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Oura Ring Review UK (2024)

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A ring that can improve your sleep…

It sounds like something out of an epic fantasy series, doesn't it? 🐉

But the Oura Ring 3 is an advanced sleep and health tracker that has been a popular choice with A-list celebrities and NBA players.

Yet is it worth the expensive price tag compared with the Apple Watch or Fitbit, especially considering you need a paid monthly membership to even access your data?

Find out in our Oura Ring review. 👇

  • Oura Ring
    Oura Ring
    Oura Ring Gen3
    Price from   £ 302.62
    The Oura Ring is an advanced smart ring that tracks your sleep and daily health.
    The Oura Ring is an advanced smart ring that tracks your sleep and daily health.

Top features of the Oura Ring

Gentle on skin
Lightweight Design
2-year guarantee
2-Year Guarantee
Data Tracking
Tracks Health & Fitness


  • Lighter than a conventional ring or watch
  • Can be worn on any finger or hand
  • Compatible with Android and iOS, including Apple Health and Google Fit apps
  • Unisex design
  • Water-resistant (up to 100m)
  • Measures your heart rate closest to your arteries (unlike a smartwatch)
  • Advanced tracking features that can predict menstruation and illness
  • Promotes rest and recovery time
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 4 - 7 days battery life & fast charger


  • Quite expensive
  • A paid membership is needed for app use
  • Health studies for the Oura Ring may be biased
  • Some features aren't yet available
  • Other alternatives like Apple Watch have more capabilities

What makes the Oura Ring special?

🔍 Can track data to monitor your health

☔ Water-resistant for everyday use

🔋 Great battery life and fast charging

What is the Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is a tiny titanium device that records data to give a clearer picture of your wellbeing. 🧘‍♀️

The ring is usually worn on the index, middle or ring finger and can be worn all day–similar to a wedding ring.

The smart ring connects to your phone via Bluetooth where you can track your progress on the Oura app or other fitness apps.


Oura ring connecting via bluetooth graphic
The Oura Ring connects to your phone where you can monitor the collected data. 📲

The Oura Ring comes in a simple design and is available in 4 colours.


  • Silver
  • Black
  • Stealth (dark grey)
  • Gold

The Oura Ring weighs 4 to 6 grams (depending on the ring size), making it an exceptionally light piece of technology.

How does the Oura Ring work?

The Oura Smart Ring uses 15 advanced sensors, including infrared light beams, to track your heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate variability.


oura ring app
You can analyse your data on the Oura Ring app.

This data is then translated over to the Oura Ring app where you can monitor the results.

You should wear the Oura Ring for a couple of weeks to get baseline data and help the smart ring understand your body and lifestyle.

After this, you can observe your sleep and health metrics and notice any unusual changes. 📊

The Oura Ring can track a multitude of data, including:

  • Sleep duration and phases
  • Daily activity levels
  • Everyday movements
  • Body temperature

This can help you better understand productivity levels and what adjustments you need to make to improve your health.

Emma Sleep has also recently released an app that tracks your data for science-backed healthier sleep.

You can try this app for free on the Apple or Google Play store.


But there are all kinds of sleep gadgets that have these capabilities - including the Circular Ring, Apple Watch and Fitbit!

Check them out below:

Who is the Oura Ring for?

The Oura Ring 3 is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to better their sleep or general health. ✅

We recommend this product to:

  • Tech-savvy smartphone users
  • Those looking to track fitness, health, and sleep all at once
  • Those who have tried smartwatches and not got on with them

If you’re into fitness, then this activity tracker can help you analyse your workout routine, as well as rest and recovery periods. 😌


people on laptops

Since this little piece of tech requires downloading an app, we wouldn't recommend it to those who don't own a smartphone. ❌

What does the Oura Ring do?

After you link the Oura Ring with the Oura App, you can track your personalised data.

You will learn:

  • The restfulness of your sleep
  • How active you were during the day and how many calories you burned
  • How your heart rate behaves during rest and training phases
  • Other data related to your general health

We'll break down the key areas of this below. 👇

Sleep Score: How well did you sleep?

Sleep health is our passion, so it's unsurprising we were very interested in how the Oura Ring monitored sleep activity.

Woman sleeping through sleep cycle
The Oura Ring can monitor your sleep cycles throughout the night.

In fact, the sleep tracking abilities in this tiny little device outshine other smart devices on the market. 🤯

The Oura Ring can measure:

  • The duration of sleep stages including deep sleep and REM sleep
  • The efficiency and restfulness of your sleep
  • Latency (the time it takes us to fall asleep)
  • Overall sleep quality (based on a sleep score from recorded data)

Your sleep value is divided by the total time spent in bed, with the total amount of sleep. 🧮


Woman calculating sleep activity graphic
The Oura Ring app calculates whether you had a restful sleep. 😴

It can also understand if your sleep is accompanied by day and night cycles and whether you've taken naps.

The best Sleep Score is above 85, and anywhere below 70 over some time means you may need to focus more attention on sleep.

You can monitor graphs and find patterns in your sleep routine and what changes you can make for better sleep health. 📊

Activity Score: How active have you been?

The activity score is calculated using the 3D accelerometer, which measures the amount of activity you partake in throughout the day. 🏃‍♀️

oura ring app functions
The Activity Score is just one of a few health determinants the Oura Ring measures.

The Activity Score can be compared with your Sleep Score to get an overall view of your health.

The Activity Score measures:

  • Movement
  • Step count
  • Training frequency & volume

The Activity Score ranges from 0 - 100, where a rating of 85 or more is deemed ideal.

You can track this on the Oura App and see your daily goals. 🥅

Oura will also account for low, medium and high levels of activity.

For example, the Oura Ring can know the difference between going for a run and doing the dishes.

However, if you try to cheat your way to your goal by excessively shaking your hand, your Oura Ring will disregard these motions. 🤔

Readiness Score: How healthy are you today?

The Readiness Score is calculated by activity and sleep values and gives an overall score of your health. 💯


man considering sleep and activity choices
The Oura Ring will analyse your sleep and exercise routine to calculate the Readiness Score.

This will be the first thing you see when you open up your Oura app in the morning.

The Readiness Score considers:

  • Activity levels (including physical and sleep)
  • Resting heart rate (lowest overnight)
  • Heart rate variability
  • Body temperature

Like the Activity value, this can range anywhere from 0 - 100, with 70 - 85 being a good target.

However, you shouldn't necessarily have a score of 85 every day.

Oura encourages recovery days after you have pushed your body to its limit. 😴

A varied Readiness Score that reflects this is ideal.

Meditation mode

The Oura Ring app also includes a meditation mode.

woman meditating with oura ring
The Oura Ring can assist with a relaxing meditation.

The Oura ring has sleep sounds and stories to support you through a tranquil meditation session. 🧘‍♀️

The app will also record data throughout this time so you can analyse whether the meditation contributed to your overall wellness.


What can the Oura Ring tell me about my health?

The Oura Ring isn't just about aiming for a good score.

This nifty titanium ring can help bring other health concerns to light. 😮

So, what can it help with?

Heart rate

Unlike the earlier generation of Oura Ring, the Oura Ring Gen 3 can track your heart rate throughout the day. 🩺

This is useful, particularly for those who want to receive readings on their heart rate during and after their workout.

It also means you can monitor how other lifestyle choices affect your heart rate, such as drinking coffee or taking certain medications. 💊


Alarm clock, coffee machine, and keys
A restless sleep could indicate some lifestyle choices need changing.

The Oura Ring Gen 3 also checks heart rate variability (HRV). 📈

This is the regularity (or irregularity) of the time between pulses, with a high HRV being the ideal.

A low HRV could indicate your body being under stress, which can help you make decisions about certain lifestyle choices.

Body temperature

The Oura Ring Gen 3 is equipped with 7 temperature sensors. 🌡

Unlike other smart wearables, the Oura Ring can monitor your body temperature minute by minute.


People with body temperatures
The Oura Ring analyses your body temperature for any abnormalities.

This direct contact with the skin from your finger allows the Oura Ring to follow temperature changes and make accurate readings.

An increase in body temperature can indicate the onset of an illness. 🤒

Obviously, changes in the day such as excessive exercise or weather will affect your body's temperature.

You should analyse the data using common sense, and the Oura Ring will not be able to diagnose temperature changes with the same accuracy as a doctor.


Your body temperature readings can also give you insight into your menstrual cycle. 🤔

This is particularly useful for those trying to have a baby who needs to monitor their monthly cycle.


pregnant woman
The Oura Ring can help those trying to get pregnant.

As your temperature decreases during the first half of your cycle, and increases in the second half, you can follow the patterns to identify when you are due to menstruate and ovulate.

Some women have also noticed temperature increases to indicate a pregnancy. 🤰

You can learn more about how Oura Ring monitors menstruation on their FAQ page [1].

How accurate is the Oura Ring?

It's great that the Oura Smart Ring can monitor your heart rate, body temperature, sleep tracking and more . . .

. . . But is there any science to back up these claims? 🧐

According to a validation study for SleepScore, the Oura Ring is about 73% accurate for sleep tracking (an increase from 66% in 2016.)

These aren't the best results, but they're not terrible either.

However, we were pleased to see that the heart rate measurements were more accurate, with a score of 99.9% when compared with an electrocardiogram. ✅

Can the Oura Ring detect COVID-19?

There have been claims by the Oura Ring maker that this smartwatch can even predict Covid-19. 😷

oura ring and covid-19
There are claims that the Oura Ring can predict Covid-19.

So, is there any truth to this, or was this statement just a marketing strategy?

A study [2] of 50 subjects found the Oura Ring could detect early signs of fever in 93% of cases by analysing temperature, heart rate, HRV, and respiratory rate.

All 50 subjects had previously had Covid-19, and these symptoms were recognised three days before symptoms showed.

However, researchers consider the study a "proof-of-concept", and further testing is needed.

It does seem as if the Oura Ring could be useful for detecting Covid-19 or other flu symptoms. 🤧

Yet, the availability of testing kits means buying the ring just to check for Covid-19 would be slightly unnecessary.

Is the Oura Ring comfortable?

If you're not used to smart jewellery - or any jewellery for that matter, you may have concerns about comfort.

The Oura Ring is fairly chunky when compared with the average wedding ring . . .

However, it has a simple design and is very lightweight 4 to 6 grams (depending on your chosen size.)

Most users found that they quickly adjusted to wearing the Oura Ring without any trouble.


oura ring comfort
The Oura Ring is reasonably comfortable to wear.

However, if you're not keen on wearing any smart gadget, why not try sleep apps that don't require wearable items, such as the Emma Sleep Aurora app.


Which Oura Ring should I buy?

Perhaps you've read everything you need to on the Oura Ring, and now it's just a question of which one?

Without a doubt, the Oura Ring Gen 3 is the better model. 😍

Oura Ring Gen 3 focuses on everyday health rather than just being a sleep tracker.

This means it's been packed with more sensors that can analyse more data about your overall health. ✅

You can take a look at our table below to see the difference:

Oura Ring Gen 2 Oura Ring Gen 3
Sleep monitoring Yes Yes
Activity tracking Yes Yes
Period Prediction Yes Yes
Body temperature No Yes
Wellness content library No Yes

The only downside of the Oura Ring 3 is that a monthly subscription is required. 💳

Whether or not this is worth it to you depends on your own lifestyle and what you hope to get out of your Oura Ring.

Fortunately, there are non-subscription alternatives on the market.

Consider the Circular Ring, which has a similar design and capabilities:

Oura Ring sizes

Oura recommends ordering their free sizing kit to ensure you get the correct Oura Ring size.

This should arrive within 2 - 7 days, and you can try the sample rings to figure out which size is best for you.

Oura Ring sizes are between 6 - 13 mm.

Are Oura Ring sizes standard?

Oura Ring sizes are unique and slightly different from standard UK ring sizes.

Therefore, it's crucial to ensure you order the correct size ring.

The best way to do this is by ordering an Oura Ring sizing kit and testing the sizing ring for a few days. ⏳


oura ring size test
Rotating your Oura sizing ring will ensure it is the correct fit.

Rotate your sizing ring for 24 hours to ensure it isn't too tight for when your finger expands.

How tight should my Oura Ring be?

First, you should decide which finger to wear your Oura Smart Ring on, although Oura recommends the index finger for best results.

The ring should fit securely and snugly without gaps between your finger and the ring.

However, you should ensure it's not too tight. 😯

The video below goes into more detail about getting your Oura ring size correct:

Before you order your sizing kit, you should also ensure the Oura Smart ring is within your budget.

How much is an Oura Ring?

So, how much does the Oura Ring cost in the UK?

An Oura Ring 3 costs between £200 - £300.

This is pretty expensive, especially when considering the required paid monthly subscription for the Oura app. 💰


Man sitting on coins
The Oura Ring is a high-end product.

The price isn't too different compared with the newest Apple Watch, which has even more app capabilities and functions. ⌚

However, Fitbit and some other fitness trackers might be better value for money.


Oura Ring discount codes

You've heard of a five-finger discount, but can you expect any Oura Ring sales when shopping for this nifty gadget? 🤑

Piggybank graphic
Oura Ring discount codes can make this smartring more affordable.

You can get as much as 55% off with an Oura Ring discount code, particularly around seasonal periods.

Our Smartwatch Black Friday Deals article has all the latest Black Friday smartwear offers.

If an Oura Ring Gen 3 is currently not in your budget, consider waiting for it to go in the sale.

Alternatively, bookmark our discounts page [2] for updates on all sleep product offers.


Oura Ring alternatives

As previously stated, there are other great wearable alternatives on the market. 😍

Both Apple Watch and Fitbit have unique features that make them worthy opponents.

We've broken down the pros and cons for each in the table below:

Features Oura Ring 3 Apple Watch Series 7 Fitbit Charge 5
Functionalities Heart rate, sleep tracking, body temperature, activity tracking, steps, calories, period tracking, blood oxygen monitoring Heart rate, sleep tracking, activity tracking, calories, steps, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, Compass, Fall detection Heart rate, Sleep tracking, skin temperature, oxygen saturation, period tracking, GPS, EDA
Sensors 24/7 heart rate monitoring, 7 temperature sensors, green and red LEDs sensors, finger detection sensor, sp02 sensor Blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart sensor, accelerometer, 3rd generation optical heart sensor, dual-core S7 SiP, GPS, Compass, 2nd generation speaker and mic Optical heart rate monitor, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, built-in GPS, red and infrared sensors for oxygen saturation
Design 6 - 13mm titanium ring Smartwatch with display screen Smartwatch with display screen
Waterproof Up to 100 m Up to 50 m Up to 50 m
App compatibility Fitness apps including Oura Ring App, Apple Health, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Strava, etc. Fitness apps including Apple Health, Strava, Water Reminder, Nike Run as well as those not fitness related Fitness apps including Fitbit App, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Weight Watchers and more
Battery life 4 - 7 days Up to 18 hours Up to 7 days (depending on usage)
Price £200 + £300 + £100 +

So, with all this in mind–which one should you buy? 👇

Oura Ring vs Apple Watch

The Oura Ring 3 and Apple Watch have a lot of similarities when it comes to tracking health and fitness. 💪

However, the Apple Watch is unique because it is compatible with other apps, even those not fitness-related.

We think this is an intelligent choice for the business-savvy, looking for a bit of tech to encourage fitness and keep on top of emails.

Woman playing tennis with smart wearable
A smartwatch may be a better option for those always on the go.

We also like that the Apple Watch Series 7 has GPS, Emergency SOS and Fall detection. ⚠️

If you consider yourself an outdoorsy person who likes to hike and climb, then the Apple Watch Series 7 could be super handy to help you stay safe.

Oura Ring vs Fitbit

The Fitbit is a good contender–particularly for those looking for a budget-friendly option. 💰

Like the Apple Watch, the Fitbit includes GPS capabilities that would be useful for those who enjoy running in their workouts.

The Fitbit also has skin temperature sensors and heart rate monitors, making its lower price tag even more appealing. 🥰


Other alternatives

And it's not just the Apple Watch and Fitbit that Oura has to contend with.

There are various smart wearables available for purchase, including the Whoop strap, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the Garmin smartwatch range. 🤯

Looking for more reviews on the latest gadgets and smart sleep accessories? Take a look at our massage gun review and purple mattress review

If you're looking for an alternative smart ring, then the Circular Ring is also worth considering.

Like the Oura Ring, the Circular Ring fits snugly on the finger and tracks your health using infrared light and skin temperature sensors.

The Circular Ring provides an overview of your sleep and gives you a score using graphs and other data.

Find out more below:

What are the pros of the Oura Ring?

However, the Oura Ring 3 is unique in that most wearables come in watch form, whilst the Oura is a more discreet choice.

The longer battery life also means you don’t have to charge up every time you want to track your sleep. 🔋

Battery life graphic
The Oura Ring has a longer battery life than many of its competitors.

Some also prefer that the Oura Smart Ring is “less annoying” to smartwatches, as it doesn’t give you constant notifications relating to your health. 📴

As the Oura Ring doesn’t give you access to other apps and social media, it can also help you steer clear of the temptation to be constantly plugged in.


Is Oura Ring worth it?

Okay, so we've told you everything there is to know about the Oura Ring 3.

But is this highly advanced accessory Lord of the Smart Rings? 🤔

We definitely think it's a fantastic product that can be useful for many people wanting to take a more in-depth look at their daily health.


However, there are lots of similar products on the market, such as the Circular Ring, Apple Watch and Fitbit, which are also worth considering. 💕

If you’re looking for an option where you get more for your money with better app capabilities, consider the below alternatives.

Take a look at our favourite alternative:

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Oura Rings waterproof?

    Oura Rings are waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet).

    This makes them stand out against many popular smartwatches that are only waterproof up to 50 meters. 

    Therefore, you can clean the dishes, shower, or even swim with your Oura Ring without worrying about causing any damage. 

  • Does Oura ring track steps?

    Yes, the Oura Ring tracks steps.

    This number is calculated by the movement of your hand and works out an estimation of whole-body and leg activity to calculate an average step count. 

  • Where can I buy an Oura Ring?

    Unfortunately, the Oura Ring is not currently available to buy on Amazon or other online retailers. 

    However, you can buy an Oura Ring directly from the manufacturer's website.

  • Does the Oura ring work without a mobile phone?

    It's not necessary to keep your mobile phone with you at all times when using the Oura Ring.

    Data is stored in the internal memory of the Oura Ring, meaning you can sleep with your mobile in the next room. 

    However, you will need to access the app to see the data collected on the Oura Ring. 

  • References


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