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Origin Mattress Interview With Charlotte Yap (2024)

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Origin is an award-winning mattress brand - and one of the UK's biggest up-and-coming brands - that is already well-established in the USA, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

First established in 2018, the brand has positioned itself as a leader in working with world-class sleep experts and athletes.

So what makes Origin tick and how do the products stand out?

We chatted with Origin's Assistant Head of Marketing, Ms Charlotte Yap [1], to find out more.

charlotte yap origin mattress uk

Introducing Origin Mattress

To begin, let's find out a little more about Origin as a brand.

Could you share the story of how Origin was founded, and what inspired its focus on sleep products?

"The reason for starting Origin is that we realised the untapped potential of the sleep industry and sought to revolutionise it.

But our decision to enter this market was influenced by a number of key factors.

  • First, we observed that the existing options for consumers were either extremely expensive or of mediocre quality. A lack of affordability and quality left customers dissatisfed und unable to find a mattress that genuinely met their needs.
  • Furthermore, the process of shopping for a mattress was frustrating. There were a number of retail brands that dominated the market and overcharged their customers, based on their established brand names. There was a significant pricing barrier that prevented many individuals from finding a mattress that was both comfortable and reasonably priced.
  • In addition, we noted that there was no easy and convenient method of purchasing for customers. The traditional method of visiting a physical store seemed time-consuming and outdated. In the digital age, we believe customers should have a seamless and hassle-free buying experience. Therefore, we offer a 200-day trial period, which allows the customer to request a 100% refund if they're unsatisfied with their mattress within this time frame. In addition, we provide free shipping and returns, as well as a 15-year warranty on our mattresses.

Motivated by these observations, we established Origin as a brand that offers high-quality and affordable mattress options.

We recognise the importance of a quality mattress in promoting optimal sleep, which directly affects overall health and well-being.

Our vision for Origin is clear: To disrupt the sleep industry by providing customers with a seamless and accessible buying experience, accompanied by affordable and high-quality mattresses.

origin mattress

Our dedication to offering comfortable and affordable sleep solutions serves as the driving force behind the commitment to growth and innovation within the industry."

How would you describe Origin’s brand voice and messaging?

"Origin has built a strong reputation by consistently delivering reliable and high-quality products. When crafting our brand messaging, we carefully selected our words to evoke a sense of expertise and dependability. We want our customers to have full confidence in choosing Origin sleep products, knowing that they are selecting the utmost in quality and affordability.

Our message primarily focuses on highlighting the exceptional quality of our products, emphasising their durability, functionality, and innovative features.

We aim for customers to understand that selecting Origin means investing in a sleep solution that will not only last but also significantly enhance their overall sleep experience and well-being.

We ensure that our communication remains consistent across all channels, whether it's our website content, social media posts, or interactions with customers. We strive to effectively convey our brand image, instilling trust and fostering long-term relationships with our valued customers.

In summary, Origin effectively communicates its position as a highly trustworthy player in the industry, consistently capturing our customers' confidence."

Origin works with athletes a lot. Can you tell us about any partnerships or collaborations that have helped your brand’s success?

"We received positive feedback from several athletes who expressed their love for our mattress and acknowledged that it improved their sleep quality and performance.

This prompted us to focus further on catering to the needs of athletes and helping more of them achieve better sleep. In return, we sought product feedback from professionals who prioritise the importance of high-quality sleep.

Collaborating with athletes has proven to be a rewarding experience, aligning with our ultimate goal of assisting individuals worldwide in achieving optimal sleep for a fulfilling life. We often refer to it as the 'Sleep. Recharge. Conquer.' philosophy.

In addition to our athlete partnerships, we actively collaborate with sleep experts to ensure the development of top-notch products.

We also engage with media companies to raise consumer awareness of our brand, encouraging them to try our products and develop a genuine appreciation for them."

Understanding Origin's products and company logistics

Now that we know a bit more about the brand, let's take a look at what goes into their products.

Which product would you consider as your flagship or star product, and why?

"We have two flagship products that cater to different customer needs:

  • Origin Hybrid Mattress: The Origin Hybrid Mattress offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. Customers are pleasantly surprised by its superior construction and the improvement in their sleep quality. Many customers who have previously owned expensive mattresses find our product to be equally impressive, and some even express disbelief at its value.
  • Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress: For customers who view sleep as an investment or have a slightly higher budget, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is the ideal choice. It offers enhanced pressure relief and a noticeable cooling effect.

Many customers who initially purchase our Hybrid Mattress eventually upgrade to the Hybrid Pro after a few years."

cat lying on origin hybrid mattress
Our Head of Cuteness, Nimbus, enjoyed his snooze on the Origin Hybrid mattress.

How do you ensure the quality, safety, and durability of your sleep products?

"We collaborate with sleep professionals to guarantee that our mattresses adhere to the most up-to-date scientific criteria for achieving a good night's sleep. This encompasses aspects such as pressure relief, support, firmness, and other important factors.

Additionally, we partner with numerous reputable third-party organisations across the globe to ensure that our products meet the strictest safety and quality standards.

For instance, our foam undergoes rigorous testing and holds the CertiPUR-US® certification [2], highlighting its superior quality. Furthermore, we proudly maintain the OEKO-TEX® certification [3], signifying our commitment to producing products that are free from harmful substances."

Can you describe the materials used in your top products, and explain how they enhance sleep quality?

"The choice of materials utilised depends on the specific products being created.

Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress was specifically designed to provide exceptional sleep at a much lower cost.

Our dedicated team of sleep engineers conducted extensive testing in our Sleep Lab, experimenting with over a thousand different designs and materials. The goal was to create a high-quality sleep experience that is within everyone's budget.

The impressive result is a six-layer hybrid mattress that delivers the same level of sleep quality as mattresses that are three times its price.

  • The first layer, SnowTencel Fibre, offers a hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft surface. It also provides a cooling effect, making it feel as though you are resting under the gentle breeze from an air conditioner.
  • The second layer, Origin HexaGrid, is crafted from our exclusive blend of polymers and cooling gels. This unique combination ensures unparalleled comfort and relief from pressure points.
  • The third layer, IceCool Foam, is composed of 100% natural latex infused with a cooling gel. This layer provides gentle cushioning and buoyant support, which is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from back and joint pain.
  • The fourth layer, Bamboo-Infused Wool, is a proprietary blend of responsibly sourced bamboo wool and other carefully selected materials. Each component is hand-picked to enhance sleep comfort, and the material is micro-threaded to increase airflow and breathability.
  • The fifth layer, D-2 Edge Support, is made of high-quality foam that is twice as dense as regular foam. This layer expands the comfort area of the mattress and makes getting in and out of bed easier.
  • The sixth layer consists of ErgoCoil Steel Springs, the highest quality individually pocketed springs. These springs quickly adapt to your sleep movements and body shape, providing pressureless support, excellent responsiveness, and efficient air circulation for cool sleep.

With its premium design and advanced features, the Origin Hybrid Mattress offers luxurious sleep without the hefty price tag.

composition of the origin hybrid mattress

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is our most advanced, luxurious, and cooling mattress to date. With 8 thoughtfully crafted layers using premium materials, this mattress ensures the deepest and most comfortable sleep experience.

We believe that superior sleep requires superior materials, which is why our Hybrid Pro mattress combines only those materials that have been scientifically proven to enhance sleep quality.

  • The first layer, PolarSilk Tencel, features a lavish fabric derived from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. It boasts a soft and silky texture that feels incredibly soothing against your skin, while also providing a remarkably cool sensation.
  • The second layer, Graphite Crystal Latex, made by infusing 100% natural latex with tiny graphite crystals, effectively dissipates heat and maintains an optimal sleeping temperature. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning due to overheating.
  • The third layer, HexaGrid Plus, utilises our own proprietary blend of polymers and cooling gels. This layer is specifically designed to offer ultimate comfort and relieve pressure points. You'll experience unmatched support and a truly restful sleep.
  • The fourth layer, Bamboo-Infused Wool, consists of carefully selected organic materials combined in our exclusive wool blend. Its micro-threading enhances airflow and breathability, contributing to a more comfortable sleep environment.
  • The fifth layer, ErgoCoil Steel MicroSprings, is crafted from premium-quality, high-tensile steel, with each micro-spring individually encased in a soft, breathable fabric pocket. This hyper-responsive layer effortlessly adjusts to your every movement, providing optimal support.
  • The sixth layer, Cooling Comfort Foam, is an open-cell foam infused with cooling gel particles that assist in the transfer of heat away from the body. Additionally, it offers exceptional support and minimises motion disturbance to ensure a peaceful slumber.
  • The seventh layer, Aerospace-Grade Titanium Springs, is inspired by the titanium used in the aerospace industry; this layer features springs coiled at different tensions. Strategically placed to support your head, shoulders, back, and legs, they deliver superior comfort. These titanium springs are not only strong and durable but also lightweight.
  • The eighth layer, D-3 Edge Support, is made from high-quality foam that is three times denser than regular foam. This layer extends the comfort area of the mattress. Additionally, it facilitates easy access when getting in and out of bed.

Customers can experience ultimate comfort and restful sleep with the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. Created using advanced materials and expert craftsmanship, it is guaranteed to provide the highest level of luxury and support."

What sets your sleep products apart from others in the market?

"Our hybrid mattresses have gone through continuous enhancements and rigorous testing at every stage.

We collaborate with our award-winning German design team and a global network of medical professionals, including chiropractors and physiotherapists, to manufacture all our products.

Our utmost care and attention to detail have resulted in mattresses that provide quality sleep at an affordable price point.

experts testing mattresses
Origin's products undergo rigorous testing.

To achieve this, we have streamlined our operations and eliminated retail and middlemen, allowing us to offer superior product design without any unnecessary frills.

Furthermore, we develop our own materials in-house, which enables us to deliver better sleep solutions at a more accessible price.

Additionally, we prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials to minimise our impact on the environment. Despite these sustainable practices, we still provide a more cost-effective and valuable option compared to our competitors.

Our mattresses are meticulously designed to offer exceptional support and cooling capabilities tailored to your unique body type, temperature, and weight, all for the betterment of your well-being.

A restful night's sleep and waking up without body aches can greatly enhance your overall productivity and quality of life.

Here's how we accomplish this:

  • We employ pressure mapping technology to ensure optimal pressure distribution across joints. This ensures that weight is properly distributed, preventing discomfort and promoting a comfortable sleep experience.
  • Our Aerospace-Grade Titanium Springs, ErgoCoil Steel MicroSprings, and ErgoCoil Steel springs have been engineered to accommodate different weight requirements, providing targeted support.
  • Our hybrid mattresses are made with cooling materials, such as Graphite Crystal Latex, Bamboo-Infused Wool, Cooling Comfort Foam, and IceCool Foam. These materials are breathable, allowing excess heat to dissipate while maintaining necessary support.

We emphasise professionalism in all aspects of our operations, as we strive to offer you the best possible sleep solution.

Throughout our journey, we have achieved numerous prestigious accolades on a global scale. Notably, our mattresses have garnered esteemed recognition from prominent media outlets such as Vogue, GQ, TechRadar, Expert Reviews, News.com.au, and others, solidifying our position as the top-ranked mattress worldwide.

In 2024, we were honoured with the Product Of The Year Australia award in the "$1500 And Below" category. Additionally, our commitment to excellence was acknowledged through the Australian Good Design Awards in 2023, while our exceptional quality received the Australian Choice® Recommended Award and the T3 Platinum Award.

Moreover, our products have accumulated an abundance of positive feedback across various review platforms, including Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Product Review Australia [4]."

How do you come up with new products, and what are the most essential steps in the development process?

"We work closely with renowned sleep experts and product designers to create designs that go through a rigorous feedback process involving sleep experts, athletes, and customers. We value their input and continuously improve our products based on their feedback.

To ensure that every new product surpasses its predecessor in terms of important performance metrics, we conduct extensive tests throughout the development process.

A vital element of our approach is the prompt solicitation of feedback and the swift implementation of necessary actions based on that feedback."

Could you share any unique customer success stories or testimonials related to your sleep products?

Customer Success Story 1:

Samantha Sadighi, a Certified Sleep Practitioner, specialises in providing easy sleep solutions for individuals of all ages, including babies, children, teens, and adults.

Through her expertise as a sleep coach and sleep consultant, Samantha is dedicated to assisting families and individuals in regaining the necessary sleep they require. She employs research-proven and evidence-based techniques, recognising that sleep is an essential need rather than a luxury.

While Samantha recognises that there is no single magical tip or trick to enable everyone to sleep better, she emphasises the importance of ensuring comfort when attempting to sleep. This is where the Origin mattress became relevant.

For more information, you can visit Samantha's Instagram account. She has also written a blog article about the testimonial of the Origin Mattress [5].

Overall, Samantha maintains a professional tone as she highlights her expertise and emphasises the importance of quality sleep for individuals and families alike.

Customer Success Story 2:

Emily Guiver is an experienced Newborn Care Specialist and Paediatric Sleep Coach, with a career spanning over 25 years. She has worked closely with families, providing care and guidance to newborns, infants, and teenagers.

Emily's expertise extends to children with complex medical needs, and she has received comprehensive training in all areas of child care and development, including a Level 6 certification in Holistic Sleep Coaching. Her knowledge and insights have been featured in publications like Mother and Baby magazine.

Emily also co-hosts a monthly radio show on parenting and has been invited as a guest on numerous podcasts to discuss children's sleep.

In her testimonial, Emily expresses her satisfaction with the Origin mattress, which she describes as a delightful sleeping experience. She appreciates the mattress's perfect combination of comfort and support. Emily's positive sleeping experience is enhanced further by the use of the Origin Coolmax Latex Pillow, facilitating a great night's sleep.

For more information, you can visit Emily's Instagram account. Additionally, you can read her blog article on the importance of an optimal sleep environment and her comprehensive review of the Origin Hybrid Mattress [6].

In addition, we have been garnering positive feedback on Trustpilot and Google reviews [see below]."

Product & delivery have both been amazing: From ordering our new mattress online the whole process has been amazing! From the updates of when we would receive our new mattress to the guys delivering! I would highly recommend it! I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant & have had the best night's sleep since using our new mattress! Wish we would have ordered sooner!! ~ Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
Great mattress: Had a great experience with Origin Mattress. Very fast delivery ordered Thursday and arrived Monday. Have had the mattress a good few weeks now and have found the mattress to be very comfortable. The husband has even mentioned that he wakes up with no aches and pains in the morning! Would highly recommend. ~ Carly White
The best mattress we have had: Me and my partner both suffer from back pain and finding a comfortable mattress has been challenging! I’m so glad we found Origin mattresses! Every morning for the last two weeks we have woken up refreshed with no back pain. It’s so comfortable, I would highly recommend it. ~ Cassie Paterson

How do you handle customer feedback, and have there been any significant improvements based on it?

"In order to enhance our products, we conduct a monthly review of customer feedback while incorporating suggestions from our athletes, sleep experts, and product design team.

We consistently strive for product innovation and make minor adjustments based on customer input.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that some customers have reported receiving orders without prior notification. We are actively working on improving this issue and have communicated this feedback to our delivery partners to ensure that their drivers are aware of our standard operating procedure for deliveries.

customer giving the thumb's up
Customer feedback is at the heart of the brand.

We have also received feedback regarding extended delivery times despite the proximity of our warehouse and delivery partner to the customer's location. While we are aware of this issue, we have informed customers that we are the sole customer of our delivery partners, and unique processing requirements may affect delivery speed.

However, for those customers seeking expedited delivery, we will liaise with our delivery partners to determine if they can provide a fixed timeline.

All delivery-related feedback is handled internally and will be shared with our warehouse and delivery partners for discussion on how to improve this aspect and prevent similar inquiries in the future."

A quick look at logistics

Since Origin operates worldwide, we wanted to find out more about its logistics.

Where are your main offices and production facilities located?

"Apart from our worldwide reach through offices and operations in different nations like the UK, Australia, and Singapore, we have strategically established production facilities in the UK and Malaysia.

This strategic distribution enables us to effectively meet the needs of our diverse clientele worldwide, all the while upholding professionalism and ensuring the delivery of top-notch products."

Can you describe your delivery process, including shipping, packaging, tracking options, and timelines?

"Delivery within the United Kingdom is complimentary and typically takes 2 - 4 working days.

Here is how our delivery process works:

  • After placing an order, it is received by our system.
  • We prioritise the picking of orders based on their estimated delivery time to ensure prompt delivery.
  • Once the picking process is completed, the order details are forwarded to our warehouse for packing. The packed order is then sent to our delivery partner, DX [7], who will provide a tracking number.
  • Customers will receive the tracking details via email, enabling them to monitor the progress of their orders.
  • All of these processes are completed within three days of receiving the order, and the delivery itself is expected to be fulfilled within three days.

Our approach ensures efficient and timely delivery, providing customers with a hassle-free experience."

Community, eco-friendliness, and sustainability

Sustainability in today's world cannot be ignored, so we asked Origin about this, too.

How do you prioritise sustainability or eco-friendly practices in your production process?

"At Origin, we strongly uphold our responsibility to preserve this magnificent planet for future generations. As a result, we are dedicated to utilising our technology and expertise to contribute to a greener future.

We understand that this journey will not be without challenges and will require both effort and time.

However, we are determined to persist until every possible action has been taken. We will continuously evaluate and refine our operational procedures until we can confidently state that no further improvements are needed.

Our mission is to combat climate change not only in the UK but also globally.

We aim to achieve this by incorporating natural materials into our products, engaging in tree-planting initiatives, eliminating waste sent to landfills, and pursuing various other initiatives.

Overall, our commitment lies in making a positive impact on the environment through the implementation of sustainable practices."

Do you measure CO2 emissions linked to your operations, and what initiatives are in place to mitigate environmental impact?

"In line with our commitment to sustainability, our research team consistently strives to discover more eco-friendly materials that we can incorporate into our products.

Our mattress components, including memory foam, springs, and latex, have been partially infused with biodegradable materials.

To ensure our products' safety and environmental responsibility, we have undergone independent testing in third-party laboratories and received certifications from OEKO-TEX® and CertiPUR-US®.

These certifications confirm that our products do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, lead, heavy metals, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, VOCs, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission [8].

person on a green mattress
Origin positions itself as an environmentally responsible brand.

In addition to utilising environmentally responsible materials, we are committed to minimising waste, combating deforestation through tree-planting initiatives, and improving our manufacturing processes.

As a result of our ongoing efforts, we have made incremental refinements to our manufacturing practices to reduce the emission of harmful substances like CO2.

Our dedication to sustainability has been recognised with numerous awards in the field, but our journey towards a greener future is far from over."

The future of sleep and Origin

Before wrapping up, we wanted to find out what lies ahead for Origin Mattress.

What is your long-term vision for Origin in the sleep industry?

"Our strategic objective for Origin in the sleep sector is to assist a large number of consumers in achieving sound sleep by means of our product offerings.

Additionally, we aim to broaden our product line to accommodate the unique requirements of diverse customer segments.

Our emphasis remains on providing high-quality sleep solutions."

What emerging trends in the sleep industry are on your radar, and how are you preparing for them?

"Our constant focus is on improving the quality of our products to meet the demands of our customers. To achieve this, we continuously strive to enhance our efficiency, allowing us to offer better value at more affordable prices.

person studying
Innovation is one of Origin's prime focuses.

We also understand the importance of prompt delivery to our customers, so we consistently work to speed up our order fulfilment process.

Additionally, we are keenly aware of the growing desire among our customers for eco-friendly products. Consequently, we regularly re-examine our approach and explore technologies that can enable us to minimise the environmental impact of our mattresses, effectively aligning them with sustainability goals.

Furthermore, we are constantly exploring new materials and designs that can further enhance the sleep properties of our products."

Thank yous

A massive thank you to Charlotte for taking the time to provide us with such in-depth answers.

We're excited to see what Origin's future in the UK will bring.

To read more about Origin's products, check out some of our reviews below.

And for more information on Charlotte, please visit her LinkedIn [1] profile.

Origin UK's top products:

Contact Origin Mattress UK

Customer service: To contact Origin Mattress UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at enquiry@originmattress.co.uk, or visit the live online chat on the Origin Mattress homepage [9].

Registered office: Manchester, Cardinal Maritime Limited, Sharston Road, Manchester, M22 4ZS

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