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The Best Valance Sheets UK (2024)

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Want to give your bed a quick makeover?

A valance sheet can do just that!

It's easy to banish messy storage and drab or damaged bed bases with an affordable valance sheet. 🪄

And there's more good news!

Bed valances come in various styles and colours to suit almost every decor.

Take a quick tour through our guide to find out more about the best valance sheets, what they are, and how to pick one.

Let's get into it! 👇

Fitted valance sheets
Luxury Option

Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance

The Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance is a soft cotton polyester blend with a 200-thread count.
  • Polyester & cotton blend 
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Machine-washable 

Tell me more about the Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance

The Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance is made from a soft, 200-thread count blend of cotton and polyester. 

It is available in over 10 attractive colours, so you're sure to find a shade to compliment your decor.

One of its standout features is the split-corner design, which allows it to sit comfortably over various bed frames, headboards, and footboards. 

It also comes in double, king-size, and queen sizes with drops ranging from 35 to 53 cm (14 to 21 inches), ensuring a fit for most beds.

Some customers have also noted that the material is relatively thin and flimsy for the price, but comment that it does the job of covering their bed and under-bed storage. 

The Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance is machine washable and wrinkle resistant, though most people recommend ironing on a low setting for the best look.

Reasons to buy

Available in multiple sizes & colours 

Machine-washable & wrinkle-resistant 

Split-corner design 

Reasons to avoid

Material isn't the highest quality 

Quite expensive 


Dunelm Non Iron Pleated Valance

The Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance is effortless, durable, and stylish.

The softness of cotton meets the resilience of polyester in a crease-resistant and elegant design.

The Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance provides a simple, harmonious, and practical addition to any bedroom. 

Crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester, the fabric strikes a delicate balance between the natural softness of cotton and the enduring robustness of polyester.

This valance sheet stands out with its non-iron finish, substantially reducing creasing and the need for ironing. 👏

A testament to its high quality, the Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance has been given the seal of approval from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

It has also received a largely positive response from customers.

Dunelm valance sheet
The Dunelm Valance Sheet is widely loved by customers, though some are disappointed in how thin the material is.

However, some people have been disappointed in how thin and transparent the lighter-coloured valance sheets are.

On the bright side, the Valance is available in a wide range of colours, catering to a variety of tastes and bedroom themes. 🎨

It also comes in several sizes, from single to king-size.

This valance sheet is designed to sit under the mattress and has a drop of 54 cm (21 inches), so is best suited to beds of around this height.

The Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance is machine washable and suitable for tumble drying at low heats, further ensuring minimal maintenance is required. 🧼


Fully Washable

Amazon NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet

The NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet has elastic corners to keep it in place.
  • Polycotton blend 
  • 2-in-1 fitted sheet & valance
  • Suitable for mattresses up to 25 cm (0 inches)

Tell me more about the NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet

The Amazon NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet is a valance and fitted sheet rolled into one. 

Since it is not just a valance sheet, you don't need to worry about lifting your mattress to attach it. 

This two-in-one product is made from a poly-cotton blend that's loved for its soft, lightweight, and temperature-regulating properties. 

The fully elasticised corners ensure it comfortably fits most standard-sized mattresses and that it stays in place. 

We would recommend washing before use, though, as some customers found the colour ran initially.

In terms of care, it's easy: machine wash at 40ºC, tumble dry, and avoid bleach.

Reasons to buy

14 colours available


Excellent value 

Reasons to avoid

Colours may run if you don't pre-wash 

Stylish Choice

Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance

The Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance combines easy care with an elegant touch of faux suede.
  • Soft faux suede 
  • Fits beds up to (40 cm/16") deep
  • Machine-washable

Tell me more about the Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance

The Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance is crafted with soft faux suede fabric, this valance comes in three colours: silver, grey, and beige.

It has an easy-fit design, facilitated by stretchy spandex with an elasticated top and bottom, and can be simply lifted to access divan bed drawers. 

It is available in various UK bed sizes, from single to super king.

However, it's worth noting that some customers found it a tad large and mentioned getting it on was slightly tricky.

The best tip would be to check your bed dimensions carefully before purchasing to avoid a potentially poor fit! 

Taking care of this Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance is as easy as it gets - it's machine washable and resistant to wrinkles and fading.

Reasons to buy

Easy-fit design 

Contemporary style 


Reasons to avoid

Slightly too large for some beds

It can be tricky to get on/off 

What are valance sheets?

A valance sheet, also called a bed skirt, sits on the bed and drapes over to cover the rest of the bed frame.

But what's the point of a valance sheet? 🤷

It's simple.

A valance sheet is decorative and is usually used to conceal the bed frame.

This is ideal for people who want to hide messy under-bed storage or old, unattractive bed frames. 😀

Interestingly, some studies actually suggest that a tidy bedroom can help us sleep better [1].

So a valance can keep things neat and take a load off your mind.

Types of valance bed sheets

There are many different types of valance sheets in the UK.

The two main types are traditional valance sheets and over-the-mattress valance sheets.

Traditional valances usually fit snugly under the mattress and over the bed frame, whereas over-the-mattress valance sheets go, well, over the mattress.

Over-the-mattress valances have a two-in-one design, which includes fitted bed sheets and a valance attached. ✌️

It's also becoming more common to see fitted valance sheets with elasticated edges to help them stay in place.

Some fitted valances go under the mattress, while others go over the mattress and bed.

Woman confused
While neither under nor over-the-mattress valance sheets are better, they each have unique benefits and drawbacks.

Traditional, under-mattress bed valances can be trickier to remove and replace but don't need changing too frequently.

On the other hand, over-the-mattress valance sheets, which combine fitted bed sheets and valances in one, are simpler to pull on and off.

But these over-mattress fitted valances require more frequent washing since you sleep directly on them. 🧼

Additional styles of valance bed sheets

With both under and over-the-mattress valances, you have many styles and designs.

These include:

  • Deep valance fitted sheets.
  • Platform valance sheets.
  • Split corner valance sheets.
  • Ruffled valance sheets.
  • Pleated valance sheets.

To ensure you can find what you're looking for, let's quickly dive into the differences between these valance sheets.

Firstly, platform and deep valance sheets can cover taller beds, though they may not always have the depth to suit a thicker mattress. 📏

On the other hand, deep-fitted valance sheets have a larger fitted sheet to accommodate a larger mattress.

Like platform valances, deep-fitted valance sheets also usually incorporate a longer drape to cover a taller bed frame.

If you have an extra tall mattress, it's worth getting a valance for under the mattress or extra deep fitted sheets with a valance attached to cover the mattress and bed.

Man saying all good
Finding the perfect valance sheets is easy since they come in all shapes and sizes.

The Amazon NYIS Luxury Extra Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet is a good option for those with taller beds and mattresses.

Most customers find that this valance sheet comfortably covers taller beds and mattresses (including thick mattress toppers). 💃


When it comes to practicality, we must discuss one more type of valance: A split-corner valance.

Split corner valances are the best option for those needing valance sheets for bedsteads with headboards, footboards, or posts.

Unfortunately, valance bed sheets with split corners are becoming harder and harder to find. 😞

If you have a bed with a headboard, footboard, or posts, we suggest the soft and elegant Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance.


Now, let's take a closer look at your aesthetic options (ruffles versus pleats). 👇

Ruffled and pleated valance sheets can go under or over your mattress.

Man with thumbs up
Ruffled and pleated valance sheets are both popular but have different visual appeals.

These two valances offer different visual styles.

Ruffled valance sheets tend to have a traditional and elegant look, whereas pleated valance sheets offer a simple, modern aesthetic. ✨

Most bed valances (regardless of type or style) come in a variety of colours.

So, you shouldn't have any problem finding your perfect match, whether you're looking for subtle grey valance sheets or fancy some vibrant green valance sheets. 🎨

Our favourite valances for colour variety:

How to choose a valance sheet

With so many different valance bed sheets available, how do you choose one? 🤔

You'll want to consider your bed, style, lifestyle, and more.

We'll dive into more detail below. 👇

What bed frame do you have?

When selecting the perfect valance sheet, the best place to start is with the type of bed you have.

Bed frames
You'll need to choose a valance sheet that accommodates your bed frame.

For instance, divan beds tend to accommodate most valance sheets with ease.

However, if your bed frame features posts, a headboard, or a footboard, a split corner valance will be more suitable. 🛏️

The Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance is one of the few highly-rated, durable, and elegant split-corner valance sheets.


Types of valance bed sheets

Now, let's consider the placement of your valance.

Would you prefer a valance sheet that goes under your mattress?

These types can be a tad more challenging to fit since you'll need to lift your mattress. 💪

But they have an appealing, hassle-free experience since they don't need changing each time you wash your bedding.

For those wanting an under-mattress valance, the Dunelm Non-Iron Valance Sheet is a great, affordable option with a simple design.


Under-mattress valance sheets also allow you more choices when it comes to bedding.

So you'll have far more freedom and an easier time finding soft and high-quality bedding, which can positively impact your sleep quality [2]. 😃

legs in bed
Your bedding can impact your quality of sleep.

For instance, you could pair a simple white under-mattress valance sheet with the more luxurious and breathable DreamCloud bedding.

Or you could opt for Panda London 100% Bamboo Bedding for an environmentally friendly, silky-soft, and temperature-regulating option.


Of course, some people prefer an over-the-mattress valance sheet.

These are decidedly simpler to fit on your bed as they work as fitted sheets with a valance attached. 😊

The flip side is that you must change them regularly since you'll sleep directly on the attached fitted sheet.

We love the over-the-mattress Amazon NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet for its easy-care, easy-fit, and soft feel.


Valance sheet sizes

You'll need to choose a valance sheet based on the size of your bed.

Meaning you’ll want to buy valance sheets for a double bed if you have a double bed.

Double-checking measurements before purchasing is also a good idea, as some valances run small or large.

Measure mattress
Measure your bed and mattress before buying a valance to ensure a perfect fit.

For instance, some customers have stated that the Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance runs a little large.

While not suitable for everyone, other customers find it fits like a glove. 🧤


Valance sheet drape lengths

Some beds are taller than others.

Two double beds with the same length and width may have different heights.

We cannot stress how important it is to measure your bed before buying a valance sheet. 📏

If you get a traditional valance (that sits under your mattress), you'll need to measure from the top of your bed base to the floor.

Meanwhile, if you want an over-the-mattress valance sheet, you'll need to measure from the top of your mattress to the floor.

Taking these measurements will ensure you get the most flawless fit. 😍

Happy woman with heart
Taking some quick measurements will ensure you get the best possible fit with your new valance.

And bear in mind that you may want a valance sheet with an extra deep drop if you have a particularly tall bed.

Otherwise, you may end up with a valance sheet that doesn't fully cover your bed frame or drags on the floor.

The Amazon Harmony Lane Ruffled Valance has several drape lengths, including 35, 45, or 53 cm (14, 18, or 21 inches), making finding your perfect match much less stressful.


Valance sheet colours and styles

When selecting a valance sheet, colour and style can be as crucial as the practical aspects. 😊

Ruffled valances for beds offer a traditional, graceful look, perfect for those who want to infuse a bit of classic charm into their bedroom decor.

On the other hand, box pleated valances align more with a modern aesthetic, providing clean lines and a minimalist appeal.

And, of course, colour choice is just as personal and varied as style.

White and grey valance sheets are the most popular, given their ability to blend with almost any decor!

Alternatively, you could brighten your bedroom with bold red, blue, purple, or green valance sheets. 🌈

Happy woman hugging
It's never been easier to find valance sheets you'll love with the abundance of designs on the market.

You could even buy a matching valance and bedding set (including bed linens, duvet covers, and pillowcases) for a truly seamless look.

Dunelm sells matching valance sheet sets and duvet sets if you want a more cohesive bed style.


Valance sheet care

A valance sheet should work with your life.

Luckily, most modern bed valances are machine washable and tumble drier-friendly. 🧼

This means you can pop it in the wash and have a fresh valance in next to no time.

Washing valance sheets
Most valances are machine washable for stress-free cleaning.

However, be warned that some cheap valance sheets may bleed colour on the first wash or two (this has been a common complaint on the Amazon NYIS Luxury Deep Frilled Fitted Valance Sheet).

When it comes to easy care, we recommend the Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance for a worry-free experience. 👏


Valance sheet costs

Polyester valance sheets tend to be the cheapest.

But cotton-polyester blends tend to be most popular for their combined affordability and good quality (usually around the £10 to £20 mark).

Those searching for a fitted sheet with a valance attached often prefer a cotton polyester blend since it combines durability and softness. 🎉

If this doesn't float your boat, you can also find pure cotton and Egyptian cotton valance sheets on Amazon for more breathable, luxury valance sheets.


Who should use a valance sheet?

Valance sheets are pretty handy.

They're affordable and come in a variety of colours and styles for your perfectly personalised decor.

Valance bed sheets can also fit a range of bed frames and sizes.

But who are valances best for?

  • Those looking for a cheap way to refresh or change up the look of their bed.
  • People who want something easy to use.
  • Those who want to cover an old or unattractive bed frame.
  • Anyone who wants to hide messy under-bed storage.
  • People who want to protect their bed (perhaps from sticky hands or muddy paws). 🐾

Overall, valances are a neat addition to all sorts of bedrooms.

Our favourite valance sheets:

Who shouldn't use a valance sheet?

Of course, valance bed sheets aren't for everyone.

You may want to think twice about purchasing a valance if you:

  • Prefer a super minimalist aesthetic.
  • Need to access the drawers or space under your bed frequently (valances and bed wraps can make this a little more tricky).
  • Have mobility difficulties, which may make it difficult to put a valance sheet on or take it off.
  • Have a non-standard-sized bed, which may make finding the perfect-fit valance hard.

Traditional valances for beds (also known as bed skirts in America) can look a little old-fashioned and aren't everyone's cup of tea. ☕

Luckily, modern alternatives like the Amazon Faux Suede Bed Wrap Valance can still fit a relatively minimalist aesthetic.

This sleek bed wrap sticks to divan bed bases and blends seamlessly into the room.


However, it might be time to look for a new bed if you want to maintain a clean and minimalist look, have easy storage access, and avoid having extra bedding to wash and manage.

Ottoman bed
An ottoman bed is the perfect hidden storage solution for a minimalist look.

Ottoman beds, for instance, come in a range of attractive styles and provide plenty of hidden storage. 🏆

Our favourite ottoman beds:

Valance sheet sizes

Valance bed sheets come in a variety of sizes. 😊

These include:

  • Single bed valance sheets.
  • Small double bed valance sheets.
  • Double bed valance sheets.
  • King-size bed valance sheets.
  • Queen bed valance sheets.
  • Super-king bed valance sheets.

As with any bedding, you'll want to buy a valance sheet that corresponds to your bed size. 📏

UK mattress sizes
Valances come in a range of sizes to fit different mattresses and beds.

It's never a bad idea to measure your bed and compare the dimensions to the valance before buying.

And don't forget to check reviews since some bed valances run a little large or small.

Checking measurements and reviews will ensure you get a perfect fit! 🎉

The most readily available sizes are valance sheets for double beds and valance sheets for king-size beds.

But options like the Non-Iron Dunelm Valance Sheets cater to those looking for smaller single valance sheets, less common small double valance sheets, or larger queen-size and super-king valance sheets. 😄


How much do valance sheets cost?

Want to hear the good news about valances for beds?

They're super affordable! 🥳

So shaking up your bedroom decor won't cost an arm and a leg.

Our favourite cheap valance sheets:

How to care for a valance sheet

Caring for valance sheets is generally a breeze.

This makes them a perfect low-maintenance addition to your bedroom! 😊

Most are suitable for machine washing and tumble dry friendly (usually up to 40℃).

Just a word of warning: It's worth giving your valance a pre-wash before use, especially if it's a more vibrant colour.

This helps eliminate potential smells and reduces the risk of dye bleeding onto your mattress or bedding. 👍

Regular washing of your valance sheets will also help remove bacteria and allergens.

Woman with allergies
Regular washing can kill bacteria and allergens, meaning a better night's sleep.

You may also want to iron your valance for the sharpest and most polished result. 💅

Just use a lower heat setting to avoid damaging the material.

Of course, some bed valances, like the Dunelm Non-Iron Pleated Valance, are designed to limit the need for this step.

But if you can't stand a single wrinkle, you may still want to give it a quick press for that hotel-perfect look. 😉


Should you buy a valance sheet?

Are you looking for a cheap, stress-free solution to spruce up your bedroom and hide the mess under your bed?

If so, a valance sheet could be your dream come true. 💤

They come in various styles and colours, suitable for most aesthetics and bed frames.

Of course, if you are a dedicated minimalist or don't want to deal with the faff of fitting or washing extra bedding, it might be time to look at a new storage bed. 🤔

Our favourite valance sheets:

Frequently asked questions

  • Do valance sheets go over the mattress?

    Yes and no (that sounds confusing, doesn't it).

    Basically, it depends on the type of valance sheet you choose. 

    Traditional valances (sometimes called base valances) are designed to fit under the mattress, cleverly concealing just the divan bed base. 

    However, some modern valances (sometimes called sheet valances or fitted valances) go over the mattress and serve the dual purpose of being both your fitted sheet and the valance. 

    This can get confusing as both are often called valances or valance sheets.

    We recommend reading product descriptions to ensure you get the product you want (whether that's an under or over-the-mattress valance sheet).

  • What is the difference between a valance and a fitted valance?

    The key distinction between a valance and fitted valance lies in their design. 

    While both are designed to cover the bed base, traditional valances have flat sheets, are shaped like a box, and have no elasticated hem. 

    On the other hand, a fitted valance usually has an elasticated hem.

    Fitted valance sheets also often have an attached fitted sheet, making them a dual-purpose cover for the mattress and the bed base. 

    Both types of valances are widely available in single, double, king-size, and super-king sizes.

  • What's the difference between a bed skirt and a valance sheet?

    A bed skirt and a valance sheet serve the same purpose

    Whichever name you call it, they are decorative sheets designed to cover the bed base.

    They’re commonly referred to as bed skirts or dust ruffles in North America. 

    Meanwhile, they are usually called valance sheets in the UK. 

    No matter the name, it gives the bed a finished, tidy appearance while masking any storage underneath.

  • Do divan beds need a valance?

    Valances are not necessary for divan beds but are an excellent choice for those seeking to hide scuffs and stains and generally revamp their divan base

    A divan bed with a base valance sheet can provide a more cohesive, stylish bedroom aesthetic. 

    While valances may not be as prevalent as they once were, most divan beds still have the standard depth measurements needed to accommodate them.

    So you'll have no trouble if you have a divan and want to add a valance.

  • Where can I buy valance sheets?

    While bed valances aren't as popular as they once were, you can still find them in many places.

    You can shop Amazon valance sheets for the widest range of options.

    On Amazon, you'll find everything ranging from cheap valance sheets to more expensive quilted, Egyptian cotton, and percale valances (with a thread count of at least 200).

    You can even find easy iron percale valances for a stress-free bed addition.

    Alternatively, Marks and Spencer valance sheets and Harry Corry valance sheets tend to be high-quality, though they have fewer options and are slightly more expensive.  

    We suggest checking out Dunelm valance sheets if you're in the market for something reliable and affordable.

    They have a great range of cotton polyester and cotton sateen valances for a soft and silky feel.

    Or you may even find some in your local supermarket - Asda and Tesco both sell some valance sheets.

  • References

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