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Simba Hybrid


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Last updated: 03.03.2021 5 Min.

Simba Sleep couldn't find the perfect mattress - so they set out to invent it.

The result?

A hybrid mattress that combines conical pocket springs with their trademarked Simbatex foam, a synthetic latex.

The Simba Hybrid mattress is only sold online as a mattress in a box. It is hailed as one of the best mattresses in the UK market.

But how good is it really?

We took the Simba Hybrid mattress to the test in our Simba Hybrid mattress review.

  • Overview
  • Composition
  • Cover
  • Properties
  • Certifications
  • Delivery & customer service
  • Conclusion
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  • Very comfortable when sleeping on your side or back
  • Innovative structure
  • Slightly springy, offering a unique lying sensation
  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for restless sleepers
  • High point elasticity and adapts well to the body
  • Very good breathability
  • 100-night trial period


  • Might be too soft for very heavy-weight people or those who only sleep on their back or stomach
  • High price (but it’s also a very high-quality product)

Simba Hybrid composition

The Simba Hybrid is a hybrid pocket sprung memory foam mattress that combines high-quality pocket springs with a layer of Simbatex synthetic latex foam, adaptive memory foam, and supportive base foam.

It has a height of 25 cm.

The 4 layers of the Symba Hybrid mattress in detail:

  • A top comfort layer of Simbatex synthetic latex foam: This is a breathable, soft foam with cooling effect.
  • A core of up to 2500 Aerocoil pocket springs: The pocket springs in the mattress core adapts to the body and help keep the spine in an optimal alignment. It also effectively cushions the body and provides excellent pressure relief.
  • High-definition memory foam: This layer adapts well to the contours of the body and offers comfort and good pressure relief.
  • Cold foam base layer: Divided into 7 contour zones, this cold foam base layer gives the mattress its necessary stability and allows for optimal spinal alignment.

The hybrid construction of the Simba allows this mattress to highlight the advantages of both spring and foam mattresses.


Composition of Simba

Simba Hybrid mattress cover

The Simba Hybrid mattress features a white-and-grey knitted cover, made of 100% polyester.

The top cover is breathable to enhance the overall sleeping climate of the mattress.

The cover is also hypoallergenic, which is great for people prone to allergies.

Care and cleaning

Unfortunately, the Simba Hybrid mattress cover cannot be removed or washed. We usually recommend mattresses with removable and machine-washable covers as this is great for hygiene purposes.

The grey base fabric of the cover can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Simba also recommends using a mattress protector to expand the life of your mattress and protect it from stains, spills, dirt, and bacteria.

Carrying handles

The Simba Hybrid mattress cover has four side carrying handles, which makes moving and transporting the mattress easier.

Only the single-size and small double mattresses don't have the handles.

Simba Hybrid mattress cover

Simba mattress protector

Simba Hybrid mattress properties

Comfort and firmness

We classify the Simba Hybrid as a medium-firm mattress and have placed it at 5.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

The best of all materials

The special combination of springs and different foam layers allows the Simba Hybrid mattress to highlight the advantages of each of the materials used.

The top layer, which is very similar to ordinary latex, provides a pleasantly soft lying feeling.

The conical pocket springs adapt well to the body and allow for even pressure distribution. This eliminates pressure points and allows for a comfortable feeling when lying down.

It's also great to eliminate back pain and help with orthopaedic concerns.

The memory foam also adapts well to the contours of the body and provides softness to the mattress.

The cold foam base layer adds stability and support.

Best suited to light- and average-weight sleepers

Overall, the Simba Hybrid mattress seems to be particularly comfortable for light- and average-weight sleepers.

While heavier-weight sleepers could also find the mattress quite comfortable, they may sink in a little too deeply due to the softer foam layers and perceive the Simba Hybrid mattress as too soft.

That said, the mattress still provides sufficient stability.

If heavy-weight sleepers prefer a softer surface, then the Simba Hybrid may be well suited to them after all.

In this case, it would be best to test the mattress during a risk-free night trial period to see if it's comfortable.

Very comfortable when lying on your side

While technically suitable to all sleeping positions, we found the Simba Hybrid mattress particularly comfortable when lying on our side.

The mattress gives way in the shoulder and pelvic areas, allowing for optimal spinal alignment and a relaxed sleeping position.

We also slept very well on our backs.

The only position that wasn't entirely comfortable was when we slept on our stomachs. It didn't feel like the mattress offered enough firmness, resulting in a slightly hollow back.


Simba Firmness

Optimal sleeping climate

The interaction of different foams and springs, plus the breathable cover, allows the Simba Hybrid mattress to regulate temperature very well.

The space between the springs allows for natural ventilation channels, which increases airflow.

This is great as memory foam generally retains more heat than other foams.

The combination of the two then works well together.

The top layer of Simbatex latex foam also contains graphite, which has a cooling effect.

All of this results in a mattress with excellent breathability and a temperature-neutral sleeping climate.

Low motion transfer makes it great for couples

The materials used in the Simba mattress minimise motion transfer, which makes this mattress great for couples.

Motion transfer refers to the movement that is carried through the mattress.

If a mattress has low motion transfer, it means that you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements at night.

If you're sharing your bed with a partner, we'd still recommend that you choose a larger bed. Double, king-size or super king mattresses are great choices.

A mattress of this size guarantees that you'll have enough space to sleep comfortably.


Sinkage depths

To really test how well the mattress responds to different sleeping positions, we measured how deeply we sank into the mattress in a variety of positions.

The values are based on the body measurements (1.82 m and 72 kg) of our test sleeper.

Position Depth of sinkage
Lying on the back 6 cm
Lying on the side 7 cm
Sitting on the edge 9 cm
Standing in the middle 16 cm

From this, we can determine that the Simba Hybrid responds optimally.

You will sink in optimally where necessary, such as in our shoulder area, which is beneficial in keeping your spine optimally aligned - particularly when sleeping on your side!

Simba certifications

The five-star rated Simba mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK.

All foams used in Simba mattresses are also CertiPUR-certified, meaning it is free from unwanted chemicals, ozone, heavy metals, mercury, and lead.

This makes Simba mattresses safe for everyone.

The Simba Hybrid mattress is also an award-winning mattress and has been recognised by numerous top institutions and independent bodies in the UK.

You can read over 19,000 customer reviews on Simba's TrustPilot page.

Simba Hybrid mattress awards

Delivery & customer service

The Simba Hybrid has been designed as a bed-in-a-box.

It is delivered rolled-up and vacuum-packed in a compact box.

Delivery is free of charge, and your mattress will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Note: Simba used to offer removal of your old mattress, but this has been halted due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

200-night trial period

The Simba Hybrid mattress comes with a risk-free 200-day trial period, which begins with delivery.

Here you can test the mattress in the comfort of your own home to see if it's a perfect fit for you.

Generally, it will take your body a few weeks to get used to a new mattress.

But if, after your trial period, you're still not convinced that this mattress is right for you, then you can return it for a full refund.

To return the mattress, all you need to do is contact Simba customer service.

Collection and return will be organised by the manufacturer and is completely free of charge within mainland UK.

You will receive a full refund within a few days.

10-year guarantee

Every Simba mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee.


Simba hybrid mattress


The Simba Hybrid mattress is a high-quality, comfortable mattress that adapts well to the body and offers a great night's sleep.

It is particularly well-suited to light- and average-weight sleepers who like to sleep on their side or back.

Heavier-weight sleepers may also find the Simba Hybrid comfortable, and it certainly offers enough stability and support, but it may be perceived as too soft.

If you are of heavier weight and prefer a firmer sleeping surface, then we would recommend choosing a firmer mattress If you only sleep on your stomach or your back, you may also wish to consider a firmer model.



Latex and foam


Very comfortable

New mattress smell
New mattress smell

Disappears quickly


Very breathable 

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support

Great support

Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Delivered in a compact box

Value for money
Value for money



Latex and foam


Very comfortable

New mattress smell
New mattress smell

Disappears quickly


Very breathable 

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support

Great support

Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Delivered in a compact box

Value for money
Value for money


Contact Simba Sleep

Customer service: To contact Simba Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or visit their live online chat. The customer services team is available Monday to Friday, from 9 am - 5:0 pm., and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Registered office: Simba Sleep, The Stable Yard, 60 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9EU

Additional information

  • More about Simba Sleep

    Simba mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK. 

    Simba has been a member of Great Britain's ‘National Bed Federation’ since 2016. 

    Furthermore, the manufacturer has been inspected and tested by a research and testing institute called EXOVA BM TRADA, which has stringent requirements.

    Simba passed all the tests, which confirms that the Simba mattress is manufactured according to the British standard BS 717.

    According to Simba, this is the highest standard in the industry.

    So you definitely don’t need to worry about the safety and quality of the materials used by the manufacturer.

  • Simba accessories

    Simba Sleep features numerous high-quality sleep accessories.

    Simba Hybrid pillow

    The Simba Hybrid pillow offers optimal temperature regulation and sleeping comfort.

    It features both Nanocube technology and a microfibre fill for comfort. The Nanocubes can be added and removed to the pillow to adjust height and firmness. 

    The pillow also has cool night temperature-regulating fibres and a mesh cover to allow for maximum airflow and allow the pillow to remain at an optimal temperature. 


    Simba Hybrid pillow

    Close-Up of Simba Hybrid pillow


    Simba Hybrid duvet

    The Simba Hybrid duvet is a convenient all-seasons duvet available in a variety of sizes.

    It effectively absorbs and releases heat to regulate body temperature, making it perfectly balanced for all seasons.


    Simba Hybrid duvet

    Simba hybrid duvet close-up


    Simba Orbit weighted blanket

    The Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket has been designed with nano-beads to allow for deep, comfortable sleep.

    Weighted blankets have been specifically developed to help that ease anxiety


    Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket

    Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket Nanobeads


    Simba mattress protector

    Simba has a waterproof mattress protector that's been designed to protect your mattress from dirt, spills, and moisture.

    The mattress protector is also fully breathable to allow for good airflow and temperature regulation.


    Simba mattress protector

    Close-up of Simba mattress protector


    Simba Hybrid mattress topper

    The Simba Hybrid mattress topper also combines springs and foams, like the Simba Hybrid mattress. 

    It can be used to add an extra layer of comfort to a firmer mattress. 

    The Simba mattress topper also has a non-slip base and straps to ensure it stays firmly on your mattress.

    Mattress toppers cannot be used to replace an old and worn mattress.


    Simba Hybrid mattress topper

    Simba Hybrid mattress topper rolled-up


  • Available sizes

    The Simba Hybrid mattress is available in a wide range of sizes.

    Standard UK mattress sizes:

    • Single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
    • Small double mattress: 120 x 190 (4’ x 6’3”)
    • Double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
    • King mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Superking mattress: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

    Standard European sizes:

    • EU single mattress sized 90 x 200 cm
    • EU double mattress sized 140 x 200 cm
    • EU queen mattress sized 160 x 200 cm

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