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Best Knee Pillows UK (2024)

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Tired of waking up tired?

A knee pillow could be your secret weapon to a good night's sleep. 😴

A pillow between or under the legs could help you wake up refreshed and reduce knee, hip, and lower back pain.

Dig into our guide for all our top tips and recommendations for finding the best knee pillow.

Let's get cracking (not literally, don't worry). 👇

Pillow between knees

Great For Pregnancy

Kally Sleep Body Pillow

The Kally Body Pillow offers full-body support and comfort.
  • Polycotton cover & hollowfibre filling
  • Medium-soft
  • Wash pillow at 40°C & cover at 30°C

Tell me more about the Kally Body pillow

The Kally Body pillow provides orthopaedic support for the entire body. 

The pillow is fully machine-washable at 40°C and should be left to dry on a flat surface. 

It also includes a free pillowcase in a choice of colours and materials.

It's the perfect shape for side sleepers who like to hug their pillow. 

The Kally Body pillow is also popular among pregnant women who experience back pain while sleeping. 

The pillow has soft pressure-relieving support, and you can shape it to suit your individual sleeping style. 

Reasons to buy

14-day trial period 

2-year guarantee

Great for side sleepers & pregnancy

Reasons to avoid

It needs to be plumped, or it will lose its shape 

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Best For Side Sleepers

The Slumbar Company Knee pillow

The Slumbar Knee Pillow is designed for side sleepers, offering lower back, knee, and hip pain relief.
  • High-density memory foam filling & polyester cover
  • Firm feel
  • 21 cm (8.3") x 26 cm (10.2") x 5 cm (2")

Tell me more about the Slumbar Knee Pillow

The Slumbar Knee Pillow is specially designed for side sleepers seeking relief from lower back, knee, hip, and joint pain, as well as pregnancy discomfort. 

The pillow's contour shape fits snugly between the thighs.

Crafted with UK-made memory foam, it provides substantial pressure relief and helps align your spine, hips, and knees. 

Its design is great for stopping the upper leg from rolling forward, a common irritant of Sciatica. 

Slumbar's design is strap-free and includes a breathable washable cover. 

This helps prevent overheating and allows you to sleep more peacefully.

Reasons to buy


Washable cover 

Contour design for the knees 

Reasons to avoid

Some customers didn't receive the free e-book that comes with the pillow


JML Contour Leg Pillow

The JML Contour Leg Pillow is an ergonomically designed support pillow tailored for side sleepers.
  • Memory foam core
  • Ergonomic shape for the knees
  • 25.4 cm (10") x 25.1 cm (9.9") x 14.7 cm (5.8")
  • Great for side sleepers

Tell me more about the JML Contour Leg Pillow

The JML Contour Leg Pillow helps align hips, legs, and knees to provide an optimal sleep posture.

Boasting a tapered design, the JML Leg Pillow pillow naturally fits the contours of your legs and thighs, ensuring a comfortable sleep. 

The clever edges allow for a full range of motion while preventing your sheets from getting caught when you change positions.

What makes the JML Leg Pillow truly stand out, though, is its ventilated memory foam core.

This breathable design maintains a cooler temperature even on warm nights. 

The JML Contour Leg Pillow also comes with a machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. 

Reasons to buy

Promotes alignment in side position

Highly breathable

Machine-washable cover

Reasons to avoid

Too firm for some 

Best For Back Sleepers

Milliard Bed Wedge Pillow

The Milliard Bed Wedge Pillow has been specifically designed to reduce snoring, respiratory problems, acid reflux, and back and neck pain.
  • Polyurethane & memory foam
  • 68.5 cm x 19 cm x 63.5 cm (27 x 7 x 25")
  • Great for acid reflux, GERDs & snoring 

Tell me more about the Milliard Bed Wedge Pillow

The Milliard Bed Wedge Pillow for snoring has a unique wedge shape to help alleviate and reduce snoring, respiratory problems, acid reflux, and back and neck pain. 

It also doubles well as a reading pillow for back support or leg support.

The pillow is comprised of a premium-grade polyurethane foam base for support and memory foam for body-contouring cushioning. 

It conforms to your shape to reduce pressure points and aid optimal spinal alignment.

The pillow features a removable cover and is machine-washable. 

Reasons to buy

Reduces snoring & acid reflux

Reduces pressure points

OEKO-TEX certified materials

Reasons to avoid

No mention of a trial/guarantee

What is a knee pillow?

A knee pillow is usually smaller and firmer than a regular pillow.

Most feature an ergonomic design, which fits perfectly between or beneath your knees.

The best knee pillows can help relieve pressure, promote proper spinal alignment, and reduce pain. ⭐

Pillow between legs
Knee pillows are typically shaped and designed to fit comfortably under or between the legs.

Some options, like body pillows, are longer than typical knee pillows.

These longer pillows are still slim and firm enough to sit comfortably between the legs.

Knee pillows are typically most beneficial for side sleepers (who often use it between their knees) and back sleepers (who put it beneath their knees). 👍

Those who sleep on their stomachs won't need or benefit from a knee pillow.

How do knee pillows work?

Most of us have a sleeping position we naturally prefer.

However, some sleep positions can cause pain or discomfort, especially over time. 😬

Knee or leg pillows, which go under or between the legs, can help with these problems.

For side sleepers, knee and leg pillows promote proper sleeping posture and spinal alignment by preventing the body from twisting.

They also cushion the weight of the top leg resting on the bottom one.

For back sleepers, they help elevate the legs and provide pressure relief.

Sleeping feet elevated
Knee pillows can be placed under the knees to elevate the legs and relieve pressure.

They can also promote better blood flow and reduce knee, hip and lower back pain by evenly distributing pressure. 💪

Problems like chronic lower back pain can cause difficulties falling asleep [1], reduce sleep and mean more nighttime disturbances.

So, knee pillows are especially helpful if you suffer from knee pain or lower back pain.

Our favourite knee pillows:

What are the different types of knee pillows?

Knowing what's available will ensure you can choose the best knee pillow for sleeping. 🤔

Given that people come in all shapes and sizes, it makes sense that knee pillows do as well.

Most knee pillows are ergonomically designed, with carefully chosen fillings and pillowcases to help prevent them from shifting as you sleep. 😴

Unfortunately, adjustable knee pillows aren't widely available currently, but the variety of options is starting to grow.

Let's look at some of the most common knee pillow shapes.

These include:

  • Hourglass knee pillows are cleverly designed with thicker ends, providing a barrier to prevent your legs from moving during sleep.
  • Heart knee pillows tend to be relatively small, with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably between the knees and thighs.
  • Half-moon knee pillows essentially look like a cylinder pillow cut in half with one curved and one flat side and are mainly used under the knees by back sleepers who want a less steep leg elevation.
  • Wedge knee pillows, suitable for back sleepers, are distinctively shaped to gently elevate your knees, facilitating improved circulation.
  • Body pillows are usually quite long and are often favoured by pregnant women, side sleepers, and those looking for something that supports more than just one area of the body.
  • Cylindrical knee pillows are versatile, fitting well between or under knees, depending on your sleeping position.

You'll also see some knee or leg pillows with velcro straps to secure your legs.

Unfortunately, knee pillow straps can be uncomfortable and scratchy.

Luckily, most modern leg pillows are made from memory foam and can stay in place without straps because of their ergonomic shapes and designs. ⏳

Memory foam offers the firm, contouring support and pressure relief required from a leg pillow.

Of course, not all knee or body pillows use memory foam.

Some favour materials like hollow fibre (polyester), which is more breathable and machine-washable. 🧼

The Kally Body Pillow is an excellent example of a lightweight pillow that is completely washable.

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How to choose a knee pillow

Selecting the perfect knee pillow can be overwhelming, given the variety of options.

You'll find many types, each with different fillings and price points. 💸

We'll delve into some of the most critical aspects and guide you in your quest to find the best knee pillow for pain-free, peaceful nights.

Are you a back or side sleeper?

When choosing a knee pillow, there's no ignoring your sleeping position. 🛌

Sleeping positions
Your sleeping position will largely determine which (if any) knee pillow is best.

Some knee pillows are specifically designed and better suited for side sleepers, while others cater more to the needs of back sleepers.

It's all about finding the right fit for your sleeping style to maximise comfort and relief. 🌙

Check out our table to determine which pillows best suit your sleeping position.

Types of pillows Suitable for side sleepers (between knees pillow) Suitable for back sleepers (under knees pillow)
Hourglass knee pillows YES NO
Heart knee pillows YES NO
Half-moon knee pillows NO YES
Wedge knee pillows NO YES
Cylindrical knee pillows YES YES
Body pillows YES YES

Of course, choosing a knee pillow involves more than just knowing whether you're a side or a back sleeper. 🛏️

So, let's dive in a little deeper.

Knee pillow shapes

As we've said, some shapes are better suited to side or back sleepers.

But there are several options available to both back and side sleepers.

So, how do you choose between these shapes? 🤔

woman confused
With so many different types and shapes of knee pillows around, choosing can get confusing.

Like any decision, it's mostly a matter of preference.

For instance, if you are a back sleeper and don't want your legs to feel overly elevated, a wedge pillow with its gentle slope could be an ideal option. 👏

Wedge pillows are also versatile and can be used under the legs or upper body to help reduce snoring.

The Milliard Wedge Pillow is a relatively large but super comfortable wedge pillow for the legs and upper body.


Let's dig into these shape preferences in a little more detail.

Check out our table for more info on which shape you might prefer. 👇

Types of pillows Who is this shape best for?
Hourglass knee pillows Side sleepers who want to stop their body from rolling and need a secure pillow that is unlikely to fall out.
Heart knee pillows Side sleepers looking for a smaller knee pillow.
Half-moon knee pillows Back sleepers who want their pillow to stay in place and prefer a less prominent leg elevation.
Wedge knee pillows Back sleepers seeking gentle leg or shoulder elevation.
Cylindrical knee pillows Side and back sleepers who want something round and suitable for multiple sleeping styles. Bear in mind these can be too large for some smaller individuals.
Body pillows People who would like full-body support. These are especially beneficial for pregnant women.

It's also worth noting that most knee pillows for side sleepers are contoured to fit the legs and knees more comfortably. 🤗

For instance, the JML Contour Leg Pillow has a tapered design, which cradles the thighs.


Knee pillow support and firmness

Support and firmness are key factors when choosing a knee pillow. 😊

Knee pillows come in various thicknesses and firmness levels, catering to individual needs and comfort.

Smaller or lighter individuals generally lean towards thinner, less firm knee pillows.

Meanwhile, larger or heavier folks often find thicker, more firm pillows most comfortable.

The Milliard Knee Pillow Wedge, which is topped with memory foam for a pressure-relieving and contouring finish, is a good in-between.

While the pillow itself is on the larger side, its gentle slope means it's comfy for back sleepers of all shapes and sizes.


Of course, firmness ratings can be subjective. 😖

Firmness is often vaguely described by retailers, so reading customer reviews is a great way to better understand what a particular pillow feels like.

It's worth checking out memory foam pillows.

Memory foam
Memory foam moulds the shape of your body.

These can feel firm initially but should contour to your body as they absorb your heat.

Memory foam knee pillows can offer more personalised support.

The Slumbar Orthopedic Knee Pillow is a comfortable and not-too-bulky memory foam pillow for side sleepers. 🎉

Its high-density memory foam filling means this is one of the best knee pillows for durability and won't lose its shape any time soon.


Knee pillow size and weight

Most knee pillows are shorter than your regular head pillows but tend to be thicker and chunkier. 📏

Weight-wise, knee pillows can vary significantly depending on the pillow filling and size.

If you're looking for something you can take on holidays or work trips, you'll want to opt for something more compact and lightweight.

While the JML Leg Pillow isn't the smallest pillow available, it is very light at only 9 g (0.02 lbs), making it an excellent travel companion. 🌍


Knee pillow pressure relief

You'll want a pressure-relieving knee support pillow for knee pain. 🦵

A too-firm or soft pillow won't effectively reduce pain.

Luckily, many knee pillows offer pressure relief, meaning you get contouring support that's not too harsh on your knees.

Memory foam is the go-to material choice for pressure relief.

Using your body heat, memory foam moulds to the shape of your body. 🤗

Woman with heart
Memory foam knee pillows mould to the shape of your legs, ensuring pressure relief and a good night's sleep.

The JML Knee Pillow, Slumbar Knee Pillow, and Milliard Leg Wedge Pillow all feature memory foam cores or layers.

We suggest checking out the Slumbar Orthopedic Knee Pillow if you're a side sleeper looking for excellent pressure relief and a knee support cushion that will stop your leg and hip from rolling.


Knee pillow prices

When it comes to price, there's something to suit every budget.

The Slumbar Knee Pillow and JML Leg Pillow stand out as some of the most affordable.

Body pillows sleep positions
Body pillows are highly versatile and can be used to support a variety of sleeping and relaxing positions.

For those who don't mind paying a little extra, it's worth investing in a more versatile body pillow like the Kally Body Pillow. 💰

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Knee pillow temperature regulation

Some people sleep warm, and some sleep cool. ❄️

If you tend to wake up too hot, you'll want to ensure your new knee pillow doesn't store heat.

Luckily, you can find knee pillows with temperature-regulating, breathable covers and fillings that promote better air circulation.

These pillows will help stop your legs from overheating, meaning a better night's sleep. 😴

Our favourite cool knee pillow:

Who should use a knee pillow?

Knee pillows can offer comfort and additional benefits.

But who really needs a knee pillow? 🤔

Those who benefit most from knee or leg pillows include:

  • Side sleepers.
  • Back sleepers.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with sciatica.
  • Those suffering from back or hip pain.
  • People who have knee pain.
  • Those recovering from injuries or operations.
  • People with restless leg syndrome.
  • Individuals living with Arthritis.

Let's take a closer look at how knee pillows can help. 🔍

How can knee pillows help?

Side sleepers often find one leg puts pressure on the other.

They also often find their spine twists or feels misaligned during the night, leading to a sore morning wake-up.

A knee pillow between the legs can prevent this spinal misalignment and reduce pressure. 🛌

On the other hand, back sleepers are more likely to experience lower back pressure.

An under-the-knee pillow can alleviate this by supporting the spine's natural curve.

Pregnant women frequently experience aches and pains during the night, and body pillows can offer better support and pressure relief. 👶

Body pillows are also handy for leg support as they can usually be comfortably placed under or between any area of the body, right down to the lower legs.

Body pillow pregnancy
Knee and body pillows can help pregnant women find more comfort.

A pillow between the knees can help relieve sciatica pain by keeping your spine aligned and preventing the upper leg from rolling.

Those suffering from sciatica can also find pain relief by placing a pillow under their legs to elevate them and reduce pressure on the hip flexors.

Leg pillows can also help promote spinal alignment and reduce discomfort for individuals with back or hip pain. 🚨

Of course, we should note that a knee cushion for sleeping can't fix all problems.

If you are a side sleeper with a too-hard mattress, this will worsen spinal misalignment and put pressure on areas like your hips and shoulders. 😞

So, if you wake up with a dead arm or sore shoulders and hips, it may be time to invest in a mattress topper or a better mattress for side sleeping.

Spinal alignment
The right mattress can significantly improve your spinal alignment.

However, a knee pillow can benefit those with leg pain or knee pain by acting as a buffer to minimise pressure and reduce pain.

It has even been suggested that elevating the legs, which increases blood flow to the heart, can reduce symptoms of sleep problems like restless leg syndrome.

Those recovering from injuries or surgeries may also be advised to keep their legs elevated and a knee pillow can assist with this. 💪

Elevation improves blood circulation and lessens the pressure put on sensitive areas.

So, a knee pillow can sometimes promote a faster and less stressful recovery period. 😀

Ultimately, proper knee support for sleeping helps provide a great night's sleep.

Our favourite knee and leg pillows:

Who should avoid knee pillows?

Knee pillows are not for everyone.

Stomach sleepers, for example, don't need a pillow under or between their legs, as this would only worsen spinal alignment.

Stomach sleeper firm mattress
Stomach sleepers should avoid knee pillows and keep their spine neutral with a firm mattress and flat pillow.

Instead, stomach sleepers generally benefit from a firm mattress and a flat pillow for their head. 🛏️

Additionally, fidgety sleepers who tend to toss and turn might find a knee cushion for bed is more of an inconvenience.

Despite the security of straps on some models, the chances are high that the knee pillow will end up discarded during the night if you're a big mover. 🌙

Also, recommendations from the NHS suggest not using a knee pillow [2] when initially recovering from a knee replacement.

How to use a knee pillow

Getting your knee pillow set up for a good night's sleep is a breeze. 💨

Once you've chosen the perfect pillow for your needs, all you need to do is to place it under your legs, just behind your knees, if you sleep on your back.

Side sleepers simply need to place it between their legs, typically between the thighs and knees.

Ensure it's comfortable and secure, and if your pillow comes with straps, fasten them properly.

Once that's done, you're all set for a night of improved sleep. 🌜

Of course, if you want your knee pillow to stay in good nick, you'll need to look after it.

We'll discuss how you can care for a knee pillow in our next section. 👇

How to care for your knee pillow?

Taking care of your knee pillow is relatively straightforward and low maintenance.

The best knee pillows come with easy-to-clean removable pillowcases - these should be washed regularly to maintain hygiene. 🧼

Unlike feather or down pillows, knee and leg pillows typically don't need plumping.

Washable knee pillow cover
Most knee pillows come with washable pillowcases.

It's worth noting that if you opt for a memory foam knee pillow, you should not wash the pillow core since this could damage the foam.

If you want a knee pillow that you can wash (as well as the cover), we suggest checking out the hollow fibre Kally Body Pillow.

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Should you buy a knee pillow?

Deciding if a knee pillow is for you ultimately depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Knee pillows aren't a one-size-fits-all solution, but they can bring considerable relief to those struggling with knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, joint pain, or sciatica pain. 😌

There are fantastic options, from highly affordable pillows to more versatile picks.

Ultimately, it's about finding what suits you to improve your sleep quality. 🌛

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use a normal pillow as a knee pillow?

    While there's technically nothing wrong with using a regular pillow between your legs, it might not offer the results you desire.

    Many people find that an ordinary pillow does not provide the support they need.

    A standard pillow is more likely to move and get lost during the night, meaning you're not getting the full benefits of sleeping with a pillow between or under your legs.

    The best knee pillows offer firmer, contoured support.

    Their size and shape also help prevent them from slipping away as you sleep.

    In addition, a knee pillow made from memory foam (which many are) can mould to your body shape, combining support and pressure relief.

    Ultimately, if you're unsure whether or not a knee pillow is the right way to go, it can be worth testing the waters using a regular pillow. 

    While not exactly the same, it will give you a better idea of if a knee pillow suits your needs.

  • How much do knee pillows cost?

    Knee pillows are available for as little as £10 to £20.

    However, some high-quality, larger, or more specialised knee or body pillows are more expensive.

    Ultimately, no matter your budget, there's a knee pillow for you.

  • Where can I buy knee pillows?

    You shop online and in physical stores for knee pillows in the UK.

    Large retailers tend to offer a wider selection of pillows.

    For instance, you’ll find lots of knee pillows on Amazon.

    Or, if you want to shop more locally, you can sometimes find knee pillows at Argos or even Asda.

    Alternatively, you can also find knee pillows at Dunelm, Marks and Spencers, Kally Sleep, and many more retailers.

  • Do knee pillows really work?

    Yes, knee pillows work.

    Of course, their effectiveness depends on what you're hoping for a knee pillow to do.

    But many people find sleeping with a knee pillow between or under their legs helps relieve leg, hip, and knee pain and sciatica issues.

    It’s even helped some people with fibromyalgia or arthritis pains and stiffness.

    Generally, knee pillows can relieve pressure and align the spine, resulting in a better night's sleep.

  • Do knee pillows help with knee pain?

    If you're suffering from knee pain, a knee pillow could help relieve this.

    A pillow between the legs will stop one leg from placing weight on the other if you sleep on your side.

    If you sleep on your back, a knee pillow can prop up and elevate your legs, reducing tension on your knees.

  • How can I elevate my knee with pillows?

    It's easy to elevate your knees with a pillow.

    Simply place your selected knee or body pillow under your knees, lay back, and enjoy.

    If you're worried about your legs being too elevated, we suggest using a smaller, flatter knee pillow.

    Alternatively, a wedge pillow (like the Milliard Wedge Pillow) with a gentle slope can be more comfortable.

  • Which shape is best for a knee pillow?

    The best knee pillow shape largely depends on your sleeping position.

    If you sleep on your back and want to elevate your knees, a cylindrical pillow or wedge pillow for legs is usually best.

    On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, you'll likely prefer a heart or hourglass shape, as these sit more comfortably between your legs.

    Body pillows work for both under or between the knees.

    These longer designs are among the best knee pillows for side sleepers and pregnant women who want support that extends above their legs.

  • Should I put pillows under my knees?

    If you're suffering from knee, hip, or lower back pain, a pillow under the knees can help relieve pressure and keep your spine comfortably aligned, reducing pain levels over time.

    A knee support cushion under the knees can also promote blood circulation, particularly after an injury or operation.

    Some people also simply sleep better when their legs are elevated.

  • References

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