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Eve Cot Mattress Review UK (2024)

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As a parent, it's only natural to want the very best for your baby.

A good quality cot mattress can help your little one sleep better and avoid back problems later in life, so finding the right one is a must!

Partnered with The Lullaby Trust [1], Eve crafted their cot mattress to meet and surpass UK safety guidelines. 👶

The Eve cot mattress stood out as beautiful, comfortable, and safe.

Our Eve cot mattress review digs into how good the mattress was and offers some of the best alternatives now it's no longer available.

Let's find out more. 🔎

Eve Cot Mattress

Best Eve Cot mattress alternatives

The Eve cot mattress was fantastic. ⭐

Safety was clearly a top priority, evidenced by their safety certifications and partnership with The Lullaby Trust, a British charity promoting infant health.

While we're sad that the Eve baby mattress is no longer on the market, you should know that you have plenty of other wonderful options to help your little one get a better night's sleep. 😴

All of the cot mattresses we recommend value the safety and comfort of their little sleepers!

Our favourite Eve Cot mattress alternatives:

Eve cot mattress composition

The Eve cot bed mattress was designed and manufactured in the UK.

It was 10 cm (4 inches) thick and came in 2 sizes, one best suited for babies and the other for toddler beds.

The mattress had a core, a protective layer, and a removable cover. 😄

Let's get into these layers!

Eve cot mattress core

The core of the mattress was composed of individual pocket springs.

These pocket springs were encased in a high-density nursery-grade foam layer, which helped protect the springs and your baby.

Pocket spring mattress
Pocket springs are individually wrapped, allowing them to move separately and provide customised support.

Pocket springs move individually.

The pocket spring core gave the Eve cot mattress a firm yet flexible feel, allowing it to accomodate wiggling and growing babies. 🕺

The springs also improved breathability, preventing overheating and ensuring your little one could sleep cool and comfy.

Eve cot mattress protector layer

To protect the mattress from any night-time accidents, spills, or leaks, the mattress had a water-resistant protective layer.

The protective top layer surrounded the springs and foam core.

It was designed to help keep the Eve cot mattress clean and fresh for longer. 🍃

Even though the Eve baby mattress had this protective layer (as most baby cot mattresses do), it's still advised to use a mattress protector.

Unfortunately, there's no Eve cot mattress protector available.

Mattress protectors help guard against all sorts of spills, stains, and bacteria and are much cheaper to replace than mattresses.

Mattress protector benefits
Mattress protectors are recommended, even for cot mattresses that have protective layers or covers included.

A protector can keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

The Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector is a super soft, totally waterproof protector, available in 2 cot bed sizes. 🐼

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Eve cot mattress cover

The Eve cot bed mattress had a cute cloud-patterned cover.

This cover was not only pretty, it was also breathable and machine-washable at 60° C. 🧼

It was made with 100% organic cotton with a PU membrane and was antibacterial to protect against bugs and allergens.

If you're looking for something similar, try the Mamas & Papas Baby Premium Pocket Spring Mattress.

It comes with a temperature-regulating, washable cover with an optional antibacterial or waterproof mattress protector. 😀

How comfortable was the Eve cot mattress?

According to our little testers and most Eve cot bed mattress reviews, it was a very comfortable mattress.

The Eve cot bed mattress was designed in partnership with the Lullaby Tust charity specifically to keep babies and small children comfortable and safe. 💕

A comfortable cot mattress is essential for helping your baby get a good night's sleep, so they can develop and wake up happy.

cot mattress comfort
Cot mattresses must be firm and comfortable to keep little ones safe and well-rested.

High-quality materials enhanced the feel of the Eve Sleep cot bed mattress.

For instance, the pocket sprung mattress, with its breathable cover, encouraged air flow to help keep the mattress and your little one cool and comfy.

It was also firm yet supportive, ensuring a good night's sleep.

Soft mattresses and bedding are contributing risk factors for SIDS [2], so cot mattresses must be extra firm to keep your little one safe and prevent suffocation.

While the Eve cot mattress was firm, safe, and comfortable, it is no longer available.

If you are looking for a good alternative, we suggest taking a look at the firm, hypoallergenic Obaby Natural Coir Wool cot bed mattress. 👶

Eve cot mattress certifications

All foams used in the Eve cot mattress were Certi-PUR [3] certified, ensuring that the mattress contained no harmful chemicals.

Cot mattress safety certifications
The Eve mattress cot was Certi-PUR and OEKO-TEX certified.

All Eve mattresses, including the discontinued Eve cot bed mattress, comply with the OEKO-TEX® Class 1 [4] quality standards.

The OEKO-TEX® Class 1 guarantees all materials used comply with strict environment and health and safety standards. 👍

The cot mattress was designed for and met all UK requirements, in addition to the BS EN 16890 standard, which encompasses a wider range of safety tests than mandated.

If you're looking for a good alternative, the Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Bed Mattress is BS 7177 and BS 16890 certified, and also carries the GOTS [5] (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

Eve cot mattress sizes

The Eve Sleep cot bed mattress was 10 cm (4 inches) thick and came in 2 sizes.

These Eve cot mattress sizes included:

  • The smaller Eve baby mattress - 60 x 120 cm (24 x 47 inches) - for 0 to 3 years.
  • The larger Eve toddler mattress - 70 x 140 cm (28 x 55 inches) 0 for 0 to 6 years.

Both mattresses were specifically designed for babies and small children, regardless of the size chosen.

Cot bed sizes
The Eve cot mattress came in 2 sizes.

Most people opted for the smaller mattress size for babies, while the larger Eve cot mattress 140 x 70 cm was often selected for tots.

The Eve toddler mattress has now been discontinued, but the Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Cot Bed Mattress also comes in these 2 sizes.

Eve delivery and customer service

The Eve cot mattress was delivered free of charge, rolled up in a compact box.

Delivery typically took 5 business days - or less. 🚚

All Eve mattresses, including the discontinued Eve cot mattress, came with a risk-free 30-night trial period.

This trial meant that if a customer didn't love their cot mattress, they could arrange for the mattress to be collected free of charge and received a full refund. 🎉

The customer services team used to be available 24/7, and we found them to be very friendly and helpful, so it's no surprise that most Eve cot mattress reviews were so positive.

Eve cot bed mattresses also came with a 5-year guarantee.

The Obaby Natural Coir Wool cot mattress is a good alternative, also offering customers an excellent 5-year guarantee.

Should you buy the Eve Cot mattress?

The Eve Cot mattress was perfect for babies, toddlers, and small children up to 6 years old.

It offered the right level of support and comfort, helping our little testers sleep well. 🤗

We loved that the mattress used naturally antibacterial materials and that it met all standard (plus some additional) health and quality requirements.

The Eve Cot mattress was a high-quality cot mattress. 🏆

If you're looking for an alternative to the Eve cot mattress, you can check out some of our favourites below.

Our favourite cot mattresses UK:

Contact Eve Sleep

Customer service: To contact Eve Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please visit their live online chat. If you've bought an Eve mattress on or before 17.10.2022 and have any queries, you can contact es@kroll.com.

Registered office: Eve Sleep, 29A Kentish Road, London, NW1 8NL

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Eve mattresses still available?

    While the Eve cot mattress has been discontinued, Eve still offers a total of 6 adult mattresses.

    These include:

    They also previously sold the Eve mattress topper, but this has also been discontinued.

    Despite the many positive Eve mattress topper and Eve cot bed mattress reviews, these products were discontinued when the company went into administration in 2022.

    They were later taken over by Bensons for Beds.

    Now, they sell a slightly reduced range of products, including the adult mattress range.

  • What are the best alternatives to the Eve cot mattress?

    Eve Sleep is a high-quality UK brand.

    Unfortunately, if you were hoping to buy an Eve Sleep cot bed mattress, you're out of luck since this product has been discontinued.

    On the bright side, there are plenty of excellent cot bed mattress alternatives.

    What is the best mattress for a baby cot?

    Some of our favourites include:

    • The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Bed Mattress
    • Obaby Natural Coir Wool Cot Bed Mattress
    • Mamas & Papas Premium Pocket Spring Mattress
    • Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials Cot Mattress
    • Simba Hybrid Cot Bed Mattress

    The Emma cot mattress was another popular option and a great mattress, but this has also been discontinued in the UK.

    Read more about finding the best cot mattresses in our cot mattress guide.
  • Is the Eve cot mattress sold in Ireland?

    Unfortunately, you can't find the Eve cot bed mattress in Ireland.

    If you search 'Eve cot bed mattress Ireland', you'll see that the Irish Eve Sleep site is currently unavailable.

    The Eve Sleep Ireland website has not yet been re-launched after the company went into administration and was taken over by Bensons for Beds in 2022.

    Many people are still searching for this product because of the many positive Eve cot bed mattress reviews.

    Those looking for an alternative cot bed mattress can find some great options in our guide on the best cot mattresses in the UK.

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