss our favourites from the Get Laid bed frame range below. 👇

Get Laid Beds low beds

Get Laid Beds has a selection of low bed frames in different styles, which you can customise to suit your needs.

These bed frames can be as low as 10 cm (3.93”) or as high as 75 cm (29.5”), depending on the design and if you include a headboard. ⬆️

Get Laid Beds low bed frame

Get Laid Beds low bed frame

A low bed has many benefits, such as being a safer option for families with children climbing into bed at night.

They’re also highly aesthetic for those aiming for a more minimalist look.

A low bed frame can make the room feel more spacious, especially if you sleep in a low-ceiling room (such as a loft room). ⛺

The Simba Orion bed frame is another excellent low bed frame option.


Get Laid Beds ottoman beds

The ottoman range provides ample storage within the base of the bed.

An ottoman bed frame has a hydraulic mechanism, which means you can easily lift the base of the bed with very little strength needed. 💪

Get Laid Beds

Get Laid Beds

Ottoman beds provide plenty of space to store bedding, winter clothes, shoes, handbags, or whatever else you may need to store away. 📦

We love ottoman beds for those with limited storage in the home who want to reduce clutter.

The Get Laid Beds ottomans are fully customisable and available in various designs, including a space saver design, oxford bed frame, and a four poster bed option.

The DreamCloud Ottoman bed frame is one of our favourite ottoman bed frames.


Get Laid Beds space saver beds

The space saver collection has a sleek and minimalist design. ✨

These practical beds come in a range of styles depending on your requirements and design needs.

You can customise these for storage, a headboard, and whichever finish suits your style.

Space saver beds with ottoman storage or drawers are also available.

Get Laid Beds space saver ottoman

Get Laid Beds platform bed

We recommend a space saver bed to those with limited space, such as a box or attic room. 🏢

They’re also convenient for anyone who wants a more spacious and minimalist room.

Get Laid Beds four poster beds

Compared to other collections in the Get Laid Beds range, the four poster bed range offers a more traditional look.

These beds have a grander appeal, ideal for those looking for a bed that makes a statement. 👑

Get Laid Beds

Get Laid Beds

The four poster beds in the Get Laid Beds range are much more contemporary and sleek than traditional four poster beds.

They’re also fully customisable and can be made with drawers or ottoman storage.

What makes Get Laid Beds stand out?

We’re big fans of the Get Laid Beds brand and believe they’re doing something really innovative in the bed frame industry. 💡

But what makes them stand out from competitors?


Get Laid Beds' most stand-out feature is that the bed frames are customisable.

This allows you to choose anything from the type of legs you want your frame to have to the type of finish you’d prefer. 🖌️

You can also decide whether you want your bed frame to have a headboard, integrated storage or if you want it to be adjustable.

Get Laid Beds with storage drawers

Adjustable bed frames are few and far between in the bed industry, often with designs that are more reminiscent of a hospital bed. 👎

We love that you can have an adjustable bed in these stylish designs, including the four poster bed frame.

Simba Sleep now also has a "Design Your Bed" option for those looking for customisation.



It’s also clear that the Get Laid Beds team genuinely appreciates design and quality.

Get Laid Beds' frames are handmade from 100% solid wood and use strong solid slats, two times thicker and wider than regular sprung slats.

This means the Get Laid Beds range can support heavier weights of up to 474 kg (75 st). 🏋️‍♀️

They are also designed with mortise and tenon joints [1], a carpentry technique that dates back 7,000 years and is one of the strongest joins used in carpentry.

mortise and tenon joints
Mortise and tenon is one of the strongest joins in carpentry.

Competitively priced

Get Laid Beds products come directly from the manufacturers, cutting out the middlemen and avoiding additional fees from showrooms.

The prices are fairly competitive compared to some other made-to-order solid wood bed frames in the UK.

You also have the option to pay in instalments using Clearpay for orders between £1 and £1000. 💰

However, you can expect to pay more than you would for cheaper pre-made bed frames, like IKEA beds.


Get Laid Beds bed frames come with an 11-year guarantee, a decade longer than the UK standard for bed frames.

Typically, brands and retailers offer just a one-year guarantee on bed frames, a reflection of the low quality and cheaply produced materials.

Emma beds also have better guarantees than standard, offering up to a 10-year guarantee on some bed frames.

The Get Laid Beds warranty reflects the brand's dedication to creating long-lasting quality products that withstand the test of time.

This is shown through using 100% solid wood materials, using the toughest carpentry joining, and carefully considered stain-resistant finishes. 🌲


Get Laid Beds' commitment to ecological conservation underscores all aspects of their business operations.

So far, they have contributed to planting over 82,000 trees, thanks to their collaboration with the International Tree Foundation [2].

Woman sitting on Get Laid Beds
Get Laid Beds frames are sustainably sourced.

The source of their materials is also an important factor.

Get Laid Beds suppliers obtain the Scandinavian pine only from forests with FSC [3] and PEFC [4] certifications.

Who is Get Laid Beds suitable for?

Get Laid Beds bed frames are suitable for a wide variety of individuals due to their diverse and accommodating range. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👧

Heavier weights

If you're heavier-set, these beds can effortlessly accommodate weights of up to 474 kg (75 stone), providing a sturdy and reliable sleeping arrangement.

Why not pair this with a Nectar mattress, which can support weights over 290 kg (45 stone)?

Small living spaces

For those living in compact spaces, the brand offers a range of innovative designs, including space-saver beds, low-height beds, and integrated storage options.

Tight on space? Consider a sofa bed for guests or a temporary sleeping arrangement.

These beds optimise your available room, ensuring it's used most effectively.

All ages

The company also caters to families with kids or elderly members.

Elderly man sitting on Get Laid Beds
Get Laid Beds can be customised to suit the elderly and less able.

Their range of low height and adjustable bed frames can adapt to suit any need, ensuring safety and comfort for every age range.

Minimalist design lovers

Minimalist design enthusiasts will be huge fans of the sleek and contemporary designs of these bed frames.

The style offers a clean and simplified look for those who want a calmer space without any fuss.

The eco-conscious

Moreover, the company is a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious. 🌎

They provide a sustainable alternative to standard bed frames, utilising 100% solid wood sourced from ethical forests.

They also contribute to the International Tree Foundation, so each purchase positively impacts the environment.

Quality seekers

While they’re not the most budget-friendly option, Get Laid Beds undeniably invest in quality.

Happy woman with a heart
Get Laid Beds have a long warranty for full peace of mind.

Their dedication to premium materials and craftsmanship is evident in every piece and is backed by an impressive 11-year guarantee. 🤞

If you're seeking a standout product of superior quality in the UK market, Get Laid Beds is a brand worth considering.


Get Laid Beds discount codes

In search of a Get Laid Beds deal?

Get Laid Beds offers regular discounts with as much as 30% off their premium bed frames.

Keep tabs on our discounts page, where we list our favourite deals for numerous mattress and bed brands.

Man sitting on coins
You can get Get Laid Beds coupon codes online.

Remember to sign up for our newsletter, where we share seasonal promotions and other savings opportunities. 💌

Get Laid Beds delivery

Get Laid Beds products are delivered within 12 days with a small delivery fee.

This is slightly longer than other brands selling bed frames, such as Nectar or Simba, who can deliver in as little as 5 days.

However, Get Laid Beds also deliver overseas to 38 countries.

You can choose a specific delivery date and even pay extra for urgent delivery. 🚚💨

Delivery process graphic
You can order your new bed frame online.

All beds are delivered flat-packed in 2 or more boxes, meaning they can get into narrow entryways easily.

There are three delivery options to choose from:

  • Standard delivery - delivered to the front door only.
  • White glove delivery - delivered to the room of choice, with minimal packaging and partial assembly.
  • White glove & assembly - The bed is delivered to the room of choice, fully assembled by a team of installers and packaging removed for an additional cost.

Get Laid Beds instructions are provided, but we recommend the premium delivery option to those who struggle with DIY and don’t have an extra person at hand to help with assembly.

Is Get Laid Beds good?

From their humble beginnings in a garage to becoming industry leaders in the UK, Get Laid Beds has come a long way! 🚀

With emphasis on customisable, handmade bed frames, Get Laid Beds has shifted how consumers shop for beds, making them standout players in the UK bed industry.

Get Laid bed frames are made from good quality materials and are crafted to superior standards, distinguishing them from competitors who prioritise cost over quality.

And we’re looking forward to seeing how this brand develops even more!


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Contact Get Laid Beds UK

Customer service: To contact Get Laid Beds UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 02036952463, e-mail them at, or visit their live online chat [5].

Registered office: Barn 3 - 5 Wharf Way Business Park, Wharf Way, Glen Parva, Leicester, Leicestershire, England, LE2 9UT

Frequently asked questions

  • Who owns Get Laid Beds?

    Get Laid Beds was founded by Jonny and Jean, an architect and carpenter who began the company while studying at university in Leicester. 

  • Where to buy Get Laid Beds?

    Get Laid Beds products can be bought directly from the Get Laid Beds website [6]

    Some products are also available from third-party retailers like Etsy and Not On The Highstreet [7].

  • Where are Get Laid Beds made?

    Get Laid Beds are handmade in a factory in Leicester, UK.

  • In what sizes are Get Laid Beds bed frames available?

    Get Laid Beds frames come in a range of different UK sizes. 

    These include:

    • Small single bed frame: 75 x 190 cm (2'6" x 6'3")
    • Single bed frame: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
    • Petite double bed frame: 106 x 190 cm (3'6" x 6'3")
    • Small double bed frame: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
    • Standard double bed frame: 135 x 190 cm (4'4" x 6'3")
    • King size bed frame: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Small super king bed frame: 167 cm x 200 cm (5'6" x 6'6") 
    • Super king bed frame: 180 x 200 cm (6' x 6'6")

    They also come in the following EU sizes:

    • EU single bed frame: 90 x 200 cm (3' x 6'6")
    • EU double bed frame: 140 x 200 cm (4'6" x 6'6")
    • EU king bed frame: 160 x 200 cm (5'2" x 6'6")
    • EU super king bed frame: 180 x 200 cm (6' x 6'6")

    Unlike most UK bed frames, Get Laid Beds also come in a range of larger sizes, including Emperor (7"), Super Emperor (7'6"), Caesar (8") and Super Caesar (9"). 

    When measuring your space, you should allow for an additional few inches on either side to account for the edge and corners of the bed frame. 

  • What else does Get Laid Beds sell?

    Get Laid Beds is renowned for crafting custom-made bed frames but also has an extensive selection of sleep products for your consideration.

    Get Laid Beds mattresses

    The mattress line includes a variety of options, such as pocket-sprung and memory foam mattresses.

    Get Laid Beds is one of the few UK companies that provide custom-sized mattresses, including unique dimensions like petite double, super caesar, emperor, and super emperor.

    These mattresses are engineered to deliver optimal comfort and support, particularly when paired with a Get Laid Beds bed frame.

    Each Get Laid Beds mattress has a warranty ranging from 3 to 7 years, depending on your chosen model.

    The Every Night mattress is a standout choice, which comes in medium or extra firm, features 2000 springs and includes a 100-night trial period.

    Get Laid Beds Accessories

    In addition to mattresses, Get Laid Beds also offer a range of accessories to complement your new bed frame and mattress.

    The selection includes:

    • Underbed storage box 
    • Floating shelf 
    • Low modern bedside table 
    • Padded headboard cover 
    • Four poster drapes and curtains 

    The low bedside tables are a practical accessory, especially for those opting for a low bed frame, providing a convenient place to set a drink at night instead of on the floor.

    The padded headboard covers offer added comfort to wooden bed frames, especially for those who enjoy sitting in bed to watch TV or read.

  • Get Laid Beds Trustpilot reviews

    We took some time to look at Get Laid Beds reviews on Trustpilot. 

    Get Laid Beds has an impressive 4.5/5 star rating with 75% 5-star reviews. 

    Much of the positive feedback refers to the excellent quality of the beds, communicative customer service and efficient assembly team. 

    Some of the Get Laid Beds complaints are due to missing parts on delivery and assembly being difficult for those who opted to do it themselves. 

    Therefore, we'd recommend opting for the white glove & assembly option at checkout to avoid inconvenience. 

    You could also request the Get Laid Beds assembly instructions for your chosen bed frame before placing an order to check if you're skilled enough to do it yourself and avoiding any risks. 

  • References


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