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Mlily Mattresses Review UK (2024)

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Are you curious how Manchester United players get a good night's sleep?

Meet Mlily, the Official Global Mattress and Pillow Partner of Manchester United.

In partnership with the football team's sleep scientists, Mlily incorporates advanced materials and innovative technologies in their range of mattresses and pillows. ⚽

In this Mlily mattress reviews UK article, we explore their diverse selection of mattresses featuring pocket springs, foam, gel, and more.

Let's dive into the ins and outs of the Mlily mattress collection, along with their mattress topper and pillow range.

Mlily Mattresses

Our favourite Mlily mattresses in the UK

Value For Money

Mlily Bamboo+ Memory 800 Pocket Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Memory Foam 800 Pocket Mattress is a hybrid mattress with memory foam & pocket springs.
  • Pocket springs, bamboo & charcoal memory foam
  • Medium feel
  • 23 cm (9 inches)

Tell me more about the Mlily Bamboo+ Memory Foam 800 Pocket Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Memory Foam 800 Pocket Mattress includes 800 individually wrapped pocket springs, which are known to adapt to the body's shape and provide targeted support while keeping the spine aligned.

Mlily also offers many other mattresses with a higher number of pocket springs, and typically, this translates to better support. 

However, the Mlily Bamboo+ Memory Foam 800 Pocket Mattress is much more affordable.

This mattress has a medium firmness rating and good edge support to make the most of the mattress surface area.

This single-sided mattress requires rotation every 3 to 6 months for even wear.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period


Reasons to avoid

Not as supportive as some other Mlily mattresses

Best Orthopaedic Support

Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress is an orthopaedic memory foam and pocket-sprung mattress.
  • Pocket springs, foam layers, & bamboo charcoal memory foam
  • Firm support
  • 27 cm (11 inches)

Tell me more about the Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress is an orthopaedic memory foam and pocket-sprung mattress sold exclusively on Mattress Online. 

It is suitable for those seeking firm orthopaedic support while sleeping. 

The 2500 individual pocket springs respond where pressure is applied, helping to keep your spine aligned so you wake up ache-free.

This mattress is considered firm and ideal for front and back sleepers, so you don’t sink into the mattress and arch your back. 

However, side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress, like the Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress with a Flex Comfort Foam layer.

The Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress has an Aero-Flex Border known to provide edge support so you don’t feel like you’re rolling off the bed. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period 

Orthopaedic support

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive 

It may be too firm for side sleepers 

Best For Side Sleepers

Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress is available exclusively on Mattress Online in the super king size.
  • 1500 pocket springs & three layers of foam
  • Medium feel
  • 25 cm (10 inches)

Tell me more about the Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Mattress

The Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress is only available as a super king on Mattress Online. 

It combines memory foam and pocket springs for a comfortable and supportive mattress with medium firmness, which is ideal for side sleepers.

As you move, memory foam will continuously adjust to your body shape, so you'll remain well-supported throughout the night.

The Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress also includes 1500 individually wrapped pocket springs, known to respond exactly where pressure is applied.

This provides a pressure-relieving effect that can help to alleviate aches and pains in the morning. 

The mattress also has an Aero-Flex Border known to provide edge support so you can use the full surface area of your mattress without feeling you're going to roll off the bed. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period 

Excellent edge support

Reasons to avoid

No handles & weight make it difficult to move 

Only a super king available

Who is Mlily?

Mlily is a mattress and sleep products manufacturer from China.

Mlily mattresses, commonly misspelt as Millie mattresses or Milly mattresses, are high-quality mattresses with innovative materials and technologies, like memory foam, cooling gel and bamboo layers.

The company is a global partner of Manchester United and are known for the Mlily Dream+ Mattress, designed alongside the team’s sleep scientists.

We dive into the composition of the brand's mattresses further down in this Mlily mattresses reviews article. 👇

The Mlily mattress UK range

Mlily offers dozens of mattresses with different technologies, materials and people in mind.

The brand offers the following mattress ranges:

  • Mlily Memory Gel Mattresses are made from memory foam infused with Mlily Cool Gel Technology. (Mattresses include: Mlily Memory Gel 200 Mattress, Mlily Memory Gel 500 Mattress, Mlily Memory Gel 700 Mattress.)
  • Mlily Gel Pocket Mattresses combine memory foam and pocket spring technology with the Mlily Cool Gel Technology. (Mattresses include: Mlily Gel Pocket 200 Mattress, Mlily Gel Pocket 200 Firm Mattress, Mlily Gel 1000 Mattress, Mlily Ortho Gel 1000 Mattress.)
  • Mlily Premier Gel Mattresses are similar to the gel pocket hybrid mattresses but have better breathability from the additional layer of Mlily M-Flow+ Gel Memory Foam and Airtech Border. (Mattresses include: Mlily Premier 1000 Mattress, Mlily Premier 1000 Ortho Mattress, Mlily Premier Deluxe 1000 Mattress, Mlily Deluxe 1000 Ortho Mattress, Mlily Premier 2000 Mattress, Mlily Premier 2000 Ortho Mattress, Mlily Premier 3000 Mattress, Mlily Premier 3000 Ortho Mattress.)
  • Mlily Supreme Gel Mattresses are among the most luxurious Mlily mattresses, with five layers of foam, hybrid mini springs and individual pocket springs. (Mattresses include: Mlily Supreme 5000 Mattress, Mlily Supreme 5000 Ortho Mattress, Mlily Supreme 800 Mattress, Mlily Supreme 1000 Mattress.)
  • Mlily Bamboo Mattresses are pocket spring mattresses with two layers of Mlily BambuCool Memory Foam made from bamboo and charcoal. (Mattresses include: Mlily Bamboo Refresh 800 Mattress, Mlily Bamboo Refresh 800 Firm Mattress, Mlily Bamboo Refresh 1200 Mattress, Mlily Bamboo Refresh 1200 Firm Mattress, Mlily Bamboo Refresh 1500 Mattress, Mlily Bamboo Refresh 1500 Firm Mattress.)
  • The Mlily Dream+ Mattress is made by sleep scientists from Manchester United, combining pocket springs, Mlily Gel-Memory Foam, Dream Flex Foam, and much more.

You can browse these ranges on the Mlily website [1] and find a retail store selling them locally. 🗺️

If you purchase a Mlily mattress from an online retailer, like Mattress Online or Furniture Village, you may find the products have different names. This is because these Mlily mattress retailers (UK) sell Mlily mattresses made exclusively for their respective companies. The product is often the same, but the name may be different.

How comfortable are Mlily mattresses UK?

Mlily mattresses feature many different types of pocket springs and foam technology.

Let’s explore how these technologies make Mlily mattresses more comfortable.

Pressure relieving capabilities

Most Mlily mattresses are made from pocket springs and memory foam, except the Memory Gel Collection, which is only memory foam.

Pocket springs and memory foam both provide pressure-relieving capabilities.

Pocket springs

Mlily offers many pocket spring mattresses with varying amounts of pocket springs, ranging from 200 to 10,000.

Generally, the higher the number of pocket springs, the better.

mlily pocket spring mattresses
Mlily pocket spring mattresses use multiple different types of springs.

However, the Mlily Bamboo+ Memory 800 Pocket Mattress is on the lower end of the scale and is still considered very comfortable by many Feefo customers [2].

This is most likely because the hybrid mattress also includes three layers of foam for additional cushioning and support.


Pocket springs move independently from one another and respond exactly where pressure is applied.

Mlily offers several different types of pocket springs. The Firm Ortho Springs are individually wrapped in cloth pockets and used in most Mlily Ortho mattresses. The L-Series Pocket Springs sit in the core of the Bamboo range. The upper part of the spring shapes your body, while the bottom half absorbs your weight. The Firm X Springs and Mini Support Springs form two separate layers in the Dream+ mattress. They are much smaller pocket springs that can provide more precise body adaption as they respond exactly where your body lies.

Memory foam

The hybrid mattresses also use memory foam, a pressure-absorbing material that responds to temperature.

Your body temperature warms up the foam, which makes it softer and allows it to contour your body.

mlily memory foam mattresses
Mlily uses multiple types of memory foam.

Mlily also uses many other types of foam, such as Core Support Foam and Flex Foam.

The Flex Foam comes in different firmness levels, including very firm, comfortable, supreme and more.

There are multiple types of Mlily memory foam mattresses, offering different degrees of firmness and support. The Mlily Gel Memory Foam is infused with Mlilly Cooling Gel to help you stay cool at night. The BambuCool Memory Foam is made from bamboo and charcoal with air channels to encourage breathability and moisture-wicking capabilites.

It’s difficult to decipher the exact differences between these different foams on their website.

However, Mlily mattress reviews from Trustpilot customers say the memory foam hybrid mattresses are supportive and comfortable, so the foam must be doing its job.


Memory foam retains heat [3], and many people find it very hot to sleep on. ☀️

Mlily mattresses incorporate a few cooling features to combat this heat retention and make memory foam accessible for hot sleepers.

For example, the Bamboo range from Mlily uses one or two layers of Bamboo and Charcoal Memory Foam, also known as BambuCool Memory Foam, to wick away sweat and regulate your temperature.

mlily mattresses cooling effect
The bamboo and charcoal layer on Mlily mattresses helps keep you cool and comfortable at night.

Bamboo charcoal particles [4] are known to improve the moisture-wicking capabilities and vapour permeability of other materials, like memory foam.

This Bamboo and Charcoal Memory Foam also has air channels to encourage air to flow throughout the mattress.

For example, the Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress has 3 cm (1 inch) of BambuCool Memory Foam to keep you cool and comfy.


Equally, the Mlily Gel Memory Foam layer used in the Mlily Gel mattresses contains cooling gel technology, typically consisting of small gel particles that absorb heat and draw it away from your body.

This helps to keep you cool while still reaping the benefits of a Mlily memory foam mattress.

Who are Mlily mattresses UK suitable for?

Mlily has a wide range of mattresses suited to different types of people and sleeping preferences.

Let’s dive into who we would recommend them to.


Mlily mattresses offer good edge support so you can sleep comfortably next to your partner and utilise the full surface area of your mattress.

The Premier and Supreme range mattresses have an Airtech Border with moulded joints to keep the filling evenly distributed to the very edges of the mattress.

This border also encourages consistent airflow to keep the mattress fresh and cool.

Couple in mlily mattress
Mlily mattresses have edge support to help couples get a good night’s sleep together.

The Bamboo and Dream+ ranges feature an Aero-Flex Border, like the Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress, which provides edge-to-edge support so you don’t feel like you’re about to roll off the mattress.

You can sleep on the very edge of the bed without falling off.


Hot sleepers

As we discussed above, Mlily mattresses include multiple cooling features, from cooling gel to air channels, to help regulate your temperature and keep you cool.

This makes them perfect for hot sleepers or those going through menopause.

That said, we'd definitely recommend that those sensitive to heat stay away from memory foam, as all memory foam mattresses, by definition, will sleep hotter than non-memory foam mattresses.

Allergy sufferers

The Mlily Bamboo range is ideal for allergy sufferers due to its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties. 🎍

Bamboo [5] is moisture-wicking, so your mattress stays dry and doesn’t encourage bacteria growth.

dust-mites on mlily mattresses
The bamboo Mlily mattresses are dust-mite and bed bug-resistant.

Bamboo is also densely woven, which makes it difficult for dust mites or bed bugs to work their way into the fibres.

This keeps your bamboo mattress dry and free from allergens.

Side, front and back sleepers

Mlily mattresses have different levels of firmness to cater to different sleeping positions.

For example, the Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress is on the softer side and perfect for side sleepers.

side sleeper on mlily mattress
The Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe Memory 1500 Pocket Mattress keeps your spine aligned when you sleep on your side.

Your hips and shoulders will sink into this softer mattress, keeping your spine aligned throughout the night.

Alternatively, the Mlily Bamboo+ Superb Ortho Memory 2500 Pocket Mattress is firmer and better suited to front and back sleepers so they don’t sink into the mattress and arch their spine.

Who are Mlily mattresses UK not suitable for?

While Mlily caters to many different needs, they aren’t for everyone.

Mlily mattresses are priced in the upper-mid range of the mattress market and may not be suitable for those on a budget. 💰

On average, Mlily mattress prices (UK) sit upwards of £600 for a Mlily double mattress, with the more luxurious designs surpassing the £1,000 mark.

That said, most Feefo [6] customer reviews say Mlily mattresses are high-quality and extremely comfortable, so you can get your money’s worth.

You also get a five-year guarantee to protect your investment when you purchase Mlily mattresses from their website and on Mattress Online.

Mlily mattress off gassing
Leave your mattress for a few days to off-gass.

However, many Trustpilot customers left Mlily mattress reviews (UK) to say their mattresses had a very strong smell after unpacking, which is known as off-gassing.

Mattress off-gassing refers to releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals from a new mattress into the air. This phenomenon typically occurs with foam mattresses and can produce a noticeable odour, which diminishes over time as the mattress airs out.

This smell is a standard part of the off-gassing process, but customers said the smell lingered for months on end.

We recommend airing out your mattress in a well-ventilated room with the windows open.

Typically, the smell should start to disappear after a week.

If you're concerned about off-gassing, we recommend trying the Simba, Emma and Nectar mattresses instead.

Our Sleep Hero testers found that the off-gassing smells from these mattresses disappeared after a few days, at most.

Try these alternate mattresses:

Does Mlily offer other sleep products?

Mlily also offers a memory foam pillow collection and a mattress topper to pair with your mattress.

Each pillow has a unique set of characteristics suited to different preferences. 🛌

The Mlily pillow range includes:

  • Mlily Bamboo+ Serene Pillow: Memory foam pillow with nanocool ice fabric and a bamboo charcoal layer for a cool sleep surface.
  • Mlily Premier Lavender Pillow: Lavender-infused memory foam pillow to encourage a deeper night’s sleep.
  • Mlily Premier Gel Ice Pillow: Hybrid pillow made from Cloud Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Technology for a supportive and cooling effect.
  • Mlily Premier Supreme Pillow: A luxurious pillow with Comfort Memory Foam, Mlily Cooling Gel and a gel pad for extra coolness.
  • Mlily Deluxe Pillow: Hybrid pillow with Comfort Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Technology.
  • Mlily Premier Pillow: Standard memory foam pillow made from Mlily’s Comfort Memory Foam, without any cooling features.

The Mlily Gel Ice Pillow is one of the most popular pillows in the range due to its supportive yet cooling properties. 🧊

The Mlily mattress topper is made from Cloud Comfort Memory Foam and Cool Gel Technology for a temperature-regulating effect.

Mlily USA also offers a Mlily mattress protector but, unfortunately, this is not available in the UK.

If you're looking for a great mattress protector, we recommend the Nectar Mattress Protector because it is discreet, waterproof and kind to sensitive skin.

How are Mlily mattresses UK delivered?

Mlily mattresses are delivered rolled up and compressed in a box.

You can browse the full Mlily mattress and pillow range on the brand website and find Mlily mattress retailers (UK) in your local area.

Or, you can purchase from an online retailer, like Mattress Online, and have the mattress delivered straight to your door. 🚌

mlily mattress delivery
There are many online retailers that can deliver Mlily mattresses to your door.

Mattress Online offers free delivery to most locations, including next-day and chosen-day delivery.


Does Mlily offer a trial period and returns?

Mlily mattresses are available at many stores and online stockists, but you cannot purchase them directly on the Mlily site.

When you buy Mlily mattresses on Mattress Online, you get a 60-day Comfort Trial to test your mattress and see if it’s for you.

If you don’t like your Mlily mattress, you can swap it for another mattress of your choice on the Mattress Online site.

It doesn’t need to be from Mlily either.

mlily mattress trial and returns

Mattress Online will send you a bag to package your mattress, and then they will collect it and deliver your new one.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to roll up your mattress.

If you haven’t opened or slept on the product, you can return it within 28 days and get a full refund.

Is Mlily a good mattress?

Mlily mattresses are high-quality mattresses with innovative memory foam, gel and pocket spring technology.

But are Mlily mattresses any good?

While they come at a higher price, Mlily mattresses are good value for money and come with a five-year guarantee with Mattress Online.

Each Mlily mattress has subtle differences that impact its pressure-relieving and temperature-regulating capabilities.

Make sure you look out for these small differences when browsing the different Mlily mattresses.

A reminder of our favourite Mlily mattresses:

Contact Mlily UK

Customer service: To contact Mlily UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or call them on 01582 400604. You can also complete their online contact form [7].

Registered office: Mlily Mattress UK, 2 Covent Garden Close, Luton, LU4 8QB

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