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200 x 200 cm Emperor Mattresses


Nicky P.

Last updated: 30.07.2020 5 Min.

You may find that you're perfectly happy with a standard double or king-size bed.

But, then again, you may find yourself wanting to explore the luxuriousness of the 200 x 200 cm emperor mattress.

This mattress is ideal for couples, but it can also easily accommodate a child, cat, or dog, who may like to cuddle with you at night. Indeed, there are many advantages to having an emperor-size mattress.

Find out all you need to know about this mattress, why you may want one, and which one to go for, in our article below.

200 x 200 cm Emperor Mattress
  • Overview
  • Why choose a 200 x 200 cm mattress?
  • What are the advantages of the emperor mattress?
  • Buy an affordable emperor mattress
  • Conclusion

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Why choose a 200 x 200 cm mattress?

Wider mattresses are becoming increasingly common. If your bedroom does have the necessary space, then the 200 x 200 cm emperor mattress is a luxurious choice.

It guarantees a spacious night’s sleep and you certainly won’t be disturbed by any of your partner’s movements. The emperor mattress is also particularly suitable for sightly larger people, ensuring that both partners still have more than enough room for a comfortable night’s sleep. But the mattress isn’t only ideal for couples. Indeed, it is also suitable for singles who like a large and comfortable space to sleep in.

The emperor mattress is also popular if a child, cat, or dog spends the night, or part of the night, with the adult parents. This extra space allows the whole family to find their own comfortable spot and not disturb anyone else.

In addition, the 200 x 200 cm mattress is also great for daytime relaxation purposes as it provides ample space to snuggle and watch TV or unwind on your own by reading a good book.

What are the advantages of the emperor mattress?

Of course, the main advantage of the 200 x 200 cm mattress is its size. It may sound imposing - or look it in a smaller bedroom - but the emperor mattress offers the utmost comfort to anyone, no matter how big or small you are. It gives you the freedom to move around without getting in the way of your partner or worrying about falling off the edge!

This also makes it great for very active sleepers who toss and turn frequently at night. The average person will move around about 40 times a night, and even minimal movements are enough to disturb light sleepers. Light sleepers, then, who share the bed with average- or over-active partners will appreciate this size even more as it will give them the required peace and quiet they need to get a good night's rest.

Even though the mattress is perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep, it’s also great for enabling beautiful moments of relaxation for the whole family during the day.

Larger mattresses are usually also of much better quality than smaller mattresses, which are commonly available in ‘low cost’ versions with low-quality materials. You will undoubtedly be able to enjoy your 200 x 200 cm mattress for a long time.

To sum up, here are the main advantages of the 200 x 200 cm emperor mattress:

  • Great for people of a larger body size
  • Suitable for very active sleepers
  • Allows you to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep without disturbance from your partner
  • Gives you a large sleeping area
  • Possibility of accommodating children and pets without difficulty.

Buy an affordable emperor mattress

One of the first pieces of information we look at before buying a mattress is its price. But when considering prices, don’t forget that a high-quality mattress can be kept for over a decade. So investing in a good mattress may be more expensive now but it will have a longer lifespan as well.

That said, it is also possible to purchase a cheaper and more affordable 200 x 200 cm mattress.

To get a great mattress at the best price, we’d suggest that you keep an eye out on daily promotions. If you’ve already decided which emperor mattress to purchase, then you can certainly wait to buy the mattress on a whim at a reduced price.

You’ll also be able to find the best deals on 200 x 200 cm mattresses online. Brands that sell exclusively on the internet generally offer lower prices. This is largely due to lower operating costs.

Mattresses purchased online also often come with a free trial period, after which they can be returned free of charge. So if you’re not entirely satisfied with the mattress you have ordered, you can simply contact the manufacturer’s customer service centre and they will pick up the mattress again and offer you a full refund. This trial period is to compensate the buyer for not being able to test the mattress in-store.

Just because you’re buying a mattress online does not mean that you’re purchasing a mattress of lesser quality.


The 200 x 200 cm emperor mattress is the largest of all the standard available mattresses.

It is suitable for any adult, offering maximum space and allowing you to sleep comfortably without being disturbed by your partner’s movement.

It’s also ideal for sleepers of slightly larger body size.

In addition, the emperor mattress is also great for daytime relaxation, such as reading a good book or snuggling up to watch a movie.

If you have the space available, then investing in a 200 x 200 cm emperor mattress can only be a good idea.

Nicky P.

My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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