Best Christmas Pyjamas

The Best Christmas Pyjamas UK (2024)

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While you may already have a ton of Christmas traditions, there's one you may not yet have implemented - Christmas jammies.

Why not enhance the family spirit and celebrate in style this year?

Our guide on the best family Christmas pyjamas in the UK will help you choose the best festive PJs. 🎄

Let's dive straight in.

Christmas pyjamas

The best Christmas pyjamas 2024

Check out all the best Christmas pyjamas below, regardless of whether you're buying matching family Christmas pyjamas, his and hers Christmas pyjamas, or cute jammies for your pet or mini me.

Where can you buy the best Christmas pyjamas?

We love shopping for Christmas jammies on Amazon - they have the biggest selection of styles, designs, prints, colours, and sizes. 🎨

But you can also buy amazing Christmas pyjamas at many of the best retailers in the UK, including:

No matter where you buy, you'll surely get some of the best Christmas pyjamas to celebrate in style this year!

What do Christmas jammies cost?

You'll find both luxury Christmas pyjamas and cheap Christmas pyjama sets. ⭐️

Usually, high-end retailers sell more expensive sets, but you'll find cheaper Christmas pyjamas on Amazon and many of the UK's high-fashion retailers, like Primark.

people celebrating savings
Amazon offers you many Christmas family PJ sets at great prices.

Even though matching Christmas pyjama sets are quite popular, these are rarely sold as true all-in-one sets.

Instead, you'd need to purchase each part of the set - for each family member - separately.

Prices usually begin from £10 and will increase depending on the number of family members and the material and quality of the pyjama set you're opting for.

Occasionally, more high-end brands will offer coupon codes, but make sure discounts are applied on checkout to guarantee the best deal possible. 🏷️

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What to consider before buying Christmas pyjamas

Although budget may be the most important factor when shopping for the best family Christmas pyjamas, it's also essential to consider materials and comfort.

After all, the Christmas period is known to be frosty, so you certainly want to be cosy and comfortable! ☃️

Look at the below criteria before buying your next Christmas pyjama set.

Christmas pyjama materials

Most Christmas pyjamas are made from cotton, which is soft, breathable, and can easily be machine-washed and ironed.

Sometimes, the cotton is mixed with polyester and/or elastane, which provides greater flexibility.

But you'll also find Christmas jammies made of other materials, like:

  • Flannel Christmas pyjamas: Great for those looking for extra warmth.
  • Wool Christmas pyjamas: These are particularly cuddly.
  • Satin or silk Christmas pyjamas: Ideal for those looking for elegant PJs.

There is no right or wrong when choosing Christmas pyjama materials - choose something that you find warm, soft, and comfortable. 🤗

Those with sensitive skin or hot sleepers who sweat more easily, though, should stick to more natural materials as these tend to be more breathable.

Christmas pyjama designs

Family Christmas pyjama sets are available in a wide range of colours and designs, and some popular options include:

  • Checked Christmas pyjamas
  • Christmas pudding pyjamas
  • Christmas tree pyjamas
  • Disney Christmas pyjamas
  • Elf Christmas pyjamas
  • Fairisle Christmas pyjamas
  • Fleece Christmas pyjamas
  • Green Christmas pyjamas
  • Grinch Christmas pyjamas
  • Harry Potter Christmas pyjamas
  • Mickey Mouse Christmas pyjamas
  • Minnie Mouse Christmas pyjamas
  • Paw Patrol Christmas pyjamas
  • Peppa Pig Christmas pyjamas
  • Personalised family Christmas pyjamas (where you can add everyone's names)
  • Pink Christmas pyjamas
  • Red Christmas pyjamas
  • Santa Claus Christmas pyjamas
  • Stich Christmas pyjamas
  • Tartan Christmas pyjamas
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas pyjamas

You'll also find pyjamas with other popular Christmas motifs, such as reindeer, gingerbread men, candy canes, snowmen, baubles, snowflakes, or "Merry Christmas" print designs. 🦌

Adult Christmas pyjamas are often found in red, white, green, and black, though you'll also find combinations of these in tartan-style or Fairisle designs.

family with christmas pyjamas
Adult and kids' Christmas pyjamas are available in a wide range of styles.

Cute designs like elf pyjamas are our favourites, but you can also find more classic options at high-end retailers.

You'll often also find bestseller options focusing on the latest trending films, shows, and cartoons.

Christmas pyjama sizes

Most Christmas PJ sets - especially on Amazon - are sold separately.

This means you'll need to buy each item individually, allowing you to choose the perfect sizing options.

It's worth keeping in mind that Asian manufacturers often have smaller sizing than local UK manufacturers, so you may need to buy a size up. 🇬🇧

The good thing about ordering on Amazon is that you get free delivery (with Amazon Prime) and can always return the items for a full refund if they don't fit.

Christmas pyjama styles

Christmas pyjama tops are usually long-sleeved, round-necked jumpers or button-up T-shirts, while bottoms usually include long trousers with stripes or Christmas motifs.

While these are the traditional styles, you can now also find a whole range of Christmas pyjama and loungewear add-ons, including nighties, pyjama shorts, dressings gowns, night robes, and blanket hoodies.

Occasionally, you'll also find onesies for superior Christmas comfort.

Should you get Christmas jammies?

Christmas is all about joy, so why not celebrate in style with some great family Christmas pyjamas? 🎉

We're fans of making the festive season more festive and think matching Christmas pyjamas are a great idea.

Recap of the UK's best Christmas pyjamas:

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