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Simba Hybrid


Nicky P.

Last updated: 14.06.2021 12 Min.

Simba Sleep couldn't find the perfect mattress - so they set out to invent it.

The result?

Their flagship Simba mattress.

This is a hybrid mattress that combines conical pocket springs with multiple layers of foam.

It sounds like it could be awesome, but is the Simba mattress all it is claimed to be?

We share all you need to know in this Simba Mattress Hybrid review 🤓

Top features of the Simba mattress

Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
200-Day Trial Period
200-Day Trial Period
Money Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee
Made In The UK
Proudly British
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  • Innovative structure with a slightly springy feel.

  • Very comfortable for side sleepers and back sleepers.

  • Adapts well to the body.

  • Very good breathability.

  • Free delivery & returns.

  • 200-night trial period.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes.


  • The cover is not removable or washable.

What makes the Simba mattress special?

  • Unique hybrid design that combines conical mini pocket springs with multiple layers of foam for premium comfort, breathability, and support.

  • Proudly British - designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Available in a wider variety of sizes than most online mattresses.

Simba mattress composition

The Simba mattress is a hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress that combines high-quality mini pocket springs with multiple layers of foam.

The four layers of the Simba Hybrid are:

  • Simba-Pure open-cell polyfoam
  • Up to 2500 Aerocoil mini pocket springs
  • High-definition Simba-Pure foam
  • Cold foam base layer

Simba Sleep advertises the Simba Hybrid as a 5-layer mattress, which includes the mattress's breathable top cover.

We expand upon the cover of the mattress a bit further down.


Composition of Simba

Simba Hybrid mattress layers

1. Top comfort layer of Simba-Pure open-cell polyfoam

Simba-Pure is a soft, open-cell polyfoam.

This layer is much more breathable than traditional polyurethane foam and allows for more airflow 💨

This layer includes graphite, which is meant to further enhance the foam's cooling properties.

2. A layer of Aerocoil pocket springs

Up to 2500 mini pocket springs are positioned right under the comfort layer, providing bounce, high body adaptability, and even pressure distribution.

The springs are conical in shape, allowing them to compress a fair bit.

The individual coils are enclosed in polyester pockets to increase motion isolation and protect the surrounding foams.

3. A core of high-definition Simba-Pure foam with edge support

The core of the Simba Hybrid is high-density Simba-Pure foam.

This layer acts as a transitional supportive foam layer and aids in pressure relief.

It also allows for superior edge support, meaning that you won't sink in on the sides or feel like you're falling off the sides of the mattress.

In previous versions of the Simba Hybrid mattress, the core was made of memory foam and combined with Simbatex foam - which is why Simba used to be called a pocket sprung memory foam mattress.

Since memory foam retains more heat than other types of foam, Simba changed the composition of their mattress to be more breathable overall.

4. Cold foam base layer

The base layer of the Simba Hybrid made of high-density polyurethane foam.

It features seven contour zones with actual slits or grooves cut into the foam to allow it to give way more easily in certain areas, like your shoulder and pelvis.

This allows for optimal spinal alignment.

The slits also allow for greater airflow, again enhancing the overall breathability of the mattress.


Simba mattress

Simba mattress firmness

The Simba Hybrid has been designed as a mattress with medium firmness - and we'd agree.

We've placed it at 5.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest.

This makes the mattress suitable for a wide range of sleepers.

Simba Firmness

Sinkage depths

To really do an in-depth Simba mattress review, we've measured how deeply we sank into the foams in different sleeping positions.

This allows us to gauge how the mattress responds to body weight and how much support it gives.

The values below are based on the body measurements of our test sleeper - 182 (5 feet and 9 inches) and 72 kg (158 lbs).

Position Depth of sinkage
Lying on the back 6 cm (2.3")
Lying on the side 7 cm (2.7")
Sitting on the edge 9 cm (3.5")
Standing in the middle 16 cm (6.2")

These results are on par with medium-firm mattresses.

What does sleeping on the Simba Hybrid mattress feel like?

The special combination of pocket springs and different foam layers allowed the Simba Hybrid mattress to highlight the advantages of each of the materials used.

  • The top layer provides a pleasantly soft lying feeling.
  • The conical pocket springs allow for even pressure distribution, eliminating pressure points and easing tension.
  • The high-definition foam core enables edge-to-edge support so you'll feel well-supported no matter where you lie.
  • The contoured base layer aids optimal spinal alignment and provides stability.

This combination makes the Simba Hybrid an overall comfortable yet very supportive mattress that can assist in relieving orthopaedic concerns.

Optimal support for light and average-weight sleepers

You'll find the Simba Hybrid exceptionally comfortable and supportive if you're lighter or of average build.

It will support you well no matter which sleeping position you lie in, but is particularly pleasant if you sleep on your back.

Depending on your weight, though, you may experience a little less support when sleeping on your stomach.

Our test sleeper felt that the mattress lacked a bit of support in this position, resulting in a hollow back.

Overall, though, the foams are of very high density and exceptionally durable, and you won't experience any sagging or decrease in support over time.

The combination of materials and contoured base foam also allows for optimal spinal alignment, which eliminates the risk of lower back pain or a build-up of tension.

It may not be firm enough for larger builds

That said, the Simba Hybrid is still a medium-firm mattress and may not be firm enough if you're heavier or of a larger build.

This is because people of a heavier weight often require a firm mattress that can provide enhanced stability and support.

Often, pure pocket spring mattresses are a good choice.

The best way to test whether or not the mattress can support you enough is to make use of the risk-free night trial period.

Luckily, you can review the Simba mattress for 200 days before having to make a final decision.

If you don't like it or don't feel like it fully supports you, you can send it back within the 200-day period and receive a full refund.

Excellent edge support

You'll experience excellent edge support on the Simba Mattress Hybrid.

Often, mattresses are stable and supportive at the core, but this firmness decreases towards the sides of the mattress.

This is not the case with the Simba mattress.

The core layer of high definition Simba-Pure foam features additional edge support to keep the mattress firm no matter where you lie.

This means that you can sit or lie at the end of the mattress quite comfortably without feeling like you're falling off the sides.

This is particularly good news if you like to make use of the full width of your mattress or if you're sharing your bed with a partner.

Good for restless sleepers

Many bed-in-a-box mattresses rely on memory foam, which can be difficult to move around on.

This is because memory foam has that distinctive memory imprint, where it moulds to the shape of your body and needs some time to "jump out off position" when you have moved.

This is not the case with the Simba mattress.

The Simba Hybrid mattress will support you very well and give you that body-contouring support, but it won't give you that "sinking into the mattress" feeling - meaning you can toss and turn as you wish.

This makes the Simba mattress particularly good for restless sleepers.

Excellent temperature regulation

It definitely seems like the Simba mattress was designed with cooling in mind.

It has all of these cooling properties:

  • A knitted cover that enhances breathability.
  • Open-celled polyfoam with cooling graphite.
  • Pocket springs with natural ventilation channels, which increases airflow.
  • Contour grooves in the base foam to enhance the free movement of air.

All of these features allow for improved breathability and enable air to flow freely through the mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

You won't feel hot and clammy on the Simba Hybrid, even on a hot summer's night.

Is the Simba Hybrid mattress good for couples?

Whether or not a mattress is good for couples depends largely on its degree of motion transfer.

Motion transfer refers to the movement that is carried through the mattress.

If a mattress has low motion transfer, it means that movements are absorbed and dampened - and you won't be disturbed by your partner's movement at night.

The previous version of the Simba mattress had exceptionally low motion transfer, but this revamped version - which focuses much more on enhanced breathability - does allow some motion to flow.

You shouldn't be disturbed by your partner too much, but you may feel some movement every now and then, especially when your partner gets in and out of bed.

For this reason, we'd recommend opting for larger mattresses sizes, like the Simba Hybrid king-size or the Simba Hybrid super-king-size mattress.

These larger sizes ensure that there's enough space between you and your partner, should you wish to have it.

Snuggling is always allowed, of course.


Simba mattress cover

The Simba mattress cover has been designed to be hypoallergenic and allow for greater airflow.

It is made of 100% polyester and includes grey sides and a white hand-knitted top cover.

The Simba cover also has four side carrying handles, which makes moving and transporting the mattress easier.

Only the single-size and small double mattresses don't have the handles.

You can't wash the cover

Unfortunately, you cannot remove or wash the Simba Hybrid mattress cover.

We usually recommend mattresses with removable and machine-washable covers as this is great for hygienic purposes 🧼

Most of the other top mattresses we recommend, like the Emma Original and Eve Original, have machine-washable covers.

The grey base fabric of the cover can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

We highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with your Simba mattress.

The Simba mattress protector is great, and it'll create an additional layer between your bedding and your mattress to protect it against stains, spills, moisture, dirt, and bacteria.

Simba mattress sizes

Simba mattresses are available in the standard UK sizes, as well as select European mattress sizes.

The available Simba Hybrid mattress dimensions include:

  • Simba mattress for kids: 90 x 190 cm with a depth of 16 cm (6.2")
  • Simba mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Simba mattress European single size: 90 x 200 cm (3' x 6'6")
  • Simba mattress small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Simba mattress double: 135 x 190 cm (4’4” x 6’3”)
  • Simba mattress European double size: 140 x 200 cm (4'6" x 6'6")
  • Simba mattress king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Simba mattress European queen size: 160 x 200 cm (5'2" x 6'6")
  • Simba mattress super-king-size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

The European sizes are great if you've moved from Europe or have bed frames or bedding in those sizes, but, usually, we'd always recommend sticking to standard UK mattress sizes.

Sticking to standard sizes makes finding suitable accessories much easier - and cheaper!

Simba mattress depth

The Simba mattress has a height of 25 cm (9.8 inches).

This is on par with other bed-in-a-box mattresses and most bedding dimensions.

The mattress has been designed to carry a weight of up to 114 kg (250 lbs) per person 🏋️‍♀️

Simba mattress prices

The Simba Hybrid mattress is quite a bit more expensive than comparable bed-in-a-box mattresses but is pretty on par with other hybrid mattresses.

You can also look out for some Simba mattress deals to get a discounted price - more on this below.

(Note: prices listed below are standard prices excluding any current coupons & discounts)

Single (3’ x 6’3”)
£ 589
Small Double (4' x 6'3")
£ 799
Double (4’6” x 6’3”)
£ 799
King (5’ x 6’6”)
£ 909

Simba mattress discount code

Even though the Simba Hybrid is more expensive than other bed-in-a-box mattresses, you'll often find a Simba mattress sale 🎉

If you're a new customer, you'll usually be able to get a 26% off all mattresses discount, but the brand also has other offers quite regularly.

Coupon codes are easy to use - simply apply the code upon checkout and the discount will automatically be deducted from the total amount.

Don't worry; you don't have to browse the internet to find discount codes.

We collect all of the best discounts for you on our discounts page.


Simba mattress NHS discount

Simba Sleep offers a special discount to NHS staff and Blue Light Card members.

You will need to be able to provide some form of identification when purchasing your Simba mattress, but the Simba customer support team is available to assist with this process.

They're easy to contact via the online chat function.

Simba mattress awards

The Hybrid is Simba Sleep's bestselling mattress.

It is also an award-winning mattress that has been recognised by numerous top institutions and independent testing corporations in the UK.

Some notable mentions include:

  • Which? Best Buy
  • Ideal Home Approved
  • T3 Best Buy
  • Good Housekeeping Approved
  • Real Homes Approved
  • Expert Reviews "Mattress of the Year" winner
  • Best Mattress UK "Best Cooling Mattress" winner

Consumer Simba mattress reviews are also favourable, and Simba advertises itself as "the world's most five-star reviewed mattress brand".

You can read over 19,000 customer reviews on Simba's TrustPilot page.

Simba Hybrid mattress awards

Which? Best Buy

Which? is the UK's largest consumer association.

They regularly test mattresses and give in-depth reviews on the technical aspects of a mattress's design.

The revamped Simba Hybrid scored 76% in the Which? test.

It was applauded for its support, durability, and breathability.

Simba mattress UK certifications

Simba mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK, adhering to strict manufacturing and safety guidelines.

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing

Environmental friendliness is at the heart of Simba Sleep.

The Simba Hybrid is made from 100% recyclable materials.

The mattress is also guaranteed to be pro-planet and TCPP-free.

The Simba-Pure foam is a purer foam free from TCPP, phosphate, parabens, biocides, organic pollutants, and other chemicals.

100% of waste foam and springs from the manufacturing process is sold on to be used in the manufacturing of other products.

Simba products are not tested on animals.

Safety first

All Simba products comply with UK fire regulations BS7177.

This means that Simba products are fire retardant.

Simba Sleep is also a National Bed Federation Approved Member (2018), meaning that all production and manufacturing processes meet strict requirements.

Simba products also meet the ISO9001 standard, which is an internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard.

Simba mattress accessories

Simba Sleep offers numerous high-quality sleep accessories.

Simba Hybrid pillow

The Simba Hybrid pillow offers optimal temperature regulation and sleeping comfort.

It features both Nanocube technology and a microfibre fill for comfort.

The Nanocubes can be added to and removed from the pillow to adjust height and firmness.

The pillow also has cool night temperature-regulating fibres and a mesh cover to allow for maximum airflow and allow the pillow to remain at an optimal temperature.

30% OFF £300

Simba Hybrid pillow

Simba Hybrid Pillow close-up

Simba Hybrid duvet

The Simba Hybrid duvet is a convenient all-seasons duvet available in a variety of sizes.

It effectively absorbs and releases heat to regulate body temperature, making it perfectly balanced for all seasons.

30% OFF £300

Simba Duvet

Simba Duvet closeup

Simba Orbit weighted blanket

The Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket has been designed with nano-beads to allow for deep, comfortable sleep.

Weighted blankets have been specifically developed to help ease anxiety.

30% OFF £300

Simba Orbit weighted blanket

Simba weighted blanket nanobeads

Simba Hybrid mattress topper

The Simba Hybrid mattress topper also combines springs and foams, like the Simba Hybrid mattress.

It can be used to add an extra layer of comfort to a firmer mattress.

The Simba mattress topper also has a non-slip base and straps to ensure it stays firmly on your mattress.

Mattress toppers cannot be used to replace an old and worn mattress.

30% OFF £300

Simba Hybrid mattress topper

Simba Hybrid mattress topper rolled up on bed

Simba mattress UK delivery

The Simba Hybrid is a bed-in-a-box mattress 📦

It is delivered rolled up, vacuum packed, and tightly sealed in a compact box that measures 107 x 50 x 50 (42" x 19" x 19").

Delivery is free within mainland UK and usually takes place within 1 - 3 working days.

Simba does have a next-day delivery service, at an additional cost.

Simba Sleep also delivers to Highlands, Northern Ireland, islands and other remote areas, but a delivery fee will apply here.

Your mattress will be delivered directly to your doorstep 🚛

You can store your Simba mattress in its box for up to three months - but remember that the 200-night trial starts with delivery, regardless of whether you unpack the mattress or not.

Can Simba remove my old mattress?

Simba used to offer a service for the removal of your old mattress, but this has been halted due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How do I unpack my Simba mattress?

Your new mattress is super easy to unpack:

  • Open the box and take out your mattress.
  • unroll the flattened mattress on your bed base.
  • Cut the plastic and break the vacuum seal.
  • Remove any other packaging.

Your Simba mattress will automatically begin inflating as soon as you've removed the vacuum seal.

Your mattress will have reached its full size within 3 - 6 hours, but sometimes it can take up to 72 hours for the mattress to expand completely.

You can sleep on your mattress as soon as it's fully expanded.

Does the Simba mattress smell?

You may notice a slight smell when you first unpack your mattress.

This is called off-gassing, and it's totally normal with bed-in-a-box mattresses.

We'd recommend unpacking your mattress in a well-ventilated room and letting it air out until the smell dissipates.

Which bed base can I use for my Simba mattress?

The Simba mattress can be placed on top of any bed base, including adjustable bases, slatted frames, divan bases, or box springs.

If you're using a slatted bed frame, make sure that the slats are no greater than 7.5 cm (3 inches) apart so that your mattress is properly supported.

Simba mattress trial period

The Simba mattress comes with a risk-free 200-day trial period, which begins with delivery.

The industry standard is a 100-night trial period.

This trial period gives you the chance the test the mattress in the comfort of your own home to see if it's a perfect fit for you.

Generally, it will take your body a few weeks to get used to a new mattress.

This can be 3 weeks but can also take up to 6 weeks or longer, especially if your new mattress is vastly different to your old one.

How to return a Simba mattress

If at any point during the trial period, you decide that the Simba mattress isn't right for you, you can return it for a full refund.

To return the mattress, all you need to do is contact Simba customer service.

Collection and return will be organised by the manufacturer and is completely free of charge within mainland UK.

You don't have to keep any of the original packaging to return the mattress.

Once returned, you will receive a full refund within a few days.

Returned mattresses are recycled or donated to charities.


Simba hybrid mattress

Simba mattress guarantee

Simba mattresses are incredibly durable and have a long lifespan.

You can expect your Simba mattress to last 8 - 12 years.

This is why Simba Sleep can offer a 10-year guarantee.

The warranty covers any physical manufacturing flaws in the mattress layers

Mattress cover defects are only covered for the first year.

The warranty does not cover wear and tear or customer damage.

As part of the guarantee, Simba Sleep requires that you rotate (not flip) the mattress regularly - once a month for the first three months and then every 3 - 6 months.

Should you buy the Simba Hybrid mattress?

The Simba Hybrid mattress is a high-quality, supportive, and comfortable mattress that offers the perfect night's sleep.

We would recommend the Simba mattress for:

  • Light- and average-weight sleepers.
  • People who sleep on their side or back.
  • People who like a medium-firm feel.
  • Heavy sweaters.
  • Restless sleepers.

Heavier-weight people, those of larger builds, or stomach sleepers are advised to make use of the risk-free trial period to see if the mattress can support them well enough.



Pocket springs and high-definition foam


Very comfortable

New mattress smell
New mattress smell

Disappears quickly


Excellent breathability

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support

Good support but some motion transfer

Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Free delivery

Value for money
Value for money

Pricey but a good product


Pocket springs and high-definition foam


Very comfortable

New mattress smell
New mattress smell

Disappears quickly


Excellent breathability

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support

Good support but some motion transfer

Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Free delivery

Value for money
Value for money

Pricey but a good product

Contact Simba Sleep

Customer service: To contact Simba Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or visit their live online chat. The customer services team is available Monday to Friday, from 9 am - 5:0 pm., and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Registered office: Simba Sleep, The Stable Yard, 60 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9EU

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Simba Sleep?

    Simba Sleep is a British online mattress company that was founded in 2015.

    It produces a wide range of mattresses and sleep accessories. 

    Simba has been a member of Great Britain's ‘National Bed Federation’ since 2016. 

    Furthermore, the manufacturer has been inspected and tested by a research and testing institute called EXOVA BM TRADA, which has stringent requirements.

    Simba passed all the tests, which confirms that the Simba mattress is manufactured according to the British standard BS 717.

    According to Simba, this is the highest standard in the industry.

    So you definitely don’t need to worry about the safety and quality of the materials used by the manufacturer.

    Simba mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK. 

  • What are the other Simba mattresses in the UK?

    In addition to the Simba Hybrid, Simba Sleep offers two other mattresses in the UK, the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Simba Hybrid Luxe. 

    All of these are hybrid mattresses that combine pocket springs with multiple layers of foam.

    Simba Hybrid Pro

    The Simba Hybrid Pro is a second-generation hybrid mattress that features a total of 7 layers.

    Combining chemical-free Simba Pure foam with two unique titanium Aerocoil® spring layers, this mattress aims to provide superior support and comfort.

    The mattress also features a natural wool top layer and a thick knitted top cover for enhanced temperature regulation.


    Simba Hybrid Luxe

    The Simba Hybrid Luxe is Simba's newest and most advanced luxury mattress.

    With 10 layers and a depth of 31 cm, this is a mattress designed for comfort.

    It features three layers of conical pocket springs with Simba Pure support layers for the ultimate sleep experience.

    The mattress also features a hypoallergenic kitted cover and bamboo heat-regulating wool layer for breathability and superior temperature regulation.


  • Can I buy Simba mattresses via Amazon UK or other stockists?

    Yes, the Simba mattress is available via Amazon in the UK and at a few select retailers.

    You'll even get your 200-day trial and 10-year guarantee if you purchase via Amazon.

    But, we'd always recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

    This guarantees that you have Simba-assured quality and get the best customer service. 

Nicky P.

My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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