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Aeyla Interview With Co-Founder Matt King (2024)

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Aeyla is one of the UK's leaders in sleep and stress solutions.

Co-founded by Matt King [1] and Sam Hochland [2] in 2017 as Mela and rebranded in 2022 as Aeyla, there's tons to this brand that you may not know.

So, what's the company's story, and what drives them?

We sat down with co-founder Matt King to find out more.

Let's dive right in.

aeyla sleep matt king and sam hochland

Introducing Aeyla as a company

Let's take a closer look at how co-founders Matt King and Sam Hochland created Aeyla in 2017.

Could you share the story of how Aeyla was founded and what inspired its focus on sleep- and stress-related products?

"Aeyla was originally founded as Mela - until we rebranded to Aeyla in 2022.

We noticed a lot of friends and family members struggling with sleep and stress and, after much research, discovered it was one of the fastest growing segments within wellness.

So we wanted to create a business to cater to those problems."

aeyla mela air weighted blanket
The Mela Weighted Blanket still pays tribute to the company's original name.

What does the name “Aeyla” mean, and where does it come from?

"Aeyla is inspired by the Bulgarian word Ailyak, which is the subtle art of doing everything in a calm and unrushed manner."

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a company?

"Since starting, we have helped over 85,000 people sleep better and reduce stress."

Are there any personal stories or experiences from the team that have influenced the creation or design of any of your products?

"More so from our customers - we survey them regularly to see what sort of products they would like or if they'd recommend improvements to any existing products they already use."

Given that sleep and well-being are closely intertwined and Aeyla’s focus on sleep and stress solutions, how does the company prioritise its employees’ well-being and mental health?

"We try to have a relaxed work environment and are 100% remote, which allows employees not to waste precious time commuting daily (one of the main reasons for workplace stress)."

How do you ensure the brand remains authentic to its core values amidst rapid growth and change?

"To ensure Aeyla remains authentic to its core values amidst rapid growth, we integrate our core values of trust, accountability and quality into every aspect of our operations, from product development to customer engagement, ensuring decisions and innovations are always aligned with our commitment to quality sleep and customer well-being."

Exploring Aeyla's product range

We've enjoyed testing dozens of Aeyla's top-notch products, so let's find out more about how these are created and which stand out.

Which product would you consider your flagship or star product, and why?

"Our best seller is probably the Dual Pillow, which has a unique 2-in-1 pillow design and provides the perfect balance of neck support and softness for comfort.

It’s a great alternative to down pillows, which can cause problems for allergy sufferers and usually involve farming practices that are harmful to animals."

How do you ensure the quality, safety, and durability of your sleep products?

"We do extensive testing before adding a new product to ensure the quality levels are always the best we can get within our price targets.

experts testing products
Each product undergoes thorough testing before shipping.

We also conduct third-party testing of the products before shipping, as well as factory audits to ensure that quality remains consistent."

How do you promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being through your products, across the board, from sleep accessories to your stress solution products?

"Aeyla promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being through a holistic approach in our product range and communication with customers, incorporating advanced sleep technology, helpful content for customers, ergonomic designs, and unique materials specifically designed to help our customers sleep and feel better."

Do you have any upcoming products that you’re excited to launch?

"For now, we're focused on expanding our core product selection in international markets, but we will soon be adding more types of pillows to our range."

How do you ensure your products create a holistic brand experience for users, from unboxing to daily use?

"By meticulously designing each aspect of the customer journey, starting with engaging and informative packaging that reflects our brand's ethos through to the intuitive and user-friendly design of our products, which are crafted with unique materials and advanced sleep technologies to consistently deliver comfort and enhance well-being in everyday life."

How do you develop new products, and what are the most essential steps in the development process?

"We conduct a market analysis to see if there’s anything that can be improved or is missing from current offerings, and then we speak to our customers to see if this is something they would be interested in purchasing and why.

The most essential step is testing a product before ordering stock.

Even if all your customers say they are interested in a specific product, they may not purchase it once available.

This is why testing product ideas on a landing page before ordering bulk stock can demonstrate actual demand for a new idea."

Are there any sleep technologies you recommend for a comprehensive sleep solution alongside your products?

"It’s not a sleep technology, but physical exercise every day (even if just a walk) has been shown to massively help improve sleep, alongside stopping caffeine intake by 2 pm."

person doing yoga
Daily exercise is one of the best tricks to help you sleep better - get more in our sleep hygiene guide.

How do you stay competitive amidst the influx of new sleep-related products and companies?

"It is challenging, but we try to consistently improve our products through customer feedback and provide the best customer research.

Over time, this creates a moat of positive reviews and a good reputation amongst customers."

Community and eco-friendliness

As a company concerned with wellness, it's to be expected that Aeyla is a company that cares.

How do you prioritise sustainability or eco-friendly practices in your production process?

"We try to use innovative materials, like our eucalyptus silk that is sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and uses 10x less water than normal cotton.

aeyla eucalyptus silk bedding
Aeyla aims to make a difference by focusing on more sustainable materials, like eucalyptus silk.

We also ensure all the factories meet our minimum requirements for environmental practices in production."

Can you share with us any philanthropic efforts or community initiatives Aeyla is involved in?

"We regularly donate bedding to children's special needs schools and, with each purchase, we protect 5 trees in the rainforest."

Are there any specific materials or processes you avoid due to environmental or ethical concerns?

"We try to avoid normal cotton in our bedding as it's generally full of chemicals and uses a lot of water to produce.

Additionally, we try to limit plastic as much as possible, or, if we do use it, make sure that it is recyclable."

Do you have a programme in place related to minimising waste, and what do you do with returned products?

"We generally donate returned products to charities, and all our packaging is recyclable."

The future of sleep and Aeyla

Before wrapping up, let's see what the future holds for Aeyla.

How do you envision the future of sleep and wellness over the next decade?

"The sleep market is the fastest-growing segment within wellness, so we think it will continue to grow over the next decade as more people become aware of the benefits of good consistent sleep."

What do you find most rewarding about helping people sleep better?

"The most rewarding aspect of helping people sleep better is witnessing the transformative impact it has on their lives, shifting from a state of low energy and mood, which can negatively affect personal relationships and ambitions, to a rejuvenated existence where they can actively engage in and enjoy their passions and daily activities."

woman hugging herself
Transforming people's lives through better sleep is most rewarding to Aeyla as a company.

For potential customers, what core message would you like to convey about your brand and products?

"For potential customers, our core message is that Aeyla is dedicated to transforming lives through improved sleep, offering innovative, high-quality products designed to enhance well-being, energy, and mood, and ultimately empowering you to live a more fulfilled and active life by prioritising restorative sleep."

Thank yous

Thank you to Matt for taking the time to answer our questions.

For more information on Aeyla products, check out some of our linked reviews below.

And for more information on the company's co-founders, check out Matt's LinkedIn [1]profile and Sam's LinkedIn [2]profile.

Aeyla's top products:

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