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Emma mattress topper


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Last updated: 11.05.2021 6.5 Min.

Mattress toppers are the perfect addition to a mattress that's just a little too firm, providing additional comfort for the best night's sleep.

One of our favourite sleep brands, Emma, has just recently released the Emma mattress topper.

Disclaimer: The Emma mattress topper is not yet available in the UK, but our European team was able to try it out to give us a full review.

It won’t be long before the topper is available in the UK as well.

So does the Emma mattress topper live up to its hype?

Is it as comfortable as you'd expect it to be?

Find out in our Emma mattress topper review.

Emma Mattress Topper
  • Overview
  • Composition
  • Cover
  • Comfort & firmness
  • Sides
  • Sizes & prices
  • Discounts
  • Certifications
  • A topper is not a fix for a bad mattress
  • Sleep accessories
  • Delivery conditions
  • Alternative toppers
  • Conclusion
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  • Our selection of the best mattresses


  • Very comfortable.
  • Good pressure relief and adapts well to the shape of your body.
  • Enhances the comfort of your mattress.
  • Two reversible sides with different degrees of firmness.
  • Good value for money.
  • Free delivery.
  • 100-night trial period.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Removable and machine-washable cover.
  • Regular promotions.


  • Not yet available in the UK (watch this space).
  • Not available in custom sizes.
  • Doesn’t feature rubber bands for easy attachment.


The 6 cm (2.3") thick Emma mattress topper has two reversible sides, making it a memory foam topper and a cold foam topper in one.

The foam layers on each side differ:

  • Soft layer: Visco-elastic Airgocell foam
  • Medium-firm layer: HRX foam

You can flip the topper over quite easily to see which side you prefer.

Airgocell foam

The visco-elastic Airgocell foam is characterised by its body-hugging comfort and pressure relief capabilities.

The material adapts to your body optimally, relieving pressure points and helping your muscles relax.

This layer provides comfort and that "sleeping in a cloud" feeling.

HRX foam

The HRX foam is a cold foam layer.

This layer is somewhat firmer, intended to stabilise and distribute pressure evenly.

Foam layers of Emma mattress topper

layers of emma mattress topper

Mattress topper cover

The Emma mattress topper has a very breathable cover made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane.

The open-pored pattern of the cover is quite visible. These pores ensure that the topper has better airflow and prevents overheating.

You can easily remove and machine-wash the cover.

This is great for hygiene purposes, making it a hypoallergenic choice for people prone to allergies.

Unfortunately, the topper doesn’t feature rubber bands to attach it to the mattress.

It also doesn't have an anti-slip surface.

This is common with mattress toppers but does mean that the topper could slip a little while you sleep, particularly if you're a very restless sleeper.

The solution?

Invest in a good sheet that presses the topper down on to the mattress to keep it firmly in place.

Close up of Emma mattress cover

Zipper of Emma mattress topper

Comfort and firmness

The Emma mattress topper certainly makes your mattress feel softer.

Even though one side of the topper is softer and the other firmer, we'd rate it as a medium-firm topper.

We've rated the Emma mattress topper's soft side at 5 out of 10 on our Sleep Hero firmness scale and the medium-firm side at 6 out of 10.

The sides are pretty similar, but there is still enough difference to make an impact.

Does the topper make your mattress more comfortable?

We were lucky enough to try the topper for several weeks and thought it made the mattress comfy.

That said, the comfort of a mattress topper does depend quite significantly on the mattress you pair it with.

Logically, it would make sense to pair the Emma mattress topper with any of the Emma mattresses.

We like the firmer Emma Hybrid mattress.

But, of course, you can also place the Emma topper on any other mattress. We've given some recommendations for high-quality mattresses at the bottom of this article.

The Emma topper is exceptionally comfortable when combined with a firm mattress, like a spring mattress, as it then acts as an additional upper comfort layer.

Good body support

In our experience, the Emma mattress topper supports the body well, mainly due to the cold foam layer.

It also provides a pleasant surface to lie on, primarily due to the elastic memory foam layer.

It also relieves pressure points, preventing lower back pain.

We also noticed that the mattress topper offers excellent spinal alignment, which is particularly important for side sleepers.

If you sleep on your side, it's important to sink in a little deeper in the shoulder and pelvic areas to keep your spine straight.

The Emma topper allows for this additional sinkage.

Two sides, one topper

Here’s a great thing about the Emma mattress topper: You can use both sides!

The one side is softer, providing that body-hugging comfort, and the other is more medium-firm and offers better support.

Choose the side that works best for you.

back sleeper on the emma mattress topper

sleeper on the emma mattress topper

Which side will be best for you?

Ultimately, this is a matter of preference.

How tall are you? How heavy are you? Do you prefer softer or firmer mattresses?

Answer these questions before you decide which side of the Emma mattress topper to sleep on.

In general, though:

  • The softer side will be more suitable for lighter and medium-weight people.
  • The firmer side will be more suitable for heavier people.

But since the sides are pretty similar, there won't be significant differences, and both sides could be suitable for anyone.

We preferred the softer side, but that may just be personal preference.

If you notice that you sleep badly on one side or experience some back pain, then flip the topper over and try the other side.

Sizes & prices

In Europe, the Emma mattress topper is available in all of the standard mattress sizes.

In the UK, these would be:

  • Single mattresses: 90 x 190 cm
  • Double mattresses: 135 x 190 cm
  • King-size mattresses: 150 x 200 cm
  • Super-king mattresses: 180 x 200 cm

The topper is not available in custom sizes.

We will list the exact sizes and prices as soon as the Emma mattress topper is made available in the UK.


Emma UK offers regular discounts, vouchers, and sales.

These promotions happen throughout the year, but particularly exciting sales happen yearly for Emma's birthday celebrations, peak holidays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Black Friday, and Boxing Day.

Discount codes can offer you anything from 10% to 50% off!

Often these discounts are only applicable for the mattresses, but sometimes they can also be applied towards sleep accessories.

Don't worry; you don't have to browse the internet to find discount codes. We collect all of the best discounts for you on our discounts page.

As soon as the Emma mattress topper is available in the UK, any discounts will be listed as well.



All materials used in the Emma mattress topper are Oeko-Tex-Standard-100-certified.

This guarantees that the foams do not contain any toxins or harmful substances.

The Emma mattress topper is also 100% vegan.

A topper is not a fix for a bad mattress

Always remember that a good topper cannot fix an old mattress.

If your mattress is old and worn, the topper will adjust to follow the same outline and won't help you get a better night's sleep.

You should invest in a new perfect mattress instead.

How about one of the luxurious Emma mattresses?

There are three Emma mattresses available in the UK: The Emma Original, Emma Hybrid, and the Emma Original Hybrid.

You'll find snapshots of all of these below.

Other mattress accessories

While the Emma mattress topper may not be currently available in the UK, there are numerous other available sleep accessories.

These include:

  • The high-quality Emma pillow, made up of three interchangeable foam layers.
  • The softer Emma Cloud pillow.
  • The 6.7 tog microfibre duvet.
  • The waterproof, breathable, and antibacterial Emma mattress protector.
  • The replacement Emma mattress cover.
  • The platform Emma Bed.

You'll find a snapshot of our favourite accessories and links to more information below.

Delivery conditions

Even though the Emma mattress topper isn't yet available in the UK, it's likely to come with all standard Emma delivery conditions.

These include:

  • Free delivery
  • 100-night risk-free trial period
  • Free returns with a full refund if not satisfied
  • Product warranty

Emma is known to offer exceptional customer service, and we've always had a positive experience with them.

We'll update this section with more details as soon as the topper becomes available in the UK.

emma mattress rolled up

emma mattress topper on bed

Alternative toppers

While you can't yet get hold of the Emma mattress topper in the UK, we can recommend any of the below alternatives.

Pro tip: Steer clear of the well-known eazzzy topper. It may be popular but we had a horrible experience with it.

Consider the following:


We had a great experience with the Emma mattress topper, and it really did enhance our sleeping comfort.

We also really like that the topper has two sides and that you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Once it becomes available, this will definitely be an excellent value-for-money option!



New mattress smell
New mattress smell


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Value for money
Value for money



New mattress smell
New mattress smell


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Value for money
Value for money

Contact Emma

Customer service: To contact Emma UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Frequently asked questions

  • More about the Emma brand

    Emma is a German start-up company first established in 2015.

    The company's idea was to make the mattress market as transparent and consumer-oriented as the United States market.

    According to its founder, Max Laarmann, consumers should not have to buy mattresses at extravagant prices from local stores.

    Instead, they should be able to buy a reasonably priced mattress online and benefit from a long and risk-free trial period.

    Today, the Emma mattress is one of the most popular online beds, selling all over Europe, the UK, and India.

    The brand has also expanded and now offers a selection of mattresses as well as mattress accessories. 

    All Emma mattresses sold in the UK are manufactured in the UK

  • Can I buy the Emma mattress topper in the UK?

    No, the Emma mattress topper is not yet available in the UK.

    We'll let you know as soon as this changes!

  • Can I buy the Emma mattress topper on Amazon or through other retailers?

    No, the Emma mattress topper is not available on Amazon in the UK or through other retailers.

  • Is the Emma mattress topper suitable for couples?

    Yes, the Emma mattress topper can be used by couples.

    You can use it to enhance your sleeping comfort.

    But, the topper can also work great if you’re joining two smaller mattresses.

    The wider toppers can fit over both mattresses, thereby getting rid of the annoying gap between them.

    Remember, though, that the topper would need to be suitable for both partners.

    If the topper is suitable for you but too soft for your partner, for example, then your partner will suffer.

    If this isn't the case, then maybe use a bed bridge instead to bridge the gap between the two mattresses.

  • What is the Emma friend referral programme?

    Emma UK offers a friend referral programme, where you can share your unique code to give your friends a discount on their first purchase - and earn money in the process!

    This is how it works:

    • After you have made a purchase, you can share your unique personal friend referral code.
    • Your friends will get £20 off their first purchase.
    • If your friend keeps the purchase beyond the trial period, you'll be rewarded with £20, automatically transferred to your bank account.  

    You will have to make a minimum purchase of £290 to receive a referral code, and your friend will have to make a minimum purchase of £290 to use the discount.

    The discount can be used in conjunction with other promotions that offer up to 30% off.

    You can refer up to 8 friends.

  • What is the Key Worker Discount?

    Emma UK tries hard to support the key workers that are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

    With that, the company offers a 40% discount for all NHS health care workers, teachers, carers, and emergency personnel. 

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