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All You Need To Know About Eiderdown Duvets (2024)

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Eiderdown is a remarkable material known for its softness, insulation, and lightweight nature.

It's rare, sustainable, and ethical, making it the pinnacle of bedding luxury. ✨

Yet, this exquisite comfort has a price tag reflecting its unparalleled quality and ethical harvesting methods.

Learn more about why eiderdown duvets stand out in the world of luxury bedding. 👇

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What is Eiderdown?

Eiderdown is a luxurious material sourced from the eider duck [1], and is known for its exceptional warmth and softness. 🦆

This unique down feather lies beneath the eiderdown duck’s tougher exterior feathers, providing insulation against the cold.

Most of the world's eiderdown comes from Iceland, where the cold conditions are ideal for producing these highly insulating feathers.

Icelandic eiderdown is heralded as the best insulating material available, making it the premier choice for crafting duvets and comforters that promise unrivalled warmth and comfort.

How is eiderdown collected?

Eider ducks are wild creatures that cherish their freedom and do not thrive in captivity.

As the breeding season concludes, farmers gently gather down from the nests left behind.

Unlike other waterfowl, eider ducks voluntarily shed their down, leaving it in their nests as they head back to the Arctic seas each autumn.

This sustainable practice shows a harmonious relationship between humans and wildlife, where the eider ducks remain wild and free. 🦅

Benefits of eiderdown duvets

Icelandic eiderdown duvets offer a luxurious sleep experience unmatched by other materials.

Let's explore the unique benefits that make these duvets a prized possession for any bedroom. ⬇️


Icelandic eiderdown is so soft that it feels like you're enveloped in a cloud. ☁️

Unlike traditional down, which may contain feathers or rigid quills, eiderdown is entirely free of hard components, ensuring that nothing disrupts your comfort.

Feather pillows
Eiderdown products are free from feathers and stiff quills.

The fibres are intricately tangled, providing a softness that must be felt to be believed.

You'll never have to worry about being poked by quills again. 👉

Exceptional insulation

Eiderdown duvets are not just about softness but also smart temperature regulation.

Woman sleeping in cool duvet
Eiderdown duvets keep you at the perfect temperature.

Thanks to their unique structure, they adjust automatically to different temperatures.

In warmer months, the microscopic hairs lie flat to reduce insulation, keeping you cool. ❄️

Then, as it gets colder, they puff up, trapping more air and warmth without the need for additional layers.

This natural adaptability ensures year-round comfort in any climate.

Unparalleled lightness

Weightlessness is another hallmark of eiderdown material. 🎈

It's so light that holding it in your hand, you'd hardly feel its weight, only a soft, spreading warmth.

This makes eiderdown duvets ideal for those who dislike the heaviness of traditional goose down and feather duvets.

Eiderdown keeps you warm and cosy without feeling heavy or smothering.

Durability that lasts

While standard down duvets typically last 8-10 years, eiderdown duvets can remain in prime condition for up to 40 years with proper care.

This extraordinary durability makes them a worthwhile investment, promising nights of unrivalled comfort for decades. ⏳

Man sleeping
Eiderdown is long-lasting.

Their unmatched durability is a testament to the quality and care that goes into every eiderdown quilt.

What are the drawbacks of eiderdown duvets?

Eiderdown duvets provide unmatched warmth, softness, and comfort to those fortunate enough to own one.

However, like all luxury goods, they come with their own considerations that might not make them the perfect fit for everyone. 🤔

The price tag

The first and perhaps most significant hurdle is the cost.

Eiderdown duvets are among the most expensive on the market, with the price for the largest size potentially costing a jaw-dropping £10,000.

This makes them a luxury beyond reach for those on a strict budget, reserved instead for individuals where money is no object. 💰

Man and woman with coins
Eiderdown is very expensive.

To offer a more budget-friendly option, some manufacturers blend eiderdown with other types of down, though this compromises the pure luxury eiderdown provides.

On a budget? Check out our favourite alternatives in our best duvets article.


Another consideration is the availability of eiderdown products.

Given the meticulous and sustainable harvesting process, eiderdown is relatively scarce, making it hard to come by.

It also means that not many manufacturers offer 100% eiderdown duvets.

However, for those in search of pure luxury, reputable UK retailers like Soak and Sleep stock 100% eiderdown duvets.

Care and maintenance

Owning an eiderdown duvet also requires a commitment to proper care.

Eiderdown is a precious material, so the duvets must be handled carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Regular practices such as shaking the duvet each morning to ensure even filling distribution and airing it out to minimise moisture build-up are recommended. 💦

Duvet folded
Eiderdown duvets require more maintenance and care.

However, many Eiderdown duvets are not machine-washable and may need to be taken to the dry cleaners for special care and attention.

This means they're not the most practical option when compared to washable alternatives. 🧼

The Cavendish duvet is our favourite machine-washable duck down duvet:

Should you buy an eiderdown duvet?

Deciding whether to invest in an eiderdown duvet depends on whether luxury, comfort, and long-term value are more important than cost and maintenance.

If eiderdown's unparalleled softness, exceptional insulation, and lightweight nature align with your sleep preferences and you're prepared for its high initial cost and care requirements, then an eiderdown duvet could be a splendid addition to your bedroom.

However, other options may be more suitable for those on a budget or seeking low-maintenance bedding.

An eiderdown duvet is a luxurious investment in your comfort and sleep quality, best suited for those where expense is not a constraint and who delight in the finer details of their sleeping environment. 🌜

Not convinced?

Check out our favourite alternatives below:

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is eiderdown so expensive?

    Eiderdown's high price is attributed to its sustainable, labour-intensive harvesting from wild eider ducks, ensuring no harm to the birds. 

    Its rarity and unmatched softness, insulation, and lightness elevate its status as a luxury bedding material. 

    Additionally, the limited supply, sourced mainly from Iceland, and its remarkable durability contribute to its high cost. 

    These factors combine to make eiderdown a precious, sought-after commodity in the luxury bedding market.

  • What is Eiderdown made of?

    Eiderdown is made of the soft, fine underlayer of feathers from the eider duck in Iceland. 

    These feathers, known for their exceptional warmth and insulation, are uniquely structured to be incredibly lightweight and soft, offering unparalleled comfort. 

  • Goose down vs eiderdown

    Goose down and eiderdown are both premium bedding materials, but eiderdown stands out for its superior qualities. 

    Eiderdown, harvested from the nests of eider ducks, offers unmatched softness because it lacks the hard components that may be found in goose down. 

    It's also renowned for its exceptional insulation capabilities, adjusting to ambient temperatures for year-round comfort. 

    Moreover, eiderdown is rarer and more sustainable, involving a labour-intensive collection process that doesn't harm the birds. 

    However, goose down is much more widely available and less expensive, making it more accessible for those looking for a cosy, natural duvet. 

  • What other eiderdown products are there?

    Eiderdown pillows and eiderdown bed toppers are also available. 

    These bedding accessories provide all the same benefits of luxurious eiderdown, although eiderdown duvets tend to be more popular. 

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