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Manta Sleep Mask Review UK (2024)

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Are you tired of the relentless summer sun disturbing your precious sleep? ☀️

The Manta sleep mask may be the solution you’re looking for.

This sleep mask has been designed to provide ultimate comfort and promises complete darkness for uninterrupted rest.

It’s also uniquely customisable and has a bunch of relaxation add-ons to take your health and wellness routine to the next level. 😴

So is this eye mask the product for you?

Let’s find out in our Manta sleep mask review!

Top features of the Manta sleep mask UK

Gentle on skin
Gentle On Skin & Eyes


  • Designed with comfort in mind, and featuring soft and breathable fabric.
  • The innovative design allows for a complete black-out experience.
  • Both straps and the eye pads can be adjusted for a perfect customisable fit.
  • Manta sells a variety of add-ons, like steam and ice cups, for a complete relaxation experience.
  • Ear plugs and carry bag included for on-the-go comfort.
  • 100% machine-washable.
  • Free shipping.
  • 60-day trial period.


  • The number of products available may be confusing to customers at first.
  • Side sleepers may find the padded cups uncomfortable.

What is a Manta sleep mask?

The Manta sleep mask is hailed as one of the best sleep masks around.

It is a revolutionary sleep accessory designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and enhanced sleep environment for deeper sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed more regularly. 😴


But unlike traditional sleep masks, the Manta sleep mask features a soft, velvety strap with two soft and spongy eye cups that can be removed from the strap, placed closer together or further apart, or even replaced with one of the Manta sleep accessories.

manta sleep mask removable eye cups
The Manta eye cups are removable.

This definitely makes the Manta blackout eye mask one of the most unique sleep masks we’ve ever come across.

Let’s look at the key features of the Manta sleep mask in a bit more detail.

Breathable and soft materials for comfort

The Manta sleep mask is crafted using breathable and soft materials, ensuring comfort throughout the night.

It is even advertised as “the world’s comfiest 100% blackout sleep mask” for higher-quality sleep.

While the eye cups are made of Modal fabric, the head strap is made of a breathable polycotton.

Both materials are super soft - the strap has a velvety feel for snag-free comfort, while the cups themselves are quite spongy. 🤗

The softness of the materials ensures that the eye mask is comfortable to wear, while the breathability ensures good airflow and sweat absorbency, which prevents overheating.


The Sleep Hero team tested the Manta sleep mask during a London heat wave - and we can confidently say that the sleep mask never felt hot or clammy on our skin.

Contoured design to prevent pressure on the eyes

Unlike traditional sleep masks that lie flat on the skin, the Manta eye cups are indeed that - cups.

This leaves ample space for your eyes and eyelashes, creating a zero eye pressure environment.

That said, sleepers with longer eyelashes may still feel some grazing, as one of our testers did.

manta sleep mask eye cups contoured design
The contoured design creates a cavity for zero pressure on your eyes.

But Manta sells separate eye cups (more on this further down) designed for bigger eyes and fuller lashes that you can add to your purchase.


The padded, contoured design as a whole is fabulous for the no-pressure feel, but it does mean the eye mask is slightly more bulky.

This won’t affect you if you’re a back sleeper [1].

But side sleepers may find that, depending on their build and position, the padding is pushed up from the pillow, creating a small gap that hinders the full blackout experience and may feel a tad uncomfortable. ☀️

The ladies reading this can best liken it to wearing a padded bra while sleeping.

Since the Manta sleep eye cups are quite soft, though, and have a tapered design, we didn’t feel this push-back as much as we did with other padded sleep masks, so we would still recommend it to side sleepers.


This is just something worth being aware of.

Maximum light blocking for an enhanced sleep environment

The unique design of the Manta sleep mask blocks out 100% of light.

Even in broad daylight, our testers could experience a full blackout experience during our Manta sleep mask review.

This is great news if you’re looking to nap during the day, need a quick snooze at the office or while travelling, or even if you’re looking to sleep more comfortably during the UK’s shorter summer nights.

manta sleep mask packaging
You won’t be left hanging - the packaging tells you all you need to know.

The full blackout experience is due to the ergonomic design of the mask and the eye cups.


But since you can change the positioning of the eyecups, you may get a slightly different experience depending on how you’ve positioned the cups. 🔧

For example, when our testers first tried the mask straight after unpacking, it offered the full blackout experience.

But moving the eye cups slightly further apart to create more space around the nose (those with sinus problems may experience some pressure here) resulted in some light coming in.

If you don’t get the full blackout experience upon first trying the mask, you may need to move the cups around a bit so that they fit perfectly to block out all light.

This brings us to the last, and probably the most unique, feature of the Manta sleep mask we’d like to explore.

Adjustable fit for a personalised experience

Most sleep masks are adjustable to some extent since you’d need to adjust the strap to fit around your head.

The head strap itself is 73 cm (28.7 inches) in circumference but can be positioned more tightly or more loosely, depending on the size of your head (or hair-do).

We found a slightly looser fit (though still ensuring the mask stays on without slipping off) the most comfortable during our Manta sleep mask review, but your experience may be different.

But what does make the Manta mask so very unique is that the eye cups are removable.

This may seem a little overwhelming at first.

What if you don’t get the perfect fit?

What if you mess up the design?

We had those thoughts, too - as did the designers at Manta - since they very obviously thought of this.


Here are a few fundamentals when it comes to adjusting the eye cups:

  • The velcro-type part on the back of the eye cups is only positioned in the centre of the eye cups, and it only sticks to the middle part of the mask, meaning that whichever way you’ll stick it on, you’ll have the soft, squishy foams resting comfortably on your face.
  • The eye cups are tapered (they look a bit like an egg), so you’ll know that the fattest part of the cup should be positioned towards your nose, while the thinner part should be positioned towards your ears. This ensures a more comfortable sleep.
  • But in case you miss the tapering, Manta has also placed little “your nose >” labels on the inside of the cup to show exactly which way to place the cups onto the mask.
  • Despite the velcro pad and the label, the cups are so soft that our testers never felt either of these features while wearing the mask.

While you may never get the eye cups back to their original positions once you remove them (unless you take a photo to better remember where they were), you will be able to move them to exactly where you need them. 📸

Have a bigger nose or wide-set eyes? Simply move the eye cups further apart.

Have a small head or very close-set eyes? Move the eye cups closer together.

Have eyes that are positioned slightly differently or have had a broken nose that’s a little crooked now?

That’s okay, too; Manta has got you covered - simply position the eye cups further up or further down, depending on your requirements.

We’ve even been adjusting the eye cups depending on other factors.

For example, we’ve found a slightly looser fit around the nose feels more comfortable with sinus problems, hay fever attacks, or headaches, so, in these instances, moving the eye cups further apart is better.

woman meditating
We found the Manta mask very useful during meditation.

But if we’ve been looking for a complete blackout experience to meditate for ten minutes during our lunch break, then the tighter fit and moving the eye cups more closely to the nose works better.


The customisation options are endless.

What are the Manta sleep mask accessories?

While all Manta sleep masks come with ear plugs and a convenient travel pouch, the company sells a range of additional eye covers to customise your Manta sleep experience for great sleep.

  • Manta original eye cups: These are the original eye cups that the standard Manta sleep mask comes with, which can also be bought separately if needed.
  • Manta cool eye cups: These can be frozen to help soothe tired eyes and relieve sinuses.
  • Manta steam eye cups: These can be heated to moisturise eyes and clear sinuses.
  • Manta max eye cups: These are slightly bigger to create more space for longer eyelashes or bigger eyes.
  • Manta silk eye cups: Manta also sells a silk mask, but you can buy the anti-ageing silk eye cups separately as well.

In addition to the separate eye cups, you can also buy the original head strap, weighted head strap, slim head strap, or silk head strap separately.


We haven’t tried all of these, but we did experiment with the cool eye cups and the steam eye cups for our Manta sleep mask review.

These two eye cups are not meant for sleeping - indeed, both of them are rather heavy so you wouldn’t even want to sleep with them!

While they have a design similar to the original eye cups (offering the zero-pressure eye cavity and near-blackout experience), these are meant as therapy eye cups that aid in relaxation and serve a very specific purpose. 🧘‍♀️

Manta cool eye cups

The cool eye cups are filled with gentle cooling beads and can be frozen to provide cold therapy for your eyes. ❄️

A suitable bag to protect your eye cups in the freezer is included.

This helps soothes eyes and sinuses, assists in relieving tension headaches, and can simply be used as a great way to rest and recover after a long day.

It’s recommended not to use the cool eye cups for longer than 10 minutes - this gives your eyes the relief you’re seeking but will prevent skin damage.

The eye cups retain the cold really well, so it’s unlikely you’d even want to keep them on for longer.

Manta steam eye cups

The steam eye cups, in contrast, are filled with warming beads that absorb moisture from the air and release steam when heated. ♨️

manta sleep steam eye cups in mask

manta sleep steam eye cups

To heat, simply microwave the eye cups for 20 - 30 seconds.

This helps alleviate stressed and dry eyes, and is particularly helpful during hay fever season to relieve tired, burning eyes.

The steam also restores moisture to dry eyes, so you’ll find this a welcome relief after a long day at the office, wearing contact lenses, or during allergy season. 💦

The steam cups are designed to keep steaming for about 10 minutes, but you’ll find relief within a few minutes already.

Get Manta Sleep accessories:

Who is the Manta sleep mask suitable for?

There’s really no limit to who would find the Manta sleep mask suitable, but there are a few categories of people who may be more inclined to purchase this product.


Those looking for improved sleep quality and duration

Getting good sleep with light pollution can be difficult.

Perhaps you live in a very busy part of the city, you don’t have black-out curtains to block out the sun late at night or the sunrise early in the morning, or you’re just particularly sensitive to light.

manta sleep mask from the back
You’ll get a perfect fit no matter the shape of your head.

Or, perhaps, you’re simply looking for a better way to nap at home or at the office.

Either way, the Manta sleep mask offers a 100% blackout experience while still being soft and comfortable for all types of sleepers.

This means you can finally shut out the outside world and snooze away.


People after enhanced relaxation and stress relief

The steam eye cup and cool eye cup add-ons are particularly useful for those looking for enhanced relaxation and stress relief.

These additional eye cups are easy to use (either 30 minutes in the freezer or 20 seconds in the microwave) and provide all the relief you need for tired, stressed, or dry eyes.

You can use these eye cups for quick recovery after a long day or work them into a longer beauty routine for all-round wellness.

The original eye mask is also great for people wanting to shut out the outside world while meditating during the day.

Frequent travellers or shift workers

Frequent travellers or shift workers are often exposed to less-than-ideal sleeping conditions.

Regardless of whether this involves trying to sleep while on a plane or train, dealing with jet lag, or having to sleep during the brightest hours of the day, the Manta sleep mask can provide a blackout experience no matter where you are. 🚗


It’s also soft, light, and comes with a travel pouch, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Can you wash the Manta sleep mask?

Conveniently, keeping your Manta Sleep Mask clean is quick and easy.


The mask is designed for convenience and simple maintenance, and all Manta masks (except the weighted sleep mask, cool eye cups, and steam eye cups) are 100% machine-washable. 🧺

How to wash the Manta sleep mask:

  • Put the mask in the included carrying pouch (which doubles as a wash bag).
  • Put it in with your regular wash.
  • Once washed, air dry the mask by laying it flat.

The non-machine-washable products can still be hand-washed gently.

manta sleep mask travel pouch
Manta’s travel pouch doubles as a laundry bag.

Machine-washable sleep masks are very convenient as this ensures you’ll always enjoy a clean and hygienic sleeping experience.

What does the Manta sleep mask UK cost?

The Manta sleep mask may be more expensive than standard eye masks for sleeping you’ll get on Amazon, but it is of significantly higher quality.

It’s quite competitively priced when compared to similar products, but offers features that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere. 💷

The mask is also made of durable materials, so you’ll likely use it for a long time coming.


Of course, you’ll pay extra for the Manta sleep accessories.

Can you get Manta sleep mask discount codes?

Luckily, you can benefit from numerous Manta sleep mask promotions throughout the year, and will likely find good discount codes around peak holiday periods and Black Friday.

Manta does also have clearance sales every now and then. 🥳

If there are any discounts or promotions currently running, we’ll advertise them throughout this page.

You can also head over to our discounts page to look at all other sleep discounts available.


Alternatively, why not sign up for our newsletter and get the best deals straight in your inbox?

What else does Manta Sleep sell?

Unlike other sleep brands that offer a host of products, Manta Sleep focuses specifically on sleep masks (for now).


We’ve looked at some of the sleep mask accessories above, but all of these are also available as complete sleep masks.

You’ll find:

  • Manta sleep mask (the original option)
  • Manta silk mask (with 22 momme silk for anti-ageing benefits and silky-smooth hair)
  • Manta sleep mask pro (for total blackout and c-shaped cups designed for side sleep comfort)
  • Manta slim mask (with above-the-ear straps)
  • Manta max mask (with larger cups providing 86% more eye space for long eyelashes and big eyes)
  • Manta weighted eye mask (with a weighted feel for sensory relief and calming pressure)
  • Manta cool mask (with the cool cups - not designed for sleeping)
  • Manta steam mask (with the steam cups - not designed for sleeping)

We’d recommend choosing the base strap you’d prefer and then accessorising the rest if needed.

Manta sleep mask UK delivery conditions

Manta Sleep products are delivered free of charge within the UK, usually between 2 - 6 business days. 🇬🇧

Express shipping is available at an extra charge.

manta sleep mask delivery box
Your sleep mask is delivered in a small plastic box.

The company also delivers to Europe, but costs and longer shipping periods apply.

Visitors outside of the UK or Europe will have to order from the Manta Sleep US website for international shipping. 🌍

The Manta product is delivered neatly wrapped in a plastic case, and comes with instructions, ear plugs, and a travel pouch.


Does the Manta sleep mask come with a trial period?

Manta Sleep also offers a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee on its products.


If you’re not satisfied with your Manta Sleep product, simply contact the customer support team, send them a few details of why you didn’t like the product, and they’ll organise a prepaid return label for you.

Send the product back in good condition and its original packaging, and you’ll receive a full refund.

We’d advise only trialling the Manta product on clean skin to avoid damage, and storing all original packaging and extras until you’re confident you’ll want to keep it. 👍

Items purchases via a limited-time sales event, such as a Black Friday sale or a clearance sale, are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Is the Manta eye mask worth it?

The Manta sleep mask is an excellent product that’s well worth investing in.

Made with soft but durable materials designed to last, you’ll be investing in a product that can take your sleep to the next level. 🚀

The optional add-ons are also excellent for cool or heat therapy to relax tired, sore, or dry eyes.



  • Material

    Soft, comfortable, and breathable

  • Comfort

    Comfortable but may be too padded for some side sleepers

  • Breathability

    Very breathable

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery and returns

  • Value for money

    Excellent value for money

Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Manta Sleep UK

Customer service: To contact Manta Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or visit their live online chat.

Registered office: Manta Sleep, #13130 15833 Mill Creek Blvd Creek, Washington US 98082

Frequently asked questions

  • Do Manta sleep masks come with a guarantee?

    All Manta products come with a 6-month warranty.

    If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your Manta product or encounter a manufacturing defect, contact the company within 6 months from the purchase date, and they’ll exchange your Manta for a new one. 

    You’ll only be able to get a replacement of your existing product.

    If you think you may be better off with a different Manta product, you’ll need to contact the company as part of the 60-day trial period. 

  • How does the Manta sleep mask block light effectively?

    The Manta sleep mask is designed to block light effectively and create a dark sleep environment, promoting a better quality of sleep.

    Its unique features contribute to its exceptional light-blocking capabilities. 

    The mask is crafted with a contoured design that fits snugly around the eyes, ensuring minimal light leakage.

    It is also made from high-quality, opaque materials that prevent light from seeping through. 

    The adjustable strap and adjustable eye cups allow you to customise the fit, ensuring a comfortable and secure placement that further enhances light blocking.

  • Is the Manta sleep mask suitable for side sleepers?

    Yes, the Manta sleep mask is suitable for side sleepers. 

    The mask contours to the shape of your face and is designed to sit comfortably without causing pressure or discomfort, even when lying on your side. 

    That said, the padded design may feel uncomfortable for some side sleepers, as the mask may be pushed up slightly and leak light into the eye cavities.

    The Manta sleep mask pro is a better fit for side sleepers since it comes with C-shaped cups designed to solve this problem.

  • Can the Manta sleep mask help with insomnia or shift work?

    The Manta sleep mask can be a helpful aid for individuals dealing with insomnia or working shifts.

    The mask's ability to block out light creates a dark and soothing environment, which can promote better sleep quality and enhance the body's natural sleep-wake cycle

    Whether you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep due to insomnia, or if your work schedule requires you to sleep during the day as a shift worker, the Manta sleep mask can help create a conducive sleep environment. 

  • How do I adjust the fit of the Manta sleep mask?

    Adjusting the fit of the Manta sleep mask is quick and easy, ensuring a personalised and comfortable experience. 

    The mask features an adjustable strap and removable eye cups that allow you to customise the fit according to your preference.

    Simply loosen or tighten the strap or place the eye cups further apart or closer together to achieve the desired level of snugness around your head, nose, and eyes.

  • Is the Manta sleep mask suitable for sensitive skin?

    The Manta sleep mask is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

    It is crafted with utmost care using soft and hypoallergenic materials to ensure maximum comfort and compatibility. 

    The mask is also designed to be gentle on the skin, minimising the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. 

    The breathable and lightweight fabric used in the mask's construction is not only soothing but also helps to regulate temperature, preventing excessive sweating that can exacerbate skin sensitivities.

  • Can I use the Manta sleep mask during travel?

    The Manta sleep mask is an ideal companion for your travels. 

    Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to pack in your carry-on or luggage. 

    Whether you're on a long flight, train journey, or staying in a hotel room with unfamiliar lighting, the Manta sleep mask will help create a serene and dark environment, promoting better sleep even in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • References



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