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Best Luxury Mattresses


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If you’re looking for a high-end or luxury mattress but need some guidance, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Have you ever noticed that bedding and mattresses come in different qualities? Have you compared the mattress of a budget hotel with that of a 5-star resort?

The latter will certainly select a mattress and bedding of very high quality. And there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this same high-quality, luxury bedding at home.

We’ll help you find the best luxury mattresses available in the UK with this comprehensive guide on high-end mattresses.

Best luxury mattresses
  • Overview
  • What is a luxury mattress?
  • Advantages
  • How do you know when it’s time to buy a new mattress?
  • Conclusion
Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original
Price from £ 300 (429 )

Emma Original

The Emma Original is an award-winning mattress that's universally suitable for all types of people and sleeping positions.

This bestselling mattress by the award-winning Emma brand offers 3 layers of premium foam and soft comfort, with sufficient support and stability.

All about the Emma Original

Emma Original

The Emma Original is a best-selling memory foam mattress.

It has been designed to be suitable for most people, sleeping positions, and sleeping preferences.

Made up of 3 different types of foam, it offers soft-to-medium support that's particularly suitable for side sleepers.

The Emma Original is delivered free of charge and comes with a risk-free 200-nigh trial period. 

Emma Original side handles


Eve Mattress

Eve Original
Price from £ 300 (429 )

Eve Original

The Eve Original is the original best-selling memory foam mattress by Eve Sleep.

This high-quality medium-firm mattress by Eve Sleep is suitable for most body types and sleeping position. 

All about the Eve Original

Eve Original

The Eve Original mattress consists of three different high-quality foam layers and a machine-washable cover.

The mattress has a high level of elasticity and provides great support, promoting optimal spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. 

It is a medium-firm mattress that has been specifically designed to suit most body profiles and sleeping positions.

The Eve Original comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

Eve Original Mattress


Eve Premium Mattress

Eve Premium
Price from £ 948

Eve Premium

The Eve Premium is a four-layered luxury memory foam mattress that offers superior comfort.

Made up of 4 different layers of high-quality foam, this luxury mattress guarantees comfort and support for the best night's sleep.

All about the Eve Premium

Eve Premium

The Eve Premium is a high-quality mattress featuring four layers of premium foam for optimal comfort and support.

I​​​​t's suitable for all body types and best recommended for those requiring a medium-firm sleeping surface.

The high quality of the Eve Premium mattress cover is also worth mentioning.

It has been woven with silver threads that allow it to be naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

The Eve Premium comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

Eve Premium Mattress


Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

Eve Premium Hybrid
Price from £ 978

Eve Premium Hybrid

The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious hybrid mattress with 5 layers of new generation foam and over 1500 pocket springs.

This high-end mattress combines foam with pocket springs and offers superior comfort with optimal support and spinal alignment. 

All about the Eve Premium Hybrid

Eve Premium Hybrid

The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious medium-firm mattress that offers superior comfort and excellent support. 

Its unique composition of foams and springs offers a high degree of comfort in all sleeping position.

The mattress adapts well to the body of the sleeper and offers optimal spinal alignment.

This is a great mattress for people suffering from back pain.

The Eve Premium Hybrid comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress


What is a luxury mattress?

A luxury mattress is one made of the best individual components. They are usually more expensive but manufacturers spend a good deal of time trying out different materials and number of layers to create the most comfortable sleeping surface.

Most high-end mattresses, and the ones you’ll find in luxury hotel rooms, include a layer of memory foam. Memory foam is great as it adapts to all body types. It is the ideal universal mattress that provides excellent support and relieves pressure in the back, neck, and pelvic areas.

Most premium mattresses are also denser and thicker. This results in both a longer lifespan as well as a more supportive, comfortable sleeping surface. Luxury mattresses often feel much more comfortable, while offering excellent support that soothes your muscles and helps your body relax.

What are the advantages of luxury mattresses?

You may be wondering why you should invest in a luxury mattress. These mattresses are often much more expensive than standard mattresses — but they are worth the cost. A luxury mattress is an investment that offers you premium comfort and support. In addition, luxury mattresses also have numerous other advantages:

  • Longer lifespan: A high-end luxury mattress will have a longer lifespan than most standard mattresses. Most manufacturers of luxury mattresses also offer a longer warranty. In general, the warranty for luxury mattresses ranges from 10 to 15 years.
  • Long-term quality: Luxury mattresses are universal mattresses. They support all sizes, no matter the build or body weight. But these mattresses aren’t only comfortable at the beginning. You can expect long-term quality. These mattresses are also generally thicker than standard mattresses, and the height often exceeds 25 cm. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed.
  • Unparalleled comfort: Luxury mattresses are composed of top-of-the-range materials, which provide unparalleled comfort. The additional layers, memory foam, and greater thickness also increase comfort substantially.

How do you know when it’s time to buy a new mattress?

You may be thinking of investing in a new mattress but aren’t sure if your old mattress is really worn out. Don’t worry: there are a few easy-to-determine external signs that indicate that your old mattress is worn out and in need of a replacement.

Firmness is a big indicator. Once your mattress begins to sag and loses its firmness, then it certainly is no longer fit to support your body. If you have a spring mattress, you’ll start to feel the springs in your back. Your bed may also begin to squeak but, with this, double-check that it’s not the box spring causing the problem. Another sign of a sagging mattress, particularly in the case of foam mattresses, is if the mattress doesn’t easily return to its natural shape, even after you’ve been up for a while.

Another indicator of a worn-out mattress is motion transfer. If you usually can’t feel your partner’s movements and suddenly you can, this is a sign that the mattress is beginning to wear out.

In all of these instances, your mattress is beginning to deteriorate, which is negatively affecting your body and your sleep. This definitely means that it’s time to invest in a new one.

That said, you may also need to change your mattress if you’ve experienced drastic weight loss or weight gain as this changes your personal requirements.

If it’s time to invest in a new mattress, then you may consider investing in a luxury mattress that will last for many years to come.

Are you ready to purchase a new mattress but aren't sure how to dispose of your old one? Our guide on disposing of an old mattress can help you.


If you don’t have any budgetary constraints, then we’d suggest purchasing a high-end luxury mattress. Top-of-the-range mattresses really are suitable for the majority of people and they are incredibly durable.

Additional information

  • What is a luxury mattress?

    A luxury mattress is made of the best individual components and usually includes a layer of memory foam. This enables the mattress to be well-suited to all types of sleepers, provides excellent support, and allows for premium comfort. It also limits back and neck pains.

  • Why buy a luxury mattress?

    Luxury mattresses have several attractive advantages. These include:

    • Longer lifespan
    • Long-term quality
    • Unparalleled comfort

    Even if luxury mattresses tend to be more expensive, they are definitely worth it.

  • How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

    There are several signs that your mattress is worn out and that you need to invest in a new one. These include:

    • You struggle with back and neck pain.
    • Your mattress keeps the imprint of your body and doesn’t return to its original shape quickly.
    • You feel the springs in your mattress.
    • Your mattress has lumps.
    • You feel the slats of your box spring.
    • You suddenly suffer from allergies, likely to be caused by the formation of dust mites.
    • Your sleep is restless and you wake frequently.

    If you want to extend the life of your mattress before investing in a new one, then we’d recommend purchasing a mattress topper. This is just a temporary solution, though, and you'll have to invest in a new mattress eventually. We recommend purchasing your new mattress online.

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Emma Original
Emma Original Emma Original Mattress
Emma Price from £ 300 (£ 429 )

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