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Best Sun Loungers UK (2024)

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Is there a better way to relax outside than on a comfy sun lounger?

We don’t think so! 😅

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the best sun loungers in the UK . . .

We chose sun loungers that have adjustable reclining positions, excellent materials and 5-star reviews by customers. 🌟

Find out more about them in our sun lounger review!

woman and sun lounger
Great For Couples

Sunmer Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs With Canopy

The Sunmer Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs with Canopy is comfortable, adjustable and lightweight.
  • Alloy steel frame & textilene fabric 
  • 165 cm x 65 cm x 110 cm (64.9" x 25.5" x 43.3")
  • 8 kg (17 lbs) 

Tell me more about the Sunmer Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs

The Sunmer Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs with Canopy is one of the best folding sun loungers in the UK. 

Crafted from alloy steel, they offer a sturdy and lightweight solution to your garden relaxation. 

Each chair weighs a mere 8 kilograms, making it easy to manoeuvre for the sun's prime spots. 

The chairs come with individual canopies and cushions, as well as handy cup and phone holders. 

The chair has 30° to 90° reclines for more versatility. 

The canopies are also fully adjustable to keep those UV rays at bay. 

Reasons to buy

Lightweight and portable

Adjustable canopy and reclining feature

Handy cup and phone holder

Reasons to avoid

Some customers have complained about the stitching coming apart


Argos Home Folding Wooden Sun Lounger

The Argos Home Folding Wooden Sun Lounger is made from FSC-approved eucalyptus and timber.

The Argos Home Folding Wooden Sun Lounger combines style and comfort so you can relax without compromise. 


The Argos Home Wooden sun lounger is our favourite wooden sun lounger UK.

We love the stylish wooden design of this eco-friendly sun bed. 
Argos Home Wooden Sun Lounger with Cushion

Depending on your preference, this sun lounger can be adjusted in 3 reclined positions

There is a fixed footrest to take the weight off your legs after a long day. 

The cushions are rain-proof, but Argos recommends they be put inside when not used. 

The wooden sun lounger also folds away easily to store it during the winter. 

This sun lounger includes a 1-year guarantee and same-day delivery


  Argos Home Wooden Sun Lounger
Materials: FSC-certified timber and eucalyptus

94 x 56 x 139cm (37 x 22 x 54.7 inches)

Guarantee: 1 year

This wooden sun lounger is made from eco-friendly materials. 


Some customers complained that it wasn’t suitable for heavier weight people. 

Great For The Elderly

Argos Home Check Folding Recliner Garden Chair

The Argos Home Check Folding Recliner Garden Chair includes a full-length padded cushion for optimal comfort.

You can relax to your heart's content with 6 reclining positions. 


The Argos Home Check Folding Recliner Garden Chair is an excellent choice for those looking to relax outside. 
Argos Home Metal Folding Sun Lounger

The sun lounger has 6 adjustable positions depending on what you find the most comfortable. 

This is one of our favourite sun loungers for the elderly as it has plenty of cushioning for the joints. 

It also includes an automatic footrest to help you stay elevated and take the weight off your feet. 

The Argos Home Check Folding Recliner Garden Chair folds away for easy storage.

The cushions are shower-proof but should be stored away when not in use to prolong life. 



Argos Home Check Folding Recliner Garden Chair


Metal frame, cotton cushion cover

Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 75 cm (39.3 x 23.6 x 29.5 inches)
Guarantee: 1 year

We love that the sun lounger has multiple reclining positions for customisable comfort. 

👎 A few customers found that the cushions weren’t the most comfortable.

What is a sun lounger?

A sun lounger bed is a long lounge chair designed for an outdoor area such as a garden, balcony, or poolside. 🏊

These reclining chairs are great for those that like to spend time outside sunbathing, relaxing, reading, or even having the occasional nap.

They are usually adjustable for sitting or lying down with cushions that support the head. 🤗

What are sun loungers made of?

Sun loungers can be made from a variety of materials. 🙌

The most popular sun lounger materials include:

  • Rattan sun loungers
  • Plastic sun loungers
  • Teak sun loungers
  • Aluminium sun loungers
  • Wicker sun loungers
  • Hardwood sun lounger

Rattan sun loungers are one of the most popular because of their hardwearing durability against most weather conditions. ⛈️

Acacia wood sun loungers help maintain a natural look in your garden space, but they don’t always accommodate heavier body weights.

The Argos Home Wooden Sun Lounger is sleek and stylish:


wooden sun lounger
Sun loungers are available in wood, metal, or rattan materials.

Alternatively, aluminium or other metal sun loungers are great for multiple reclining positions.

The best folding sun lounger UK can be easily adjusted and stored away when not in use.

How do I choose a sun lounger?

There are different factors to consider when choosing a sun lounger. 🤔

The kind of sun lounger you need depends on how the sun lounger will be used.

Firstly, we advise you to choose a sun lounger that:

  • Is resistant to weather conditions
  • Is somewhat adjustable to suit your preferred sitting/lying position
  • Is foldable, or the cushions can be removed when not in use (to prevent damage during winter)

You should also consider your own personal criteria.

If you are of a heavier build, ensure the sun lounger doesn’t have a maximum weight limit. ⚖️

If you are looking for a low-maintenance sun lounger, you may want to avoid natural materials, which can build mildew if left untreated.

Some sun loungers also come in a fixed position to be left outside year-round, whilst others can be folded away.

Woman confused
Everybody will have different requirements when buying a sun lounger.

Consider your space and whether the sun lounger suits your lifestyle. ✅

For example, the best sun loungers for lying on your front will be in a fixed flat position.

However, those that like to lie down and sit up occasionally should opt for an adjustable reclining sun lounger.

Which sun lounger is best?

We think the Argos Home Zero Gravity Metal sun lounger is one of the best loungers in the UK market right now. 💕

This sunbed is excellent value for money and highly versatile.

The Argos Home Zero Gravity Metal sun lounger can be used as a seat and easily adjusted to a lying-down position by simply pressing your feet onto the bottom bar.

We also love the feeling of weightlessness you experience on this anti-gravity sun lounger. 🎈

Why should you buy a sun lounger?

Excellent seating space shouldn’t just be for the inside.

Woman relaxing in hammock
Those who like to relax outside often will benefit from a sun lounger bed.

If you spend a lot of time in your garden or on your balcony, a sun lounger or other outdoor seating is a worthy investment. ✔️

We love sun loungers because they support the body in a reclined position, whilst elevating the legs to reduce pressure on the feet.

They’re also highly durable for long-term relaxation, unlike cheap garden chairs.

Woman sitting on sun lounger
A sun lounger is worthwhile for those that spend time outside.

A raised sunbed also keeps you away from the creepy crawlies on the ground. 🐛

A sun lounger allows you to relax in the garden for longer periods as they encourage prolonged comfort and support.

If you have some extra spending money during the summertime and like to relax outside, we highly recommend a sun lounger. 👌

Our favourite folding sun loungers:

What are the drawbacks of sun loungers?

A sun lounger isn’t for everyone, and there are some disadvantages you should consider before making a purchase. 👀

Sun loungers are relatively large, so they may not be suitable for small balconies.

Instead, other garden chairs such as a deck chair, hanging chair, or egg chair might be a better choice - although you can’t lay down on these.

Egg chair on balcony
Consider some alternatives if your space is limited.

Sun loungers may also rust or experience weather damage over time. ⛈️

Even if a sun lounger is advertised as weatherproof, we recommend storing the cushions inside and covering the lounger to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Are sun loungers bad for your back?

Some people may experience injuries [1] from sun loungers from prolonged use.

This is typically caused by lying on your stomach and curving your back, which puts pressure on the spine. 😣

Woman with back pain
Laying on your stomach for long periods can lead to back pain.

To avoid lower back pain, invest in an adjustable reclining sun lounger that provides ample support for the back and spine.

Chiropractors [2] recommend lying on a sun lounger on your back with your knees bent to reduce this pressure. 🥰

You should also avoid staying in the same position for extended periods when using a sun lounger.

Instead, move position every 10 or 20 minutes and take breaks to walk around to get the blood flowing.

Sun loungers with multiple reclining positions are a great way to prevent chronic pain.

Man on reclining sun lounger
A reclining sun lounger provides adaptable comfort.

Massage guns can also be useful for anybody experiencing frequent back pain.

Sun lounger sizes

Sun lounger sizes vary depending on the type of sun lounger you buy. 🤔

Most sun loungers are 100 - 200 cm long, around the same length as a single mattress (190 cm).

Sun loungers are typically between 60 - 70 cm wide, which is reasonably narrower than a single mattress (90 cm).

Man measuring mattresses
A sun lounger is around the length of a single mattress.

Before purchasing any outdoor furniture, always check the size you need for your garden or balcony space.

Some sun loungers can also be folded down and stored away when not used. 📦

Take a look at our favourite sun loungers that store away easily:

How much should you spend on a sun lounger?

Sun lounger prices are determined by the kind of quality you buy.

Man sitting on coins
Sun loungers come in a range of prices.

Typically, a garden sun lounger can cost between £30 - £1500. 💰

Luxury sun loungers UK offer premium comfort, long guarantees, and are resistant to most weather conditions.

Cheap sun loungers UK will be lower in quality but can still be reasonably comfortable.

Why are sun loungers so expensive?

Many sun loungers can be priced at £1000 or more.

This is because they are made with weather-resistant materials that can last decades. ☔

Man with scales
It’s good to find a balance between cost and quality.

Investing a bit more in a weather-resistant sun lounger will save you money, as you won't have to replace it for many years.

Sun lounger discount codes

Some sun loungers even come with fantastic discounts. 🏷️

You can save as much as 50% at the most popular UK retailers during a sun lounger sale. 🤯

Don't want to miss out on the best sun lounger deals?

Luckily, we keep track of all the best deals year-round on our discounts page.

Before you hit checkout, search for sun lounger voucher codes and sales online.

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Sun lounger alternatives

So, perhaps you’re keen on sprucing up the garden, but you’re not sure if you should buy sun loungers or another outdoor seating option. 😕

Other outdoor seating options might be more suitable.

Luckily, there are plenty of other options to explore. 👇

Consider these alternatives:

  • Garden hammock
  • Garden bench
  • Patio chairs
  • Deck chairs
  • Egg chairs

You could even opt for a regular garden chair with a footstool to help your feet stay elevated. 🦵

Or check out camping beds if you want something versatile that you can pop away when the colder weather comes.

Should you buy a sun lounger?

A sun lounger is a great piece of garden furniture to level up your outdoor space and relax on summer days. 🌞

We recommend them for:

  • Those that spend lots of time outside
  • Those that experience discomfort on other outdoor seating
  • Those that need to take pressure off the legs when sitting or laying down

You should consider your budget and the type of sun lounger you need following all the tips in our article.

Made your mind up? 😅

Here’s a reminder of the best sun loungers in the UK!

Frequently asked questions

  • Do zero gravity chairs recline all the way?

    Zero gravity chairs recline in a laying position. 

    However, they do not lay completely flat, and your legs will be slightly bent. 

    They typically recline around 160 degrees and are unsuitable for laying on your stomach. 

  • Can you sleep on a sun lounger?

    Whether or not you can sleep on a sun lounger depends on your comfort levels.

    We don’t see any harm in taking the occasional nap on your sun lounger, but it shouldn’t be a permanent sleeping arrangement.

    If you are sleeping on a sun lounger outside, we also recommend having a sun shade or parasol to prevent getting sunburnt.

    For budget-friendly sleeping options, look at our article on the best value for money mattresses.

  • How to store sun loungers in winter

    Outdoor living isn't always glamorous, and your furniture is at risk of rust, mildew, and damage from outside critters when not taken care of properly.

    Firstly, you should ensure your sun lounger is dry before storing it away for winter.

    Scrub your wood or rattan sun loungers with warm soapy water and leave them to dry before storing them to prevent mildew from building up.

    We also recommend checking the steel frame of your metal sun lounger for rust spots and treating this with white vinegar or rust removal products before storing.

    In winter, you can store your sun lounger in a shed, garage, or home.

    Ensure they are stored away in a clean, dry space that protects them from the weather.

    Sun lounger cushions should be stored in the home to prevent the risk of mice and rats eating the fabric.

  • Where can I buy a sun lounger?

    You can purchase the best sunloungers from various UK retailers.

    These include:

    • John Lewis sun loungers
    • Argos sun loungers
    • Homebase sun loungers
    • B&Q sun loungers

    You can also find other garden and home accessories, including barbecues, outdoor dining, mattresses, and DIY products at these retailers. 

    Plenty of sun loungers are available online with fast delivery from websites like Amazon and Wayfair.

    Some other popular sun lounger brands include Outsunny, Charles Bentley, and Keter.

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