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Kally sleep adjustable pillow

Kally Sleep Adjustable pillow

Harry Hext

Last updated: 07.09.2021 5.5 Min.

Have you ever felt that your pillows are too high to sleep comfortably on?

Or that you’re too low down; wishing you had another pillow to hand 👋

Well, Kally may have the solution for you with their adjustable pillow!

This pillow bundles in multiple layers for you to decide how you want to sleep 😴

But is this pillow the one for you? 🏆

We put it to the test in our review!

Kally Sleep Adjustable pillow
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  • Kally Adjustable Pillow
  • Pillow filing comfort
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What makes the Kally pillow special?

  • Customisable sleep pads for your sleeping position
  • Microfibre filling is nice and cool
  • Pillow can be soft or very firm based on amount of sleeping pads

What makes the Kally adjustable?

When you unbox the Kally, you will find that the individual pillow fillings (sleep pads) are bundled together.

This is a greatly affordable pillow that can work for all sleeping positions.

Initially, it looks as though the pillow is ready to use straight out of the box, but if you lie on it, it will be very uncomfortable!

Kally adjustable pillow
The Kally adjustable out of the box

That’s because the pillow fillings are wrapped together with plastic, which you can easily remove to start using the pillow.

There are four microfibre-filled individual pillows inside the Kally’s case, and you can choose how many you want to sleep on.

How many pillows do you need?

The Kally adjusts to your needs, so you may be thinking how many of the four fillings do I need?

4 fillings

We initially tested the Kally using all four of the microfibre fillings. This is the firmest way to sleep on the pillow, with no sinkage for your head. It felt good to use the pillow on its own in this way because of the firmness, along with the nice height of the pillow.

Individual Kally sleep pads
The Kally sleep pads out of the case

Waking up was also nice on this setting, as the microfibre felt supportive and like it held the head nicely all night. Never was the pillow too warm to sleep on, and it there was never a feeling of getting used to the height.

Sleeping with any extra pillows on top of the Kally though felt like too much, with added height and a strange feeling of firmness to sleep on.

We’d recommend only use all four fillings of the Kally on their own.

Using the Kally this way is a great way to sleep on just one pillow, because it feels like you’re sleeping on many more.

It would also be great in a guest bedroom, as an effective way to provide comfort, without taking up too much space.

3 fillings

This felt like the optimal way to use the Kally adjustable pillow.

It allowed space for extra pillows, without ever feeling too high, and retained that firmness from the four filling set up.

We placed the Kally on top of a memory foam pillow and a regular down pillow, and this felt great.

The firmness from the Kally, along with the support of the memory foam was really good for the neck, whilst the head sank a little bit providing a nice feeling of snuggly comfort.

Kally adjustable pillow

Sleeping again never felt too hot, and we woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Pairing the adjustable Kally in this way, along with your other favourite pillows makes for a great balance in firmness and softness.

2 fillings

Remove another filling though, and the pillow begins to feel thin and stripped back of features.

The Kally Sleep adjustable pillow
3 sleep pads is what we enjoyed best with our adjustable pillow.

As the pillow filling is purely a microfibre mix, removing several layers of it means there becomes less and less support for your head and neck. When sleeping on just the two fillings, we felt too low down, uncomfortable and like we had no support.

Waking up still felt fine, but getting to sleep was difficult, and extra pillows were needed.

It also became tough to put the Kally pillow on top of our pillow set up, instead of becoming the middle pillow in either a 2 or 3 pillow set up. It bulked up our position that way and didn’t feel too thin to sleep on.

The benefit of sleeping very lightly though was that this is the coolest way to sleep on the Kally.

The microfibre filling is immensely cooling anyway, and adding just the two fillings to a memory foam pillow was a great way to sleep, but this can still be achieved with the preferable three fillings.

If you like being very low down while you sleep, and aren’t too worried about height, then there are still better ways to sleep with the Kally adjustable, because this simply doesn’t feel supportive at all.

1 filling

One filling in the Kally wasn’t good at all.

We needed plenty more pillows to get comfortable, as sleeping on one wasn’t an option. The pillow fell entirely flat, failing to provide any support, and just wasn’t viable.

Paired with memory foam and other standard pillows, the Kally with one filling didn’t add much to the sleeping setup, and it was hard to notice the benefits of the pillow in this way.

It sadly means that although the Kally is totally adjustable, the reliance on one type of filling limits the potential of the pillow.

You are going to need extra pillows if you find you only need one or two fillings in the Kally, whereas we saw that with four, the pillow was viable on its own.

If the pillow had more variations on its fillings, like the Emma Original pillow, then it would be a fantastic competitor.

Right now, the pillow is very comfortable when used as a firmness-boosting pillow, but limits its adjustable capabilities.

Adjust based on your position

Whilst the different levels of pads add something different comfort wise, the pillow truly shines when you are experimenting with your sleeping position.

The pillow is designed to be adjusted based on how you sleep.

If you sleep on your front, then less fillings prevent head tilt and result in a better feeling when waking up.

Back sleepers might want something in the middle to best support their backs and necks.

And side sleepers will benefit from using three-four of the pads to bulk up their position and feel something very firm to lie on.

Did you know? Sleeping on your side is the most common sleeping position amongst adults, with over 55% of us choosing it!

Although the different amounts of padding felt strange to us as side sleepers, we can definitely see the benefits if you sleep on your front or back especially. Having a pillow that adjusts to exactly how you need it makes all the difference in comfort.

About Kally

Kally launched their first product, the Kally body pillow, in 2018. That product alone has helped 40000 people with sleeping issues.

Kally market themselves as sleep problem solvers. Their products are designed alongside experts, doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors to make products that will actually help their customers sleep and live better.

Kally sleep packaging
Kally's packaging highlights the uses of the pillow and provides a helpful firmness scale!

All of Kally’s products are kept affordable, whilst being made with materials that will really help your sleep problems.

The whole Kally range targets different sleeping issues. From body pillows to weighted blankets, there is something at Kally that can help almost any issue.

It’s great to see a brand target sleep health like this, and use their research to benefit peoples health. On the Kally website, you can browse their products based on issues such as sports recovery, snoring and temperature.

You can! Kally Sleep have regular sales throughout the year where you will be able to save on the products you want.

Frequently check Kally, and our discount codes page for the sales.

Should I buy the Kally adjustable pillow?

The adjustable pillow from Kally is a brilliant idea. However, it needs some refining to be a fantastic product.

Deciding to use all microfibre filling limits the customisation options with the pillow drastically, and there is a massive difference between each of the fillings as a result.

Sleeping on three sleep pads was optimal, whereas one more felt too firm and any less began to feel thin.

The pillow shines when you are experimenting with different sleeping positions, and need less or more filling based on your head position.

Overall, the adjustable pillow is a really great start for Kally, and does exactly what it sets out to do. But it is incredibly simple, and lacks the customisable variation of something like the Emma pillow, if Kally improve on this factor, then it will be one of the best pillows around.


Customer service: To contact Kally Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, or fill out their form and they will get back to you promptly!

Harry Hext

I love getting a great night's sleep. It's a feeling everyone should get to experience each night! Hopefully, my reviews will help you to sleep easy in no time. 

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