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Simba Hybrid Luxe

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Review UK (2021)


Last updated: 29.11.2021 12 Min.

It's not easy trying to decide which is the best mattress...

Especially when there are hundreds of brands to choose from. 😱

But Simba Sleep isn't worried about the competition—In fact, they're now competing with themselves!

The Simba Hybrid Luxe offers 10 layers of advanced comfort rolled up into one perfect mattress. 😍

But is it really better than the Simba Hybrid or the Simba Hybrid Pro?

Check out our Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress review to find out! 👇

Top features of the Simba Hybrid Luxe

Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
Environmentally Friendly
Eco- Friendly
Made In The UK
Proudly British
200-Day Trial Period
200-Night Trial
10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
  • Overview
  • Composition
  • Suitability
  • Firmness
  • Comfort
  • Motion transfer
  • Temperature
  • Cover
  • Sizes
  • Price
  • Accessories
  • Delivery
  • Trial
  • Warranty
  • Conclusion
  • Contact


  • 10 layers of exceptional support and comfort
  • Temperature and moisture control
  • Great for most sleeping positions
  • Low motion isolation
  • Free delivery & returns
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Comes with a washable cover
  • Free from chemicals that are harmful to the planet
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 200-night sleep trial


  • Expensive
  • Will not fit regular sheets due to thick depth
  • Might feel too warm for excessively hot sleepers

What makes the Simba Hybrid Luxe so special?

🔬 10 highly advanced comfort layers

🐼 Natural bamboo layer with temperature control properties.

⏳ 200-Night sleep trial

♻️ 100% recyclable materials

Simba Hybrid Luxe Composition

Who said a bed-in-a-box mattress had to be basic? 🤔

Simba Sleep has created their most advanced mattress yet in the Simba Hybrid Luxe.

This premium mattress is the daddy bear of the three Simba mattresses, made with 10 layers of high-quality materials.

No wonder this mattress is so deep - 31cm to be exact! 🤯


Simba Hybrid Luxe being measured
Our measurements were a centimetre short of 31cm.

The ten mattress layers of the Simba Hybrid Luxe are:

  • Breathable top cover
  • Natural bamboo wool layer
  • Open-cell Simba-Pure foam
  • Two layers of 25mm Aerocoil springs
  • High-definition Simba-Pure foam with edge support
  • 40mm high carbon steel spring layer
  • High-definition Simba-Pure foam with edge support
  • Supportive Simba-Pure base layer

So, what do these layers actually do?

Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress layers

1. Natural bamboo wool layer

The natural bamboo wool layer is one of the unique aspects of this premium-range mattress. 🐼

Bamboo is a fantastic organic material for sleep products, which is becoming increasingly popular.

As bamboo is hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial, it's a great choice for those with allergies. 🤧

The top layer of bamboo wool wicks away moisture and dries fast.

This makes it a great option for those that sweat often during sleep.

The bamboo wool sleep surface is also thermal regulating. 🌡️

This means it will keep you toasty on those chilly nights and help to disperse heat during the summer months.

2. Open-cell Simba-Pure foam

The patented Simba-Pure foam is a high-quality memory foam developed specifically for Simba products. 🔬

The open-cell structure of the foam allows better circulation and the graphite infusion encourages cooling.

This makes it much more breathable and adaptable than polyurethane foam found in regular memory foam mattresses.

The advanced memory foam moulds around the body to provide instant pressure relief.

All Simba-Pure foam is CertiPUR certified, which means it is free from harmful chemicals, metals, and dyes.

But that's not all...

Most polyurethane foam mattresses are made with TCPP (a toxic flame retardant) to meet fire safety regulations. 🔥

Exposure over time to TCPP can be harmful to your health. 😨

Simba-Pure is free from TCPP, parabens, phosphates and other organic pollutants whilst still exceeding fire regulations.

3. Two layers of Aerocoil pocket springs (2.5cm/ 1 inch)

Many hybrid mattresses have a base layer of pocket springs with a comfort layer of memory foam. 💭

However, the Aerocoil springs in the Simba Hybrid Luxe serve an entirely different function.

Simba double-up the 25mm Aerocoil springs to create a dynamic comfort spring system.

The spring layer gives the mattress a more flexible feel which adapts with the body alongside the Simba-Pure foam. 🥰

4. High-definition Simba-Pure foam

Sandwiched between the dynamic spring layers is a high-definition Simba Pure layer with edge support.

The Simba-Pure foam encompasses all the previous benefits mentioned.

Edge support means that the mattress feels supportive right up to the very edge.

Greats news for those that sit on the edge of the bed with their coffee in the morning.

It also prevents the feeling of "roll-off'', meaning you shouldn't feel you are tipping out of the bed or towards the middle.

5. Carbon steel spring layer (4cm/ 1.5 inches)

The second spring layer adds an additional layer of flexibility. 🤸

Placed strategically between two Simba-Pure foam layers, this layer not only provides comfort but an advanced circulation system.

The ventilation between the springs will help to push heat away from the mattress for a cooler sleep. ❄️

The larger springs also deliver some pliable support that works with the body rather than against it.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe offers the most individual support with up to 6000 springs.

6. Simba-Pure base layer

The final Simba-Pure base layer does everything the previous foam layers do and more.

The cold foam base supports all the previous layers which give the mattress its necessary solidarity.

The grooves encourage natural ventilation, which draws heat out underneath the mattress. 🌬️


Simba Hybrid Luxe layers
The base layer is shaped with grooves for natural circulation.

The contour zones offer support throughout the mattress tailored for the shape of the body.

This basically means the foam is more supportive in the high pressure areas, such as the shoulders and hips. 🥰

Who is the Simba Hybrid Luxe most suitable for?

The highly advanced design of the Simba Hybrid Luxe means that most people would likely find it comfortable.

However, we think it’s a particularly good choice for:

  • Couples/restless sleepers
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Medium-weight sleepers

This is the most premium option of all Simba mattresses and a good choice for those looking for a higher-end product. 👑

However, if you’re on a budget, then the Simba Hybrid or Simba Hybrid Pro are considerably cheaper.


Person sitting on Simba Hybrid Luxe
The Simba Hybrid Luxe is great for light sleepers who have trouble staying still.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe might also not be well suited to:

  • Excessively hot sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Heavier weight sleepers

Simba Hybrid Luxe firmness

So, how firm is the Simba Hybrid Luxe? 🤔

Just like the Simba Hybrid Pro and Simba Hybrid, this one-size-fits-all mattress comes in a medium-firm feel.

This makes it ideal for most people who sleep on their side and back.

We rate the Simba Hybrid Luxe a 7.5 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

However, though this is rated a medium-firm mattress, what feels firm to some may feel soft to others. 🧱🧸

You should always consider individual factors when reading mattress reviews, such as your weight and sleeping position.

How deep do you sink into the Simba Hybrid Luxe?

Whilst the Simba Hybrid Luxe should feel similarly firm to previous Simba mattresses, it might have a slightly ‘plusher’ feel which hugs better around the body.

This is mostly due to the extra layers of Simba-Pure foam which allow for extra sinking. ⚓

Pressing on the Simba Hybrid Luxe
The Simba Hybrid layers are designed with edge support.

We found the edge-support system was less effective when kneeling or sitting on the very edge of the bed.

The edge support performed most well when weight was distributed more evenly across the mattress.


Person kneeling on edge of Simba Hybrid Luxe

Person sitting on edge of Simba Hybrid Luxe

As you can see from the images below, The Simba Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro sank much less during our edge test. 👇

Person sitting on edge of Simba Hybrid

Person sitting on edge of Simba Hybrid Pro

However, it’s important to point out that other factors may have contributed. 💭

For example, the tester is sitting slightly closer towards the middle of the other Simba mattresses, which will have offered better support.

What does sleeping on the Simba Hybrid Luxe feel like?

Overall, sleeping on the Simba Hybrid Luxe was very comfortable.

Laying down on the mattress felt supportive and you could tell the mattress was designed with high attention to detail. 🔍

We felt the mattress supported every sleeping position but is a particularly great choice for back and side sleepers.

In the side sleeping position, the mattress moulded around the body whilst keeping the spine neutrally aligned throughout the night.

Person laying on side on Simba Hybrid Luxe
We found the Simba Hybrid Luxe a suitable choice for side sleepers

For lighter-weight side sleepers, you may feel more comfortable on a mattress with slightly more give.

Likewise, heavier-weight sleepers may feel they sink too much into the mattress.🤿

The medium-firm feel of this mattress makes it a perfect choice for back sleepers.

Person laying on back on Simba Hybrid Luxe
The Simba Hybrid Luxe is ideal for back sleepers.

As you can see, the Simba Hybrid Luxe contours around the heavier parts of the body (hips, shoulders, and head) without bending the spine too much.

The contoured support zones, Simba-Pure foam and clever pocket spring system worked in unison.

We think the mattress also suited lighter-weight stomach sleepers. 🎈

Person laying on stomach on Simba Hybrid Luxe
The Simba Hybrid Luxe is suitable for lighter weight stomach sleepers.

Our tester was supported fairly well in this position and the spine is well aligned.

However, slightly heavier stomach sleepers may need a firmer mattress. 🧱

If you feel pain in your lower back whilst in this position, this indicates that you need a firmer mattress.

Another important note is that our tester tried this position without a pillow.

Sleeping with a pillow in this position will create more of a bend in the spine and neck. 😖

If you wake up with regular back or neck pain, our review on the Best Mattresses for Back Pain might be useful.

Is the Simba Hybrid Luxe good for couples?

The composition of the Simba Hybrid Luxe makes it a great buy for couples and restless sleepers. 💑

The combination of pocket springs and high-quality Simba-Pure foam makes the perfect recipe for a low motion transfer mattress.

Motion transfer is how much movement is isolated in the mattress.


Children jumping on mattress whilst man sleeps graphic
The Simba Hybrid Luxe is a low motion transfer mattress.

For example, if you feel your partner getting out of bed during the night, your mattress likely has high isolation. ⛵

A low motion mattress stays still across the entire mattress, preventing that bouncy feeling.

This also helps to prevent restless sleepers from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Low motion transfer mattress benefits
A low motion transfer mattress comes with many benefits.

Our favourite low motion isolation mattresses

Great temperature regulation

Memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation for causing overheating during the night.🥵

This is because heat is retained inside memory foam material, creating a warmer sleep.


Temperature regulation scale graphic
Memory foam is the warmest mattress material.

However, as memory foam mattresses become more advanced, more is being done to tackle this issue.

Simba have made temperature control a crucially important factor in the design of the Simba Hybrid Luxe. 👇

What makes the Simba Hybrid Luxe cooler:

  • Top cover with open-cell casing for enhanced breathability.
  • Bamboo wool layer with thermal control and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Open-cell Simba-Pure foam layer which encourages airflow.
  • Spring layers distributed between foam with optimal ventilation.
  • Zoned support base with contoured grooves for better circulation.

Overall, we found the Simba Hybrid Luxe comparatively cooler compared to some other mattress brands and overheating wasn’t an issue.

But if you naturally feel hot during sleep, then a memory foam mattress might not be your best option. 🤔

A much cooler alternative would be a pocket-sprung or latex mattress.

However, there are other ways to feel cooler during your sleep:

  • Use natural fibre sheets such as cotton, bamboo, or silk
  • Use a lighter tog duvet
  • Place the mattress on a slatted bed frame for better ventilation
  • Have a cold shower before bed and wear cotton pyjamas

Simba Hybrid Luxe cover

Every Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress comes with a removable knitted mattress cover.

Made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane, the hypoallergenic cover prevents dust mites and bacteria. 🦠

However, we encourage you to still use your regular sheets and mattress protector with this mattress for extra protection.

Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress cover
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with a removable cover.

Side handles for easy movement

We were pleased to discover the Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with side handles.

As the mattress is fairly heavy and deep, the handles make moving it around much easier. 🤹


Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress handles
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with handles.

You should never flip the mattress, but we recommend rotating it every 6 months.

The mattress comes with 8 handles altogether (2 on each side) making it convenient to move around.

Can you wash the Simba Hybrid Luxe cover?

The Simba Hybrid Luxe cover can be removed and washed. 🧼

Check the washing instructions on the label of your Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress.

This is another benefit that makes the Simba Hybrid Luxe a better design than the previous Simba mattresses.

Simba Hybrid Luxe removable cover in washing machine
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with a removable washable cover.

The Simba Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro mattress covers can be removed, but cannot be washed. ✋

Having a washable cover will help to remove bacteria, moisture build-up, stains, and improve the overall lifespan of your mattress.

However, to ensure your mattress is fully protected, we highly recommend using a mattress protector.

A waterproof mattress protector will help to keep your mattress in the best condition. 😍

Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress sizes

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is available in most UK sizes.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes in the following sizes:

  • Simba Hybrid Luxe single size: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Simba Hybrid Luxe double size: 135 x 190 cm (4.4” x 6’3”)
  • Simba Hybrid Luxe king size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Simba Hybrid Luxe super king: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

However, it is not currently available in small single, small double, emperor or EU size mattresses.

If you need one of these sizes, consider the Simba Hybrid or Simba Hybrid Pro.

Simba Hybrid Luxe depth

As previously mentioned, the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress is extra-deep, measuring 31cm (although ours fell a few centimetres short of this.)

You might feel like the Princess and the Pea on this mattress, but it’s not always ideal to sleep on one so deep. 🤔

Simba Hybrid Luxe from corner

Simba Hybrid Luxe depth.

For the elderly and physically ailed, we would recommend a thinner mattress which will make getting in and out of bed much easier. 👵👨‍🦽

Alternatively, lower bed frames can be bought which will help to accommodate the extra height.

Another downfall of deep mattresses is that ultra-deep sheets will need to be purchased.

Mela Eucalyptus Silk Sheets can fit a mattress up to 36cm deep. 🤯

These sheets also have natural cooling and moisture-wicking properties, making them the perfect choice for this mattress.

Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress prices

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is the most expensive mattress in the Simba Sleep range.

However, it is also the most premium option. 🥇

To simplify things, we’ve broken down the prices for each mattress and what you get for your buck:

Price* Composition Purchase
Simba Hybrid £600-£1100
  • 5 layers (25cm deep) including 3 Simba-Pure foam layers and up to 2,500 springs.
  • 4 handles for ease of movement
  • Removable hypoallergenic cover (non-washable)
Simba Hybrid Pro £1000-£1500
  • 7 layers (28cm deep) including 3 Simba-Pure foam layers, natural wool layer and up to 5,000 pocket springs.
  • 4 handles for ease of movement
  • Removable hypoallergenic cover (non-washable)
Simba Hybrid Luxe £1100-£2100
  • 10 layers (31cm deep) including 4 Simba-Pure foam layers, natural bamboo wool layer and up to 6,000 pocket springs.
  • 8 handles for ease of movement
  • Removable and washable hypoallergenic cover
*Prices are just a general guide and are subject to change.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is expensive, but it also has nearly double the pocket springs and layers of the original Simba Hybrid.

Simba also offers interest-free credit, spreading the cost of the mattress across 6, 9, or 12 months.

But ultimately only you can decide if the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress is worth the high price. 💭

Simba Hybrid Luxe discounts

Luckily, Simba Sleep offers generous discounts throughout the year on all of their mattresses. 🏷️


Piggybank graphic
There are regular discounts on Simba mattresses.

If you’re a new customer, you could get as much as 35% off the original price.

For a double Simba Hybrid Luxe worth around £1700, this could mean as much as a £425 discount.

Bookmark our discounts page to keep on top of all Simba offers. 💰

Simba mattress NHS discount

If you’re a blue light cardholder or NHS staff, then we’ve got great news. 👩‍⚕️

Simba Sleep offers a special NHS discount that can be added through their customer service portal.

Just contact a member of the Simba team to activate the NHS discount.

Simba mattress accessories

So, we’ve prattled on about Simba mattresses – but what else do they have to offer?

Simba Sleep has a whole range of sleep accessories for you to try. 😍

These include:

These are our favourites:

Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress delivery & unboxing

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is a bed-in-a-box mattress. 📦

This means it’s compressed and rolled up into a box, for quick and easy delivery.


bed in a box carried upstairs
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes rolled up in a box for your convenience.

Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses and can be at your door in as little as 3 days!

Simba offers a white glove delivery service. 🚚

This means they will bring the new mattress to your room of choice.

As the Simba Hybrid Luxe is compressed into a box, it can easily be transported.

However, it will be down to you to unpack it onto your bed base.

Follow the steps below to ensure you unwrap the mattress correctly. 👇

Open the box and find the carefully packed cutting tool

The cutting tool provided will mean you can cut into the plastic without causing damage to the mattress itself. ✂️

Simba Hybrid Luxe cutting tool
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with a safe cutting tool.

2. Remove and unroll the mattress

When you first take your new mattress out of the box, it will look like a burrito. 🌯

You’ll need the cutting tool to cut the first layer of packing and unroll it still in its plastic.

Simba Hybrid Luxe being unrolled
Unroll the Simba Hybrid Luxe.

3. Use the cutting tool to remove the plastic

Once your Simba Hybrid Luxe has been unrolled, it’s time to decompress. 🎈

Cut through the remaining plastic (be careful not to damage the mattress) and watch the mattress decompress.

Cutting the plastic packaging of the Simba Hybrid Luxe
Carefully cut through the plastic packaging.

4. Remove all plastic and obstructing objects

Fully remove all the plastic packaging and ensure there are no objects surrounding the mattress that might interfere with its decompression.

Most Simba mattresses reach their full size in 3-6 hours, but some can take as much as 72 hours. ⏳

Removing plastic from Simba Hybrid Luxe
Remove all the packaging from the Simba Hybrid Luxe.

It’s probably a good time to put the kettle on and start thinking about dinner…

5. Sleep!

After the mattress has fully decompressed, it’s time to try it! 🙌

Simba Hybrid Luxe angled view
Allow the Simba Hybrid Luxe to fully decompress before trying it.

Some memory foam mattresses come with a faint chemical smell. 🧐

This is known as off-gassing.

However, as mentioned previously, Simba mattresses are made with CertiPUR certified and TCPP-free materials. 🧪

So, the smell should be barely noticeable or completely non-existent.

If you do notice the smell, open a few windows and it should disappear after a few hours.

Now enough chit-chat, it’s time to sleep on your new mattress! 😴

Simba Hybrid Luxe trial period

Every Simba Sleep mattress comes with a money-back 200-night trial.

This means you get a whopping 200 nights to sleep on the mattress before deciding if you want to keep it.

In the unlikely event that you don’t get on with it, contact the Simba team and they will arrange a collection and refund. 💰


sleep trial graphic
The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with a 200-night trial.

Most retailers only offer between 30-40 nights for a sleep trial, whilst online brands are generally up to 100 nights. ⏲️

However, some memory foam brands give you as much as a year to try their mattress!

Nectar and DreamCloud have 365-night trials on their mattresses, as well as a lifetime guarantee!

Simba Hybrid Luxe guarantee

The Simba Hybrid Luxe also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

This includes any issues with the mattress that are caused by faulty workmanship. 🛠️

This may be a faulty zip or dipping in the foam.

However, you won’t be covered by accidental damage such as stains and soiling or damage caused by pets or children. 🐕👶

If you find a fault, contact the Simba team within 30 days of spotting the issue and be ready to provide proof of purchase.

Damaging or staining the mattress could forfeit the 10-year warranty.

That’s why it’s extra important to use a mattress protector.

Our favourite mattress protectors

Should I buy the Simba Hybrid Luxe?

Is the Simba Hybrid Luxe really the best mattress in their collection? 🤔

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is a top-of-the-range mattress that exceeds its predecessors in both quality and price.

If you’re looking to splash the cash on a high-quality mattress for a premium sleep experience, then the Simba Hybrid Luxe is a no-brainer. 🧠

However, if you can’t quite stretch the budget, then consider the Simba Hybrid Pro instead.

There are but a few subtle differences in the Simba Hybrid Pro at a fraction of the cost.

So, you can save the pennies and sleep like a log at the same time. 💰💤


Contact Simba Sleep UK

Customer service: To contact Simba Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at hello@simbasleep.com or visit their live online chat. The customer services team is available Monday to Friday, from 9am - 5pm., and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Registered office: Simba Sleep, The Stable Yard, 60 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9EU

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Simba take away my old mattress?

    Simba can take away your old mattress for a fee of £40 for all sizes. 

    This service is available in most UK areas, just add removal at checkout when purchasing your new Simba mattress.

    After your new mattress has been delivered, the removal service will contact you and schedule a suitable date within one week of your delivery. 

    The courier will remove as many mattresses as are delivered and will happily move your mattress from the room for you if needed. 

    So you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger! 

  • Is the Simba Hybrid Luxe better than the Simba Hybrid Pro?

    As the way a mattress feels is subjective, it’s difficult to say whether the Simba Hybrid Luxe is better than the Simba Hybrid Pro. 

    In terms of the mattress materials, the Simba Hybrid Luxe is a more premium option. 

    The Simba Hybrid Luxe has an extra layer of Simba-Pure foam, 1,000 more springs than the Simba Hybrid Pro, and a natural bamboo wool layer with heat regulating properties. 

    It also comes with a removable and washable cover whilst the Simba Hybrid Pro cover cannot be washed.

    For those that care about ease of movement, the Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with 4 extra handles. 

    However, it is also nearly £500 more expensive. 

    And although the Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with all the bells and whistles, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will find it more comfortable. 

    Our Simba Hybrid Pro Review can help you make your final decision. 

  • Is the Simba Hybrid Luxe good for back pain?

    We're not medical professionals, and we couldn't say whether or not the Simba Hybrid Luxe can help the symptoms of underlying health conditions causing back pain.  

    However, if you suffer from back or neck pain, this could be because of a tired, unsupportive, or unsuitable mattress. 

    The combination of pocket springs and Simba-Pure foam layers help to align the spine in a neutral position and relieve pressure on the neck and joints. 

    Spinal misalignment is a big cause of back pain, particularly if this is noticeably worse after waking up. 

    There are many positive reviews from back-pain sufferers that have bought the Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress and noticed an improvement in their symptoms. 


After years of working in a leading UK bed store, I'm passionate about helping others find their perfect mattress. I love to write about sleep almost as much as I love to nap!

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