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Emma Original Vs. Emma One


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The Emma brand was first established in Germany in 2015. The founder, Max Laarman, wanted to create a mattress that was universally suitable for everyone and available online at a reasonable price.

The Emma Original was the first Emma mattress, designed as a universal mattress suitable for any body type and any sleeping position.

The Emma One was a later addition to the brand, similar to the Emma Original but of a more premium feel and with more firmness.

Other Emma mattresses include the Emma Hybrid and the Emma Cot mattress.

Which Emma mattress is the best? Or which is the one best for you?

If you're torn between the Emma Original and the Emma One, then this comparison will help you.

Emma Original Vs Emma One
  • Overview
  • Main differences
  • Composition
  • Suitability
  • Accessories
  • Delivery & customer service
  • Ratings
  • Conclusion

Main differences between the Emma Original and the Emma One

The Emma Original and the Emma One are remarkably similar mattresses.

We go into more depth a little further down but here is an overview of the main differences between the two mattresses.

Feature Emma Original Emma One
Type of mattress Foam mattress Foam mattress
Foam layers

3 layers:

3 layers:

  • Patented Airgocell foam
  • Viscoelastic memory foam
  • HRX cold foam base
Advantages of specific composition

Supportive and pressure-relieving, making it a great orthopaedic mattress.

Increased breathability and better climate control due to the layer of Airgocell foam.

Comfort zones Advanced zoning to cradle your body. Advanced 3-layer zone profile to aid optimal spinal alignment and pressure distribution.

Composition of each mattress

As the overview of the main differences above has indicated, the Emma Original and the Emma One are remarkably similar.

At a height of 25 cm, they both consist of three layers of high-quality foam that are OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified, meaning that they're free from any toxins and harmful chemicals.

Both mattresses are manufactured in the UK.

Emma Original

The Emma Original mattress is made up of 3 layers of foam:

  • Innovative Airgocell foam absorbs moisture and keeps the mattress ventilated.
  • Viscoelastic memory foam distributes pressure and adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, providing that cushiony feeling.
  • HRX cold foam base layer provides necessary stability and support.

The three layers work together optimally to provide for superior comfort and excellent support.

Breathability & support

Memory foam tends to retain more heat than other foams but the more breathable Airgocell foam counteracts this, resulting in a more temperature-neutral sleeping climate.

The cold foam layer also provides necessary stability, while the memory foam layer gives the Emma Original that body-hugging comfort.


Emma Original mattress

Emma Original mattress firmness

Emma Original side handles

Emma One

The Emma One mattress is also made up of 3 layers of foam:

  • Breathable Airgocell foam layer provides exceptional point-elasticity.
  • Memory foam layer distributes pressure and adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, providing that cushiony feeling.
  • HRX cold foam base layer provides stability and support.

As with the Emma Original, the foams in the Emma one work together optimally to provide for a comfortable and cuddly feel, maximum breathability, and support.

Better ventilation & zoning

The memory foam distributes pressure evenly and adapts well to the contours of your body.

Integrated ventilation channels in the mattress aid breathability, making the mattress cooler despite the memory foam.

The mattress also features advanced 3-layer zoning to better support the shoulder and hip areas.

Emma One cover

Emma One composition

Emma One with box

Who are the mattresses best suited for?

Feature Emma Original Emma One
Firmness scale 4 8
Firmness Soft Firm
Sleep type
  • Particularly suitable for light- and medium-weight people and those who like soft mattresses
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Particularly suitable for people who like to sleep on a firm mattress
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Smaller builds may find the mattress uncomfortable
Temperature Excellent temperature regulation Excellent temperature regulation
Comfort zones Offers great spinal support Offers premium comfort

The most important difference between these two Emma mattresses is the degree of firmness.

The Emma One mattress is much firmer than the Emma Original.

The two mattresses are certainly not aimed at the same profile of sleepers.

The Emma Original is softer

Notably, the Emma Original is a much softer mattress than the Emma One.

This makes it an excellent choice for lighter- or average-weight people, particularly if they like to sleep on their side.

As a soft mattress, the Emma Original will allow your body to sink in more deeply.

This is necessary when sleeping on your side, as your hips need to sink in more deeply in order to keep your spine optimally aligned.

Since the Emma Original adapts so well to the body, it is often recommended as an orthopaedic mattress.

Technically, the Emma Original is suitable for any type of sleeper and any preferred sleeping position but its unique softness may also make it less suitable for heavier-weight sleepers.

Choose the Emma Original if you:

  • Prefer soft mattresses
  • Are of light or average weight
  • Like to sleep on your side


Person sitting on the Emma Original

Person lying on the Emma Original

The Emma One offers more support

The Emma One quite a bit firmer than the Emma Original.

It is also classified as a universal mattress that suits any body type and works well for any sleeping position.

Most people will find the Emma One quite comfortable, despite its firmness.

This is because the foams adapt so well to the body and give way sufficiently for optimal spinal alignment.

If you choose the Emma One, you'll receive maximum stability, support, and comfort.

But, it may still be too firm for very light-weight sleepers or those who prefer softer sleeping surfaces. If this is you, then the Emma Original will be a better choice.

Choose the Emma One if you:

  • Prefer firmer mattresses
  • Are of average or heavier weight

Emma One sinkage

Sleeper on the Emma One

Emma accessories fit both mattresses

The Emma brand offers numerous sleep accessories, which fit well to both the Emma Original and the Emma One.

In the UK, the following are available:

  • The high-quality Emma memory foam pillow, which has been uniquely designed to fit all sleeping profiles and is made up of three interchangeable layers of foam.
  • The Emma mattress protector, which is waterproof, breathable, and antibacterial.

Delivery & customer service

Emma Original Emma One
Delivery Bed-in-a-box principle Bed-in-a-box principle
Delivery time 10 - 14 business days 4 - 5 weeks
Trial period 200 days 200 days
Return Return shipment is organised and paid for by the manufacturer Return shipment is organised and paid for by the manufacturer

Since both of these mattresses are manufactured by the Emma brand, their delivery and customer service conditions are virtually identically.

Free delivery

The two Emma mattresses are delivered according to the same principle - to your door, rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a compact box.

Delivery and returns are free of charge within mainland UK.

However, the delivery time for the Emma One is considerably longer than for the Emma Original.

200-day risk-free trial period

Both mattresses include a 200-day risk-free trial period, where you can try the mattress in the comfort of your own home.

This is necessary as it takes the body a few weeks to become accustomed to a new mattress.

If you're not happy with your purchase, you can simply return the Emma mattresses free of charge and receive a full refund.

10-year guarantee

Both mattresses also come with a 10-year guarantee.

Emma Original Delivery

Emma One delivery


You will find our detailed rating on each mattress in our Emma Original and Emma One reviews.

Here is an overview.

Emma Original Emma One
Value for money
Total rating


Both the Emma Original and the Emma One are excellent mattresses, offering a high degree of comfort with good stability and support.

The only difference between the two is the degree of firmness.

The Emma One mattress is much firmer than the Emma Original.

Choose the Emma Original if you:

  • Prefer soft mattresses
  • Are of light or average weight
  • Like to sleep on your side


Choose the Emma One if you:

  • Prefer firmer mattresses
  • Are of average or heavier weight

Additional information

  • About the manufacturer

    Emma is a German start-up company first established in 2015.

    The idea behind the company was to make the mattress market as transparent and consumer-oriented as the market in the United States.

    According to its founder, Max Laarmann, consumers should not have to buy mattresses at extravagant prices from local stores.

    Instead, they should be able to buy a reasonably priced mattress online and benefit from a long and risk-free trial period.

    Today, the Emma mattress is one of the most popular online mattresses, selling all over Europe and in the UK.

    The brand has also expanded and now not only sells its original mattress but also hybrid mattresses, baby mattresses, and select accessories.

    All Emma mattresses sold in the UK are also manufactured in the UK

  • Other Emma mattresses

    In addition to the Emma Original and Emma One mattresses, you'll also find the following:

    • The Emma Hybrid combines high-quality foams with springs to provide a unique feel.
    • The Emma Cot mattress has been specifically designed to support young sleepers up to the age of 6. 

    All Emma mattresses are made of high-quality materials and come with free delivery and returns and a 200-day risk-free trial period. 

  • Emma accessories

    In addition to the mattresses, Emma also offers other sleeping accessories:

    Emma memory foam pillow

    The Emma memory foam pillow is a high-quality pillow uniquely designed to fit all sleeping profiles.

    Made up of three layers of foam, it offers the ideal level of support for a good night's sleep.

    Individual layers are also removable, so you can mould a pillow that suits your needs and specifications.

    The Emma pillow is available in one standard size of 40 x 70 cm.

    Like will all Emma products, the Emma memory foam pillow also comes with a 200-day risk-free trial period.


    Emma Original memory foam pillow

    Layers of the Emma Original memory foam pillow


    Emma mattress protector

    The Emma mattress protector is waterproof, breathable, and antibacterial.

    It provides the ideal protection for your mattress, without affecting the comfort of your sleep.

    The Emma mattress protector is available in all standard Emma mattress sizes.


    Emma mattress protector

    Inside the emma mattress protector


  • Available sizes

    Emma mattresses are 25cm deep and come in the standard UK sizes.

    These include:


  • Covid-19 update

    We are living in unpredictable times, and businesses all over the UK are working hard to contain the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus and to minimise its effects.

    Despite the daily changes, Emma strives to continue to offer its customers the best service.

    For a limited timeframe, Emma will be offering its customers:

    • A 200-day trial period instead of the standard 100-day trial period
    • 0% financing and coverage for the 200-day trial period
    • Free shipping, as always
    • No-contact delivery: Customers can request doorstep delivery and the company has put a No Signature Policy in place


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