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Premier Inn Mattress Review UK (2024)

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Is there anything better than a luxurious sleep in a Premier Inn bed? 🥰

But who says this special slumber has to end at the checkout?

The Premier Inn mattress is now made by the UK's most trusted bed brand, Silentnight.

But what do we know so far?

Find out in our Premier Inn mattress review! 👇

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Top features of the Premier Inn mattress

Made in the UK
UK's Most Trusted Bed Brand
Cooling Geltex Top
Highly Sustainable
Data Tracking
Tested For Over 2 Years


  • Made by Silentnight - the UK's most trusted bed brand

  • 80,000 rooms are supplied with this luxury bed

  • Geltex comfort layer that regulates body temperature.

  • 92% recyclable and part of the "Force for Good" sustainability agenda

  • Replaceable topper to keep the mattress fresher for longer

  • Tested for over 2 years to ensure the best comfort and support

  • Available to purchase for your home


  • Does not include a sleep trial
  • Not available in small double size

What mattress does Premier Inn use?

A Premier Inn mattress is used in every single Premier Inn hotel.

That’s around 80,000 rooms that come with a Premier Inn mattress.

But who makes the Premier Inn mattress? 🧐

No longer made by Hypnos

Premier Inn had previously partnered with Hypnos Beds for nearly two decades to provide guests with a comfortable sleep.

Hypnos is a UK family-run brand of bed manufacturers. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

They are best known for making traditional handmade pocket sprung mattresses, including the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress.

But they also have an entire range of traditional mattresses for you to consider.

However, in October 2022, Premier Inn ended its long-standing partnership with the Hypnos brand.

One door closes, another one opens . . .

Premier Inn made Silentnight its official bed supplier at the end of 2022.

The UK, Ireland, Germany, and UAE hotels have been upgraded with Premier Inn's most technologically-advanced bed yet.

Premier Inn and Silentnight spent over 2 years trialling guests on this new mattress to ensure it met expectations and was suitable for all. ⏱️

Here's what Global Brand Director Tamara Strauss had to say:

“Designed using state-of-the-art technology and the Science of Sleep, our new improved beds have been rigorously tested and refined in response to evolving insight over the course of the past two years. In research our guests loved them, and we can’t wait to begin rolling them out in our 800+ hotels in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the UAE from October. We’d like to to say a massive thank you to all the teams in trial sites across the UK who have worked with alongside us – we couldn’t do it without you." (

So, what do we know about this mattress?

The Premier Inn Silentnight mattress

The Premier Inn Silentnight mattress has a much more advanced design than the previous Hypnos model.

It comprises multiple comfort layers, including Geltex, which has temperature-regulating capabilities.

But does this make it better? 👇

Is the new Premier Inn mattress better?

Premier Inn and Silentnight have been working for more than 2 years testing this new mattress for Premier Inn hotels.

This Premier Inn mattress embraces new innovative technology rather than the traditional style of the old Premier Inn Hypnos beds.

The table breaks down some of these differences:

Hypnos Beds Premier Inn Silentnight Premier Inn mattress

Natural wool top layer

1000 pocket springs

Hand-tufted cover

Comfy zip-off topper

Gel-infused layer

3 polyester layers for comfort and breathability

Zoned 1000 pocket spring system

Sustainability: Recyclable mattress made with sustainable materials

Highly durable with a replaceable topper for better longevity

92% recyclable

Brand history:

Over 100 years in bedmaking

Has a Royal Warrant from the late Queen Elizabeth II

Over 70 years in bedmaking

Voted the UK's Most Trusted Bed Brand

Available to buy: Used to be available for purchase until December 2022 Yes! You can purchase this mattress on the Premier Inn Beds [1] website.

Below, we'll go into more detail about the Premier Inn mattress composition and its many benefits.

Premier Inn mattress composition

The gel-infused mattress design is considerably different from the natural composition of the previous Hypnos Premier Inn mattress.

Gel foam absorbs excess heat to keep the body at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

woman on gel mattress
Gel mattresses include advanced cooling properties.

Combined with the spring system for better airflow, we think this could be a perfect choice for hot sleepers.

The mattress combines multiple polyester layers for additional pressure relief on the body.

These layers include:

  • Memory layer - Polyester fibre layer to contour around the body
  • Eternity layer - Horizontal layers of polyester with additional moisture-wicking properties
  • Microbond layer - A fabric insulator pad for additional comfort

The pocket spring system has zoned support, providing stability to the areas of the body where more support is needed.

This advanced spring system also has edge-to-edge support, so you shouldn't experience sagging when sitting on the end of the bed.

Is Silentnight a good brand?

Silentnight may not have a Royal Warrant, but they've long been known as the UK's Most Trusted Bed Brand.

They've also been making beds for over 70 years, so we think it's safe to say they have plenty of experience.

We think Silentnight is an excellent choice for Premier Inn since both companies focus on sustainability.

Many Silentnight mattresses are even made out of plastic bottles.

To learn more about Silentnight, you can read our article on Silentnight mattresses.

'Force for Good' sustainability programme

Premier Inn has joined the 'Force for Good' sustainability programme.

This programme focuses on the well-being of guests, looking after the local community and having a more positive impact on the environment.

The launch of the new Premier Inn mattress is part of this initiative.

The gel topper ensures Premier Inn doesn't have to replace their mattresses as often, as this top part can be easily removed and replaced with a simple zipper.

mattress recycling
Premier Inn is working towards reducing its environmental impact.

Additionally, 92% of the Premier Inn mattress materials are recyclable, reducing waste once it reaches the end of its lifespan.

Where can I buy a Premier Inn mattress?

So, you've stayed at a Premier Inn hotel and want to know if you can buy Premier Inn mattresses for your home?.

The Premier Inn mattress made by Silentnight is now available to buy.

This means you can have a luxury hotel stay in the comfort of your own home!

To buy a Premier Inn mattress, simply visit the Premier Inn Beds [2] website.

woman shopping online
You can buy a Premier Inn mattress online.

You can then select the mattress size you require and check out.

Easy peasy! 🍋

How much does the Premier Inn mattress cost?

Premier Inn mattresses are reasonably priced, comparable to other mid-range mattresses like the Hypnia Hybrid and Emma Original.

We're always in favour of getting the best mattress you can, so if you'd prefer to buy from some of the most award-winning bed-in-a-box mattress brands in the UK, then we'll list them below. 👇

Our favourite UK alternatives:

Premier Inn bed accessories

During your Premier Inn stay, perhaps you also fell in love with the Premier Inn pillows or Premier Inn duvet cover! 🥰

Woman hugging pillow graphic
Premier Inn pillows are also available for purchase.

Premier Inn has made these luxury items available for you to grab!

The following Premier Inn products are available for purchase:

  • Premier Inn pillows: Made with microfibre hypoallergenic fillings, these machine-washable pillows can be bought in a soft or firm pillow option.
  • Premier Inn duvet: These hypoallergenic microfibre duvets can be chosen in a 4.5 or 10.5 tog for hotel-quality sleep all year round.
  • Premier Inn mattress protectors: These hotel-quality mattress protectors are fully waterproof.
  • Premier Inn beds: You can buy a mattress and base with two drawers or opt for no storage.

These can also be bought in a bundle deal, saving you an extra 10% on individual product prices.

You can get Premier Inn bedding via the Premier Inn At Home website.

Alternatively, find Premier Inn mattresses and Premier Inn beds for sale on the Premier Inn beds [2] website.

Are you looking to buy Premier Inn bed sheets or Premier Inn mattress toppers?

Unfortunately, there is no current news on when these products will become available to the public.

Does the Premier Inn mattress come with a trial?

Premier Inn is confident you'll enjoy your stay in one of its hotels.

In fact, if don't have a great night's sleep, you can get your money back.

You have up to 7 days after your visit to claim the Good Night Guarantee [3]. 👌

However, this only applies when staying in a Premier Inn hotel, not when purchasing a Premier Inn mattress for your home.

Many mattress brands also provide a sleep guarantee when you purchase a new mattress.

This means you can sleep on the mattress for several nights before deciding if it's a good fit.

It typically takes our bodies around 30 days to adjust to a brand-new mattress.

sleep trial graphic
Many online brands offer a fuss-free sleep trial.

If you find it unsuitable, you can return it for a full refund - no strings attached!

These top UK brands offer a sleep trial:

Are Premier Inn mattresses good?

The Silentnight Premier Inn mattress has an advanced design with multiple comfort layers.

So we're not surprised if you had a great sleep at a Premier Inn hotel.

But we're all different when it comes to our comfort requirements.

And the best way to try it for yourself is to book a sleep at a Premier Inn hotel.

It may be time to upgrade your own mattress if you've had a more rested sleep in a hotel than at home.

Consider purchasing a Premier Inn mattress to sleep on at home.

Alternatively, take a look at our top mattress recommendations:

Contact Premier Inn Beds

Customer service: To contact Premier Inn UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or call them on 0333 010 3103. Customer support is available 08:30 - 17:00 Monday - Thursday and 08:30 - 16:30 Friday.

Registered office: Whitbread Court Houghton Hall, Business Park Porz Avenue, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 5XE

Frequently asked questions

  • What firmness of mattress do hotels use?

    Most hotels use a medium to medium-firm mattress in their hotels.

    This is probably because the side sleeping position is most comfortable at this firmness level.

    With over 70% of adults sleeping on their side, hotels can offer most people a comfortable night's sleep.

    The Premier Inn mattress is a medium-firm mattress, suitable for most sleepers. 

  • Can I buy the Premier Inn mattress at John Lewis?

    Unfortunately, the Hypnos Premier Inn mattress is no longer sold by Premier Inn Beds. 

    The Hypnos Premier Inn mattress is not available to purchase at John Lewis

    But there's a range of Hypnos mattresses available from this retailer. 

    Alternatively, our best mattress article has our top recommendations on the best UK brands. 

  • Can I buy the Premier Inn mattress?

    The Silentnight Premier Inn mattress is available from the new Premier Inn Beds [2] website. 

    The previous Hypnos Premier Inn mattress was previously available at Premier Inn At Home.

    While Premier Inn pillows and duvets are still available at Premier Inn At Home, the Hypnos mattress Premier Inn is no longer available for purchase. 

    The Hypnos bed shop closed on the 30th of December 2022.

  • What sizes is the Premier Inn mattress available in?

    All mattresses when you stay at a  Premier Inn hotel are king-size

    However, you can also purchase the Premier Inn mattress for your home in various sizes. 

    The Premier Inn mattress is available in the following sizes:

    • Premier Inn single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
    • Premier Inn double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
    • Premier Inn king size mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Premier Inn super king mattress: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

    Unfortunately, the mattress isn't available in small double sizes. 

  • What bed frame can I use with a Premier Inn mattress?

    Standard bed frames or divan beds should be suitable with Premier Inn mattresses. 

    A divan base will provide a more solid feel, while a bed frame is more breathable. 

    However, Premier Inn mattresses aren't suitable for adjustable beds. 

    This is because Premier Inn mattresses are made with springs, which can be damaged when used on adjustable bed frames. 

    You can also purchase the Premier Inn mattress with a divan base and multiple storage options in a bundle deal for extra savings. 

  • Which Hypnos mattress is used by Premier Inn?

    Premier Inn previously used an exclusive Hypnos model for their Premier Inn hotels. 

    However, this is no longer available

    Premier Inn hotels have partnered with Silentnight with their new Premier Inn Silentnight mattress. 

    You can find more information on the Premier Inn Beds [2] website. 

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