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Bruno Corner Sofa Review UK (2024)

Last updated: 29.02.2024 Reading time: 7 Min.

Are you dreaming about the Bruno Corner Sofa? 💭

But you’re worried about getting buyer's remorse . . .

Luckily, we tested the Bruno Corner sofa extensively, from delivery to assembly to sleeping comfort.

What did we discover in our Bruno Corner Sofa review?

Let's find out. 👇

Top features of the Bruno Corner Sofa

30-day trial period
30-Night Sleep Trial
10-year guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
Highly-rated product
High-Quality Materials
Customisable Options


  • High-quality materials
  • Great support
  • Converts into a sofa bed easily
  • Easy assembly
  • Fast & free delivery


  • It might be too firm for regular use without a topper
  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive

Bruno corner sofa composition

Before we dive into our testing experience, let us give you a quick overview of the Bruno Corner Sofa.


We tested the corner sofa from Bruno in the size 140 x 200 cm (55.1 x 78.7”). 📏

This is a 2-seater sofa with a short chaise longue.

But you can choose different sizes and chaise options depending on your needs.

Need something smaller? The Bruno sofa bed or Bruno chair bed may be more suitable.

For the fabric, we decided on a bold turquoise, but there are more subtle colour options.

Bruno corner sofa
The Bruno Corner Sofa is a stylish choice.

We also opted for wooden legs, but metal feet are also available.



The Bruno Corner Sofa is made from high-quality materials. ✨

It has the following composition:

  • Pocket-spring core: Instead of foam, the sofa bed includes a total of 895 pocket springs for increased stability and support
  • Storage space: There is generous storage space under the chaise, handy for pillows, blankets and bed linen
  • Solid wood frame: By using durable solid wood instead of chipboard, the sofa has a weight limit of up to 220 kg (485 lbs)

Read on to find out how these materials contributed to our sleeping comfort.

Is the Bruno corner sofa comfortable?

We used the Bruno Corner Sofa every day to get a real and honest experience.

Sitting on the Bruno Corner Sofa

The stability provided by the pocket spring core was immediately evident.

Compared to standard sofa beds, you don’t sink in but stay supported on the chair base. 💪

Sitting on Bruno corner sofa
The Bruno corner sofa is comfortable for sitting.

It felt very comfortable to sit on and spend an evening watching movies.

The high backrest also offers plenty of support for the back, while the chaise lounge provides space to put your feet up.

Sleeping on the Bruno Corner Sofa

A sofa that converts into a bed must serve more than one purpose when it comes to comfort.

Luckily, we also experienced a comfortable sleep on the Bruno Corner Sofa for a few nights.

Our testers experienced minimal motion transfer.

When two testers (weighing around 80 kg and 95 kg) slept on the sofa bed, neither were disturbed during the night by movement from the other.

We also found our comfort significantly increased with the addition of a mattress topper. ➕

Lying on Bruno corner sofa
The Bruno Corner Sofa is more comfortable with a topper.

By having this extra few centimetres of comfort, you’ll feel deeper pressure relief in the hips and shoulders in all sleeping positions.

Unfortunately, we found the Bruno Corner Sofa was slightly too firm as a permanent sleeping solution. 🧱

You need to be able to sink deeper to relieve certain pressure points, particularly in the side position.

We’d recommend using a topper if the Bruno Corner Sofa is to be a long-term sleeping solution.


How easy is it to use the Bruno corner sofa?

The Bruno Corner Sofa can easily be converted into a bed. 🔁

Simply take the loop at the front of the bed, position your foot on the foot-hold and pull.

Bruno sofa bed
The Bruno Corner Sofa can be pulled out easily.

You can convert it back into a sofa within just a few minutes.

Storage space

Storage space is often overlooked but can be a great bonus, especially for smaller spaces with limited storage.

When we tested the Bruno Corner Sofa, we were particularly curious about how much storage space it actually offers.

Since we chose the short chaise longue, the corner sofa includes a total of 143 litres of storage space. 🎒

It can be kept open by a compressed air piston mechanism (similar to an ottoman bed).

Assembling Bruno corner sofa
The Bruno Corner Sofa is easy to assemble.

We found that there is plenty of space for pillows and blankets.

However, it may not be deep enough to store a topper.

Is the Bruno Corner Sofa good quality?

When choosing a sofa, quality and material play a crucial role - both in the look and feel, but also the durability and functionality.

Overall, the Bruno Corner Sofa is made with excellent quality and workmanship.

Instead of chipboard, Bruno uses FSC-approved [1] solid wood pine for extra durability. 🪵

The wood is also covered with a layer of felt to prevent it from being damaged.

The Bruno corner sofa
The Bruno Corner Sofa comes with protective felt pads.

The sofa fabric is made from 100% polyester with an abrasion rating [2] of 81,000 Martindale.

This refers to how hardwearing fabric is, with this score being significantly high and suitable for commercial use. 🌟

Therefore, the Bruno Corner Sofa should be an incredibly long-lasting product for any household.

In fact, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

We also noted that the Bruno Corner Sofa is made with real screws instead of wood glue, further contributing to its overall durability.


Bruno Corner Sofa delivery & assembly

We evaluated the delivery and assembly experience of the Bruno Corner Sofa during our test.


When we placed our order, we were able to choose a suitable delivery date to ensure we would be home. 🕜

Although the website states it takes 1 - 3 weeks for delivery, the corner sofa arrived after about a week.

On the day of delivery, we were called an hour prior to the sofa being delivered.

Since we also tested the Bruno chair bed, we received a total of seven packages! 📦

Bruno corner sofa packaging
The Bruno Corner Sofa is packaged well.

The packages were very heavy, but luckily, the delivery drivers brought them into our room of choice.

We had a seamless and well-communicated delivery experience overall. ✔️

Unpacking the Bruno Corner Sofa

Our first step was to unwrap all of the packages from the plastic and cardboard.

Fortunately, Bruno supplied a knife, which made this process easier.

Bruno corner sofa unpacking

Bruno corner sofa unpacking

Overall, everything was well packaged to ensure the products weren’t damaged during delivery. 📦

However, this also meant a lot of packaging to throw out - two garbage fulls, to be exact!


The assembly process is fairly easy, and most people should be able to manage it themselves.

Bruno also provides helpful assembly instructions and all the necessary tools. 🛠️

Bruno corner sofa assembly

Bruno corner sofa assembly

We just had to connect the individual parts and screw them together.

The advantage of using screws instead of wood glue is that you are able to take the sofa bed apart again if you move. 🏚️

It also makes the Bruno Corner Sofa much more durable.

Bruno corner sofa assembling arm

Bruno corner sofa

Bruno also provided felt gliders to stick on the wooden feet of the corner sofa.

This prevents the floor from getting scratched if you decide to move the sofa.

Overall, the assembling process took around 45 minutes to complete.

We’d recommend two people assemble the sofa as some of the parts are quite heavy. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑


Which Bruno sofa should I buy?

As well as the Bruno Corner Sofa, we also tested the Bruno sofa bed and Bruno chair bed.

You can check out our in-depth reviews or take a look at the comparison table below for a quick overview:

Bruno Corner Sofa Bruno Sofa Bed Bruno Chair Bed
Sizes 140 x 200 cm (4’6 x 6’6 ft) + chaise - other size options available 140 x 200 cm (4’6 x 6’6 ft) - other size options available 70 x 200 cm (2’3 x 6’6 ft)
Firmness Very firm Very firm Very firm
Construction Easy, but 2 people required (approx 45 mins) Very easy (approx 20 mins) Very easy (approx 20 mins)
Suitability Larger people, couples, restless sleepers, heavier weights, larger rooms Large people, couples, restless sleepers, heavier weights, medium-sized rooms Smaller adults, children and teenagers, single guests, restless sleepers, small rooms
Price £££ ££ £

The Bruno products share similarities, with the main difference being their size and suitability for different people and spaces.

Find out more below:

Should you buy the Bruno Corner Sofa?

After testing the Bruno Corner Sofa, we can confidently say that it’s a worthwhile purchase. 👍

While on the more expensive side, it is made from high-quality materials and provides plenty of sleeping space for guests as well as being a comfortable addition to your living space.

It may take some time to assemble, but the result is a sturdy and stylish sofa.

If you are looking for a sofa that impresses in terms of quality, comfort and design, the Bruno Corner Sofa is definitely worth considering.


Contact Bruno UK

Customer service: To contact Bruno Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or call them on 0203 608 6500. The customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:00.

Registered office: Bruno Interior GmbH, Torstrasse 220, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Frequently asked questions

  • How is Bruno customer service?

    Our experience with the Bruno customer service team has always been positive.

    Not only did they respond quickly by email, but we also had no problems getting in contact over the phone.

    This is also reflected in other positive customer reviews on Trustpilot

  • Does the Bruno Corner Sofa include a guarantee?

    The Bruno Corner Sofa includes a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and a 30-day trial period. 

    This means you are covered by any faults or material defects within the 10-year period. 

    Likewise, if you don’t get on with the Bruno Corner Sofa within the 30-day trial period, you can request to send it back for a full refund. 

  • How do I clean the Bruno Corner Sofa?

    If you accidentally spill something on the Bruno Corner Sofa, we recommend soaking it up with a cotton cloth and some distilled water. 

    An appropriate sofa cleaner may be needed for stubborn stains. 

    For those who opted for the blue velvet fabric, you should use a clothes brush and brush in the direction of the fabric line.

    The back covers can also be removed and washed in the washing machine at 40°C.

  • What other products does Bruno offer?

    The Bruno selection is fairly small, with a focus on quality over quantity. 

    The Bruno product range includes: 

    Those living in Europe outside of the UK also have access to a range of pillows and toppers. 

  • References


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