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Best Coverless Duvet UK (2024)

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Tired of wrangling your duvet cover every washday?

So, what can be done about it?

A coverless duvet means changing your sheets doesn’t have to feel like a wrestling match. 😲

But what are the best coverless duvets in the UK?

We’ve got you covered! 👇

Best coverless duvets
Sleep Hero Favourite

The Fine Bedding Company Night Lark Duvet

The Night Owl duvet has spread its wings and become Night Lark, with even more options to choose from.
  • 100% Smartfil® polyester fibre filling from recycled PET bottles
  • 4.5 & 10.5 togs
  • Machine-washable & tumble-dry friendly 

Tell me more about the Night Lark Duvet

The Night Lark duvet provided a cosy and comfortable sleep during testing throughout all seasons. 

The popular Night Lark range was previously known as the Night Owl duvet. 

One downside we found is that the king-size version was not suitable for our 7 kg washing machine and had to be taken to the laundrette.

However, it maintained its quality through several wash cycles and retained its soft and cuddly texture. 

Additionally, this duvet comes with a reusable drawstring duffle bag for storage or travel.

There is a cost for standard delivery, but it will be delivered in 1 - 4 working days.

Reasons to buy

Excellent customer ratings on Trustpilot

Wash and dry within 90 minutes 

Maintains its quality after multiple washes 

Reasons to avoid

No trial or guarantee 

Larger sizes may not fit into standard washing machines 


Silentnight Coverless Duvet Set

The Silentnight coverless duvet set offers effortless bed dressing at an affordable price.
  • 100% polyester
  • 10.5 tog
  • Machine-washable & tumble-dry friendly

Tell me more about the Silentnight Coverless Duvet

With a soft-touch fabric, the Silentnight coverless duvet set adds a layer of comfort to your sleep.

The no-cover design means dressing the bed turns into a swift chore rather than a dreaded task.

It has a 10.5 tog rating and fits snugly, providing balanced warmth suitable for all seasons.

The Silentnight coverless duvet is available in navy or grey and includes matching pillows.  

While comfort and convenience are important aspects of the set, some customers complained about the quality, which is reflected in a 3.9/5 star rating.

Reasons to buy

Includes matching pillowcases 



Reasons to avoid

Some customers had issues with quality 

Luxury Option

The Fine Bedding Company Night Lark Natural Cotton Waffle Duvet

This luxury reversible duvet comes with a tactile waffle top and a cotton underside.
  • Smartfil Microfibre & sustainably sourced BCI cotton cover
  • 4.5 & 10.5 togs
  • Machine-washable & tumble-dry friendly 


Tell me more about the Night Lark Natural Cotton Waffle duvet

The Night Lark Natural Cotton Waffle duvet comes from the reputable Fine Bedding Company.

The popular Night Lark range was previously known as the Night Owl duvet range. 

Its unique waffle top design adds a tactile feel, while the cotton underside ensures a cooler, more breathable sleep. 

It has a durable feel that is reflected in the high quality after multiple wash cycles. 

This cotton coverless duvet is super practical and ready to be used again within 120 minutes of washing.

It has a significantly heavier feel than the original Night Lark duvet and may appeal to those who enjoy a snug sleep. 

Reasons to buy

Heavier feel for those who prefer feeling snuggled in by their duvet

Wash and dry within 120 minutes 

Cotton side for additional temperature regulation 

Reasons to avoid

No trial or guarantee

Not as soft and lightweight as the original Night Lark duvet

Natural Choice

Panda London Cloud Duvet

The 100% vegan Panda Cloud Duvet offers hypoallergenic and guilt-free comfort.
  • 50% bamboo & 50% microfibre
  • 10.5 tog 
  • Machine-washable

Tell me more about the Panda duvet

The Panda Cloud Duvet is one of the softest, most luxurious duvets we've tried.

It combines bamboo and nano-microfibre for that "down feather feeling" - all while being 100% vegan!

Bamboo is naturally thermo-regulating, making this 10.5 tog duvet perfect for any season. 

This is, without a doubt, one of the silkiest duvets we've ever slept with—so much so that we recommend using it without a cover. 

However, the white colour is quite sensitive, so be careful when washing. 

The Panda Cloud Duvet has small corner loops, so you can attach it to hidden straps in all Panda bedding for a free-to-wriggle night's sleep. 

Reasons to buy

Soft & luxurious feel 

30-night trial period 

5-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid

White colour is sensitive to frequent washing 

What are coverless duvets?

Coverless duvets are washable duvets that don’t need a duvet cover. 🧼

They usually come with a non-removable cover that is already attached to the duvet.

This makes them easy to use as you can change the bed without the hassle of the duvet cover.

Night Owl duvet
Coverless duvets do not need a duvet cover.

They're an excellent option for those looking for more convenience in the home.

Who are coverless duvets suitable for?

For some people, changing bed sheets is a nightmare. 😱

But even those who don’t worry about grappling with their duvet should consider the many benefits of an all in one duvet.

A coverless duvet is a particularly good choice for:

  • Elderly or disabled people who struggle to change their sheets
  • Those with busy lifestyles looking for a duvet that saves time on making the bed and ironing sheets
  • Those on a budget who don’t want to keep buying separate duvet covers
  • Those with children who suffer from bedwetting and are looking for a washable alternative
  • People with limited storage space who worry about duvet covers clogging up the cupboards
  • Those with allergies who need to reduce moisture and dust build-up in the bed

So, what are the main benefits of a no cover duvet?

We'll go through all the advantages of coverless duvets in the next section. 👇

Benefits of a coverless duvet

Coverless duvets are a fuss-free and practical option, and it's no surprise many people are upgrading their regular duvets to an all-in-one duvet. ✨

But what exactly are the main advantages of a coverless duvet that make them better than duvets with a cover?

Coverless duvets take up less room

You don't need to purchase additional duvet covers for a coverless duvet.

You can save storage and use the extra space for other things.

So, you've got more room (and money) for throws and pillows!

They are machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly

Coverless quilts are fully machine-washable and often tumble-dry friendly.

washing coverless duvet
Coverless duvets are machine-washable.

Washing a duvet prevents the build-up of bacteria, skin cells and moisture in bedding and reduces symptoms of allergies and skin conditions. 🦔

This makes them an excellent anti-allergy option.

Coverless duvets make changing the bed easier

Most of us dread wrangling with the duvet cover every week.

By investing in a coverless duvet, you no longer have to add this to your list of to-dos.

A spare coverless duvet is also a great way to accommodate unexpected guests who need additional bedding quickly.

Drawbacks of coverless duvets

Before you decide to switch to a coverless duvet, it's crucial to consider some potential drawbacks.

Not suitable for all washing machines

One of the most significant drawbacks of coverless duvets, especially if you opt for a double size or larger, is their compatibility with standard washing machines.

These bulky duvets might not fit into your washing machine, leading to a rather impractical and expensive option of lugging your duvet to the laundrette. 🧺

You are stuck with one design

A coverless duvet means committing to a single design.

This limitation can be a significant drawback for those who love refreshing their bedroom's look regularly. 🎨

bed dressed with duvet
A duvet without a cover limits your decorating flexibility.

With traditional duvets, switching covers is an easy and cost-effective way to match your changing decor or simply bring a new vibe to your space.

If you enjoy redecorating or cycling through different seasonal designs, a coverless duvet might not be the best fit for you.

Potential wear and tear

Frequent washing of coverless duvets can lead to quicker wear and tear than traditional duvets. 🧵

The constant handling, washing, and drying process might degrade the fabric quality over time, leading to a need for replacement sooner than with a traditional duvet and cover setup.

Can you really wash a coverless duvet?

A coverless duvet really is machine washable. 🧼

Most coverless duvets are designed to fit into standard washing machines.

But if you buy a double or king-size coverless duvet, you may run into some problems.

When we tested the Night Owl coverless duvet, it barely fit into our 7 kg machine.

Instead, we had to take it to a laundrette with large-capacity machines.

coverless duvet washing instructions
A washable duvet coverless is highly practical.

This is not ideal for those who want a fuss-free option that doesn't take too much time.

Therefore, you should check your washing machine capacity and the care instructions on the product page before investing in a double coverless duvet or larger.

How do you wash a coverless duvet?

You can wash your coverless duvet the same way you would your other bedding.

We recommend checking the washing instructions first to ensure you use the correct setting and temperature for your particular washable duvet.

We answer more of your questions about keeping coverless duvets clean at the end of the article.

Most coverless duvets can be washed between 30 - 40°C, but it's always best to check.

The Night Lark coverless duvet range can be washed up to 40°C.


Coverless duvet sizes

Coverless duvets are available in most standard UK sizes.

You can buy a coverless duvet in the following sizes:

  • Coverless duvet single size - 135 x 200 cm (53” x 78” approx)
  • Coverless duvet double size - 200 x 200 cm (78” x 78” approx)
  • Coverless duvet king size - 230 x 220 cm (90” x 86” approx)
  • Coverless duvet super king - 260 x 220 cm (102” x 86” approx)

UK duvet sizes

We recommend buying your coverless duvet one size up from your mattress.

This helps to give your bed a fuller look.

Coverless duvet prices

Coverless duvet prices vary depending on the quality of the product. 🧵

You should consider spending more on a duvet that will be used frequently.

Coverless duvets made with quality materials will be more durable in the wash and withstand the test of time.

Dunelm coverless duvets, for example, are much more affordable but may not last as long after frequent washing.

The table below is a good indication of coverless duvet prices:

We recommend
Budget Silentnight coverless duvet
Mid-range Night Owl coverless duvet
High-end Panda coverless duvet

We recommend buying the best duvet without a cover that you can reasonably afford.

The Silentnight Coverless duvet set is our favourite budget-friendly option.

Coverless duvet discount codes

Before you hit checkout, you should ensure you get the best deal possible.

Coverless duvets can be as much as 50% off when you buy online. 🏷️

online is better graphic

Our discounts page will keep you updated with offers on bedding, pillows, mattresses and more!

But don't worry, we'll also let you know of any special offers throughout this page so that you won't miss out.

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Are coverless duvets any good?

If you’re looking for a more practical and fuss-free alternative to changing your bedding, then a coverless duvet set might be for you. 🥰

They’re great for those who struggle with their sheets or for anyone looking for a washable duvet that can be kept fresher for longer.

Even if you want to keep your regular duvet, an all in one duvet is a great backup option for guest rooms or kid's sleepovers.

Here's a reminder of the best coverless duvet UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • Are coverless duvets hygienic?

    You may be wondering if a duvet without a cover is hygienic. 

    While there is no scientific-backed research on this topic, it is thought that a coverless duvet could be more hygienic

    Unlike regular duvets where often only the cover can be washed, you can put the entire coverless duvet in the washing machine. 

    This helps to remove any build-up of dirt, moisture, dust mites or other bacteria for a fresher and cleaner feel. 

  • How often should I wash my coverless duvet?

    If you suffer from allergies or sweat often during sleep, you should wash your bedding more regularly. 🤧

    Likewise, if your coverless duvet doesn't need to be washed as frequently as your sheets, you can create a less regular washing routine. 

    Excessive washing of your coverless duvet can lead to pilling of the material.

    This is particularly true for cheap coverless duvets that aren't as durable. 

  • How can I keep my coverless duvet clean?

    There are ways you can reduce how often your coverless duvet needs washing. 

    Showering before bed can improve bedding hygiene.

    It can also help those with sensitive skin. 🦔

    If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions, a bath or shower before bed [1] helps your skin retain its moisture and reduces dirt build-up in the bed that can flare up the skin. 

    It's also a great way for excessively hot sleepers to have a cooler sleep. ❄️

    A coverless duvet made with durable natural fibres, such as the Panda Bamboo duvet, will last longer and be kinder to the skin.  

  • Can you tumble dry a coverless duvet?

    Most coverless duvets are also tumble-dry friendly

    This means they can be used in the tumble dryer in a low or cool setting. ❄️

    However, you should always check the care instructions for your particular coverless duvet.

    Coverless duvets with cooling technology might not be safe for the tumble dryer, as they can interfere with the material. 

  • Are a comforter and a coverless duvet the same?

    A comforter shares similar characteristics as a coverless duvet, but they’re not quite the same. 

    A comforter is a common term used in the U.S., where duvets with covers are more unusual. 

    Like the coverless duvet, they have their own built-in cover

    They are also usually sold in sets with pillows and sheets, whilst coverless duvets tend to be sold separately. 

    Comforters are typically larger than coverless duvets and hang over the side of the bed. 

    However, you can always opt for a larger coverless duvet. 

    We recommend going one size up from your mattress size. 

  • What tog coverless duvet do I need?

    What tog coverless duvet you need can depend on a range of factors, such as how much you react to different temperatures and the seasons. 

    We recommend:

    Again, this will depend on the individual person and what kind of duvet you buy. 

    Natural fibre duvets will be cooler, whilst synthetic duvets will keep in the warmth. 

  • Can you buy an IKEA coverless duvet?

    Unfortunately, IKEA coverless duvets are not available. 

    However, you can get regular IKEA duvets, including polyester, down & feather, and wool duvets.

    IKEA also has a selection of weighted blankets.  

  • Do coverless duvets keep you cool?

    Some coverless bedding is more cooler and breathable than others. 

    If you're a hot sleeper, we recommend a covered duvet made from natural fibres.

    Natural fibres are more breathable than synthetic products and wick away moisture during the night. 

    You should also consider cooling duvets that include temperature-regulating properties. 

  • Where to buy a coverless duvet?

    A coverless duvet is becoming an increasingly popular replacement for a regular duvet. 

    But where can you get one? 

    Check out the following retailers:

    • M&S coverless duvet 
    • Coverless duvet Tesco
    • John Lewis coverless duvet
    • Aldi coverless duvet
    • Coverless duvet Argos
    • Silentnight coverless duvet 
    • Amazon coverless duvet 
    • Home Bargains coverless duvet 
    • Coverless duvets Dunelm
    • The Range coverless duvet 
    • Matalan coverless duvet
    • Next coverless duvet

    Amazon has one of the biggest selections when it comes to coverless duvets! 


    Scroll up to our coverless duvet reviews above to see our favourite online options. 

  • What sizes do coverless duvets come in?

    Most coverless duvets come in the following sizes: 

    • Coverless duvet single
    • Coverless duvet double 
    • Coverless duvet king size 
    • Super king coverless duvet 

    Larger sizes may not fit into standard washing machines, so you should consider the size before making a purchase. 


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