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Derila Pillow Review UK (2024)

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Are you waking up with a stiff neck every morning? 😣

The Derila pillow is said to relieve neck pain and prevent tension.

Unlike traditional pillows, the Derila pillow has an ergonomic shape to support the head and neck.

We tested it ourselves to see if the proof was in the pillow.

Our Derila pillow review will tell you more. 👇

Top features of the Derila pillow UK

Cooling Outer Cover
Firm and supportive
Firm Support
Memory foam
Memory Foam
Delivered Worldwide


  • Compact size and lightweight - great for travelling
  • Ergonomic shape designed for better neck support
  • High-density memory foam to align the body and prevent muscle pain
  • Various payment options are available
  • Free eye mask included with the pillow


  • It takes some time to adjust to the shape
  • Firm and high - not suitable for all sleepers
  • Not perfect quality (we found some loose threads)
  • Unpleasant odour when unboxed
  • Not washable
  • Longer delivery compared to competitors
  • We were sceptical about some of the YouTube reviews
  • Not a great rating on Trustpilot, and many negative reviews
  • No sleep trial
  • You are responsible for the return cost, which can be expensive

What makes the Derila pillow UK special?

  • Memory foam adapts to the head and neck
  • Ergonomic shape helps to bring the neck into a natural sleeping position
  • Cooling cover for hot sleepers
  • Money-back guarantee included

Are Derila pillows any good?

There is much hype surrounding the Derila pillow online.

The ergonomic design sets it apart from traditional pillows with a shape to help improve your sleeping posture.

derila pillow instructions
Ergonomic pillows promote better neck and spine health.

But is it actually any good? 🤔

We noticed many YouTube reviews for the Derila pillows used an animated computer voice, which made us sceptical about their legitimacy.

Here is an example:

Be careful when reading reviews online, as some manufacturers create fake reviews to mislead buyers into thinking their product is popular.

You can feel assured that our review is genuine and honest.

In fact, we tested the Derila pillow for several weeks to find out if it was any good. 🕵️

Throughout this article, we’ll provide a completely unbiased account of our experience with the Derila pillow.

Who is Derila?

Derila comes from a company called Orbio World, based in Lithuania.

The Derila pillow is not manufactured in the UK but can be ordered from the official website, which delivers internationally from China. 🌍

We received our Derila pillow without any delivery issues.

Derila pillow composition

The Derila pillow is meant to help with snoring, tension and neck pain.

But how does it do this?


The Derila memory foam pillow has an ergonomic design with butterfly support wings and a neck nook to position the head and neck in a natural sleeping position. 🦋

Derila pillow from side
The Derila foam pillow has an ergonomic shape.

The pillow's design is intended to relieve tension as the neck can sit within the hollow shape to align with the spine.

The shape fits the head and neck in a way that should be comfortable in every sleeping position.

We felt reasonably comfortable on the Derila pillow during testing, but we’re not sure we’d go as far as saying it’s a cure for neck and back pain.


Memory foam

The Derila pillow comprises 3 cm (1.18”) memory foam and a foam base layer.

The pillow is very firm, offering a supportive feel. 🧱

However, it might feel too firm for some people.

If you prefer to sink into your pillow, we recommend looking at other alternatives.

Our article on the best pillows offers some more guidance.

The Derila pillow promises to support the spine's natural curve and cushion the head area with contouring memory foam.

We tested the responsiveness of the memory foam below:

The Derila memory foam adapts to pressure and returns to its original shape. 🧽

However, the material isn't as advanced as Tempur pillows.

Tempur uses phase-changing materials [1] that turn to liquid so they can easily mould around the body. 💦

Check out our favourite Tempur pillows below:

Is the Derila pillow comfortable?

The Derila pillow is unlike traditional pillows in both shape and function.

It's designed to keep the head elevated at 10 cm (3.9") at its highest point.

According to the Derila pillow manufacturers, the hollow shape and butterfly wings ensure your head is positioned correctly throughout the night.


Derila pillow
The Derila pillow has a unique shape.

This is intended to relax the neck muscles and support the head and neck.

It also ensures the spine is not twisted or overstretched.

We tested the Derila pillow during the day and throughout the night. 🌙

Initially, our tester found it very high, and adjusting to this elevated feel was difficult.

Pillow alignments
Your pillow should align your neck and spine.

Our one tester felt uncomfortable in the neck area on the first night.

It took some time to adapt to this new shape, and they found the edges around the neck slightly irritating.

On the other hand, they didn’t experience any pain or tension in their neck when sleeping on the pillow. ✅

Just like mattresses, it can take time for the body to adjust to a new pillow.

Our other tester, who suffers from back problems, experienced different results.

They found the Derila pillow very comfortable and had some tension relief after a few nights.


Upper spinal alignment
Correct spinal alignment will prevent you from waking up with neck pain.

During sleep, our tester found the shape of the pillow kept the head and neck stable, but the foam lacked the contouring feel that you get with other memory foam pillows.

We all have different requirements for our sleep, and what suits one person might not suit another.

But if a pillow feels too high, this is usually not a good sign. 👎

Instead, a supportive pillow should align your neck with your spine, preventing strain in these areas.

We recommend:

You should also consider your mattress, as this will affect your pillow's suitability and overall sleep quality [2].

If your mattress is tired and sagging, a new pillow won’t make much difference.

Take a look at our favourite mattresses in the UK:

Who is the Derila pillow suitable for?

Derila claims that their pillow is ideal for every sleeping position.

But is this true?

We tried the Derila pillow in the side and front sleeping position:

Derila pillow back sleeper

Derila pillow front sleeper

For each position, you are required to use the Derila pillow slightly differently.

You can follow this guideline:

  • Back sleepers: Place the Derila pillow with the thin side inclined towards the head
  • Side sleepers: Position the pillow with the large end under the hollow of the neck
  • Stomach sleepers: Make sure the thin side of the pillow faces the head and neck

Our Derila pillow how-to-use guide can help:

woman sleeping on derila pillow
The Derila pillow is designed for all sleeping positions.

We found the neck bent upwards too much to be comfortable in the stomach sleeping position. 😣

Stomach sleepers should opt for a soft and low pillow or sleep without a pillow for the best alignment.

We also noticed a slight bend when sleeping in the side position.

Derila pillow side sleeper
The spine should be straight when sleeping on your side.

However, despite this small bend, our tester experienced no pain when waking up in the side sleeping position.


However, older sleepers may have more aches and pains when sleeping with an unsuitable pillow. 👴

If you’re unsure of the type of pillow you need for your sleeping position, you could also choose an adjustable pillow.

The Nectar Adjustable pillow has 3 removable layers so you can test out different sleep heights until you find a suitable arrangement.

Is the Derila pillow suitable for children?

Unfortunately, the Derila pillow is not suitable for children or toddlers. ❌

Children have a smaller body structure, so they must have a pillow designed for their age.

Children having a pillow fight
The Derila pillow is unsuitable for children.

However, we do have some excellent reviews on pillows for children.

We tested our Panda Kids pillow and Panda Toddler pillow on our mini Sleep Hero testers and found them highly suitable for these ages.


Does the Derila pillow reduce snoring?

Derila claims that this snore-busting pillow is just what you need to sleep soundlessly all night.

But how did the Derila anti snore pillow fare during our test?

Unfortunately, our testers reported that they could still hear their partners snoring when they tried the pillow. 😴

If you’re looking for a pillow to eradicate snoring, you can check out our article on the best anti-snoring pillows.

Our favourite anti-snoring pillows:

Does the Derila pillow sleep cool?

The Derila pillow not only features a gel cooling outer layer to regulate temperature while you sleep, but its cover also has breathable pinholes on the side to encourage circulation. 🌡️


Derila pillow cover
The Derila cooling pillow cover has breathable pinholes in the fabric.

This means the Derila pillow pushes away excess heat and draws in cooler air for better airflow.

During our testing, our hot sleeper tester found the pillow relatively comfortable with no overheating issues.

However, the pillow includes a memory foam core known for retaining heat. 🥵

If you’re a hot sleeper, you may consider a cooling pillow instead.

Cooling pillows contain gel or graphite to draw excess heat away from the body.

Derila pillow cover

The Derila pillow cover comes in a thick fabric with a quilted diamond pattern and feels soft and high quality.

The cover was easy to remove using the attached zipper.


Derila pillow cover zip
You can easily remove the Derila cooling cover.

You can purchase Derila pillowcases on the Derila website. 💻

The Derila pillow has a unique shape and smaller size compared with a standard pillow.

You may be able to use a regular pillow case, but because of the shape and size, it might have a loose fit.

This is important as the pillow's shape means only customised covers will fit it.

The Derila pillow also comes with an in-built breathable pillow protector to further protect the memory foam.

Unfortunately, we found a tear in our Derila pillow protector. 🙁

Derila pillow protector
Our Derila pillow had a tear in the protector.

The cover is removable but can only be hand-washed. 🧼

We prefer fully washable pillow covers as house dust mites can only be killed by washing at 60°C or more.

This means the Derila pillow may not be the best option for allergy sufferers.

However, we have some excellent, machine-washable pillow cover alternatives.

Our favourite pillows with machine-washable covers:

Derila pillow size

We measured the Derila pillow to see if it matched the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. 📏

We were very pleased to note that these dimensions were correct.

The Derila pillow measures 50 x 30 (19 x 11.8).

It also has two different depths, with the pillow measuring 10 cm (3.9") at its highest point and 5 cm (1.9") at its lowest.

A standard pillow size in the UK typically measures 50 x 75 cm (19.6 x 29.5”).

Therefore, the Derila pillow is very compact and ideal for travelling.


Unfortunately, the Derila pillow is unavailable in larger sizes.

If you're looking for a travel pillow, the Ostrichpillow is another great option.

Derila pillow price

You can buy Derila pillows with PayPal, credit card or other electronic payment methods. 💳

But how much does a Derila pillow cost?

On the Derila website, the pillow is advertised as costing over £130 for a single pillow.

This is fairly expensive, and we believe there are much better quality alternatives available in the UK.

Man jumping with coins
The Derila pillow is costly.

A good quality memory foam pillow usually costs between £40 - £150. 💰

We’d recommend looking into some better-value alternatives.

Our favourite memory foam pillow alternatives:

Derila pillow discount codes

Although the RRP of the Derila pillow is relatively costly, you can get regular discounts on this memory foam pillow. 🏷️

You can also get the pillows at a discounted price when buying multiple pillows, with options to buy a set of 2, 3, or even 4 pillows in one go.

Our discounts page lists the best memory foam pillow offers in the UK.


Sign up for our newsletter for all the latest discounts on pillows and mattresses:

Derila pillow reviews

The Derila pillow has mixed customer reviews online. 😕

Positive Derila reviews relate to the problem-free delivery and the pillow being very supportive, particularly for side sleepers.

Some customer complaints are about the pillow being low quality and uncommunicative customer service.

Several customers also stated that they ordered one pillow only to be charged for multiple and then were ignored by customer service and unable to get a refund.

Customers have even made suggestions about Derila being a scam company. 😯

We'd say purchase with caution if you're sceptical about a Derila pillow scam.

On Trustpilot they have an average 3.0 rating, which is low compared to other UK competitors.

Derila pillow UK reviews have the lowest customer rating compared to other pillow and mattress brands.

In contrast, Panda London has one of the best Trustpilot ratings.

The Panda Memory Foam pillow and Panda Hybrid Bamboo pillow are among our favourite pillows ever tested. 🐼

You can find out more about the Panda pillows below:

Derila pillow delivery

The Derila pillow is shipped internationally from China, with an additional charge for delivery.

Unfortunately, buying multiple pillows in bulk doesn’t affect the added delivery charge.


According to the Derila website, it takes 8 - 12 days for your pillow to be delivered to the UK. 🚚

However, you can purchase the Derila pillow from Amazon if you want a faster turnaround.

We were kept regularly updated with tracking information whilst we waited for delivery. ☎️

Derila pillow delivery
The delivery process is easy.

However, we were also bombarded with advertising emails after placing an order.

Receiving our Derila pillow

The Derila pillow arrived vacuum-packed, making it even more compact in the packaging.

Derila pillow in packaging
The Derila pillow is vacuum sealed.

The manufacturer states to leave the pillow for 24 hours to fully expand to its original size. ⏱️

At first glance, the pillow looked good quality.

But we soon noticed loose threads on the pillow, and the inner protector was torn.

Derila pillow loose thread
The Derila pillow had some faults.

The pillow also had a strong smell, which took a few days to disappear. ♨️

This is known as off-gassing and is fairly common with memory foam products.

We received a free sleep mask with our Derila pillow, which was a great bonus.

The sleep mask has soft velvet fabric in a mint green colour and comes with an adjustable strap.


Derila pillow sleep mask
We got a free sleep mask with our Derila pillow.

A sleep mask is a great way to block out light for undisturbed sleep at any time of day.

Derila pillow returns

If you’re unhappy with your Derila pillow, you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days of your delivery date.

You should contact the manufacturer directly through the website and fill out the online contact form. 💻

You will be responsible for covering the shipping costs for the return.

The Derila pillow must be in an unused condition in its original packaging.

If you return the item after 14 days, be aware that there's a 15% restocking fee.

The manufacturer reserves the right to charge a fee if they determine the Derila pillow has been used.

Woman confused
The Derila pillow returns process is difficult.

We suggest you keep a note of your tracking number in case the warehouse rejects your return. 😧

Overall, we find this return policy very disappointing and can understand some of the negative Derila pillow reviews by customers wishing to return their pillows.

We prefer recommending brands that side with the buyer and cover all the return fees with no additional strings attached.

We always urge you to purchase a pillow with a sleep trial to see if it's suitable without wasting your money.

Take a look at these brands that include a minimum 14-day sleep trial and free returns:

Should you buy the Derila pillow?

So, should you purchase the Derila for perfect sleep?

We tested the Derila pillow for several weeks and are not convinced this is the answer to a great night’s sleep. 🤔

While we did find some comfort in the Derila pillow, we’re not sure it’s a cure for neck and back pain.

We also found it wasn’t suitable for every sleeping position as advertised.

Our Derila pillow had some loose threads and a tear in the protector, concluding that it’s not made with the best care and attention.

We were also disappointed by the high delivery cost and the returns process that doesn’t have the buyers best interests in mind.

There are many negative Derila pillow reviews UK, and if you make a purchase, keep in mind that it may be costly to return your pillow. 🤞

Instead, why not look into better alternatives from UK brands with which we’ve had a much better experience?

Our article on the best memory foam pillows has some fantastic alternatives.


  • Material

    Fairly good quality but needs more attention to detail. 

  • Comfort

    Not suitable for all sleeping positions as promised.

  • Off-gassing

    It took a few days for the smell to disappear. 

  • Breathability

    Highly breathable cover. 

  • Motion transfer & support

    Average support. 

  • Delivery & returns

    Disappointing return policy. 

  • Value for money

    Better value products are available. 

Motion transfer & support
Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Derila

Customer service: To contact Derila directly for complaints, support, or queries, please use their online contact form [3] or call them on +1(862) 329-7011.

Registered office: K. Donelaicio 60, LT-44248, Kaunas, Lithuania

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy the Derila pillow?

    Derila ships to most continents, including the US, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

    We ordered the Derila pillow from the manufacturer's official website.

    When ordering from the Derila pillow website, it will be shipped from China to the UK, which takes around 8 - 12 days.

    However, you can buy Derila pillows on Amazon for quicker delivery. 

    Currently, no other retailers in the UK stock the Derila pillow. 

    If you're in Europe, you can also buy via Amazon, though we'd recommend checking out some alternative EU-based pillows like the Lilia Forever Pillow instead.

  • Where are Derila pillows made?

    Derila pillows are manufactured in China but can be shipped to the UK for a fee. 

  • What are Derila pillows made of?

    Derila pillows are made with a memory layer and a firm base foam layer. 

  • Are Derila pillows good for side sleepers?

    Derila pillows may be suitable for some side sleepers, but we can't say if they will be a good fit for you. 

    As well as your sleeping position, pillow suitability also depends on your body and neck shape, as well as a multitude of other factors. 

    During our test, the Derila memory foam pillow was fairly suitable for our side sleeper, although there was a slight bend in the spine. 

    Scroll up to our Derila review for more information about how it fared during our comfort test. 

    To learn more, check out our article on the best pillows for side sleepers

  • How important is your pillow?

    A suitable pillow is an essential part of getting the best sleep quality. 

    Our Derila pillows reviews has all the info above. 

    A pillow's job is to help the head and neck align with the spine during sleep so that they are in a neutral position. 

    But the type of pillow you need depends on your sleeping position, body shape and other factors. 

    Our guide on the best pillows in the UK can tell you more about choosing the perfect pillow to suit your needs. 

  • References


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