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Interview With Hypnia's CEO Samuel Galloo

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Hypnia is a relative newcomer in the UK sleep world.

But they've already developed into a firm favourite.

What's the secret to their success?

We sat down with Hypnia's CEO, Samuel Galloo [1], to find out more about this global company.

Let's get straight to it.

samuel galloo hypnia ceo

Introducing Hypnia Sleep

To get started, let's briefly look at Hypnia and its origins.

Could you share how Hypnia was founded and what inspired its focus on sleep-related products?

"The genesis of Hypnia dates back to a simple realisation: good sleep is essential for well-being.

However, the traditional mattress shopping experience had major shortcomings in terms of guidance, information complexity, and consistency in offered technologies, not to mention often inflated prices.

Building on this observation, Hypnia set out to revolutionise the sleep industry by becoming the first brand to offer "bed-in-box" mattresses in Europe back in 2008. This innovative concept involves exclusively offering mattresses online, delivered in compact boxes within just a few days, thus providing a new shopping experience and allowing us to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price.

unpacking hypnia bed in a box
Hypnia is a bed-in-a-box brand that delivers mattresses rolled up in a compact box.

Today, the brand aims to become a benchmark in the market by expanding its product range to include all aspects of sleep, including furniture, bedding, accessories, and, of course, mattresses."

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a company?

"I am particularly proud of the recent rebranding and upscaling of our activity in the United Kingdom, which was marked by the merger of Hypnia's French and British brands.

This initiative has allowed us to combine our strengths and strengthen our presence in the UK and other global markets.

The promising results we have observed since then attest to the success of this strategy, with healthy growth and encouraging performance for the future with an ever-expanding product range."

Hypnia and its products

Next, let's consider Hypnia's product range and take a sneak peek at what's in the pipeline.

Which product would you consider your flagship or star product, and why?

"Our flagship product is undoubtedly our Supreme Hybrid mattress, which has seen significant success across Europe - the United Kingdom is no exception.

This mattress has been recognised by several European labels for its innovation and quality.

It remains our best-selling and most recommended product by our customers. With its integrated topper and plush support, it offers comfort akin to that of a high-end mattress in a 5-star hotel at a competitive price.

hypnia supreme hybrid
The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid is the company's best-seller.

You should give it a try - you have a 200-day free trial!"

How do you ensure your sleep products' quality, safety, and durability?

"We have established stringent processes for developing high-quality products with a strict focus on fine details and above industry standards.

Additionally, we are fortunate to have a nap room in our offices, where we genuinely test each of our prototypes. Our employees take power naps there when needed to validate the comfort and quality of our products.

We also collaborate with specialised laboratories to test the durability of our products using machines that simulate multiple sleep cycles over a period of more than 15 years."

Are there any upcoming products you're excited to launch in the UK and/or beyond?

"We are working on developing other mattresses to complement our current range. Hypnia understands that there is no one-size-fits-all mattress. Our customers are unique, and we strive to develop mattresses tailored to their needs and budget.

We also plan to expand the realm of sleep by offering more furniture, bedding, and sleep accessories to benefit our customers."

How do you develop new products, and what are the most essential steps in this process?

"Our focused product team works closely with the customer service department to listen not only to the market but also to our customers' genuine needs. Their feedback allows us to improve and create new products that meet and exceed their expectations.

With a comprehensive brief, we collaborate with our manufacturer on the product until we achieve a perfect prototype.

Once the product is finalised and has passed all laboratory tests for safety, durability, and comfort, we place a test order to gather initial customer feedback before launching larger-scale production.

This is how we carefully develop our ongoing product range."

How often do you update or refresh your product lineup?

"We don't adhere to a set schedule. Instead, we operate within a "test and learn" framework.

Our dedicated product team works tirelessly to create and enhance our range as needed. We continuously test new ideas and concepts, learning from the results and refining our approach accordingly.

experts and scientists testing new products
The product team is consistently working on innovative product ideas.

This agile methodology allows us to stay responsive to market demands and consistently deliver products that meet our customers' needs and expectations."

How do you stay competitive amidst new sleep-related products and companies?

"We remain attentive to our customers' feedback and needs by staying vigilant and up-to-date with emerging technologies and market developments.

This proactive approach ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, continuously adapting to meet the evolving demands of our customers and the industry as a whole."

Hypnia's community and goodwill efforts

Sustainability is vital in today's world - let's discover how Hypnia approaches this.

How do you prioritise sustainability or eco-friendly practices in your production process?

"We prioritise sustainability and ecological practices from the beginning of our production process through to recycling and refurbishing our products.

We exclusively use 100% recyclable products and materials, including our packaging, foams, and covers. Additionally, we strive to reduce package clutter by adopting smarter and less bulky packaging for improved delivery, efficiency, and storage optimisation.

smart packaging with hypnia pillow
Smart packaging helps Hypnia stay at the top of the game in terms of sustainability.

Moreover, our bedding products, such as duvets and pillows, are made from eco-friendly recycled fibres."

Can you tell us about any philanthropic efforts or community initiatives that Hypnia is involved in?

"Hypnia actively engages in philanthropic efforts and community initiatives.

In the last three years, we have donated mattresses worth over £750k to charitable associations.

We also share excess waste products with other brands and partners to use in their products, helping to create a closed-loop economy."

Have you implemented a waste reduction programme, and what do you do with returned mattresses?

"Yes, we have implemented a waste reduction programme that includes refurbishment of all of our returned mattresses.

These mattresses undergo a rigorous reconditioning process, during which the foams are disinfected, quality and durability are checked, covers are replaced with new ones, and the mattresses are recompressed and readied to be resold as reconditioned reduced-price products."

The future of sleep and Hypnia

Before concluding, we dive into the future of the sleep world and Hypnia's place in it.

How do you envision the future of sleep and well-being over the next decade?

"Sleep is a fundamental need, and we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping.

With increasing stress levels and hectic lifestyles, people will continue to seek solutions to improve the quality of their sleep to promote their overall well-being.

We firmly believe that technology will play a significant role in this evolution by offering innovations such as advanced sleep-tracking devices, meditation-based relaxation solutions, and ergonomic products designed to facilitate optimal rest, health, and improved quality of life."

woman meditating in bed
Overall health and well-being are set to become even more important.

What do you find most rewarding about helping people sleep better?

"The most rewarding aspect for us is seeing the tangible impact we have on people's lives by improving their sleep. There's nothing more satisfying than receiving positive feedback from our customers who tell us they have regained restful sleep thanks to our products.

Knowing that we contribute to the health and well-being of our customers by providing them with more peaceful nights of sleep is a constant source of motivation for our team."

For potential customers, what main message would you like to convey about your brand and products?

"Our main message is that, at Hypnia, we aim for much more than simply improving your sleep.

Our goal is to make you dream. We are committed to creating a unique experience that transcends the mere functionality of our products.

Our products are carefully crafted using the finest materials, offering you customised comfort and sleep with a range of products tailored to your needs."

Thank yous

A massive thank you to Samuel for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.

For more information on Hypnia products, check out some of our linked reviews below.

And for more information on Samuel, check out his LinkedIn [1] profile.

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Contact Hypnia UK

Customer service: To contact Hypnia UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please use their online contact form or call them on 020 4571 7560. Hypnia support is available Monday - Friday from 10 am - 6 pm.

Registered office: Unit 106 Aviation Park West, Bournemouth Airport, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom, BH23 6NW

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