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Emma Vs. Eve


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Last updated: 30.07.2020 5 Min.

The Eve Original mattress and the Emma Original have been developed according to the same concept. Both companies aim to make the purchase of mattresses as simple as possible, which also explains why both companies rely mainly on online sales.

These two start-ups offer a single model that's suitable for everyone, irrespective of the preferred sleeping position or bodyweight of the buyer.

Both mattresses are sold according to the mattress-in-a-box principle. They also both offer a 100-day trial period. During this period, you can test the mattress and return it if you're not entirely satisfied. If returned, you will receive a full refund. For a limited time, Emma UK will be offering a 200-day trial period instead of the standard 100 days.

Torn between these two mattresses? Take a look at our comparison review below.

Emma Versus Eve
  • Overview
  • Main differences
  • Composition
  • Best suited for?
  • Price difference
  • Delivery & returns
  • Ratings
  • Conclusion

Emma: limited time offers

We are living in unpredictable times, and businesses all over the UK are working hard to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and to minimise its effects.

Despite the daily changes, Emma strives to continue to offer its customers the best service. For a limited timeframe, Emma will be offering its customers:

  • A 200-day trial period instead of the standard 100-day trial period
  • 0% financing and coverage for the 200-day trial period
  • Free shipping, as always
  • No-contact delivery: Customers can request doorstep delivery and the company has put a No Signature Policy in place


Main differences

Features Eve Original Emma Original
Type of mattress Foam mattress Cold foam mattress
Mattress layers

3 layers:

  • Memory foam
  • Ultra-High Resilience PU foam with open cells
  • Reflex PU foam high resilience foam

3 layers:

  • Airgocell (patented)
  • Visco-elastic foam
  • Cold foam base
Advantages of specific composition The foam adapts to the contours of the body Pressure relief and support
Comfort zones No special zones Integration of a support zone for the shoulders in the cold foam layer

The two mattresses have different characteristics and materials. But they both have the same goal - maximum comfort and a good fit to the body. The Emma mattress has a special shoulder zone, which supports the sinking of the shoulders and ensures a pleasant feeling when lying down.



Both Eve and Emma are foam mattresses, but they consist of different layers. Visually, they are also very different.

Emma Original mattress: 3 layers of foam with Airgocell

  • Top layer: Patented Airgocell. Airgocell is a type of gel foam, similar to memory foam, which is very adaptable. Airgocell has good temperature regulating properties and so ensures a cooler sleeping temperature.
  • Second layer: Memory foam has a high degree of adaptability and point-elasticity. This distributes the body weight evenly and reduces pressure points.
  • Bottom layer: Cold foam to ensure stability and durability of the mattress.


Emma Foam Layers
The Emma Original mattress foam layers

Eve mattress: 3 layers of foam without latex layer

  • Top layer: 3cm of open-cell Ultra-High Resilience PU foam, which wicks moisture away and dissipates heat from the body.
  • Second layer: 3cm of new generation memory foam (viscoelastic), which relieves pressure points.
  • Bottom layer: 18cm of base foam (Reflex PU High Resilience), which provides superior durability and resilience.


Best suited for?

Characteristics Eve Original Emma Original
Firmness scale 6.5 4
Level of firmness Medium-firm Soft
Type of sleeper
  • Suitable for people who like to sleep on a softer mattress
  • The mattress adapts perfectly to body contours
  • Heavier people may sink in
  • Suitable for almost all sleepers
  • Suitable for light- and medium-weight people and for those who like a soft mattresses
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
Temperature Very good temperature regulation Excellent temperature regulation
Comfort zones The spine is supported in all sleeping positions Particularly good for the back due to the shoulder zone, which ensures alignment and supports the spine

The Eve Original is a little firmer than the Emma Original mattress, which explains why heavier-weight people prefer the Eve mattress and wouldn't normally choose the Emma mattress. The Emma mattress is perfect for people who prefer a softer mattress. Eve, as a medium-firm mattress, can be used more widely.

Level of firmness

Price difference

The price differs considerably depending on the dimensions of the mattress. In general, though, the Eve Original mattress is cheaper than the Emma Original mattress. Both brands regularly offer promotions.

Dimensions Eve Original Emma Original Price difference
90 x 190 cm £399 £299 £100
90 x 200 cm £399 - -
120 x 190 cm £599 £449 £150
135 x 190 cm £649 £499 £150
140 x 200 cm £649 - -
150 x 200 cm £749 £579 £170
160 x 200 cm £749 - -
180 x 200 cm £849 £649 £200

Delivery & returns

Eve Emma
Delivery Mattress-in-a-box principle Mattress-in-a-box principle
Delivery time 1-3 business days 7-12 business days
Trial period 100 days 200 days for a limited time only
Returns Returns are organised and paid for by the manufacturer Returns are organised and paid for by the manufacturer
Eve Mattress Delivery
The Eve: mattress-in-a-box principle

Both mattresses are based on the mattress-in-a-box principle and delivered straight to your home. Both the Eve Original and the Emma Original have a fast delivery time.

Due to the coronavirus threat, Emma is offering a no-contact delivery service. You can request a doorstep delivery. The company has also put a No Signature Policy in place.

You can test each of these mattresses for 100 days, which reduces your purchase risk to almost zero. For a limited time, Emma UK will be offering a 200-day trial period instead of the standard 100 days.


You will find our detailed rating on each brand in our Eve Original and Emma Original reviews. Here is an overview of our rating:

Eve Original Emma Original
Material 4.5/5 4.5/5
Comfort 4.3/5 4.5/5
Maintenance 4/5 5/5
Value for money 5/5 5/5
Breathability 4.5/5 4/5
Design 4/5 4/5
Service 5/5 5/5
Returns 5/5 5/5
Total rating 4.5/5 4.7/5


Both mattresses are of high quality and offer a high level of comfort. However, they are suitable for different types of sleepers.

The Eve Original will be perceived as firmer, while the Emma Original is among the softest models on the market. People who prefer to sleep on a firm mattress should, therefore, choose the Eve mattress. The Emma mattress is more suitable for those who prefer soft surfaces.



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