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Eazzzy Topper By Genius


Nicky P.

Last updated: 01.04.2021 8.5 Min.

The Eazzzy topper by Genius has been a point of contestation for a while now, with customers complaining that customer service is lacking and that sleeping comfort is not, in fact, improved.

But there are also many good reviews of the Eazzy topper.

The decision to buy a mattress topper is never easier. So that’s why we bought the Eazzzy topper ourselves, to see what all the fuss is about, and give you a proper indication of its quality.

A mattress topper, in general, should achieve numerous things. It should provide good pressure relief, prevent tension, enhance the sleeping climate, and protect the mattress from dirt, wear, and tear, much like a mattress protector would. It can also be great to bridge two mattresses.

This, in theory, all sounds great. But does the Eazzzy topper achieve this?

Here is our review, as well as some alternative mattress toppers that you may consider.

  • Overview
  • Composition
  • Cover
  • Properties
  • Delivery & customer service
  • Alternatives
  • Conclusion
  • Our selection of the best mattresses


  • Breathable cover and upper layer to allow for a cooler sleeping climate
  • Good density and the topper is likely to last a long time
  • Did make our very firm mattress softer and more comfortable
  • The cover is removable and machine-washable
  • 111-day trial period


  • Not made of high-quality materials
  • Our topper was faulty, likely due to storage
  • The trial period is not risk-free and customer service is difficult
  • Not good value for money

Eazzzy topper composition

The Eazzzy mattress topper is comprised of two layers.

The first blue layer allows for a cooling effect to provide an overall more temperature-neutral sleep.

The second is a thick layer of supportive foam, which provides support and maintains body alignment.

The topper also featured a hypoallergenic and breathable cover, which we'll expand upon a little further down.

What we found a little perplexing is that the Eazzzy topper is advertised as featuring a gel foam layer, but the accompanying booklet we received stated it as 100% polyurethane foam.

Even though polyurethane foam makes for a good topper, this is not a high-quality material.

The higher-quality mattress toppers feature gel foam or memory foam.

The latter is especially great as it adapts optimally to the contours of the body, offering a soft cocooning effect that adequately relieves pressure and is enormously comfortable.

The Eazzzy topper has a good density of 40 kg/m³.

In general, the higher the density of a mattress or mattress topper, the higher its quality and the longer its lifespan.

The good density of the Eazzzy topper suggests that it will last a long time, even though the materials aren't top-of-the-range.

According to the manufacturer, all materials are also Oeko-Tex standard 100 and Certipur certified.


Eazzy Topper Layers
You can clearly see the two foam layers of the Eazzzy topper

Eazzzy topper cover

The Eazzzy topper cover is made of 100% polyester.

It is equipped with OptiAir quilting, which provides for improved air circulation and enhanced breathability.

This affects the overall sleeping climate and allows for a cooler, more comfortable feel.

The cover has a zipper and is easily removable.

It is also machine-washable at 60°C and can be tumble-dried. This is great for hygiene purposes and makes the topper safe for allergy sufferers.

The Eazzy topper cover also features flexible rubber straps on the bottom side, which are very useful.

You can easily stretch these around the mattress, ensuring that your topper is fixed to the mattress.

Anti-slip nubs on the bottom side also prevent slippage during the night and keep the topper in place.


eazzzy topper logo

eazzzy topper side straps

eazzzy topper side straps

Eazzy topper properties

A good mattress topper can greatly enhance the features of your mattress. But does the Eazzy topper do this?

Comfort & firmness

We found sleeping on the Eazzzy topper quite comfortable - but it also wasn’t fantastic.

Of course, the quality of the actual mattress does play a role here.

This is why we always recommend choosing a high-quality mattress to begin with. You can read all our mattress reviews but we've also linked to some of our favourite mattresses and top recommendations at the bottom of this article.

Since a topper’s efficacy depends on the quality of the mattress, it is impossible to state a general degree of firmness or improvement in comfort.

A mattress topper cannot magically turn a bad mattress into a good one.

For our review, we chose to test the Eazzzy topper on a pocket spring mattress, the IKEA Hövag.

This is not a very good mattress and we would always much rather go for a quality mattress like the Emma Original or Eve Lighter Hybrid.

That said, the IKEA Hövåg is an average mattress of a firm feel, making it a good choice to test the efficacy of a mattress topper.

In our case, we did notice an improvement in sleeping comfort with the Eazzzy topper.

This topper definitely made the mattress softer and thus much more comfortable.

Nevertheless, a topper with a gel pad or integrated memory foam would be much better.

These adapt better to the contours of the body and allow for adequate pressure distribution, allowing for an overall more comfortable feel.

The Eazzzy topper is made of cheaper quality foam, which definitely negatively affects the overall quality of the topper.

firmness of the eazzzy topper

eazzzy topper comfort

Our Eazzzy topper seems to have been faulty

This came as quite a surprise and we really haven’t seen anything like this before, but our topper wasn’t perfectly level and had a kink in the middle.

This was probably due to longer storage.

Even though the topper is rolled up, the larger toppers are still folded in the middle. This would possibly explain the kink.

Of course, this should never happen.

While the topper did flatten out a little after a few days, traces of the bend still remained.

This severely affected sleeping comfort, and it’s not great for your spine and back either. You would never want your mattress or sleep accessories to cause back pain.

Unfortunately, our opinion of the Eazzzy topper was severely diminished by this.

If you've read some of the other content on Sleep Hero, you'll know that all of the mattresses and sleep accessories sold online are generally vacuum-sealed and delivered in compact boxes.

This proves that it is possible to deliver high-quality products without damage or faults, making the kink in our Eazzzy topper even more perplexing.

This also doesn't seem to be a once-off occurrence and we've read other reviews where the same problem occurred.

This may be indicative of lesser quality, bad manufacturing, or faulty storage and transport choices.

eazzzy topper kink in middle

eazzzy topper kink in middle

Sinkage depths with the Eazzzy topper

In order to verify if there was an actual difference to the firmness, we measured the sinkage depths with and without the Eazzzy topper.

We took measurements while lying on our stomach, back, and side.

These are our results:

Test sleeper (1.78 m / 65 kg) Sinkage without Eazzzy topper Sinkage with Eazzzy topper
Lying on the back 3 cm 4.5 cm
Lying on the side 3 cm 4.5 cm
Lying on the stomach 1.5 cm 2.5 cm

As you can see from the above table, sinkage with the Eazzzy topper greatly improved.

This suggests that the mattress did, indeed, become softer with the addition of the Eazzzy topper.

As alluded to previously, the exact effect of a mattress topper will depend on the quality and firmness of the actual mattress used.

We slept on a firm innerspring mattress, which we'd rate as a 7 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

With the topper, we would give it a rating of 6 to 6.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

The Eazzzy topper definitely provided a more comfortable sleep and created a softer sleeping surface.


person sitting on the eazzzy topper

person lying on the eazzzy topper

Delivery & customer service

The Eazzzy topper is delivered rolled up in a compact box, much like many of the other mattresses and sleep accessories purchased online are.

This usually works fine but, as we've already mentioned above, our topper seems to have been damaged - either through the folding itself or a longer storage time.

The topper comes with a trial period of 111 days. This is great and we're generally big fans of risk-free trial periods. All the big online brands like Emma and Eve Sleep offer these.

Trial periods give the customer the chance to really test the product in question and see if it’s suitable. And, if it isn’t, they can simply send it back and receive a full refund.

Generally, all a customer needs to do is contact customer services and the return will be organised by the manufacturer - free of charge.

This is not the case with the Eazzzy topper.

In order to return the Eazzy topper, you'll need a foil or foil bag and a cardboard box to fit the topper into.

You also need to cover the costs of the return shipment.

A copy of the invoice and the receipt with the tracking number need to be included in the package.

You will then receive a full refund of the purchasing price within 10 business days.

This makes the whole return process somewhat complicated.

While trial periods are greats, we don't believe the Eazzzy topper trial period is completely risk-free as the customer has to incur some costs and inconveniences to return the topper.

This is why we would strongly recommend purchasing the Eazzzy topper through Amazon.

The 111-day trial period is also available with purchases through Amazon, and here you have an additional contact person in case something goes wrong.

Amazon makes the whole process a lot easier.


eazzy topper delivery

eazzy topper delivered through amazon

Our top alternatives

Given our average experience with the Eazzzy topper, we highly recommend that you choose a more high-quality mattress topper instead.

Our top alternatives to the Eazzzy topper include the following:


Our experience with the Eazzzy mattress topper was average.

The topper seems to have been faulty and had an uncomfortable kink in the middle.

While it did make our very firm mattress softer and more comfortable and seems to have very good density, the quality of materials is questionable.

Add in difficult customer services, and this is not our first choice when it comes to mattress toppers.

We don't think the Eazzzy topper offers great value for money and wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

There are definitely better products with better customer service for the same price.

Our recommendation? Try the high-quality Eve mattress topper instead!


Our selection of the best mattresses

A mattress topper can't save you from a bad mattress.

Here are our top recommendations of high-quality mattresses.

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