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DreamCloud Pillow Review UK (2024)

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Too often, we skimp on a cheap pillow and hope that it will do.

But a pillow is one of the key components to a great night’s sleep. 🤯

A decent pillow encourages optimal spinal and neck alignment and support for the head and shoulders.

So, can the DreamCloud pillow provide all the ingredients necessary for a healthier sleep?

Dive into our DreamCloud pillow review! 👇

Top features of the DreamCloud Pillow

Free delivery & returns
Free Delivery & Returns
Firm and supportive
Firm Support
Made in the UK
Made In The UK
Keeps Its Shape


  • Comes in a set of 2 - an excellent buy for couples!

  • Medium-firm with a supportive feel

  • High loft ideal for side sleepers

  • Stays in shape for a long time

  • Solid comfort for those that like to sit up in bed and need extra support

  • Comes with a removable cover

  • Shredded foam filling moulds around the head and shoulders

  • Highly breathable Tencel fibres and ventilated design

  • Fast & free delivery


  • Too deep for stomach sleepers
  • Might feel too firm for those who prefer a softer pillow
  • No sleep trial or guarantee

What makes the DreamCloud pillow special?

🧱 Extra-firm and supportive feel

🧽 Keeps its shape for a long time

🌬️ Breathable design provides a cool and comfy sleep

What is the DreamCloud pillow?

The DreamCloud pillow is a firm-feeling pillow for cushion-like comfort. 🧸

It's made with shredded memory foam that contours around the head and shoulders and a removable Tencel cover.

Memory foam is made from viscoelastic cells that adapt to pressure and heat.


viscoelastic cells in memory foam pillow
The cells in the memory foam become a liquid-like structure when exposed to body heat.

This makes them a great material for pillows as they can mould around the head and shoulders and relieve pressure.

But more on that later...

How was our experience when we tested this pillow? 👇

How comfortable is the DreamCloud pillow?

It’s difficult to know if a pillow is for you just from scrolling through some pictures and reading a couple of reviews online. 🤔

So we’ll do everything we can to break down the ins and outs of the DreamCloud pillow. 👇

Great for sitting up in bed and reading

Overall, the DreamCloud pillow offers a firm and supportive feel.


dreamcloud pillow pressure test
The DreamCloud pillow is as solid as a cushion.

For those who like to cosy up in bed and get stuck in a book - the DreamCloud pillow is ideal. 📖

The DreamCloud pillow is the perfect accessory for snuggling up in bed to read or watch a movie.

The cushion-like feel of the pillow provides the perfect support without having to add extra pillows.

woman reading in bed
The DreamCloud pillow is the perfect reading accessory.

But what about sleeping? 🧐

What does sleeping with the DreamCloud pillow feel like?

The DreamCloud pillow supports the head without sinking too much.

Being used to hollowfibre pillows that go flat fairly quickly, it took some time to adjust to the sturdier feel of the DreamCloud pillow.


Weight on DreamCloud pillow
The DreamCloud pillow is firm enough to support heavier heads.

We tested this pillow for a couple of months, and although it did soften up a bit over time, it kept its high loft shape and firmness. 🧱

This is great news for those who prefer a solid cushion-like pillow that lasts.

But, is this any good for you? 👇

Is the DreamCloud pillow good for my sleeping position?

The last thing you want to do is purchase a pillow that is unsuitable for your sleeping position. 😨

Here’s what you need:

  • Side sleepers - A high loft, firm pillow that fills the space between the head and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers - a medium loft and feel pillow that aligns the spine and neck.
  • Stomach sleepers - an extra soft, low-loft pillow (or no pillow at all) to keep the head close to the mattress.

So, how did the DreamCloud pillow stack up when we tested it in each position?

Are DreamCloud pillows good for side sleepers?

We found the DreamCloud pillow most comfortable in the side sleeping position.


DreamCloud pillow side position
The DreamCloud pillow aligns the spine and neck during sleep.

The high loft of the pillow encourages optimal alignment of the spine and neck when sleeping on your side. 🙌

The firm feel of the pillow helps to keep the head raised and supported.

There was a very slight bend in the neck but overall the pillow felt comfortable in the side sleeping position.

We think the DreamCloud pillow would be suitable for most side sleepers who prefer a solid pillow.

Are DreamCloud pillows good for back sleepers?

The DreamCloud Pillow is suitable for some back sleepers. 😍


dreamcloud pillow back sleeping
The head and shoulders feel supported in the back sleeping position.

In this position, the head was raised and helped to keep the neck fairly straight with the spine.

However, the pillow was still slightly too high for some body types in this position.

If you are petite, you might find the DreamCloud pillow too firm and deep for this position.

Instead, consider a slightly softer pillow with customisable height, such as the Simba Hybrid pillow.


Are DreamCloud pillows good for stomach sleepers?

However, we felt the DreamCloud pillow was too high for those that sleep on their stomach.

Dreamcloud pillow stomach sleepers
The DreamCloud pillow feels too high for stomach sleeping.

The firmer feel and high depth of the DreamCloud pillow created a bend in the top of the spine. 😨

This causes tension, which can lead to waking with neck and back pain.

Instead, consider an adjustable pillow for customisable comfort.

These pillows have multiple layers or shredded foam that can be added and removed to your desire.

We recommend using just one layer for stomach sleepers, two for back sleepers, and three or more for side sleepers.

What are DreamCloud pillows made of?

The DreamCloud brand creates premium memory foam products and is a "firm" believer in providing a better night's sleep.

And the DreamCloud pillow does just that and more.

A DreamCloud pillow is comprised of:

  • A mesh bag filled with extra firm shredded memory foam
  • A removable outer cover made from Tencel cooling fabric

So, why is memory foam a great choice? 👇

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is an artificial material made from polyurethane foam.

The viscoelastic material responds to body heat, which helps it to adapt to the shape of the body.

“Memory foam” gets its name from the responsive material remembering its original shape. 🧠

The images below show you how this works:

Pressing on tempur sensation elite mattress

Released pressure from Tempur Sensation mattress

Memory foam returning to shape

Memory foam is an excellent filling for pillows as it moulds around the head and shoulders, which provides pressure-relieving comfort that can reduce neck pain. 🥰

Is the shredded memory foam in the DreamCloud pillow removable?

Unfortunately, the mesh bag is sealed, so we couldn’t remove any memory foam like some other brands. 👎


DreamCloud pillow insert
The DreamCloud shredded memory foam was not removable.

However, those DIY-inclined could probably tear a hole in the bag and fashion their own zipper. 🧵

You could even take the foam out of the original bag and pop it into a separate pillow protector.

Nevertheless, it would have been great if the removable aspect was already a part of the original DreamCloud pillow. 🤔

What’s so great about shredded memory foam?

Typically, a memory foam pillow will come in one of three forms.

These are:

  • Shredded memory foam
  • Memory foam layers
  • A solid memory foam pillow

A shredded memory foam pillow is the most versatile of these three types.

A solid foam pillow typically uses high-density foam with no adjustability, whilst a layered pillow only has one or two removable layers.

A shredded foam pillow is made from chopped-up bits of memory foam. ✂️

shredded memory foam pillow
Some brands offer shredded memory foam that can be removed.

It can be fluffed and puffed to help it keep its natural shape for longer. ☁️

Shredded memory foam cradles the space between the head and shoulders for a natural feeling of comfort.


Squeezing dreamcloud pillow insert
Shredded memory foam adapts to the shape of the head.

Shredded memory foam is also more breathable as retained heat flows through the gaps between the shredded foam pieces. 🌬️

Many shredded foam pillows also come with the option of adding or removing foam to create an ideal pillow height.

The Simba Hybrid Pillow comes with a zippered mesh bag where you can add or remove the advanced Nanocube foam to your heart’s content. 😍

DreamCloud pillow cover

One of our favourite things about the DreamCloud pillow is the removable cover. 🙌


dreamcloud pillow
The DreamCloud pillow comes with a high-quality cover.

The DreamCloud pillow cover is made with the same quilted fabric as the DreamCloud mattress.

The thick quilted design of the cover gives the pillow a premium feel.

The side of the DreamCloud pillow also has a mesh strip to provide optimal ventilation. 💨


Dreamcloud pillow corner view
The DreamCloud pillow provides superior ventilation.

This allows any hot air built up inside the pillow to disperse out easily and provide a cooler sleep. ❄️

The Tencel [1] fibres used in the outer cover are great for absorbing moisture, promoting breathability and being kind to the skin.

Can you wash a DreamCloud pillow?

Unfortunately, the DreamCloud pillow and outer casing are non-washable. 👎

Washing machine graphic
You should never wash the DreamCloud pillow.

If you spill something on the pillow, you can spot clean the stain with a mild soap, such as washing-up liquid. 🧼


dreamcloud pillow washing instructions
The DreamCloud pillow can only be spot-cleaned.

You can remove the outer cover and let it air out near an open window, which will help to remove any moisture or bacteria built up over time. 🦠

We recommend doing this every couple of months, as well as using pillow protectors alongside pillowcases.

DreamCloud pillow size

The DreamCloud pillow is a one-size-fits-all standard size pillow.

It measures 74 x 84 cm (29 x 33 inches) and is about 15.5 cm ( 6.10 inches) deep. 📏


measuring the dreamcloud pillow
The DreamCloud pillow is 15.5 cm deep.

The DreamCloud pillow is much deeper than your average pillow.

Even after a few months of testing this pillow, we were pleased to see it kept its shape and size.

You should puff up your pillow regularly (as often as you change your sheets) to ensure it stays in a good-as-new shape and condition. ✨

DreamCloud pillow prices

So, the big question is - how much does the DreamCloud pillow cost?

The DreamCloud pillow comes in a pack of two, making it a good value for money purchase. 💰


Man sitting on coins
The regular discounts and set of two pillows make the DreamCloud pillow good value.

The price of the DreamCloud pillow would be considered mid to high-end.

However, it’s often on offer so that you can get a high-quality pillow for a much lower cost. 🏷️

DreamCloud pillow discount codes

DreamCloud offers regular discounts on their products, including their pillows.

The best time to get a great deal is typically Black Friday, Christmas, and Easter time. 🔥


Piggybank graphic
The DreamCloud pillow is often on offer.

You can save as much as 45% on a pair of DreamCloud pillows, making them a more affordable option. 🤯

As DreamCloud is one of our favourite brands, we keep up to date on their latest promotions and exclusive deals.

We recommend looking at our discounts page before you hit checkout on your new mattress, pillow, or other sleep accessories.

DreamCloud Sleep

DreamCloud is originally a US brand, which is part of Nectar Sleep.

Dreamcloud and nectar box
DreamCloud and Nectar come from the same company.

They’re still relatively new to the UK market, but they’re showing great signs of becoming a staple UK brand in years to come. 👌

What other products does DreamCloud sell?

DreamCloud is best known for its DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress made with premium “dream plush” memory foam and ActivEdge pocket springs.


Dreamcloud mattress
The DreamCloud mattress is a great buy.

We’re also a big fan of their DreamCloud Headboard bed frame, waterproof mattress protector, soft cotton sheets and super snuggly duvet! 🤗

Check out our favourite DreamCloud accessories:

DreamCloud delivery conditions

The DreamCloud pillows are delivered in a rectangular cardboard box made from FSC-approved packaging. ♻️


DreamCloud pillow box
The DreamCloud pillow arrives in sustainable packaging.

This means their packaging comes from recycled materials and well-managed forests that encourage sustainability.

DreamCloud offers fast and FREE delivery on all of its products.

DreamCloud pillows can take as little as two days to arrive at your door! 🚚💨


Dreamcloud pillows in box
The DreamCloud pillows are compressed during delivery.

Your DreamCloud pillows might be a bit squashed when you first unbox them.

Once you’ve removed the packaging, we recommend giving them a good fluff to help them get back to their normal shape. ☁️

DreamCloud trial period

We were disappointed to discover that the DreamCloud pillow doesn’t come with a sleep trial period or warranty. 👎

However, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress comes with a 365-night trial and lifetime warranty.

If you do change your mind about the DreamCloud pillow, you'll be pleased to know they come with a 30-day return policy.


return policy graphic
You can return your DreamCloud pillows within 30 days.

This means you can return your DreamCloud pillows within this time frame as long as they are clean and unused.

Nevertheless, we would love to see a sleep trial available in the future for those who aren’t sure whether to buy these pillows.

Particularly as these pillows might be too deep for some people, it would be great if customers could test them out first.

DreamCloud pillow alternatives

However, if you’re looking for a memory foam pillow that does come with a sleep trial, warranty, and adaptable memory foam comfort - don’t worry! 😅

Check out these fantastic products! 👇

Should I buy a DreamCloud pillow?

For those who prefer a bulky pillow with that “al dente” feel, the DreamCloud pillow could be the cure to your insomnia. 😴

They’re a great choice for side sleepers who need a high-loft pillow, particularly if you have broader shoulders.

The DreamCloud pillow is the perfect cushion for sitting up in bed and reading.

These memory foam pillows come as a pack of two - so why not treat yourself and your partner to a pair of brand new pillows?



  • Material

    Decent quality. 

  • Comfort

    A bit too firm for our liking. 

  • Off-gassing

    We experienced no off-gassing. 

  • Breathability

    We had no issues with breathability.

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery & returns. 

  • Value for money

    Good value considering two pillows are included. 

Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact DreamCloud UK

Customer service: To contact DreamCloud Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please email them at hello@dreamcloudsleep.co.uk, call them on 0808 501 5400 or chat with them online [2]. DreamCloud support is available 7 days a week from 9 am - 5:30 pm.

Registered office: 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Frequently asked questions

  • Are DreamCloud and Nectar the same company?

    DreamCloud is a reputable company that originates from the USA

    The same company manufactures DreamCloud and Nectar, but their products have differences and similarities. 

    Both offer a 365-night trial and Forever Warranty on their mattresses. 

    However, the Nectar mattress is a budget-friendly memory foam mattress, whilst the DreamCloud mattress is a premium hybrid product

  • Where does DreamCloud ship from?

    Although DreamCloud originates from the USA, they have now extended their popular products to the UK market. 

    DreamCloud mattresses are made and shipped from the UK, which means those who live in Mainland UK can receive their order in as little as two days.

  • What quality pillow is best?

    Deciding what quality pillow is best depends on many factors, including your body shape, sleeping position and how hot you sleep.

    Some popular high-quality pillow choices include memory foam, latex, gel, and wool

    Generally, the more you pay for a pillow, the higher quality it will be. 

    But this doesn't mean it will work for you.

    Side sleepers need a high loft and firm pillow, whilst back sleepers do better on a medium loft and feel pillow. 

    If you're a stomach sleeper, opt for an extra soft and low pillow or consider sleeping without a pillow

  • Is DreamCloud toxic?

    The DreamCloud pillow is made with CERTIPUR-certified [3] foam.

     This is a third-party global rating standard, which means they have been fully tested against harmful substances and toxic chemicals

    We experienced no off-gassing with the DreamCloud mattresses and pillows, another indicator of the lack of harmful chemicals used in their products. 

  • References


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