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IKEA Morgedal Mattress Review UK (2024)

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The IKEA Morgedal was one of the most popular mattresses in the Swedish giant's mattress range.

While it didn't compare to some of our higher-quality favourites, the firm, all-foam mattress was a great option for those on a budget.

Unfortunately, the Morgedal is no longer sold in the UK.

But you can still find out all about what we loved, what we didn't, and our favourite low-cost alternatives in this IKEA Morgedal mattress review.

Let's take a closer look. 👀

IKEA Morgedal Mattress

Recommended UK mattress alternatives

The IKEA Morgedal was one of IKEA's best mattresses.

While it could not compare with higher-quality models, many people loved their low-cost Morgedal mattress.

Sadly, the IKEA Morgedal is no longer available for purchase in the UK.

Before we get into the full IKEA Morgedal review, we've picked out some of our favourite reliable and affordable foam mattresses. 🕵️

P.S. The original prices of some of these mattresses are a little higher, but we've selected them anyway as they're often on sale, meaning you'll still get a great deal.

These offer superior comfort, support, durability, and customer service.

Our favourite low-cost IKEA Morgedal alternatives:

IKEA Morgedal composition

The IKEA Morgedal was a very firm, all-foam mattress.

Its comfort zones offered some pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. ☁️

IKEA Morgedal comfort zones
The Morgedal's comfort zones were designed to enhance pressure relief.

Initially, it was available in two versions.

These included:

  • IKEA Morgedal foam mattress.
  • IKEA Morgedal memory foam mattress.

Neither the foam nor memory foam Morgedal mattresses are still sold in the UK. 🙅‍♂️

This is a shame, especially since memory foam mattresses offer excellent pressure relief and motion isolation.

IKEA Morgedal spinal alignment
Memory foam mattresses tend to offer better pressure relief and promote healthy spinal alignment.

If you want a supportive, comfortable, and pressure-relieving mattress (especially if you suffer from back or shoulder pain), we suggest taking a look at the Nectar memory foam mattress​​.

The high-quality memory foam contour zones help maintain healthy spinal alignment by compressing more around the hips and shoulders and less around areas like the head and feet.


Unlike the Nectar mattress, the Morgedal had a relatively low density of just 28 kg/m³.

Sadly, lower-density foams like this don't usually last much beyond 3 years.

IKEA mattress back pain
Back pain can be worsened by sleeping on unsupportive low-density and thin foam mattresses.

A low-density mattress is better suited for use in guest rooms than for daily use.

One of the main issues with low-density foam mattresses is that they soften more quickly, providing less and less support. 💥

While IKEA Morgedal reviews showed many people loved the firm feel of the IKEA Morgedal, the low density and shallow height of the mattress meant it was poorly suited to side sleepers, who require a softer mattress for better spinal alignment.

Given these issues and, of course, the fact that it is no longer available in the UK, it's worth checking out cheap IKEA foam mattresses or low-cost and highly-rated alternatives from other brands.

The thick and comfortable Emma Original is an excellent yet affordable, high-density foam mattress.


IKEA Morgedal firmness

When we tested the IKEA Morgedal, it was an incredibly firm mattress.

We placed it as a 9 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale (where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest).

IKEA Morgedal Firmness
The Morgedal mattress from IKEA UK was very firm, measuring 9 out of 10 on our firmness scale.

Unfortunately, our test sleepers felt this mattress did not distribute pressure well or adapt to the body.

It seemed to lack elasticity, creating uncomfortable pressure points for our testers. 😞

Several customers, especially side and back sleepers, complained that the mattress felt too firm in IKEA Morgedal reviews.

Firm mattresses, especially lower-density ones like the Morgedal, offer limited pressure relief, which can cause shoulder and back pain.

Morgedal mattress IKEA too firm
The IKEA Morgedal mattress is too firm for many people, especially side sleepers.

Side sleepers should avoid the Morgedal as it doesn't provide enough sinkage to accommodate shoulders or hips.

Alternatively, you can use a mattress topper to soften your mattress if you're not ready to buy a new mattress.

The Panda London Mattress Topper is one of our favourite soft, budget-friendly toppers. 💗


Of course, very firm mattresses aren't necessarily bad.

Some people prefer a firmer feeling mattress.

Who are firm mattresses suitable for?

Some people loved the firmness of their IKEA Morgedal mattress and found it perfectly comfortable.

Generally, very firm mattresses like the Morgedal are best suited for heavier people and sleeping on your stomach. 😄

IKEA Morgedal firm mattress

Morgedal mattress firm

Even those weighing over 100 kg (220 lbs) would not sink too deep and could benefit from the Morgedal's solid support.

If you prefer the feel of a firmer mattress and want something supportive but still comfortable, we suggest taking a peek at the Origin Hybrid mattress.

We rated this as a solid 8.5 out of 10 on our firmness scale.


IKEA Morgedal cover

The cover of the IKEA Morgedal mattress UK was white on top and dark grey on the sides.

It was made of 64% polyester and 36% cotton and was topped with a slight softening, highly resilient polyester wadding layer.

The cover could also be unzipped and removed for effortless cleaning. 🧼

IKEA Morgedal mattress cover zip
The Morgedal mattress cover was completely removable and machine-washable.

IKEA recommended machine-washing the cover at a maximum temperature of 60°C.

It was durable and soft to the touch yet thin enough to let the foam mattress breathe easily.

Practical handles on the sides of the cover made it easier to move the mattress around.

ikea morgedal mattress cover

ikea morgedal mattress cover

The IKEA Morgedal mattress cover was good, but it is no longer sold in the UK.

We've got an (even better) alternative for you to check out - the Emma Original mattress has a soft, hypoallergenic, and fully washable cover.

IKEA Morgedal mattress prices

IKEA mattresses are some of the most affordable in the UK.

And among the range of already low-cost options, the IKEA Morgedal foam mattress was especially cheap and well-rated. 💸

Unfortunately, IKEA's UK stores no longer stock the mattress.

It can be tricky to find good mattresses for lower budgets, but we have tested some other cheap mattresses that offer high-quality products for very reasonable prices.

Our favourite affordable mattresses:

IKEA Morgedal mattress sizes

Most IKEA mattresses are available in standard UK sizes, and some also come in European sizes (which tend to be slightly larger).

The IKEA Morgedal foam mattress was available in 3 standard UK sizes.

These included:

  • IKEA Morgedal single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • IKEA Morgedal double mattress 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • IKEA Morgedal king-size mattress 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6'6")

Unfortunately, it's quite common for IKEA mattresses to have limited size options.

This narrow size range means you'd have to look elsewhere if you wanted a twin, small double, super-king or queen-size mattress.

IKEA Morgedal mattress size
Previously, you could only find the IKEA Morgedal mattress in king-size, double, or single sizes.
The Morgedal mattress was also 18 cm (7 inches) thick.

This was reasonable for a firm, all-foam mattress but left some customers (especially side sleepers) without the desired cushioning and support according to IKEA Morgedal reviews.

Generally, this level of thickness is not recommended for long-term use. ⛔

If you want a thicker mattress or alternative sizing like a small double or super-king size, we suggest looking at the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress.

The Nectar Mattress is a 25 cm (10 inches) thick, medium-firm memory foam mattress that comes in 5 standard UK sizes. 🥳


IKEA Morgedal delivery and returns

Like most IKEA mattresses, the IKEA Morgedal UK came roll-packed and wrapped in plastic when we bought it.

All vacuum-packed foam mattresses need time to fully expand. ⌛

IKEA recommended waiting 72 hours for the Morgedal IKEA mattress to expand fully.

Some customers found that their IKEA mattresses smelled initially. 👃

This smell is called off-gassing, which is totally normal with rolled mattresses and dissipates fairly quickly.

IKEA morgedal off-gassing
The Morgedal was known to produce some off-gassing odours when opened, but these smells didn't usually last for long.

Of course, you can't purchase or have it delivered now since the IKEA Morgedal mattress isn't sold in the UK.

But typically, customers have 2 options for getting an IKEA mattress home.

These include:

  • In-store collection, which is free.
  • Home delivery, for which IKEA charges.

Exact IKEA delivery costs depend on the item's size, so mattress delivery is more expensive.

The 2 main options for IKEA mattress delivery are:

  • Selected day delivery: Items are delivered to the room of your choice in 4 to 30 days for approximately £40.
  • Express delivery: Items are delivered to the room of your choice in 1 to 3 days for approximately £50.

These delivery costs are disappointing as most other bed-in-a-box mattress brands offer free delivery for their customers. 🚚

IKEA Morgedal mattress delivery
Most bed-in-a-box mattresses offer free and easy deliveries.

For example, while the award-winning Simba Hybrid Essential is more expensive than the IKEA Morgedal, it comes with free delivery, returns, a 200-day trial and excellent reviews.


IKEA mattress trial

Mattresses fall under the IKEA 90-day love it or exchange it policy.

With this, customers have 90 days to exchange an IKEA mattress. 🤔

If exchanging for a more expensive mattress, customers must pay the difference.

If exchanging for a cheaper mattress, IKEA offers store credit.

IKEA mattress returns

IKEA offers a 365-day return period for most items, which only applies to unused products in their original packaging.

The mattress must be unmarked and in re-saleable condition.

If you order via the IKEA Home Delivery Service, your mattress collection and replacement will be free.

But things aren't always so simple. 👎

Morgedal mattress trial
Most online mattress companies offer free, helpful returns and a full refund (not just store credit like IKEA).

Returns can be tricky, requiring customers to organise the collection and foot the bill.

IKEA mattress guarantee

The IKEA mattress guarantee is 10 years, and some people find that their mattresses last very well.

However, others seem to notice issues with their IKEA mattresses popping up after just a couple of years.

Sadly, the IKEA guarantee, returns, and customer support let down even the best-rated products (like the Morgedal).

Meanwhile, most other manufacturers cover the cost of delivery and returns, refund mattresses in full, and offer better guarantees.

For example, the 7-contour zone Nectar memory foam mattress comes with free delivery, returns, a 365-day trial, and a revolutionary forever warranty. 🎉


Should you buy the IKEA Morgedal?

The IKEA Morgedal mattress was most suitable for heavier individuals and stomach sleepers, as the firm feeling offered sufficient support and prevented excessive sinking.

While some people loved it, most found it too firm.

Additionally, the quality was quite unreliable, with several IKEA Morgedal reviews complaining of sagging after just a couple of years. 😭

And though very inexpensive, it's no longer sold in the UK.

Since you can't find the IKEA Morgedal mattress in the UK, we'll suggest some of our favourite alternatives.

Our favourite affordable mattresses:

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0203 645 0000 or seek out the help of their customer service robot [1]. The IKEA Customer Support Centre is available Monday - Saturday from 7 am - 8 pm, and Sundays from 7 am - 7 pm.

Registered office: IKEA United Kingdom - 7th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Frequently asked questions

  • Which IKEA mattress is best?

    The Morgedal IKEA UK mattress was previously IKEA's most popular mattress.

    Unfortunately, it's no longer available in the UK.

    Now, the IKEA Ågotnes is one of the store's best-sellers.

    It's an incredibly cheap, all-foam mattress, but it's also not great quality and is a measly 10 cm (4 inches) thick.

    If you want the best, value-for-money alternative to the Morgedal Foam Mattress IKEA, we suggest taking a look at the Nectar memory foam mattress.

  • What mattress is similar to the IKEA Morgedal?

    The IKEA Morgedal hasn't exactly been replaced in the IKEA mattress range, unlike the Hövåg was with the Valevag.

    However, you can find 3 other IKEA mattress memory foam options.

    These include:

    • IKEA Ågotnes mattress.
    • IKEA Åsvang mattress.
    • IKEA Åbygda mattress.

    While each of these IKEA memory foam mattresses is similarly low-cost to the IKEA Morgedal mattress, they are also of unreliable quality.

    You can find other affordable foam mattresses that are much comfier, longer lasting, and with better support and pressure relief.

    Why not check out the Emma Original?

  • How long do IKEA mattresses take to expand?

    Most IKEA mattresses (including the IKEA Morgedal) take up to 72 hours to fully expand.

    This is because they are usually delivered rolled and vacuum-packed.

    The expansion time may vary depending on factors like how long the mattress has been vacuum-packed and the size of the mattress.

    For instance, an IKEA Morgedal king-size mattress may have taken slightly longer than the expansion of a single Morgedal mattress.

  • Can IKEA mattresses be flipped?

    Most IKEA foam and latex mattresses can and should be flipped.

    Flipping a mattress gives one side the chance to return to its original shape, which is essential for latex and foam mattresses that contour to the body.

    However, it may be slightly more challenging to flip larger mattresses.

    For instance, if you have a large IKEA Morgedal mattress king-size, you may want to enlist someone to help.

    Regularly flipping the mattress could help prevent issues like lumps and sagging commonly seen in Morgedal IKEA mattress reviews.

  • Has the IKEA Morgedal mattress been discontinued?

    For those wondering was the IKEA Morgedal mattress discontinued, the answer is YES.

    The Morgedal mattress IKEA UK was previously known for its affordability and firm comfort.

    IKEA Morgedal reviews stood out in IKEA's extensive mattress range.

    While it's no longer available, there are many worthy replacements, such as the Eve Lighter Hybrid.

  • Can I get an IKEA Morgedal Mattress cover replacement?

    Looking for an IKEA Morgedal mattress cover replacement?

    Regrettably, IKEA doesn't offer a specific IKEA Morgedal mattress cover replacement, especially now that the mattress itself has been discontinued.

    However, it's worth noting that even when the Morgedal was in production, separate cover replacements weren't available.

    If you have a Morgedal mattress, the cover is washable.

    You could, and should, also use a mattress topper and mattress protector to cover, soften, and protect the mattress!

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