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Eve Mattress Topper Review UK (2022)

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Last updated: 31.07.2022

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The UK features some of the world’s top designers.

But did you know that some of these also work in the world of sleep?

The Eve mattress topper is super stylish and has been uniquely designed in London 🇬🇧

But is it a good topper to choose?

And what does it feel like to sleep on the Eve topper?

We answer all of these questions - and more - in our Eve mattress topper review.

Let's dive right in 👇

Top features of the Eve mattress topper

Premium Comfort
Free delivery & returns
Free Delivery & Returns
30-day trial period
30-Day Trial Period
3-year guarantee
3-Year Guarantee
Made in the UK
Made In The UK
  • Eve
    Mattress Topper
    Price from   £ 149.25 £ (199 )
    The Eve mattress topper is a high-quality memory foam topper designed to add a layer of luxurious comfort to your bed.
    Mattress Topper
    The Eve mattress topper is a high-quality memory foam topper designed to add a layer of luxurious comfort to your bed.


  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Soft comfort that provides great pressure relief and orthopaedic support.

  • Good breathability for effective temperature regulation.

  • Removable and washable cover.

  • Convenient straps to keep the topper in place.

  • 30-day trial period.

  • Free delivery and returns.


  • Memory foam may be unsuitable for restless sleepers.

  • Cannot be used to make up for a bad mattress.

What makes the Eve mattress topper special?

  • Enhanced memory foam that's 30x more breathable than traditional memory foam.

  • Convenient straps keep the topper in place.

  • Attractive features, including a 30-day trial period, free delivery & returns, and a 3-year warranty.

Eve mattress topper composition

The Eve memory foam mattress topper is one of the best mattress toppers available in the UK.

It is composed of the same luxurious materials used in the Eve Original mattress.

It consists of 2 layers:

  • A top comfort layer of open-cell foam (2 cm / 0.7 inches)
  • Sturdy layer of ultra-resilient reflex base foam (3 cm / 1.1 inches)

The top layer of open-cell foam is the EveComfort layer.

This is 30x more breathable than traditional memory foam, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably.

The base foam layer has been designed to be soft and breathable while still offering support for the sleeper.

Both foams are CertiPUR-certified and top cover carries the OEKO-TEX-Standard-100 certification 🐼

This guarantees that all foams are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Eve mattress topper composition
The Eve mattress topper features 2 foam layers.

How comfortable is the Eve mattress topper?

A mattress topper doesn't have a standard level of comfort or firmness as the degree of comfort you'll feel largely depends on the mattress it is placed upon.

If you're sleeping on a terrible mattress, a mattress topper won't make it feel much better.

The Eve mattress topper goes particularly well with any of the Eve mattresses.

But, of course, you can also use it together with any other high-quality mattress, like the Emma Hybrid or the Nectar mattress.

In general, though, mattress toppers are meant to add soft comfort.

This is why so many mattress toppers are made of memory foam - memory foam is known for its soft comfort.


Extra comfort

The Eve mattress topper is best described as a medium-firm topper that allows for a soft and comfortable sleep 😴

It is particularly effective at adding softness to a mattress that's too firm.

A mattress that's too firm can lead to lower back pain, especially if you're a side sleeper, as your hips and shoulders won't be able to sink in deeply enough.

This results in a misalignment of the spine.

The topper, which adds a soft upper layer, will allow for a little more sinkage when you're sleeping on your side, enhancing optimal spinal alignment.

It also ensures that you wake up without any shoulder or lower back pain.

Orthopaedic support

As a memory foam topper, the Eve topper also aids in giving you orthopaedic support.

Memory foam moulds to your body, giving you that body-hugging comfort 🤗

It also reduces pressure points and allows your muscles to relax fully.

This is great if you struggle with a bad back or have any orthopaedic concerns.

Eve mattress topper
The Eve mattress topper offers additional comfort

A mattress topper won't solve all your problems

Even though the Eve mattress topper is great at providing a little more comfort and cushioning, it won't be able to solve all your mattress problems 🙁

If your mattress is too soft, for example, a mattress topper cannot be used to make it feel firmer - regardless of the firmness level of your topper!

This is because a mattress topper will still rely on the support of the mattress.

The topper alone can only add a little more comfort.

Similarly, if your mattress is old, worn out, or sagging, a topper cannot make it more comfortable - or better for your spine.

If your mattress is old and worn, you'll need to invest in a new one 🛏

We can help guide you in our mattress reviews.

Good temperature regulation

Memory foam retains more heat than other types of foam.

This can be quite uncomfortable for hot sleepers 🥵

Luckily, the EveComfort foam layer used in the Eve mattress topper features open-cell technology.

This allows for increased airflow in the topper and makes it 30x more breathable than traditional memory foam 💨

Enhanced breathability prevents the topper from storing body heat, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably.

If you're a very heavy sweater and still wary of memory foam, you could also try out the Simba Hybrid mattress topper, which features springs for even better air circulation.

Low motion transfer

Besides offering a more comfortable sleep, the Eve mattress topper also helps dampen movements and reduces motion transfer.

Motion transfer refers to how much movement is carried across a surface.

If a material manages to reduce motion transfer, movements are effectively absorbed and not carried across the respective material.

Usually, you'd look for a mattress with low motion transfer so that you can share your bed more comfortably with a partner and not be disturbed every time he or she moves🕺

Luckily, the Eve mattress topper can help dampen movements even if your mattress isn't so great at it.

This makes the Eve topper a perfect choice for couples.


Eve mattress topper cover

The Eve mattress topper cover comes in the typical white-and-yellow design characteristic of the Eve Sleep brand.

It is made of:

  • 100% two-way stretch polyester on the top and sides.
  • 100% polypropylene base panel.

The removable top panel is machine-washable at 40℃.

This makes it a hypoallergenic choice and great for those prone to allergies 🤧

Using a tumble dryer is not recommended.

The cover is naturally flame retardant, without the need for chemical fire repellants 🔥

Sturdy straps to fit your topper

The cover also features sturdy straps that attach to the mattress, keeping your topper firmly in place while you sleep.

The bottom straps also double to hold the topper together once rolled up, making it easy to store or carry.

Eve mattress topper carrying handles
The sturdy straps can also be used to carry the Eve mattress topper

Eve mattress topper sizes

The Eve topper is available in all standard UK sizes.

These include:

  • Eve mattress topper UK single: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Eve mattress topper small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Eve mattress topper UK double: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
  • Eve mattress topper UK king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Eve mattress topper super-king size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

How thick is the Eve mattress topper?

The Eve mattress topper has a standard depth of 5 cm (1.9 inches).

Once rolled up, the topper has a dimension of 34 x 35 cm (13.3 x 13.7 inches).


Eve mattress topper on bed
The Eve memory foam topper is available in all standard UK sizes

Eve mattress topper price

The Eve mattress topper is a premium topper 🏅

It's not necessarily the cheapest but offers good value for money and is on par with other premium mattress toppers, like the Simba Hybrid mattress topper.

It's also a fair bit cheaper than the Tempur mattress topper.

(Note: prices listed below are standard prices excluding any current coupons & discounts)

£ 199
Small Double
£ 239
£ 249
£ 279
Super King
£ 309

Eve mattress topper discount codes

Eve Sleep offers regular discounts on mattresses and other sleep accessories.

A good coupon code can get you anything from 10 - 50% off.

Eve mattress topper sales are rarer - but not impossible to find 🥳

If there is a coupon for the mattress topper available, it will be displayed throughout this article.


Looking for other exclusive deals and discounts on mattresses and sleep accessories? Browse all coupons currently available on our discounts page.

What else does Eve Sleep offer?

In addition to its high-quality mattress topper that offers a generous helping of support and comfort, Eve Sleep also offers a range of mattresses and sleep accessories 🛏

These include:

  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Duvets & weighted blankets
  • Bed frames
  • Bedroom furniture
If your current mattress is worn and sagging, you'll have to replace it. We'd recommend trying one of the Eve Sleep hybrid mattresses.

We've included a short selection of some of our other favourite Eve Sleep products below.

Eve mattress topper delivery conditions

The Eve mattress topper is delivered free of charge within three working days.

Currently, delivery can take place anywhere within the mainland UK 🇬🇧

If you're looking for the Eve mattress topper in Ireland, you'll need to head over to the Eve Ireland website.

You can even choose a time that suits you with flexible delivery slots during your checkout process.

Details may vary according to your area, and additional rates may apply.


How do I unpack my Eve mattress topper?

The Eve mattress topper will be delivered to you rolled up and compressed in a box 📦

Simply take it out of the box, remove the plastic wrapping, and wait for the compressed foam to expand.

You may notice some off-gassing, which is a chemical odour typical of bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses.

This isn't toxic or harmful, but it may be a little unpleasant.

We recommend unwrapping your Eve memory foam topper in a well-ventilated room.

Eve mattress topper rolled up
Your new topper will be delivered rolled up in a box

Eve mattress topper trial period

The Eve mattress topper comes with a 30-night risk-free trial period.

This gives you the chance to try the topper for 30 days.

Trial periods are great as they really give you the chance to test a product in various conditions and allow your body to get used to a new feel.


Free returns

If you're not fully satisfied with your Eve topper, you can send it back for a full refund 💰

Returns are free of charge.

Eve Sleep organises and pays for the process.

Eve mattress topper guarantee

Eve Sleep designs its toppers to last.

Every Eve mattress topper comes with a 3-year warranty.

Should your topper be of inferior quality or deteriorate from everyday use within that time, Eve will replace the topper for you.

Should you buy the Eve mattress topper?

The Eve mattress topper is a great value-for-money mattress topper that’s worth investing in.

We can recommend the Eve mattress topper to:

  • Back and side sleepers.
  • People with back pain or orthopaedic concerns.
  • People who need a little more comfort and softness on a firm mattress.

If you're not sure, you can try out the Eve topper - risk-free - for 30 days.


Contact Eve Sleep

Customer service: To contact Eve Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at hello@evesleep.co.uk or call them on 0208 036 5535. Phone operating hours are Monday to Thursday from 10 am till 3 pm. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays.

Registered office: Eve Sleep, 29A Kentish Road, London, NW1 8NL

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need a mattress topper?

    A mattress topper is a great idea if you're looking to add a little more comfort to a firm mattress.

    A mattress topper cannot be used to fix a worn, old mattress.

    If your current mattress is worn and sagging, then, unfortunately, you will have to buy a new mattress.

    You can read our mattress reviews for some great recommendations.

    If you're merely looking to extend the lifespan of your mattress and protect it from dirt, stains, spills, and bacteria, then you're looking for a mattress protector. Read our article on the best mattress protectors.
  • Can I put the Eve mattress topper on an Eve mattress?

    Technically, yes, but it would depend on why you're looking to add a mattress topper in the first place.

    If your mattress is old and worn, then you would need to invest in a new mattress.

    If your mattress is just a little too firm and you're looking for extra comfort, then a mattress topper is a great idea.

    The Eve mattress topper would be a great fit for pocket spring mattresses or hybrid mattresses, like the Eve Premium Hybrid.

  • How do I fit the Eve mattress topper?

    Conveniently, the Eve mattress topper has straps that fit directly around your mattress.

    This keeps it in place so you can toss and turn all you want.

    The video below also gives a full overview of how to fit your Eve topper.

  • Can I buy the Eve mattress topper on Amazon UK?

    Amazon in the UK used to sell the product as "Eve the mattress topper".

    Unfortunately, the Eve mattress topper is no longer available on Amazon. 

    You can buy it directly from Eve Sleep.

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