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Firm Mattress Toppers

Best Firm Mattress Toppers UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

Struggling with a soft mattress that leaves your spine crying out for help? 😬

Perhaps, a firm mattress topper is the magic trick you've been missing.

Imagine an extra firm topper, turning your soft, dough-like mattress into a fortress of comfort. 🧱

But what are the best firm mattress toppers available?

Let’s find out! 👇

people sitting on mattress topper

The best firm mattress toppers in the UK

Sleep Hero Favourite

Simba Mattress Topper

The Simba mattress topper is a high-quality hybrid topper with mini pocket springs, synthetic latex, and high-resilience foam.

All foams used in this topper are CertiPUR-certified, ensuring they're free from toxins, heavy metals, dyes, and harmful chemicals.

The Simba Hybrid mattress topper is one of the most unique toppers on the market.

Proudly designed by the British Simba Sleep, the Simba topper features three layers:

  • Simba-Pure synthetic latex (2.5 cm / 1 inch)
  • 2,500 Aerocoil 20 mm mini pocket springs, enclosed in 100% polyester pockets
  • High-resilience Simba-Pure base foam (2 cm / 0.7 inches)

The Simba-Pure foam is CertiPUR-certified and guaranteed to be free from TCPP, phosphates, parabens, biocides and persistent organic pollutants. 🌱

Simba mattress topper
It looks all-foam from the outside, but the Simba topper has pocket springs at its core.

This is a cooling mattress topper as the springs allow for maximum airflow. 

The cover with 3D mesh fabric is also ultra-breathable, further enhancing airflow.

This helps with temperature regulation, ensuring you stay cool and fresh all night long. ❄️

Because of its hybrid composition, the Simba topper also feels much firmer than pure foam toppers. 

This is great if you just want to add a touch of firmness. 🧱

The Simba topper has an anti-slip base and elasticated straps to keep it firmly in place on your mattress.

The Simba mattress topper comes with free delivery & returns, a 14-day returns policy, and a 1-year guarantee. 


  Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper
Materials: Synthetic latex, mini pocket springs, Simba-Pure foam
Depth: 7 cm (2.7 inches)
Trial period: 14-day returns policy (you can try out the topper in these 14 days but this is subject to change)
Guarantee: 1 year
Available sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king
Luxury Option

Amazon LinkDream Mattress Topper

The LinkDream mattress topper is made from gel memory foam for a cool and comfortable sleep.

This eco-friendly topper is delivered rolled up for fast and efficient delivery! 

The LinkDream memory foam topper provides a combination of support and comfort. 🤗

linkdream mattress topper

This medium-firm memory foam mattress topper is designed with a three-layer structure for optimal pressure relief.

This includes:

  • High-density base for durable support
  • Comfort layer for spinal alignment
  • Cooling gel layer for a breathable sleep

The three-zone structure helps to keep the spine straight whilst moulding around pressure-point areas

This memory foam topper comes with a 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee. 🤞

There is also a LinkDream mattress available for those that may need an entire mattress replacement. 

The mattress topper is delivered vacuumed-packed and can be delivered in just a few days! 🚚📦


  LinkDream  Mattress Topper
Materials: Cooling gel memory foam and high-density base foam layer
Depth: 8 cm (3.14 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Available sizes: Single, double, king, or super king
Customisable Comfort

Emma Flip Mattress Topper

The Emma mattress topper has a unique dual-sided design.

This cooling topper comes with a removable and machine-washable cover.

The Emma Flip Topper has a unique dual-sided design with two foam layers.

These are:

  • Comfort side: Airgocell foam
  • Support side: ZeroGravity foam

The comfort side is slightly softer, while the support side is a little firmer. 🧸🧱

This makes the Emma mattress topper a great option for sleepers who need a little more variety - or aren't sure if they need more softness or firmness.

emma mattress topper
The Emma topper has a dual-sided design.

The topper also comes with a breathable, cooling cover that is fully machine-washable, which is great for hygienic reasons.

Unfortunately, the Emma topper doesn't have any straps to attach it to the mattress. 😨

While a good fitted sheet should keep your topper in place, we much prefer toppers with straps for a tighter fit.

The Emma Flip topper comes with free delivery and returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year guarantee.


  Emma Flip mattress topper
Composition: Airgocell memory foam and ZeroGravity cold foam
Depth: 5 cm (1.9 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Available sizes: Double, king, super king
Great For Hot Sleepers

Inofia Gel Mattress Topper

The Inofia mattress topper is made with cooling gel and pressure-relief memory foam.

The Inofia Gel Mattress Topper comes with a 100-night money-back guarantee. 

The Inofia Gel Mattress Topper is breathable and supportive. 🌬️

inofia mattress topper

The two-layer structure of Gelex memory foam and lavender Reliefoam can help to enhance the comfort of your current mattress. 

Rated as "plush firm", this memory foam topper has responsive support. 

Why two layers?

  • Gelex memory foam regulates heat and moisture for an overall cooler sleep. 
  • The lavender layer helps to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. 

The Inofia Gel Mattress Topper comes with a fully washable purple and white cover. 🧼

If you're not satisfied with this mattress topper, you can get a full refund within 100 nights

The Inofia Gel Mattress Topper is delivered rolled up and can be re-rolled for easy transport. 

This gel mattress topper comes with free delivery & returns. 🚚


  Inofia Gel Mattress Topper
Materials: Geltex memory foam, lavender Reliefoam
Depth: 8 cm (3.14 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: /
Available sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king, EU sizes

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Can a mattress topper make a bed more firm?

Are you in search of a mattress topper to make your bed firmer?

A mattress topper typically adds a layer of support or comfort to your current mattress. 🥰

They can be an affordable way to improve the feel of your mattress without having to replace it.

Typically, a mattress topper will provide a soft cushioning layer that hugs around the pressure points (such as your hips and shoulders) and softens the feel of a too-firm mattress. ☁️

However, some toppers are made with a firmer feel that can give a soft mattress some extra oomph.

woman laying on firm mattress topper
A hard mattress topper can make a soft mattress more supportive.

A firm mattress topper can provide a layer of solid comfort that gives your spine additional support during sleep. 🤗

Should I replace my mattress?

However, a firm mattress topper cannot fix what’s broken. 🛠️

woman laying on sagging mattress
A firm mattress topper isn’t a solution for an old mattress.

If your current mattress is particularly old and sagging, there is only so much a very firm mattress topper can do.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my mattress older than 7 years?
  • Does my mattress have indents and soft spots?
  • Does my mattress feel lumpy or have rolls?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time to invest in a new mattress. 😨

Our guide on the best mattresses explores the most suitable bed for your sleeping position.

Is a softer or firmer mattress topper better?

So, you’ve decided you want an extra firm mattress topper, but what if a soft mattress topper is actually what you need? 🤔

Generally, firmness directly correlates with your sleeping position.

How you sleep will depend on what firmness level is best.

firmness according to sleep position graphic
Different sleeping positions require different firmness levels.

If you have a partner, you should also consider their sleeping preferences and needs.👩‍❤️‍👨

What firmness is best for side sleepers?

Sleeping on your side is the most popular sleeping position. 🙌

In fact, 41% of British people like to snooze in this foetal position.

This position puts the most pressure on the hips and shoulders since your entire weight is pressing down into these areas.

woman with correct spinal alignment
A mattress topper can relieve pressure.

Therefore, the mattress or mattress topper should provide a soft to medium feel. ☁️🧸

This allows the material to hug around the joints and relieve pressure.

A soft mattress topper like the Dual Layer topper is particularly good for side sleepers who find their mattress too firm. 🥰


What firmness is best for back and stomach sleepers?

In contrast, back and stomach sleepers need an extra firm mattress topper for a comfy sleep. 😍

This helps keep the spine straight and aligned with the neck throughout the night.

Back sleeper on mattress topper
A medium-firm mattress is best for back sleepers.

Back sleepers should opt for a medium-firm feel, whilst stomach sleepers should look for firm support. 🧱

Most mattress toppers are soft to medium-firm and generally hug around the body for more adaptive comfort.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that even the firmest mattress topper will be suitable for stomach sleepers. 🙁

Instead, consider replacing your mattress for a firmer choice. 👇

Our favourite firm mattresses:

Firm mattress topper buying guide

Choosing a firm mattress topper can feel a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. 🪡

Typically, mattress toppers come with a soft, body-hugging feel, and it’s not easy trying to find a firm topper.

Likewise, some manufacturers don’t specify a firmness, employing that their topper is universal to every need. 🤔

However, that’s simply not the case.

Consider the following:

These factors will depend on your individual needs for your sleep.

Our buying guide below can help you find the perfect mattress topper for your requirements. 👇

🌡️ Temperature

Some materials can regulate body temperature, whilst others retain heat and keep you warm.

temperature regulation scale
Materials have different reactions to body temperature.

A latex and gel-infused mattress topper will provide an overall cooler sleep as latex is breathable and gel absorbs heat for temperature regulation. ❄️

The Simba Hybrid topper is one of our favourite cool mattress toppers, as it has a breathable pocket spring layer for enhanced airflow.

The type of mattress you sleep on will also affect the overall temperature.

You are more likely to experience overheating on a memory foam mattress, whilst pocket springs provide better circulation. 🌬️

Woman laying on pocket sprung mattress
Pocket spring mattresses encourage airflow throughout.

Likewise, sleeping with a lower tog duvet can help you have a cooler sleep.

🧱 Firmness

Different materials can come in soft and firm options that provide different comfort levels.

Fluffy sheep comfort levels
The firmness will depend on the topper material.

You should also consider your mattress and its firmness level, as this will affect the overall feeling of your sleep.

For example, a soft mattress topper paired with an extra firm mattress will likely create a medium-firm level of comfort. 🤯

As a general guideline when choosing mattress topper materials:

  • Soft mattress topper materials include memory foam, feather and down, hollowfibre
  • Medium to firm bed topper materials include Latex, gel foam, hybrid/pocket springs

However, this also depends on other factors, such as the quality of the material and its structural makeup.

⌛ Lifespan

Some materials last much longer than others.

You’ll want to invest in the most durable materials to ensure your mattress or topper lasts. 💪

Our guide on material durability:

Material Lifespan
Latex 12 - 15 years
Feather and down 8 - 10 years
Memory foam 6 - 10 years
Hollowfibre 3 - 5 years

As you can see, a latex topper is the most durable, but this is also one of the most expensive mattress toppers you can buy.

♻️ Sustainability

As a conscious consumer in a world of mass-produced products, you may be interested in your firm mattress topper’s impact on the environment. 🌎


  • How is my product manufactured?
  • Is the material recyclable?
  • Is the packaging recyclable?
  • Will it last a long time?
  • Do the materials contain chemicals?

Whilst memory foam has become one of the most popular sleeping products in recent years, it’s not the most sustainable. 👎

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is often manufactured with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a chemical gas that can harm you and the environment.

In addition, they can be made into carpet underlay, they aren’t the easiest material to recycle and often end up in landfills.

Natural fibre products are much more eco-friendly. 👍

Cotton, wool, bamboo and natural latex are the best sustainability options. 🐼🌱🐑

Latex is manufactured from rubber trees that can produce latex sap for up to 30 years and is fully biodegradable.

Latex being harvested from a tree
Latex is a sustainably sourced natural material.

Likewise, bamboo is a fast-growing crop that uses less water than cotton in the manufacturing process. 💧

However, as these materials are often grown overseas, you should also consider the overall carbon footprint.

Look for a hard mattress topper that is CERTIPUR-US or OEKO-TEX certified, as the materials have been tested against harmful chemicals. ✔️

certifications graphic
Many mattress toppers have been tested against harmful chemicals.

The foam used in the Simba topper is CertiPUR-certified, ensuring it contains no TCPP, phosphates, parabens, biocides, or other harmful chemicals.


Firm mattress topper sizes

Firm mattress toppers come in standard UK sizes.

Standard mattress sizesThese include:

  • Firm mattress topper single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Firm mattress topper small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Firm mattress topper double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • King size firm mattress topper: 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6'6")
  • Firm mattress topper super king size: 180 x 200 cm (6' x 6'6")

Some firm mattress toppers may also be available in EU sizes.

How much are firm mattress toppers?

Firm mattress topper prices vary. 💰

Typically, a mattress topper will cost anywhere from £100 or more depending on your size.

Generally, the more you spend, the better the quality of the topper.

price performance ratio graphic
You should weigh up your budget against the quality of the topper you want to buy.

However, some toppers are fantastic value for money. 🤯

The Inofia Gel mattress topper is an excellent option for those who need a firm topper and can't quite stretch their budget.


Firm mattress topper discount codes

You can also find firm mattress toppers on sale. 🏷️

Firm mattress toppers can be as much as 50% off the original price during seasonal periods and throughout the year.

Man sitting on coins graphic
Mattress toppers on sale can help you budget for a better quality product.

Bookmark our discounts page for updates on all offers on mattress toppers and other sleep accessories.

Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on all the latest mattress topper offers:

How to attach a mattress topper

A mattress topper can be easily attached without any fuss. 🤗

Most mattress toppers come with elastic straps on each corner.

Simply tuck the strap over the corner of the mattress before adding any other bedding.

person holding mattress topper elastic strap

panda mattress topper strapped to mattress

You should also ensure the firm mattress topper is the right side up, particularly a mattress topper with different layers. 👀

Can you wash a mattress topper?

Unfortunately, most mattress toppers are not washable. ❌

This is because getting liquid onto materials such as memory foam or gel can damage the components.

Mattress toppers are also very large, making it difficult to squeeze them into a washing machine.

But many firm mattress toppers come with washable covers.

Woman washing mattress topper cover
You can remove and wash the cover on some mattress toppers.

You can take the cover off the topper and pop it into the washing machine with your regular bedding. 🧼

You should check the care instructions on your firm mattress topper before removing the cover or washing the topper.

The Emma Flip topper has a firm and soft side and includes a fully washable cover:

How long do firm mattress toppers last?

Many mattress toppers come with a guarantee. 🤞

This means you’ll be protected for a specified amount of time against any manufacturing faults.

These faults include material dipping, seams coming apart or any other faults not caused by accidents or general wear and tear. 🛠️

Woman measuring indentation in mattress topper.
Most mattress toppers are guaranteed against manufacturing faults such as indentations.

If a fault is found, the mattress topper will usually be replaced with a new one. ✨

The LinkDream topper includes a 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee:

What is the best mattress topper for a firm mattress?

The best mattress topper for a firm bed will be soft and body-hugging. 🤗

It will mould around pressure-point areas such as the hips and shoulders and prevent aches and pains.

woman laying on a soft mattress topper
A soft mattress topper can alleviate pressure.

It will be soft enough to keep the back straight without too much sinkage to create a bend in the spine.

The Tempur topper and Panda topper are excellent options for those who need soft, body-hugging support.

But those who sleep on their side and individuals with lighter body weights may want to think about switching to a softer mattress.

Do firm mattress toppers work?

A firm mattress topper is an excellent solution for those who need extra support during sleep.

They’re a great choice for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Those with a mattress under 7 years old
  • Those with a thin or soft mattress that is in otherwise good condition

However, even a very firm mattress topper cannot compensate for an old, sagging mattress with indentations or other faults. 👀

Instead, you should consider replacing the mattress altogether.

Not sure a firm mattress topper is what you need?

Our guide on the best mattresses can help you out.

Here's a reminder of our favourite firm topper UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • How thick should a mattress topper be?

    A mattress topper can be anywhere between 5 - 10 cm (2 - 4 inches) deep. 

    If you’re looking for a noticeable change in the feel of your sleep, you should opt for a thicker mattress topper. 

    However, since this uses more material, it will be more expensive than a thinner mattress topper. 

    Our thick mattress topper article has the best thick mattress topper recommendations. 

  • What’s the best firm mattress topper for back pain?

    The best firm mattress toppers for back pain support the spine and cushion around pressure-point areas. 

    When choosing a mattress topper to alleviate aches and pains, you should also consider your sleeping position. 

    Scroll to the top of the article for our favourite extra firm mattress topper UK recommendations. 

    Back pain during sleep is usually caused by sleeping on an unsupportive mattress or the wrong firmness level for your sleep. 

    Try this:

    • Side sleepers will do best on a soft, thick mattress topper that cushions around the hips and shoulders. 
    • Back sleepers should consider a medium-firm and average depth mattress topper that supports the spine and hugs around the pelvis. 
    • If you’re a stomach sleeper suffering from back pain, consider investing in an extra firm mattress and a low and soft pillow to keep the spine and neck aligned. 

    A firming mattress topper or a new mattress is not a cure for health-related medical concerns. 

    You should seek advice from a medical professional if you have a medical condition that causes back pain. 

  • Is a mattress topper the same as a mattress protector?

    A mattress protector and mattress topper are two entirely different products.

    A mattress topper is designed to enhance the feeling of your mattress.

    On the other hand, a mattress pad or mattress protector safeguards against accidents, dust mites and moisture build-up over time. 

    Some mattress protectors can come with a thick quilted cover but cannot improve the comfort of an unsupportive mattress. 

  • Can a mattress topper make a bed more firm?

    A mattress topper is typically designed to make a firm mattress feel softer. 

    However, some mattress toppers can provide additional support to a soft mattress. 

    A mattress topper, extra firm or not, will not be able fix a sagging mattress with indentations or soft spots. 

    Yet it can help to make a thin or too-soft mattress feel a bit more solid, encouraging correct spinal alignment.

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