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Aeyla Mela Weighted Blanket Review UK (2024)

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Fed up with counting sheep? 🐑

We hear you - the stresses and anxieties of a modern lifestyle can put a real damper on a good night’s sleep.

Luckily, the perfect combination of nighttime snuggles and anxiety relief does exist.

And you’ll find it in the form of Aeyla’s award-winning Mela weighted blanket. 🏆

Weighted blankets have long been known for their anxiety-reducing benefits, and this soft and snuggly Aeyla option may just be the sleep aid you never knew you were missing.

So find out if this is the key to a good night’s sleep in our Aeyla Mela weighted blanket review.

Top features of the Aeyla weighted blanket

30-day trial period
30-Day Trial Period
Free delivery & returns
Free Delivery


  • Multiple weight options available.
  • Premium quality at a great price.
  • Anti-rustle glass beads sown into a quilted design for even pressure stimulation.
  • Machine washable at 30℃.
  • Free delivery and returns.
  • 30-day trial period.
  • 1-year guarantee.


  • The removable cover is no longer available.
  • The colour options are limited.
  • Even the large size may be too small for some people.

Who is the Mela weighted blanket most suitable for?

  • People looking for a soft and snuggly weighted blanket option.
  • Those who need multiple weight options, ranging from 4 - 9 kg (8.8 - 19.8 lbs).
  • People who want a no-fuss fully-washable weighted blanket.
  • Those who are unsure of which weight they need and would like to make use of a trial.

Aeyla Mela weighted blanket composition

There are three main parts to the Mela weighted blanket composition.

These are:

  • The cosy, top side of the cover made of light grey super-soft quilted fleece.
  • The cooling bottom side of the cover made of 100% cotton in pure white.
  • Anti-rustle glass quartz pellets that make up the weighted element, sewn into a pocketed design to keep the beads evenly spread and your blanket smooth and lump-free.

We’ll look at each of these elements in slightly more detail further down as we discuss the unique features and benefits of the Aeyla Mela Air weighted blanket.

Aeyla mela weighted blanket fleece and cotton side
The cotton side is cool, while the fleece side is snuggly and warm.

The blanket itself has a stylish, classic design that’s meant to fit into any bedroom decor.


All materials are also OEKO-TEX-certified [1], meaning they’re tested to be free from toxins and harmful chemicals. 🧪

How heavy is the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket?

Before we go into the unique features of the blanket, though, let’s briefly discuss the weighted options.

If you’re familiar with weighted blankets, you’ll know that the perfect weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight.

This is ironic since so many manufacturers only offer weighted blankets weighing around 7 kg (15.4 lbs), which is inconvenient for anyone weighing under or above 70 kg (154 lbs).

Weight of a weighted blanket

Aeyla is all-inclusive and offers weighted blankets in a wide range of weight options.

These include:

  • 4 kg (8.8 lbs / 0.6 st.) for people weighing between 40 and 45 kg (88 and 99 lbs)
  • 5.5 kg (12 lbs / 0.9 st.) for people weighing between 45 and 65 kg (99 and 143 lbs)
  • 7 kg (15.4 lbs / 1.1 st.) for people weighing between 65 and 80 kg (143 and 176 lbs)
  • 9 kg (19.8 lbs / 1.4 st.) for people weighing above 80 kg (176+ lbs)

These are the guidelines provided by Aeyla and, in our experience, they are pretty spot-on.


But, there are a few caveats to this.

People struggling with claustrophobia [2], for example, will often be more comfortable with lighter weighted blankets as this eliminates the feeling of being stuck.

Using a lighter blanket does slightly minimise the weighted effect, but still gives enough of that hug sensation to keep you comfortable. 🤗

Other people, in contrast, may prefer heavier weighted blankets for more of that tight-hug feel.

Man with weighted blanket boosting serotonin
Weighted blankets boost serotonin, but you may need a gentler or tighter hug sensation.

So the 10% of your bodyweight guideline is beneficial in that it gives you a starting point, but you can always go up or down depending on what you find most comfortable.

Luckily, the Aeyla weighted blanket comes with a 30-day risk-free trial period so you can see if the weight option is right for you - we’ll go into the trial in more detail later.


What does lying under the Mela weighted blanket feel like?

So what does lying under a weighted blanket feel like?

We tried the Mela weighted blanket in two options - the 5.5 kg (12 lbs) and the 7 kg (15.4 lbs).


Of course, the only difference between these two is the weight, so the heavier option gave more pressure (which was really great to relieve sore muscles at the end of a long day) but also felt a little too restrictive.

You can always try a massage gun to relieve sore muscles.

You should be able to move your weighted blanket comfortably - it should feel like a gentle hug, not a sheet of metal weighing you down. 🤨

The Mela weighted blanket is ideal for snuggles.

The quilted fleece top side is super soft, so you’ll really get that gentle hug sensation, while the cooling cotton side will keep you quite cool and comfortable.

Aeyla mela weighted blanket fleece side
This weighted blanket is so snuggly.

And since the glass pellets are sown into fabric pockets, you can rest assured that the blanket will adapt perfectly to your body shape and give you that gentle pressure everywhere.

Does the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket feel hot?

Weighted blankets trap more heat than other types of blankets, and you’re very likely to feel hotter under a weighted blanket than you would under a normal blanket.

But the cooling cotton side of the Mela weighted blanket allows for efficient temperature regulation, so you never have to worry about overheating at night - even if you’re a hot sleeper. ❄️

We tested the blanket during both hotter and cooler nights, and felt comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.


What are the top benefits of the Mela weighted blanket?

So we’ve told you all about the Mela blanket and why we think it’s pretty cool, but we haven’t yet gone into any of the details of why you’d even want a weighted blanket in the first place.

Chances are you already know what weighted blankets are all about, but if you don’t, head over to our guide on the best weighted blankets in the UK, which looks at all the benefits of weighted blankets in a ton of detail.

We’ll go over a few key points here as well.


But, first, what even is a weighted blanket and how does it work?

What is a weighted blanket?

As you may have gathered, a weighted blanket is a type of blanket that has some weight to it. 🏋️

It’s usually either heavier than normal or filled with materials like glass beads sewn into small pockets for equal weight distribution.

How does a weighted blanket work?

A weighted blanket works on the principle of deep pressure touch stimulation, which has a calming effect on the body.

Weighted blanket pressure
Weighted blankets rely on deep pressure therapy.

Basically, putting the blanket over your body feels much like a hug and results in deep pressure therapy, which relaxes the nervous system, releases serotonin (your happy hormones), helps ease stress and anxiety [3], and promotes more restful sleep.

What can weighted blankets help with?

Weighted blankets are most often used to help with mental health, but they actually have a wide range of uses, including helping to relieve the symptoms of some medical conditions.

Benefits of a weighted blanket

Using a weighted blanket may help with the following:

  • Improve sleep quality: Weighted blankets calm your heart rate and breathing to help you get a good night of restorative sleep.
  • Stress and anxiety management: Deep pressure stimulation helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and improves mood.
  • Autism: Weighted blankets can help calm people on the spectrum [4], making it easier for them to cope with sensory overload.
  • ADHD: Deep pressure and comfort provided by weighted blankets can help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD [5].
  • Chronic pain management: A weighted blanket helps to relax the nervous system, which can help ease chronic pain [6].
  • Sleep disorders like RLS: The extra pressure of weighted blankets can help with sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome [7].

Despite a host of benefits, though, weighted blankets aren’t for everyone.


People struggling with conditions like sleep apnoea, asthma, or claustrophobia, for example, may feel uncomfortable under a weighted blanket (though lighter options or using the blanket just over your legs may help).

Children under the ago of two and pregnant women should also stay away from weighted blankets. 🤰

Can you wash the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket?

The Mela Air weighted blanket is still fully washable.

Simply pop it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle (max 30℃). 💦

Lay the blanket flat to dry and avoid hang-drying, as this may stretch the blanket.


The blanket should not be tumble-dried or ironed.

Of course, this all sounds great in theory - but, in practice, it’s not always as simple as it sounds.

For one, your washing machine has to be big enough to fit a bulky blanket (we’ll get to the sizes later), and it has to have a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of the weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket in washing machine
Your washing machine needs to have a high weight capacity to fit a weighted blanket.

Don’t forget that once you add water to the mix, your weighted blanket will become even heavier, so laying it out to flat dry on a suitable surface may also become problematic.

In our experience, the best bet would be to:

  • Wait for a very hot and sunny day to wash your weighted blanket
  • Make sure you have a washing machine with a high weight capacity (or wash by hand if required), and
  • Lay it out on a large (and clean) area to air dry afterwards - something like a sturdy rectangular clothes horse works quite well, though you may also have to rely on a table.

Alternatively, spot-cleaning is a much easier option, and it’ll ensure your blanket will dry better, especially during the colder winter months. 🧽

You may be wondering if a removable cover wouldn't just be a simple fix, and you wouldn't be incorrect here.

The original Mela weighted blanket actually included an inner blanket and a removable cover, which was great for people with young children or pets.

The cover could be removed and popped into the machine quite easily.

But, in our experience, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses with the removable cover. ☀️

While it certainly offered its advantages, putting the removable cover on and taking it off was not a walk in the park, and the weight of the inside blanket often tugged at the cover. so you’d ended up with a bit of a lumpy inside (this is despite the cover being attached to the weighted inner blanket).

Weighted blanket cover with loops
The previous version of the Mela weighted blanket had a cover that could be tied to the inner weighted blanket.

We’re actually big fans of the new Mela weighted blanket, which doesn’t include the removable cover.

This surprised us as we were firm advocates that removable covers would be better before we tried it.

Aeyla Mela weighted blanket sizes

The Mela weighted blanket is available in two size options:

  • Standard (100 x 190 cm / 3'3" x 6'2")
  • Large (135 x 190 cm / 4’4” x 6’2”)

We'd recommend the large for adults and the standard for smaller individuals or children.

No matter which option you go for, though, remember that weighted blankets are not designed to be shared. 👩‍❤️‍👨


Instead, you’re allowed to be completely selfish with your Mela weighted blanket - this is your product designed for your comfort and well-being.

Aeyla Mela weighted blanket price and discount codes

The Aeyla weighted blanket is really well-priced.


It’s a premium product that costs just slightly more than what you’ll find with Kally Sleep or Hypnia, and comes in at a fraction of the price of what you’d pay for an Emma weighted blanket or Simba weighted blanket.

Value for money
The Aeyla weighted blanket offers great value for money.

And considering this product's high-quality design and feel, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Aeyla weighted blanket discount codes

Luckily, Aeyla is also no stranger to offering fabulous discounts, and you can get as much as 55% off your next weighted blanket. 🥳

If any Aeyla Mela Air weighted blanket promotions are currently running, you’ll see them advertised throughout this article.


You can also sign up for our newsletter to ensure you get all the latest deals sent to your inbox. 👇

Aeyla UK delivery conditions

Aeyla does have a minimum order value to quality for free delivery but the Aeyla weighted blankets are way above this.

This means you can enjoy free delivery and returns within the UK. 🚚

Aeyla mela weighted blanket box

aeyla mela weighted blanket rolled up

Delivery usually takes place within 2 -5 working days.

Aeyla is one of those companies that really puts thought and effort into the delivery process.

We received an SMS on the day of delivery to give us a one-hour delivery time slot (which is great as most companies give you a three-hour time slot), and the delivery was right on time.

All of Aeyla’s items are delivered in beautiful, sturdy cardboard boxes that can be reused for storage - we’ve found them to be great options to keep the Aeyla bedding when not in use. 🎁

Each box is also decorated with cute little messages, like “Good sleep comes to those who weight” and “The blanket that hugs you back”, which we really like.

Aeyla mela weighted blanket inside of box
Who doesn’t want a hug?

If you're not 100% sure you want to keep your weighted blanket, it's best to hold on to the packaging.

Aeyla requires products to be returned in their original packaging, and your trial may be voided if you don't.


Does the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket come with a trial period?

It’s not every day that you’ll find a weighted blanket with a trial period - but luckily the Aeyla weighted blanket does!

You’ll get 30 days to try out the Mela weighted blanket and, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase in that time, you can send it back for a full refund. 💷

Trial period

We’d recommend assessing whether the weight you’ve decided on works for you - you should feel some pressure, like a gentle hug, but you should never feel overwhelmed or immobilised by the weight.


If returning an item, please remember that your blanket has to be in mint condition, and Aeyla suggests keeping your original packaging to avoid the item being damaged during the returns process.

Should you buy the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket?

We’re big fans of the Mela weighted blanket.

This is a premium product available at a fantastic price that offers you a snuggly, weighted feel.

We’d highly recommend the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket to:

  • People looking for a soft and snuggly weighted blanket option.
  • Those who need a wider range of weight options than what’s usually available.
  • People who want a no-fuss weighted blanket that’s machine-washable without having to struggle with removable covers.
  • People who are unsure of which weight they need and who’d like to make use of a trial period.

Even if you’re not convinced, the risk-free 30-day trial is all you need to see if the Mela weighted blanket is the top choice for you.



  • Material

    Soft and snuggly

  • Comfort

    Comfortable though may not be large enough

  • Breathability

    Breathable cotton underside

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery and hassle-free returns

  • Value for money

    Great value for money

Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Aeyla UK

Customer service: To contact Aeyla directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at

Registered office: Aeyla, MS Retail Group LTD, Bartle House, 9 Oxford Court, Manchester, M2 3EQ, UK

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it the Aeyla weighted blanket or the Mela weighted blanket?

    Before we deep-dive into the compositional elements of the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket, let’s take a brief step back to decipher the name. 🧐

    Aeyla used to be known as Mela, and the company’s best-selling product was the Mela weighted blanket.

    Even though Mela has now been rebranded as Aeyla, the top seller still carries the original name - the Mela weighted blanket. 

    The original Mela weighted blanket was sold with a removable cover, but this option is in the process of being discontinued.

    The new option is a Mela weighted blanket that features the same composition as the original Mela weighted blanket, but without a removable cover (more on this later).

    It was also briefly known as the Mela Air weighted blanket.

    So you may find us referring to this blanket as the Mela weighted blanket, the Mela Air weighted blanket, the Aeyla weighted blanket, or the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket, but rest assured that we’re talking about one and the same product. 😅

  • Does the Aeyla Mela weighted blanket come with a guarantee?

    Yes, the Mela weighted blanket comes with a 1-year guarantee.

  • Is Mela a good weighted blanket?

    The Mela weighted blanket is an exceptional product that marries high-quality, good design, and a fair price point.

  • Is the Mela weighted blanket a sustainable product?

    Aeyla is an environmentally-friendly brand that champions sustainability, relying on ethical manufacturing processes, high-quality organic materials, and minimal and recyclable packaging. 🌱

  • Can you tell me more about Aeyla, the company?

    Aeyla - previously known as Mela Comfort - is a UK company that was founded in 2018

    The company quickly became known for its weighted blankets and commitment to sustainability and enhancing sleep quality. 

    It’s since rebranded to Aeyla, inspired by the Bulgarian word “Ailyak”, which means “the art of doing everything slowly with no rush, while enjoying the process”. 🧘‍♀️

    This forms the ethos of Aeyla and the company’s products. 

  • What was Aeyla previously called?

    Aeyla was previously called Mela Comfort

  • References



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