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Best Bed Bridges UK (2024)

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What is a bed bridge and why would you possibly need one? 🤔

A bed bridge fills the gap between two mattresses that have been pushed together.

This gap can be annoying, especially if you like to sleep close to and cuddle with your partner. 👩‍❤️‍👨

Bed bridges help to convert two mattresses into one huge bed for the family!

We'll tell you all you need to know about bed bridges in the article below. 👇

Bed Bridge

Feel At Home Feel At Home Bed Bridge

The Feel At Home Bed Bridge is made with firm memory foam for a supported sleep.
  • Memory foam
  • 1 mattress connector & 1 bed strap 
  • 190 cm x 16 cm (75 x 6.3")

Tell me more about the Feel At Home Bed Bridge

The Feel At Home Bed Bridge can convert your mattresses into an all-in-one bed without the fuss. 

Made with premium quality foam, you'll experience restful sleep on this mattress converter. 

The Feel At Home Bed Bridge comes with a convenient storage bag, making this an ideal choice for the occasional guest. 

This popular bed bridge includes a bed strap to help your mattresses stay secure all night. 

The Feel At Home Bed Bridge comes with free delivery!

If you don't get on with this product, this bed bridge has a 100% money-back guarantee.

Reasons to buy

Easy installation

Mattress connector included to keep beds secure 

Premium quality materials 

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive 

Qucover Qucover Bed Bridge

The Qucover bed bridge is made with breathable memory foam.
  • Memory foam
  • 1 mattress connector & 1 bed strap 
  •  200 cm x 20 cm (78.7 x 7.87")

Tell me more about the Qucover Bed Bridge

The Qucover Bed Bridge is a great space-filler for converting two mattresses. 

This affordable bed bridge is a great buy for those on a budget looking to convert their sleeping space. 

Made with high-quality memory foam and a soft cloth cover, you'll sleep comfortably all night long. 

The Qucover Bed Bridge is machine washable and tumble-dry friendly on a low setting. 

The bed bridge comes with a 100 cm (39.3") strap that helps to prevent the mattresses from sliding apart. 

The Qucover Bed Bridge comes with a 1-year guarantee and free delivery & returns. 

Reasons to buy

1-year guarantee 



Reasons to avoid

May be too long for UK standard single mattresses 

Why would you need a bed bridge?

The gap between two mattresses is created when you use two smaller mattresses, such as 90 x 190 cm mattresses, to create a super king bed (180 cm x 200 cm.)

Sometimes, a mattress can be delivered in two parts, which is known as a zip and link mattress. 🤔

UK homes aren't always able to accomodate larger size mattresses, so this enables them to be delivered into the room easily.

If you use two separate mattresses instead of one, then you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during sleep. ⛵

Alternatively, those with narrow entryways and stairwells can consider a bed-in-a-box.

bed in a box being delivered graphic
A bed in a box can ensure any size bed can be delivered easily.

The mattress comes vaccuum-packed in a box and can be delivered into the room with ease.

Check out our favourite bed-in-a-box mattresses below! 👇

What can you do about the gap between two mattresses?

There are various solutions to avoiding or fixing the gap between two mattresses, while still creating the feel of a ‘real’ double bed.

The cheapest way is by purchasing a bed bridge. 💰

Bed bridge

The bed bridge (sometimes also called mattress wedge or mattress bridge) serves as a bridge between two mattress halves.

Two mattresses are brought together to form a king or super king bed, but there is always a small gap left between them.

The bed bridge goes under the rest of your bedding and acts as a space filler for your mattresses.

This allows you to sleep comfortably and undisturbed (no more falling into the gap!) throughout the night. 😴

Where can you buy cheap bed bridges?

Most bed bridges are available anywhere between £30 - £100. 🏷️

They're a much cheaper solution to replacing your mattresses with a king or super king bed.

man sitting on coins
Bed bridges are a cost effective solution to your sleep comfort.

They aren't stocked by many retailers, but can be ordered easily online. 💻

The Qucover Bed Bridge is one of the cheapest available.

Altneratively, the Feel At Home Bed Bridge is a more premium product, for those looking for a bit of luxury.✨

Are there alternatives to the bed bridge?

It isn't always necessary to buy a bed bridge. 😱

You can use mattress toppers, additional sheets, or fashion your own bed bridge at a fraction of the cost.

Additional cover

A cheaper alternative to the bed bridge is simply adding on an additional cover. 😮

We recommend using a mattress protector with your sheets.

Not only will this add an extra layer to help fill the space between your mattresses, but will protect your mattresses at the same time.

A mattress protector prevents accidents as well as bacteria build up over a long period of time.

The Panda Bamboo mattress protector is fully waterproof and made with breathable bamboo and cotton. 🌱

Up to -25% off sitewide

Make a bed bridge yourself

If you fancy a bit of DIY, you can also make a bed bridge yourself. 🔧

Follow these steps:

  • Measure your mattress length and the width of the gap
  • Purchase foam or other filling material from the hardware store
  • Cut the material to size
  • Cover the material with a protective sheet (ie. an old pillowcase or bed sheet)

Now you can insert your very own bed bridge into the gap between the mattresses.

Easy peasy! 🍋

Buy a new mattress

Of course, you can also buy a larger mattress in sizes.

Follow our side guide below:

  • Nectar mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Nectar mattress small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Nectar mattress double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Nectar mattress king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Nectar mattress super-king-size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

However, there are benefits to having two seperate mattresses. 🤔

Couples may have different needs for their sleep (firmness, material, etc.) and having two mattresses means you can accomodate your individual preferences.

Seperate mattresses also mean you won't feel your partner moving at all during sleep.

However, there are some fantastic mattresses available that offer low motion transfer.

children jumping on bed
Many mattresses offer low motion transfer support.

This means you won't be disturbed by any movement because the mattress absorbs motion.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress offers fantastic low motion transfer support.

We tested this mattress for several months and experience zero disturbance during sleep. 😴

Mattress topper

A great alternative to the bed bridge is the mattress topper.

people sitting on mattress topper graphic
A mattress topper is a great alternative to a bed bridge.

This ensures that you have a uniform surface despite using two different mattresses.

A mattress topper is an additional layer to your mattress, typically made from memory foam, wool, or man-made fibres.

This helps to improve the overall comfort or soften the feel of a firm-feeling mattress. 🧱

A mattress topper is typically more expensive than a bed bridge. 💰

However, we highly recommend this option for those looking for additional comfort as well as a bed bridge solution.

Take a look at our favourite mattress toppers below! 👇

Should I buy a bed bridge?

Only you can decide if a bed bridge is right for you. 🤔

A bed bridge is a suitable solution for:

  • Those that have two mattresses to convert into one bed
  • Those that cannot afford to purchase a brand new mattress
  • If your mattresses are supportive/comfortable
  • If your partner has different sleeping preferences to you

However, a bed bridge is not the answer for everyone.

A bed bridge is not a suitable solution for:

  • Those with two mattresses that are uncomfortable/unsupportive (invest in a topper or new mattress)
  • Those with narrow entryways/stairwells (consider a bed-in-a-box instead)
  • If your partner has similar sleeping preferences to you
  • If you can afford to replace the mattress
  • Those looking for undisturbed sleep (consider a low motion transfer mattress)

Here's a reminder of our favourite bed bridges available right now. 👇



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