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Eve Original vs. Simba Hybrid



Last updated: 07.07.2021 10 Min.

The Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid are two excellent mattresses.

Unbeatable value for money, free delivery, risk-free trial periods - what's not to love?

Plus, they're both proudly British 🇬🇧

But if you're torn between the Eve and the Simba, which new mattress should you choose?

Which mattress is the best for you?

We'll help you decide in this Eve vs Simba mattress comparison article, highlighting similarities and key differences between these two best mattress options.

Eve Versus Simba
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  • Comparison
  • Eve Original
  • Simba Hybrid
  • Suitability
  • Cost
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  • Ratings
  • Conclusion

Eve Original and Simba Hybrid mattress comparison

Eve and Simba are both proudly British bed-in-a-box mattress brands, and the Eve Original and Simba Hybrid are excellent high-quality mattresses.

That said, they do differ remarkably in terms of composition and comfort.

We look at their exact composition briefly, but if you'd like to read more in-depth articles on the construction and features of these mattresses, we'd suggest turning to our mattress reviews:

Below, you'll find a side-by-side comparison of the two mattresses.

Features Eve Original Simba Hybrid
Type of mattress Foam mattress Hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress
Turn mattress? No-flip mattress No-flip mattress
Mattress height 24 cm (9 feet and 4 inches) 25 cm (10 inches)
Mattress layers

3 foam layers:

  • Open-cell Evecomfort® foam
  • New-generation memory foam
  • High-density base foam

4 layers:

  • Simba-Pure open-cell polyfoam
  • Aerocoil mini conical pocket springs
  • High-definition Simba-Pure foam
  • Cold foam base layer
Advantages The upper comfort layers allow for good breathability and pressure distribution. The unique composition and materials allow for improved breathability, giving you a cooler and more comfortable sleep.
Comfort zones Seven contour zones in the base layer help relieve hip and shoulder pressure. The seven-zoned base layer allows for optimal spinal alignment.
Manufacturing Proudly British - designed & manufactured in the UK. Proudly British - designed & manufactured in the UK.
Firmness rating 6.5 5.5
Firmness Medium-firm Medium-firm
Comfort Incredibly comfortable Pleasantly soft comfort
Stability & support An orthopaedic choice that offers good stability and support in all sleeping positions. Good support, stability, and pressure distribution, no matter your preferred sleeping position.
Suitable for
  • Light- and average-weight sleepers.
  • People who like a medium-firm mattress.
  • All sleeping positions.
  • Couples.
  • Light- and average-weight sleepers.
  • People who sleep on their side or back.
  • People who like a medium-firm feel.
  • Heavy sweaters.
  • Restless sleepers.
Temperature Very good temperature regulation Excellent temperature regulation
Motion isolation Very low motion transfer Low motion transfer, though you may feel some movements
Mattress cover Hypoallergenic cover that's removable & machine-washable at 40°C with 4 side carrying handles. Hypoallergenic cover that's not removable or machine-washable. Larger sizes have 4 side carrying handles.

Both the Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid are described as medium-firm mattresses, but the exact feel of the mattresses are remarkably different.

We'll look at them both in more detail in the next section.

Eve Original composition & characteristic

The Eve Original mattress is made up of three different high-quality foam layers.

It has high point elasticity, offers pressure relief and support, and promotes optimal spinal alignment.

The three different layers of foam are:

  • A top layer of open-celled Evecomfort® foam (2.5 cm / 0.9 inches)
  • A viscoelastic memory foam layer (3 cm / 1.1 inches)
  • A base layer with seven contour zones (18 cm / 17 inches)

The Eve Original has a total height of 24 cm (9 feet and 4 inches).


Eve Original mattress

Eve Original sleeper

Eve mattress firmness

The Eve Original is a mattress with medium firmness.

We've placed it at 6.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest.

As a medium-firm mattress, the Eve Original is well suited to most people and sleeping preferences.

Orthopaedic support

The Eve Original can largely be described as a memory foam mattress, and it is the memory foam layer that gives the mattress its unique orthopaedic qualities.

It has high point elasticity, adapts well to the body's contours, and provides good pressure relief.

These features allow your muscles to relax fully while you're sleeping, preventing lower back pain and a build-up of tension.

The Eve mattress also encourages spinal alignment by allowing the heavier parts of your body to sink in a little deeper and supporting the lighter parts of your body.

Eve Original mattress firmness

Good breathability

The new-generation memory foam in the Eve Original is up to 30x more breathable than traditional memory foam, making this mattress much more breathable than other memory foam mattresses 💨

This encourages airflow and prevents overheating, resulting in an overall cooler and more temperature-neutral sleep.

Good motion isolation

The Eve mattress has good motion isolation, which makes it a great choice for couples.

Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress can absorb and dampen movements so that they're not carried across the mattress.

If a mattress has good motion isolation, you're unlikely to be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning at night.

Machine-washable cover

The Eve Original comes with a white-and-yellow cover, though some mattress dimensions are also available with a white-and-grey mattress cover.

The Eve mattress cover is removable and machine-washable at 40°.

This is great for people prone to allergies 🤧

The cover also has four side carrying handles to make rotating and transporting the mattress easier.


Eve Original with yellow cover

Ee Original with grey cover

Simba Hybrid composition & characteristics

The Simba Hybrid is a four-layer hybrid mattress that combines a variety of different materials.

These 4 layers are:

  • Simba-Pure open-cell polyfoam
  • Up to 2500 Aerocoil conical pocket springs
  • High-definition Simba-Pure foam
  • Cold foam base layer

The Simba mattress has a total height of 25 cm (10 inches).

The previous version of the Simba featured a layer of Simbatex latex foam and a layer of memory foam, but Simba Sleep replaced these with the Simba-Pure layers for enhanced breathability and better temperature regulation.


Simba Hybrid composition

Simba mattress firmness

The Simba Hybrid, like the Eve Original, is best described as a medium-firm mattress.

It is slightly softer than the Eve Original, though, and we've placed it at 5.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest.

Excellent support & stability

The Simba Hybrid is great regardless of which sleeping position you prefer, but it's particularly comfortable if you sleep on your back.

This is because the mattress offers excellent support, evenly distributing pressure throughout and allowing for optimal spinal alignment.

It is still soft enough, though, to be suitable for side sleepers.

Side sleepers generally require a little more sinkage (especially in their pelvic and shoulder areas) to allow their spines to remain straight.

The contour zones in the base layer help in achieving this.

Other notable features include Simba's edge support, so you won't feel like you're falling off the sides, and how easy it is to turn around on the mattress.

This makes the Simba Hybrid great for restless sleepers.

Simba Hybrid mattress firmness

Excellent breathability

The new version of the Simba Hybrid has been designed to enhance breathability and temperature regulation.

The knitted cover allows for good breathability, the Simba-Pure foam is equipped with cooling graphite, and the pocket springs and contour grooves in the base layer create ventilation channels for enhanced airflow.

All of these features allow a constant flow of air to move through the mattress, transporting away body heat and keeping your mattress temperature neutral.

This makes the Simba mattress a great choice for heavier sweaters or those that easily feel hot at night.

Hypoallergenic cover

The Simba Hybrid features a white-and-grey hypoallergenic cover that offers great breathability.

Unfortunately, the Simba Hybrid mattress cover cannot be removed or machine-washed.

You can spot-clean the grey base cover if necessary, but the hand-knitted top cover cannot be washed 🧼

We'd recommend investing in a mattress protector to expand the life of your mattress and protect it from dirt, stains, and bacteria.

The Simba mattress protector goes well with the Simba mattress.

Eve vs Simba: Which mattress is best suited to you?

Even though the Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid mattresses are both excellent choices, they differ remarkably in terms of firmness level, the feeling of lying down, and comfort.

Both mattresses are described as medium-firm mattresses, but the Eve Original is still a little firmer than the Simba Hybrid.

We've rated the Eve Original as a 6.5 and the Simba Hybrid as a 5.5 out of 10 on our Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest.

Choose the Eve Original if you need a good all-rounder

Since the Eve Original is a little firmer, it will be better suited to a wider range of people, body types, and sleeping positions.

It is also a little better suited to heavier-weight sleepers, but it is still not a firm mattress, and people of larger builds should make use of the risk-free trial period to see if the mattress can support them well enough.

It is a good all-rounder mattress, offering a good balance between comfort and firmness, orthopaedic support, sufficient sinkage, and a good price point 💰

Choose the Eve Original if you:

  • Are of average build.
  • Sleep on your side, back, or stomach.
  • Prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses.
  • Are looking for good value for money.
  • Need a mattress that suits a wide variety of people and sleeping preferences.

If you're looking for a firmer memory foam mattress, we can recommend the Nectar mattress. Alternatively, if you're looking for a softer memory foam mattress, you can try out the Emma Original mattress.

You could also opt for a mattress topper if you want your mattress to be slightly softer.

The Eve mattress topper is a good choice.


Eve Original firmness

Eve Original sinkage

Choose the Simba Hybrid if you prefer a cooler sleep

The Simba Hybrid has a unique design that combines pocket springs with graphite-containing foam layers to enhance airflow and overall breathability.

Even though the Eve Original uses new-generation memory foam, which is much more breathable than traditional memory foam, it still cannot compare to the hybrid nature of the Simba mattress.

The Simba Hybrid is also much more suitable for restless sleepers as you won't get the feeling of being "sucked into" the mattress.

Choose the Simba Hybrid if you:

  • Are of slight or average build.
  • Are a restless sleeper.
  • Prefer to sleep a little cooler.
  • Like to sleep on your side or back.

Very heavy sweaters or large builds (above 130 kg/264 lbs) may need to try the mattress to see if it can support them well enough.

If not, a pure pocket sprung mattress would be the best option.


Eve vs Simba mattress price & size comparison

The Eve Original is considerably cheaper than the Simba Hybrid mattress.

This is primarily because the Simba has pocket springs, while the Eve is a pure foam mattress.

Both mattress brands offer regular discounts and vouchers, though, and it is very possible to save 35% or more when you purchase your mattress.

We collect discount codes regularly - and even have exclusive deals with mattress brands 💵

We display these on our discounts page.

Both Eve and Simba mattresses are available in the standard UK mattress sizes, but the Simba mattress is also available in a few European bed sizes.

Here is an overview of the standard prices (without any discounts that may currently be running):

Dimensions Eve Original Simba Hybrid Price difference
Single (90 x 190 cm) £429 £609 £180
European single (90 x 200 cm) - £669 -
Small double (120 x 190 cm) £639 £829 £190
Double (135 x 190 cm) £699 £829 £130
European double (140 x 200 cm) - £879 -
King-size (150 x 200 cm) £799 £939 £140
European queen (160 x 200 cm) - £989 -
Super-king (180 x 200 cm) £899 £1039 £140

UK Mattress Sizes

How do the Eve and Simba delivery conditions & trial periods differ?

Both the Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid are bed-in-a-box mattresses manufactured in the UK, with free delivery, free returns, and a risk-free trial period.

Their delivery conditions are remarkably similar 🚛

Here is an overview:

Eve Original Simba Hybrid
Delivery Bed-in-a-box principle Bed-in-a-box principle
Delivery time 1-3 working days 1-3 working days
Delivery cost Free delivery within mainland UK Free delivery within mainland UK
Trial period 100-night trial 200-night trial period
Returns Free returns Free returns
Warranty 10-year guarantee 10-year guarantee

Both brands offer free delivery

The Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid are both delivered rolled-up and vacuum-sealed in a compact box 📦

Delivery is free of charge within mainland UK.

Once unpacked, the mattresses will slowly inflate to their original sizes (generally within 6 hours).

The Simba Hybrid has a longer risk-free trial period

Both mattresses also come with a risk-free trial period, which gives you the chance to try the mattress in your own home and allow your body to get used to the new bed.

The Eve Original has a 100-day trial period.

For the Simba Hybrid, though, you'll get a 200-night trial period.

This elongated trial period gives you just a little more time before having to make a final decision.

If you decide that the mattress isn't right for you at any point during the trial period, you can return it and receive a full refund.

Both mattress brands organise the respective returns and refunds.

10-year guarantee

Both the Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid come with a 10-year guarantee.

Eve Original delivery

Eve Original in box

Simba vs Eve mattress ratings

For more in-depth information, have a look at our Simba mattress and Eve mattress reviews.

Here is an overview:

Eve Original Simba
Value for money
Delivery & returns
Total rating

Which mattress is better, the Eve Original or the Simba Hybrid?

Both the Eve Original and the Simba Hybrid mattresses are of high quality and offer a high degree of comfort, guaranteeing a good night's sleep.

You won't go wrong with either one.

But, one of them may still be better suited to you.

The Eve Original is a good all-rounder, but the Simba Hybrid is better for restless sleepers and those who prefer a cooler sleep.

The Eve Original is best suited to:

  • Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers.
  • People of average build.
  • People who prefer medium-firm mattresses.
  • People looking for a great value-for-money option.


The Simba Hybrid is best suited to:

  • Light- and average-weight sleepers.
  • People who sleep on their side or back.
  • People who like a medium-firm feel.
  • Heavy sweaters.
  • Restless sleepers


But don't forget that both mattresses come with a risk-free trial period.

Don't like the mattress? Simply return it and receive a full refund.

After all, testing a mattress is the only sure-fire way of finding out if it's perfect for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • What bed frames can I use with the Simba Hybrid and Eve Original mattresses?

    Technically, you could place both mattresses onto any bed frame, be it a divan base or box spring, provided it has a smooth, flat surface for your mattress to rest on.

    You should avoid slatted frames if you're opting for a memory foam mattress, like the Eve Original.

    This is because slatted frames have gaps between the actual slats, and memory foam tends to conform to that shape.

    This can result in bumps and grooves, which damages your mattress in the long term.

  • Can I buy the Eve Original or the Simba Hybrid through Amazon or other stockists?

    The Simba Hybrid mattress is available on Amazon in the UK and other retailers, like John Lewis, but the Eve Original is not. 

    We would always recommend buying directly from the manufacturer as this guarantees you the best service, warranty conditions, and trial periods.


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