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Night Owl Duvet

Night Owl Duvet Review UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 10 Min.

Tired of grappling with your duvet cover? 🤼

The Night Owl duvet has revolutionised your bedtime routine by cutting out the laborious task of changing the cover.

This could be the best duvet that you buy this year! 🔥

We put it to the test to see what all the fuss was about...

Find out more in our Night Owl duvet review. 👇

Top features of the Night Owl duvet

Fully Machine-Washable
Lightweight & Soft Touch
Sustainable Materials
Rated 5 Stars by Customers


  • One of the best products we’ve ever tested - we’d never go back to a regular duvet!
  • The fuss-free design makes changing the bed a dream
  • Feels lightweight yet is full and cosy
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Soft and gentle on sensitive skin
  • Luxury design and feel
  • Fully machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly
  • Sustainably made from recycled PET bottles
  • Highly durable - doesn’t lose its shape or softness after washes
  • Dries quickly - back on the bed within a few hours!
  • Keeps you cool on hot nights and cosy during cold ones
  • Includes a reusable duffle bag for long trips
  • Available in various colours


  • Not ideal for smaller washing machines and tumble dryers
  • No sleep trial or warranty

What makes the Night Owl duvet special?

  • Changing the sheets has never been easier
  • Lightweight yet cosy and warm all night
  • One of the best products we’ve ever tested

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What does sleeping with the Night Owl duvet feel like?

The Night Owl duvet is perhaps the most popular product sold by The Fine Bedding Company, who are one of our favourite bedding retailers.

We tested the Night Owl duvet for several months – and we haven’t returned to our regular duvet! 😮

The first thing we noticed was the super soft and silky feel of the material.

The material felt softer than a standard duvet cover and was gentle on our skin throughout the night. 🦔


Cat laying on Night Owl duvet
The Night Owl duvet is popular with pets.

The Night owl duvet was also an immediate hit with our Sleep Hero kitty, who relished her new favourite sleeping spot. 😻

It feels lightweight and cool yet has a full look that kept us snuggled up and warm.

Overall, we experienced the most comfortable sleep ever with the Night Owl duvet. 💕

night owl duvet scrunched up

Night Owl also has a more premium Natural Cotton Waffle duvet.

We'll make some comparisons between these duvets later on in the article.

In the meantime, you can check it out below:

Night Owl duvet composition

The Night Owl duvet is available in 4.5 and a 10.5 tog. 🙌

You can purchase this duvet in beautiful pastel colours, including dusk pink, white seersucker, aurora green, twilight blue, and cloud grey.

We chose the aurora green, which arrived in a more subtle shade than initially expected.

The Night Owl coverless duvet features:

  • 100% Smartfil® Polyester fibrefill
  • Super soft polyester cover
  • A reusable duffle bag

The Smartfil® polyester is sustainably made from recycled PET bottles. ♻️


Holding Night Owl duvet

Night Owl duvet bag

The reusable duffle bag is made from the same soft polyester fibres as the duvet.

Benefits and drawbacks of the Night Owl duvet

So, why might you opt for the Night Owl duvet instead of a regular duvet?

Well, this means:

  • You don’t have to change the duvet cover when you change your sheets
  • You can save storage space (and money) by not needing extra covers
  • The duvet is 100% fully machine-washable for a cleaner sleep
  • The cover comes in a neutral style to suit any living space

But are there any downsides? 👀

Why shouldn’t you buy the Night Owl duvet?

So far, we’ve experienced many positives with our Night Owl duvet, but there are a few drawbacks that you might consider…

As they come in limited colours that can't be interchanged, a sudden change in the room decor will throw a spanner into the works.

Additionally, since the duvet doesn’t have a protective cover, you may be at a loss if you accidentally spill your morning coffee. ☕

Spilling coffee on bed graphic
A cover helps to prevent accidents and stains.

If you can’t remove the stain, the whole duvet will need replacing, which is costlier than just replacing a duvet cover.

It’s also worth noting that whilst this is a fully washable duvet, it may not be suitable for every washing machine.

Ours didn't fit, so we had to take it to the laundrette, which was inconvenient.

We’ll go into more detail on this in the next section.

If you’re not sure the Night Owl duvet is for you, you can try our favourite regular UK duvets instead.👇

How do you wash a Night Owl duvet?

The Night Owl duvet is fully machine-washable and fast drying.

Unlike other bedding, the Night Owl duvet has a quick turnaround and dries within 90 minutes. ⏳


Night Owl duvet washing instructions
The Night Owl duvet is machine-washable.

This means you can pop your Night Owl duvet into the washing machine, just like your regular bedding. 🧼

Simply place the washable duvet into the washing machine at 40°C with your normal laundry detergent.

Does the Night Owl duvet fit into every washing machine?

The Night Owl duvet just about fits into our tiny washing machine. 😬

Night Owl duvet in washing machine
The Night Owl duvet barely fit inside our washing machine.

The Fine Bedding Company advises using a “large capacity machine” to machine-wash the duvet.

This means your washing machine should have a capacity limit of 10kg or more. 😅

Our washing machine only had a 7kg limit, so we found we didn’t achieve a full wash as the duvet was too compressed inside the machine.

We recommend checking the capacity of your washing machine before making a purchase.

Can you tumble dry a Night Owl duvet?

The Night Owl coverless duvet is also tumble-dry friendly. 🙌

Just pop your Night Owl duvet into the tumble dryer until thoroughly dry. ✅

However, since the Night Owl duvet dries so fast, you can simply let it air dry in a well-ventilated room.

You should check your Night Owl duvet's product details and care instructions for further advice.

Does the Night Owl duvet sleep hot?

The Night Owl duvet has a lightweight and breathable feel. 🌬

It never felt overly warm during hot nights, but it was still super snuggly and warm on cold ones.

all seasons duvet
The Night Owl duvet is suitable for all seasons.

However, synthetic fibres aren’t the coolest materials available.

If you are a naturally hot sleeper, we recommend buying the Night Owl duvet in a 4.5 tog size, which won't feel as warm.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Night Owl Cotton Waffle duvet. 👍



Night Owl duvet material
The Night Owl Cotton Waffle duvet has a cotton underside.

The cotton cover encourages better airflow and disperses moisture throughout the night. 🌡

Overall, the Night Owl Waffle duvet felt reasonably drier and cooler.

We liked having the choice between the regular Night Owl duvet and the Night Owl Waffle duvet so we could adapt our duvet choice to the interchangeable weather. 🌦

Night Owl duvet cover & design

The Night Owl duvet has a simple design that would suit most living spaces. ✅


night owl duvet bed from side

The cover has a wave pattern, which helps it achieve a “full” look. 😍

Not only does this create a pretty pattern, but it helps all the filling stay in place for long-lasting comfort.

The Night Owl duvet also comes with piping stitched along the edge in the same colour as the duvet itself.

Close up of Night Owl duvet side of cover
The Night Owl duvet has a simple design.

We liked the simple look and neutral colours of the Night Owl duvet.

However, if you want a duvet option with a bolder design, consider the Simba duvet or the Panda duvet.

These options are also machine-washable and can be used without a cover. 🥳

Check them out below:

Night Owl duvet sizes

The Night Owl duvet comes in standard UK duvet sizes.

This includes

  • Night Owl duvet single duvet: 135 x 200 cm (54" x 78")
  • Night Owl duvet double duvet size: 200 x 200 cm (78" x 78")
  • Night Owl duvet king size: 230 x 220 cm (88" x 86")
  • Night Owl duvet super king size: 260 x 220 cm (102" x 86")

We opted for the king size Night Owl duvet for our double bed.

Choosing a duvet one size up from your mattress helps achieve that fuller 5-star hotel look. 🤩


night owl duvet on bed end

It also means you no longer have to wrestle for the duvet all night with your partner.

What tog size is the Night Owl duvet?

The Night Owl duvet is available in 2 tog sizes.

This includes:

  • Night Owl duvet 4.5 tog duvet
  • Night Owl duvet 10.5 tog duvet

We recommend the Night Owl duvet 4.5 tog for summer or excessively hot sleepers and the 10.5 tog for winter. ❄

Night Owl duvet prices

One of the biggest questions when buying a brand new duvet is: how much does it cost? 🤔

Price performance ratio graphic
The Night Owl duvet is great value for money.

The Night Owl duvet is reasonably priced between £40 - £80.

This is much more affordable when compared with the expensive Simba duvet that starts at £139.

We think the Night Owl duvet is fantastic value for money, especially since no additional duvet covers will need to be purchased.

However, if you’re looking for a higher-end option, you can always opt for the luxury Night Owl Waffle duvet. 💰

Night Owl duvet discount codes

Yet, even though the Night Owl duvet is fairly priced, you should still make the most of any great deals. 🏷

You can get 15% off The Fine Bedding Company products with our exclusive discount code "SLEEP15".

Bookmark our discounts page before you check out to keep track of Night Owl duvet sales and other Fine Bedding Company discount codes.

We also have up-to-date offers on the best UK mattresses and bedding accessories.


Man sitting on coins graphic

We'll let you know of the best Night Owl duvet offers throughout this article.

Who sells Night Owl bedding?

The Night Owl duvet is stocked and sold by The Fine Bedding Company.

But who actually are they? 🤔

Night Owl duvet in packaging
The Night Owl duvet is sold by The Fine Bedding Company.

The Fine Bedding Company started in 1912, supplying large cruise liners and ships with luxurious bedding products. 💖

They’re a 4th generation family-owned British business looking to create solution-based bedding products for the public.

They now supply luxury hotels, including InterContinental London and have a keen focus on sustainability. ♻️

What else do The Fine Bedding Company sell?

The Fine Bedding Company has more than just the Night Owl duvet collection.

In fact, they have hundreds of innovative bedding products for you to try. 🙌

This includes:

  • Fine Bedding Company pillows
  • Fine Bedding Company mattress topper
  • Fine Bedding Company spundown duvet
  • Fine Bedding Company spundown pillow

Check out some of our favourite Fine Bedding Company products below. 👇

What Night Owl bedding can you buy?

The Night Owl duvet is undoubtedly the product that has caught the UK by storm. ⛈


Night Owl duvet tag
There are other Night Owl products available to try.

But the Night Owl brand also has an entire collection of products that you may find suitable. 🤯

We love:

  • Night Owl Outdoor duvet
  • Night Owl Sleeping Bag
  • Night Owl Herringbone duvet
  • Night Owl Junior Children’s 2-in-1 Waterproof sheet
  • Night Owl Junior Children's Reversible duvet & pillowcase set

If you’re looking for a pair of Night Owl matching pillowcases to match your Night Owl duvet bedding set, check them out below. 👇

Night Owl duvet vs Night Owl Waffle duvet

We also tested the Night Owl Waffle duvet, a reversible duvet designed to provide a cooler and more luxurious feeling of sleep. 👑



Night Owl Cotton Waffle duvet
The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle duvet is cool and durable.

The Night Owl Natural Cotton Waffle duvet is made with 100% Smartfil® Microfibre and a 100% sustainably sourced BCI cotton cover. ♻️

So, how did they both compare?

Night Owl duvet Night Owl Waffle duvet
Comfort/Feel Softer and silkier feel
Feels lighter than the Night Owl Waffle duvet
Not as soft but feels more durable and dry
Heavier than the Night owl duvet
Temperature Slightly warmer sleep than the Night Owl Waffle duvet Slightly cooler and drier sleep than the Night Owl duvet
Washing Dries much faster than the Night Owl Waffle duvet Dries slower than the Night Owl duvet
Price Cheaper but may not be as durable More expensive but should last longer

Out of the two, we preferred the regular (and cheaper!) Night Owl duvet, which felt softer on the skin.

However, the Night Owl Waffle duvet is a great option for hot and sweaty sleepers. 🥵



Overall, the Night Owl Waffle duvet feels drier, likely due to the moisture-wicking properties of the cotton cover. 🌱

It also feels more durable and will last through many washes whilst retaining its quality fibres.

Night Owl Waffle duvet rolled up
The Night Owl Waffle duvet is made with high-quality materials.

If price isn’t a problem and you’re looking for a durable duvet suitable for hot sleepers, the Night Owl Waffle duvet is your best bet. ✅

But we think most people will experience a luxurious sleep on the regular Night Owl duvet.


Night Owl duvet delivery & returns

The Night Owl duvet comes with free delivery on all orders over £50.

Our Night Owl duvet was delivered by DPD just a few days after we placed an order.

If you’re in a hurry for your new duvet, you can also pay for Priority Next Day delivery. 🚚💨


Night Owl duvet in packaging

Opening Night Owl duvet packaging

Both duvets were wrapped in a protective plastic bag made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. ♻️

Each Night Owl duvet came in a reusable duffle bag made from the same fibres as the Night Owl duvet.

This is great for those on the go that want to travel with their Night Owl duvet or use it for sleepovers. 🧳

night owl bag closeup

What is the Night Owl duvet returns policy?

Unfortunately, the Night Owl duvet does not come with a sleep trial but includes 14-day free returns. ✅

Just ensure the Night Owl duvet is unused and kept in its original packaging.

You can then follow the returns process.

However, if you want extra peace of mind, consider the Panda duvet with a 30-day money-back sleep trial. 😱

Does the Night Owl duvet come with a warranty?

The Night Owl duvet does not include a guarantee or warranty period.

A warranty protects your product from manufacturing faults for a given time.

For example, the Simba Hybrid duvet includes a 1-year guarantee, whilst the Panda duvet includes a guarantee of 5 years. 🤞

Should you buy a Night Owl duvet?

Despite the lack of guarantee, we think the Night Owl duvet is a wise choice for everyone. 🦉

It’s the softest, comfiest and most easy-to-care-for duvet we’ve ever tested - and there’s been a few!

If you’ve got a big enough washing machine, purchasing the Night Owl duvet is a no-brainer.

So, what are you waiting for? 👇



  • Material

    Soft and sustainable.

  • Comfort

    The comfiest duvet we've tested.

  • Breathability

    Great breathability. 

  • Delivery & returns

    We'd love to see a sleep trial. 

  • Value for money

    Excellent value. 

Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact The Fine Bedding Company

Customer service: To contact The Fine Bedding Company directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or complete their online contact form. Customer service is available Monday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm and 9 am - 3 pm on Friday.

Registered office: Cobra Court 10 Blackmore Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0QY

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy a Night Owl duvet?

    You can purchase The Night Owl duvet through The Fine Bedding Company website. 

    The Night Owl duvet is also available at the following retailers:

    • Night Owl duvet Amazon
    • Night Owl duvet John Lewis
    • Night Owl duvet Fenwick

    Price and delivery conditions may vary between each retailer. 

  • Who are The Fine Bedding Company?

    The Fine Bedding Company are a 4th generation family-run British retailer that has been supplying bedding products to the UK since 1912.

  • What are the most luxurious duvets?

    Plenty of luxurious duvets are available, including the Night Owl Cotton Waffle duvet by The Fine Bedding Company. 

    You can also check out our reviews on the best duvets that include:

    These duvets are made with luxury temperature-regulating material for the best night’s sleep. 

  • Where is the Night Owl duvet made?

    The Night Owl duvet is manufactured in a purpose-built eco-factory in Estonia and is made from recycled PET bottles.

  • References



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