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Best mattresses for sex



Last updated: 07.07.2021 4.5 Min.

The right choice of mattress is not only important for the quality of your sleep but it also plays a vital role in the quality of your sex life. A bad mattress can quickly ruin your relationship.

This might seem a bit of a stretch but you wouldn’t want to risk it, would you? And, after all, a good mattress can really enhance your sex life. Your bed linen and bed frame also play a role, of course.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that your mattress gives you and your partner the support you need to make your nightly trysts as enjoyable as possible.

We’ll guide you through what to consider when purchasing your new mattress if you’re focusing on your sex life.

best mattresses for sex
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    Excellent quality
    Simba Hybrid Mattress

    Simba Hybrid
    Price from £ 421 (649 )

    Simba Hybrid

    The Simba Hybrid mattress is a high-quality pocket sprung mattress with multiple layers of foam.

    This award-winning and five-star-rated original mattress by Simba Sleep is a unique hybrid mattress that combines polyfoam, high-definition foam, and pocket springs.

    All about the Simba Hybrid

    Simba Hybrid

    The Simba Hybrid is an award-winning hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress.

    It features a comfort layer of Simba-Pure open-cell polyfoam and a core of Aerocoil pocket springs and high-definition foam. 

    The Simba Hybrid is a great choice for a wide range of sleepers.

    It comes with free delivery and a 200-day risk-free trial period.

    Simba Hybrid Mattress



    Premium choice
    Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

    Eve Premium Hybrid
    Price from £ 782 (978 )

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious hybrid mattress with 5 layers of new generation foam and over 1500 pocket springs.

    This high-end mattress combines foam with pocket springs and offers superior comfort with optimal support and spinal alignment. 

    All about the Eve Premium Hybrid

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious medium-firm mattress that offers superior comfort and excellent support. 

    Its unique composition of foams and springs offers a high degree of comfort in all sleeping positions.

    The mattress adapts well to the body of the sleeper and offers optimal spinal alignment.

    This is a great mattress for people suffering from back pain.

    The Eve Premium Hybrid comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

    Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress


    Types of mattresses to choose for a great sex life

    Of course, the type of mattress you choose should ultimately be based on your preferences and requirements for sleep, optimising rest and comfort.

    There are numerous types of mattresses available, including:

    Of course, you shouldn’t only focus on a good mattress. The quality of your bed frame also matters. You want to avoid box springs as these tend to squeak, especially if it’s a few years old.

    And you’d also want to consider your bed linen. The more luxuriously soft and comfortable your linen, the more enjoyable your nighttime pleasures will be.

    How your mattress adapts to movement

    Each mattress will respond to body movements differently.

    The ideal mattress for sex should adapt quickly to changes in position. This means that the material will bounce back to its original shape quickly so that you’ll be well supported on a stable surface. This allows you to easily switch positions, which is likely during sexual activity.

    Mattresses made of latex or other elastic materials are particularly suitable.

    Consider the desired firmness level

    It is always vitally important that you choose your desired level of firmness. If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, then you should consult your partner too.

    We’d recommend that you choose a mattress that is universal with medium firmness (6 - 7.5 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale).

    These mattresses are neither too firm nor too soft and will suit most people.

    Pay attention to the durability of a mattress

    Generally, the higher the quality of your mattress, the more durable it will be and the longer its life span.

    An active sex life can quickly put your mattress to the test, so you’d want a very durable mattress that won’t be worn out quickly.

    Most premium mattresses last several years without losing comfort or stability.

    Choosing the right level of comfort

    Comfort is always important when you’re considering purchasing a new mattress.

    A good mattress for sex will be comfortable but not too soft. You need to ensure that the mattress provides enough support and distributes pressure well — this makes the mattress more comfortable no matter the position.

    Memory foam mattresses distribute pressure very well and adjust perfectly to the contours of the body. The downside is that memory foam absorbs movement and so doesn’t return to its original shape quickly, making movements quite cumbersome.

    The ideal would be to have memory foam at the core of your mattress and not as the top layer. In this way, you still get the superior comfort without the downside of strenuous movement.

    Avoid excessively noisy beds

    Let’s be honest, sometimes there is a need for discretion. Some mattresses can be extremely noisy during lovemaking, attracting unwanted attention. An ideal mattress for sex, then, will limit noise.

    Pay attention to the material of your mattress as well as your bed frame, and make sure that your bed doesn’t move too much during activity.


    If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, then you’ll definitely want to consider the above points to ensure you have a mattress that will support your sex life.

    But don’t forget that, ultimately, you need a mattress that allows you to get a great night’s sleep.

    Most high-quality mattresses will meet all your needs.


    My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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