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180 x 200 cm Super King Mattresses


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The 180 x 200 cm mattresses are commonly referred to as super king mattresses in the UK or simply king mattresses elsewhere.

This is generally the second most common mattress size, right after the 200 x 200 cm mattress.

The 180 x 200 cm mattresses are two-person mattresses designed for couples.

Dimensions certainly play a role when choosing your new mattress.

But width and length aren’t the only factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

Find out all you need to know about the best 180 x 200 cm mattresses available in the UK in this article.

180 x 200 cm Super King Mattresses
  • Overview
  • Why choose a 180 x 200 cm super king mattress?
  • Different materials
  • Key criteria
  • What if you and your partner want different types of mattresses?
  • Affordability
  • Conclusion

Our top recommendations

Great hybrid
Emma Hybrid Mattress



The Emma Hybrid is a high-quality hybrid mattress, combining foam and springs, to provide optimal spinal support. Use code 'SPOOKY25' to get 25% off.

The Emma Hybrid is a high-quality hybrid mattress by the award-winning Emma brand. It combines high-quality foams with pocket springs to offer optimal comfort and spinal support. 

All about the EMMA HYBRID

Emma Hybrid

The Emma Hybrid is a high-quality hybrid mattress, combining foam and pocket springs.

It is a breathable, supportive, and comfortable mattress. The Emma Hybrid adapts well to the contours of your body and relieves pressure adequately. 

Emma Hybrid Mattress


Excellent quality
Eve Premium Mattress



The Eve Premium is a luxury mattress featuring 4 layers of quality foams.

The Eve Premium, made up of 4 different layers of high-quality foam, is a luxury mattress that guarantees a comfortable and supportive sleep. 

All about the EVE PREMIUM

Eve Premium

The Eve Premium is a high-quality mattress that combines numerous layers of premium foam to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment. It's suitable for all body types and best recommended for those requiring a medium-firm sleep with sufficient comfort and support. 

The high quality of the Eve Premium mattress cover is also worth mentioning. It has been woven with silver threads that allow it to be naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Eve Premium Mattress


Great trial period
Nectar memory foam mattress



A luxurious medium-firm mattress with a 365-day risk-free trial period and a 'forever warranty'.

The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress made of high-quality materials and is suitable for most types of people and sleeping positions.

All about the NECTAR

Nectar memory foam mattress

The Nectar memory foam mattress features 3 layers of high-quality foam for optimal spinal alignment, pressure relief, and comfort.

It has 7 contour zones to enhance its ergonomic design and keep your body in a healthy sleeping position.

It's a universal medium-firm mattress suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

The Nectar mattress also has a removable, breathable cover to provide for an overall temperature-neutral sleeping climate. 

Nectar memory foam mattress



One of the best
Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress



The Eve Premium Hybrid is an excellent hybrid mattress offering superior comfort and optimal support.

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a high-end mattress combining foam with pocket springs. It offers superior comfort with optimal support and spinal alignment. 


Eve Premium Hybrid

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a luxury medium-firm offers superior comfort with excellent support. 

This is a great mattress for people suffering from back pain. Its unique composition of foams and springs offers a high degree of comfort in all sleeping position.

The mattress adapts well to the body of the sleeper and offers optimal spinal alignment.


Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress


Why choose a 180 x 200 cm super king mattress?

The 180 x 200 cm super king mattress is a great mattress size for a large double bed.

This mattress is particularly suitable for couples as each partner will have more than enough space to move around.

The mattress can also easily accommodate a small child or pet.

One major advantage of the 180 x 200 cm mattress is that you can choose to lie close to and snuggle with your partner but you can still have enough space for yourself.

As far as the depth of the mattress is concerned, your mattress of choice should have at least 15 cm of foam, memory foam, or latex foam.

If you choose a spring mattress, then you should choose a mattress with a depth of at least 20 cm.

Size: 180 x 200 cm
For whom? Singles, couples, couples with a child or pet
Materials used? High-quality materials such as latex, memory foam, cold foam, and springs

180 x 200 cm - a luxurious choice for couples

The 180 x 200 cm super king mattress is a luxurious choice for couples.

This mattress is definitely wide enough to allow for ample movement and tossing and turning.

Each partner will have more than enough space.

Children or pets can also hop into bed with you - and you'll all still have enough room to move and be comfortable.

180 x 200 cm - can a single choose this?

While there's technically not a reason that a single person can't choose this size mattress, it's not really necessary.

If you sleep alone but still want more than enough space, the 150 x 200 cm king mattress is big enough.

But, of course, if you have space and the budget, then, by all means, splurge away.

UK Mattress Sizes

Different types of materials for 180 x 200 cm mattresses

There are hundreds of 180 x 200 cm super king mattresses available, all made from different materials, with different firmness levels, and available at different budgets.

Which super king size mattress, then, is the best one?

We advise that you pay attention to the materials used, the degree of firmness, as well as the delivery conditions and possibility of return.

Below you'll find an overview of the different types of mattress materials that can be used for 180 x 200 cm super king mattresses.

Foam mattresses

There are a large variety of foam mattresses available, including memory foam, cold foam, and gel foam.

Most high-quality mattresses are made of a combination of these foams.

For example, a memory foam mattress may have a base layer of cold foam, which is more firm and offers greater stability, and an upper comfort layer of gel foam, which is slightly cooler than the heat-retaining memory foam.

This allows a mattress to portray the best properties of all of the foams used.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • For people of all ages
  • For all sleeping positions
  • Can be good for people with back and neck pain
  • Good for people who easily feel cold at night
  • Suitable for adjustable slatted bases
  • Not suitable for people who sweat a lot at night or those who prefer a cooler sleeping climate
  • Not suitable for restless sleepers
  • May release a chemical odour when first unpacking

memory foam imprint

cold foam

gel foam mattress

Latex mattresses

While technically a latex mattress is also a foam mattress, its properties are a little different.

In contrast to memory foam, for example, latex foam offers a much cooler sleeping climate and is easier to move around on.

This makes it a great choice for couples and restless sleepers.

Natural latex mattresses are also a great environmentally-friendly choice.

That said, they are quite a bit more expensive than other foam mattresses.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Ideal for people who like to sleep on their side
  • Good for people who easily feel cold at night
  • Suitable for adjustable bed bases
  • Reduce back and neck pain
  • Ideal for restless sleepers
  • Can be an environmentally responsible choice if opting for natural latex
  • Not suitable for people who sweat a lot at night
  • The mattress must be regularly cleaned and rotated
  • Is more expensive than other mattresses but also lasts longer

latex foam

latex mattress

layer of latex foam

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses, in general, are characterised by their firmness, stability, and great breathability.

They're well suited to heavier-weight sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and sleepers who easily feel hot at night.

The springs create natural ventilation channels, which allows for an overall cooler sleeping climate.

While there are some great spring mattresses available, there are also some inferior models.

We recommend choosing a pocket spring mattresses.

With these, the springs are individually wrapped, which allows for greater comfort.

You'll also commonly find springs in hybrid mattresses.

These combine high-quality foam, like memory foam, and springs to offer the best of both - great comfort, stability, support, and breathability.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Ideal for people who like a firmer mattress or heavier-weight people
  • Great for people who sleep on their stomach or back
  • People who prefer a cooler sleeping climate or those who sweat heavily at night
  • Ideal for restless sleepers
  • Great for bargain hunters
  • Not suitable for those who feel cold easily, prefer a softer mattress, or pure side sleepers
  • Not good for adjustable slatted frames
  • Older and inferior models tend to form dents

mattress springs

Eve Premium Hybrid

Eve Lighter Hybrid springs

Criteria to consider before purchasing a 180 x 200 cm super king mattress

Investing in a new mattress isn't always an easy task.

You want to make sure that you're investing in a high-quality product.

Here are some key criteria to look out for before purchasing your new 180 x 200 cm super king mattress.

Quality & density of the materials

As you've discovered, there is a wide range of different mattress materials available.

Some are cheaper, some are more expensive.

One way to determine whether or not the mattress you're considering is of high quality is to look at the density of the foams used - or, in the case of springs, the number of springs in the mattress.

The higher the density, the more durable the mattress is and the longer its lifespan.

You can use the below table as a rough guideline:

Density (in kg/m³) The expected lifespan of the mattress
Up to 25 Up to 2 years
30 Up to 3 years
35 5 - 6 years
40 6 - 8 years
50 - 60 10 years or longer

Stability, support, and firmness

Your mattress doesn't need to be firm in order to offer the right amount of stability and support.

A soft mattress, like the Emma Original, for example, still offers amazing support.

It all depends on the combination of materials.

Regardless of which material you go for, your mattress must be able to offer sufficient stability and support to keep your body in a healthy alignment while you sleep.

This is crucial to prevent back, neck, and shoulder problems.

Firmness is largely a matter of preference.

While heavier-weight people will generally require a firmer mattress than lighter-weight people to provide enough support, other factors include age, preferred sleeping position, and personal preferences.

Firmness can be difficult to ascertain, so we've created a Sleep Hero firmness scale to help you.


Risk-free trial periods

No matter what pesky sales assistants may tell you, there is no way to know whether a mattress is right for you simply by lying on it for a few minutes.

It can take the body up to 30 days to get used to a new mattress.

This means that you need to give yourself the chance to really experience the mattress and see if it's right for you.

Most mattresses purchased online come with a risk-free trial period, which gives you the chance to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home.

And if you're not happy?

Simply return it for a full refund.

Eve Premium hybrid mattress delivery

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress

The luxurious Eve Premium Hybrid comes with a 100-day risk-free trial period.

What if you and your partner want different types of mattresses?

Of course, it's entirely likely that you and your partner want different types of mattresses.

What if you want a soft mattress and your partner wants a firm mattress?

What if you easily feel cold at night but your partner is a very heavy sweater?

This can definitely create tension.

Sleep, after all, is vitally important, and should not be comprised on.

But there are solutions:

Customisable mattresses

Customisable mattresses are becoming more and more popular.

Here, you can set individual preferences for each half of the mattress.

So, for example, your side of the mattress may be soft but your partner's side may be firm. Or your side of the mattress may be made of memory foam but your partner's side will feature latex foam.

This way, you'll both get exactly what you want.

Check out the SleepHubs Tweak Mattress for a fully customisable mattress that will suit your exact preferences.

Combining 2 single mattresses

You can also purchase two 90 x 190 cm single mattresses and place these next to each other.

This is a good option if you and your partner differ greatly in size and body shape and require two completely different firmness levels.

You can also easily bridge the gap between the two mattresses by investing in a bed bridge or a mattress topper.

That said, purchasing two smaller mattresses will end up costing you approximately 30% more than simply purchasing a standard super king size mattress.

Choosing an affordable 180 x 200 cm super king mattress

180 x 200 cm super king mattresses can be quite expensive.

They are very large, after all.

But, if you're investing in a mattress of this size, then it really is worth focusing on the investment part of it.

A high-quality mattress with high-density foams is likely to last you a very long time. You're looking at up to 10 years or more for a good mattress.

In the long-term, it definitely is worth spending a little bit more time, effort, and money in making your choice.

You can, however, still get a great 180 x 200 cm super king mattress at a great price by wisely applying discounts and coupon codes.

The biggest online mattress manufacturers - like Eve, Emma, and Nectar - all offer regular promotions, where you can save up to 50%.

You'll find all the current promotions on our discounts page.



In general, 180 x 200 cm super king mattresses will be suitable for all sleepers.

There are many different models available but remember that each type of mattress has its own particularities, advantages, and disadvantages.

When choosing your 180 x 200 cm super king mattress, we would recommend that you consider quality over price.

You’re planning on keeping your mattress for numerous years - up to a decade - and it is better to invest in a higher-quality model.

To find the best deal on 180 x 200 cm mattresses, we recommend buying online from one of our recommended online mattress manufacturers.

You’ll find great discount codes for these on our discounts page.

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