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Latex Mattresses


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Latex, which is obtained from rubber, is a high-quality natural material that is used for natural latex mattresses.

Many mattresses are also made of synthetic latex or a combination of natural and synthetic.

Other popular variants are latex mattresses that consist of several layers of foam. For example, a latex layer and an additional layer of cold foam, memory foam, or comfort foam. This creates different sensations when lying down.

Latex mattresses, in general, have good point elasticity and are very comfortable, especially for side sleepers.

We'll guide you through everything you need to know about latex mattresses and recommend some of the best latex mattresses available in the UK in this article.

Latex Mattress
  • Overview
  • Composition
  • Key criteria
  • Lifespan
  • Sizes
  • How do I clean a latex mattress?
  • Slatted frame
  • Mattress toppers
  • Alternatives
  • Conclusion


  • Softer mattress with a high degree of comfort
  • Adapts well to the contours of the body
  • Particularly good for side sleepers
  • Durable mattress with a long lifespan
  • Easy movement during sleep, making it good for restless sleepers
  • A warmer sleeping climate makes it good for people who easily feel cold at night
  • Well-suited for couples due to low motion transfer
  • Good for people who struggle with back and neck pain
  • Fits adjustable slatted frames
  • Allergy-friendly (but be wary of latex allergies)
  • Natural latex mattresses are good for the environment


  • Warmer sleeping may not be good for heavy sweaters
  • Requires regular cleaning and turning
  • Latex mattresses are more expensive but they also last longer
  • Quite heavy
  • HappyBeds
    Latex & Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress
    HappyBeds Price from £ 169 (£ 309 )
    The HappyBeds Laytech Plus Latex & Reflex Foam Mattress is a medium-firm orthopaedic mattress that combines reflex foam and latex foam.
    Price from £ 169 £ (309 )
  • Inofia
    Latex Mattress
    Inofia Price from £ 185
    The Inofia Latex Mattress combines latex with memory foam and pocket springs for superior ventilation and breathability.
HappyBeds Laytech Plus Latex & Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress

Price from £ 169 (309 )


The HappyBeds Laytech Plus Latex & Reflex Foam Mattress is a medium-firm orthopaedic mattress that combines reflex foam and latex foam.

Made in the UK, this orthopaedic mattress combines the finest materials and conforms to British standards.


HappyBeds Laytech Plus Latex & Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress

The HappyBeds Laytech Plus Latex & Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress is made in the UK using high-quality materials.

It combines orthopaedic high-density reflex foam with quality latex foam.

Known to be effective against asthma and allergies, this mattress is hypoallergenic and protects from dust, bacteria, and fungi. 

There are no springs and this is a silent mattress with non-slip features.

The zip-off cover is easily removable and can be dry cleaned.

Laytech Plus Latex Mattress


Inofia Latex Mattress

Price from £ 185


The Inofia Latex Mattress combines latex with memory foam and pocket springs for superior ventilation and breathability.

This quality mattress offers medium-firm comfort all while relieving pressure and preventing back aches and pains.


Inofia Latex Mattress

The Inofia Latex Mattress combines quality perforated latex memory foam with pocket springs.

The mattress offers a medium-firm comfort and optimal support.

It sufficiently relieves pressure and prevents back problems. 

The mattress has zero motion transfer, making it a great choice for couples. 

The combination of materials also allows for greater ventilation and breathability, providing a more temperature-neutral climate.

The Inofia Latex Mattress is available via Amazon in numerous sizes.

Inofia latex mattress


Composition of latex mattresses

Latex mattresses can be made from natural latex, synthetic latex, or a combination of the two.

Many latex mattresses also consist of several layers of foam, combining, for example, a latex layer with an additional layer of cold foam, memory foam, or comfort foam.

This creates different sensations when lying down.

Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees and has been used for hundreds of years.

Natural latex mattresses are great for the environment and for your body but they are incredibly expensive.

We discuss them in more detail in our article on natural latex mattresses.

Synthetic latex mattresses

Synthetic latex has been made in labs since 1909.

Many modern latex mattresses are made up of a combination of natural and synthetic latex.

These mattresses offer similar properties to pure natural latex mattresses but they are much cheaper.

On the downside, they can have a strong rubbery smell and aren't as great for the environment.

100% latex mattresses

A latex mattress that's classified as 100% latex does not mean that the mattress is 100% natural latex.

According to guidelines, a 100% latex mattress only has to contain 85% latex. But, within that percentage, it has to be guaranteed 100% natural latex.

The rest of the mattress is composed of a filler material, usually synthetic latex or other materials.

latex foam

natural latex

Is a latex mattress the right mattress for you?

Latex mattresses - both natural and synthetic - are well-suited to a wide range of people.

You're likely to find latex mattresses comfortable regardless of your age, body weight, or preferred sleeping position.

Good for people who struggle with back and neck pains

If you struggle with orthopaedic problems, then a latex mattress is a good choice.

Latex is very point-elastic and offers great pressure relief.

It allows your muscles to relax fully while you're sleeping and offers the right amount of support to keep you well-rested.

Good for restless sleepers

In stark contrast to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are great for restless sleepers.

This is because latex doesn't have that distinctive memory imprint, allowing for easier movement.

Great for people prone to allergies

Dust mites don't survive well in latex mattresses, making them very well-suited to people prone to allergies.

However, many people struggle with latex allergies.

Some latex mattresses feature additional foam layers and covers that keep the latex at the core, making them suitable even for those suffering from a latex allergy.

However, if you're in doubt or struggle with a severe allergy, it's best to avoid latex mattresses.

Natural latex is an organic choice

If organic and environmental friendliness is important to you, then a natural latex mattress is a great option.

Natural latex is harvested from renewable rubber trees, and the use thereof has a very low environmental impact.

Natural latex mattresses are also free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Look out for certified organic and certified natural latex mattresses.

Good if you don't mind extra effort in terms of cleaning and lifting

Latex mattresses can be a little more difficult to take care of.

If you're looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-maintain mattress, then this is probably not the best choice for you.

Latex mattresses require regular cleaning and turning.

Since they are quite heavy, though, this can be a little difficult.

For this reason, we would not recommend latex mattresses to the elderly or those who have trouble moving or lifting.

Criteria to consider when purchasing a latex mattress

There are numerous factors worth considering before you purchase a latex mattress.

1. Do you or your partner have a latex allergy?

Latex mattresses are generally well-suited to people prone to allergies.

But, of course, this excludes latex allergies.

Unfortunately, latex allergies are quite common.

If that is the case, you should avoid latex mattresses at all costs.

2. Do you or your partner sweat a lot in your sleep?

Foam mattresses, including latex foam mattresses, generally provide for a warmer sleeping climate.

This, of course, is advantageous for people who easily feel cold at night.

But if you sweat easily, then the latex mattress may be too warm, especially during the summer months.

If this is a problem, then you should make sure that the latex foam in question has an open-pored cell structure.

This ensures better ventilation of the mattress.

That said, a spring mattress is recommended for really heavy sweaters.

3. The right degree of firmness

Generally, latex mattresses are a little on the softer side and suitable for most sleeping positions.

But, if you're a little heavier or like to sleep on your stomach or back, then you may benefit from a firmer mattress.

You may even consider buying another type of mattress, such as a spring mattress, which provides more firmness in general.

Lighter-weight people and those who sleep on their side will enjoy a softer mattress.

A latex mattress may be perfect for them.

Many latex mattresses are also available in different degrees of firmness to suit your personal preferences.


How durable are latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses are among the most durable mattresses on the market.

Nevertheless, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of this type of mattress as well.

Pay attention to the density

An important key figure to determine the lifespan of a mattress is its density.

This describes how much material has been foamed in a cubic metre.

A high density value not only proves that high-quality foam layers were used but also indicates the long lifespan of the respective latex mattress.

It is recommended that the density value is no less than 40 kg/m³.

Really good latex mattresses, however, also show considerably higher figures.

You can use the below table as a rough guideline for density and lifespan.

Density Approximate lifespan
up to 25 2 years
30 3 years
35 5-6 years
40 6-8 years
50-60 10 or more years

In which sizes are latex mattresses available?

Latex mattresses are available in all possible mattress sizes.

Standard UK mattress sizes:

Of course, there may also be many other custom sizes available, but this will depend on the manufacturer.

We recommend that couples do not choose anything smaller than 135 x 190 cm so that both partners have enough space to sleep.

Depending on the size of your bed and your room, however, it would be even better if you could order the latex mattress in a wider size.

Different UK Mattress Sizes

How do I clean a latex mattress?

We'd always recommend buying a latex mattress with a removable and machine-washable cover.

Most of the removable covers feature a zipper, so the cover is easy to take off and put back on again.

This makes washing your cover super easy, ensuring that your mattress is always neat and clean.

Of course, you should always add a mattress protector and sheet to protect your mattress from stains, spills, sweat, and more.

If a stain has gone through the cover and into the mattress, you can use a little natural liquid soap mixed in water and a white cotton cloth to wash out the stain.

Always make sure that the mattress dries properly.


Choosing the right slatted frame for your latex mattress

Consider the following when buying a slatted frame for your latex mattress.

Height-adjustable slatted frames

Latex mattresses are very adaptable, so we'd recommend you opt for a height-adjustable slatted frame.

Adjustable head and foot sections not only offer increased flexibility and comfort, but they also improve blood circulation.

This makes breathing easier, especially for older people.

An electric slatted frame can be used without difficulty.

Of course, a latex mattress is not only suitable for adjustable slatted frames.

It can also be used on a rigid slatted frame.

Small slat distance

We'd recommend a maximum spacing of 5 cm between slats.

This allows the properties of high-quality, zoned mattresses to be better emphasised.


Which mattress topper can I use with my latex mattress?

Of course, a mattress topper made of latex is very suitable for a latex mattress.

Latex mattress toppers increase lying comfort and provide for higher elasticity and bounce.

That said, you can also enjoy the comfort of any other high-quality mattress topper.

We recommend a few of our favourites below.

Alternatives to latex mattresses

If you don't think that a latex mattress is right for you, then consider these alternatives:

Memory foam mattresses

Visco mattresses are characterised by their memory imprint. When pressure is applied, the foam becomes softer and allows the body to form an imprint.

Due to its extremely high adaptability and pressure relief, Visco foam is used for orthopaedic purposes.

Memory foam is very adaptable. It nestles up to the body and thus provides a unique lying sensation.

However, turning during sleep takes more effort and this mattress is less suitable for very restless sleepers.

Memory foam also tends to store body heat, providing an overall warmer sleeping climate.

Emma Original mattress

Eve Original Mattress

Innerspring mattresses

The biggest difference between a latex mattress and a spring mattress is the sleeping climate.

Spring mattresses are much cooler than latex mattresses, making them better suited for heavy sweaters or people who don't like a warm sleeping climate.

The cooler sleeping climate is largely due to the gaps between springs, which provide natural ventilation channels.

Spring mattresses are also generally firmer and offer more stability.

This makes them well-suited for heavier-weight sleepers and those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or backs.

Make sure that the spring mattress you choose is of high quality. Inferior spring mattresses wear out quickly and allow for dents to form. This so-called hammock effect can create and worsen back pain.

High-quality innerspring mattress models are pocket spring mattresses or barrel pocket spring mattresses.

You could also consider hybrid mattresses, which generally combine pocket springs with high-quality memory foam. These mattresses perfectly combine the best properties of both materials for a superior sleeping experience.

Eve Premium pocket springs

pocket springs

Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses have similar properties to latex mattresses.

They are also very adaptable and often recommended for orthopaedic purposes.

Special comfort zones are regularly designated in order to improve ergonomic properties.

These are also better-suited for restless sleepers.

Both latex and cold foam mattresses offer a warmer sleeping climate and softer lying feel.

Emma One mattress

Emma One composition

Gel foam mattresses

Gel foam mattresses also have high point elasticity and offer very high comfort levels.

Gel foam mattresses have very good ventilation, which provides for an overall cooler sleeping climate.

The feeling of lying on a gel foam mattress is also slightly different – perhaps best described as more cuddly.

It's still easy to move on a gel foam mattress, though, and it is equally well-suited to restless sleepers.

Direct comparison of alternatives

Latex foam Memory foam Innerspring Cold foam Gel foam
  • Warmer sleeping climate
  • Low motion transfer; good for couples
  • Very comfortable
  • Orthopaedic properties
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Higher price
  • Very heavy
  • Requires regular care & cleaning
  • Adapts perfectly to the contours of the body
  • Very comfortable
  • Good pressure relief
  • Good orthopaedic support
  • Warmer sleeping climate
  • Low motion transfer
  • Can be difficult to move on and not suitable for restless sleepers
  • Cooler sleeping climate
  • Good ventilation
  • High motion transfer and not great for couples
  • Excellent stability and great for heavier-weight sleepers
  • Not the best choice for lighter-weight or pureside sleepers
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Not suitable for adjustable slatted frames

  • Warmer sleeping climate
  • Suitable for all types of people and sleeping positions
  • Suitable for people with back pain
  • Not very heavy
  • Suitable for adjustable and rigid slatted frames
  • Comparatively cheap
  • No natural materials
  • Possible off-gassing

  • Temperature neutral
  • Good pressure relief
  • Soft lying sensation
  • Durable
  • Resistant to mites and great for allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for adjustable slatted frames
  • Heavy


Latex mattresses can be great for a variety of different people.

They are a good choice for people who prefer softer mattresses, a warmer sleeping climate, and require orthopaedic support.

They are also great for couples and restless sleepers.

Natural latex mattresses are also a great environmentally-friendly choice.

We would not recommend latex mattresses to very heavy sweaters, people who will find it difficult to take care of the mattress, or those on a tight budget.

Additional information

  • Are latex mattresses any good?

    High-quality latex mattresses can be enormously comfortable.

    Natural latex mattresses are also environmentally friendly.

  • Are latex mattresses hot?

    Latex mattresses generally tend to offer a much warmer sleeping climate

    This is great for people who easily feel cold at night but may not be great for heavy sweaters.

    If you prefer a cooler sleeping climate, we'd recommend an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress.

  • Are latex mattresses safe?

    Latex mattresses can be made of natural or synthetic latex or a combination of the two.

    They are also often combined with other foams.

    Look out for natural latex mattresses that are certified organic.

    These will be certified to be free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

    Latex mattresses are also generally great for people prone to allergies.

    Be wary if you or your partner have a latex allergy, though. If you do, you should avoid pure latex mattresses.

  • Are latex mattresses comfortable?

    Latex adapts well to the contours of the body and thus provides for a very comfortable lying sensation.

  • Are latex mattresses good for back pain?

    Since latex adapts well to the contours of the body and provides adequate pressure relief, latex mattresses are great for back and neck pain.

    Latex mattresses are often recommended for orthopaedic purposes

  • Are latex mattresses good for side sleepers?

    Latex mattresses tend to be on the softer side.

    This is great for side sleepers.

    The mattress allows the heavier parts of the body, like the hips, to sink in sufficiently and thereby keeps the spine in a healthy, optimal alignment. 

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