Bruno Mattress Review UK (2022)

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Last updated: 31.07.2022

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Bruno is a mattress with a revolutionary approach.

Made of high-quality materials and proudly wearing the “Made in Germany” seal of approval, this start-up manufacturer set out to produce a one-of-a-kind mattress.

The Bruno mattress combines high-quality memory foam with excellent workmanship, resulting in a medium-firm mattress that is only available online.

Read all about our experience in our Bruno mattress review below.

Bruno Mattress


The Bruno mattress is 24cm high and consists of two layers of foam placed on top of each other.

The top layer is 3 cm thick and made of natural latex. This layer is extra soft and aims to offer sleepers a sensation of floating when lying down. The latex improves body weight distribution, comfort, and cushioning. The layer also contains vertical perforation, which improves ventilation.

The second layer, or base foam, that makes up the rest of the mattress is made of polyurethane. It is subdivided into 7 longitudinal comfort zones. The materials and design provide good stability and support the body, keeping the spine in a healthy alignment.

Spine alignment

Bruno mattress cover

The soft, white cover of the Bruno mattress is made of 100% cotton. It can easily be removed due to the presence of a zipper and machine-washed at 40 degrees. This is particularly good for people with allergies, who would need to clean their mattress more frequently.

The bottom layer of the cover is made of polyester and can also be washed at 40 degrees.


We’ve rated the Bruno mattress at 7.5 out of 10 points on the Sleep Hero firmness scale. This places Bruno on the firmer side of medium-firm mattresses, and it is certainly one of the best ones out there.

The Bruno mattress clearly distinguishes itself from its competitors, which is largely due to the top layer of latex that hugs the body and offers that soft, cocooning feel. The manufacturer promises that lying down on the Bruno will feel like lying down on a cloud - and that’s exactly what we felt.

Bruno Firmness

The mattress has a density of 45 kg / m3, which is very good. It provides excellent elasticity. This means that the mattress only sinks in/collapses where it is loaded, keeping the spine in a stable and healthy position.

The 7 contour zones also ensure that the mattress is suitable for both couples and heavier-weight people. Sleepers won’t sink into the mattress too deeply, which allows body heat to be well-managed and discourages sweating. This cooling effect is further enhanced by the air-permeable material of the latex layer. This makes the Bruno mattress perfectly temperature-regulated, even on hot summer nights.

The mattress also offers a high rebound force, affirming the quality and durability of the mattress. It is comfortable and convenient, for you and your partner.

The manufacturer claims that their mattress is ideal for people weighing between 50 and 110 kg.

Delivery & customer service

Bruno Mattress

The Bruno mattress is delivered within 1 - 3 business days, rolled up in a compact box. You can track your order online. When we ordered, the delivery company even called us a day in advance to inform us of the delivery date. It was such a smooth process.

Bruno offers its customers a risk-free 100-day trial period, which begins right after delivery. You can try the mattress out for 100 days, and, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can simply e-mail customer service. They will organise the return of the mattress and offer you a full refund.

Since the Bruno mattress is incredibly comfortable, this rarely happens. But it is good to know that the option is there, making your purchase completely risk-free.

We called customer services numerous times to inquire about the Bruno mattress and always received reliable information from friendly agents.


The Bruno mattress really stands out.

It is made of high-quality materials, offers a pleasantly comfortable lying sensation, and regulates temperature very well.

Bruno regulates temperatures very well and is suitable for heavy sweaters.

Contact Bruno Sleep

Customer service: To contact Bruno Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or call them on 0203 608 6500. The customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 8 am - 1 pm.

Registered office: Bruno Interior GmbH, Brunnenstr. 191, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Frequently asked questions:

  • Good to know

    The Bruno mattress can be placed on any surface without a problem. It fits perfectly on a normal or even self-built bed base, and can also be placed on a spring base. The manufacturer also offers a box spring, which is optimised for the Bruno mattress. But you can also lay it on the floor if you wish! This may slightly affect the feel of the mattress and it will be more comfortable on a slatted base, but has no direct effect on the functions of the mattress. This just means that you don’t need to purchase an expensive bed to go with your Bruno mattress. 

  • About the manufacturer

    Bruno is a Berlin-based start-up company, founded in 2012 by Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer. Their goal was to create the "perfect mattress” that’s not too expensive, a mattress with a better price-performance ratio than any of the expensive ones sold in stores. The Bruno mattress is the result of many long working nights and prototypes.


My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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