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Emma pillow

Emma Pillow Review UK (2021)

Harry Hext

Last updated: 23.07.2021 4 Min.

A great mattress can be worthless if not combined with a great pillow.

Pillows play a significant role in our sleep quality, and they need to be as comfortable as possible for the best night's sleep 🥱

If you’re sleeping on a low-quality pillow, then you’re likely to wake up with intense pain in your upper back and neck 🤕

With adjustable height and customisable layers, the Emma Pillow is one of the best pillows we’ve tried 👑

We've been sleeping on it for quite a while to give you our full review.

See what we found out below 👇

Top features of the Emma pillow

Made In The UK
Made In The UK
Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
Comfortable Pillow
200-Day Trial Period
200-Night Trial Period
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  • Features
  • Composition
  • Customisation
  • Emma Cloud
  • Cover
  • Product comparison
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  • Delivery
  • Conclusion
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  • Customisable layers

  • Adjustable height

  • Suitable for all sleeping positions

  • Cool and comfortable

  • Machine-washable cover


  • Only available in one standard size

  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

A quick look at the Emma pillow

  • This is Emma's most popular pillow with three customisable layers of foam.

  • There is another Emma pillow, the cloud, which is softer.

  • Emma have quickly become a favourite in the UK, and their products reflect why.

Features of the Emma pillow

The Emma pillow is a completely adjustable pillow to give you the best possible night's sleep.

It comes packed with three changeable layers that each suit different sleeping positions.

Comfort and firmness

The Emma memory foam pillow provides optimal support in all sleeping positions.

We recommend it as an orthopaedic pillow, as its unique design allows for both a pleasant feel and excellent pressure relief.

Adjust the height to suit your needs

You can personalise the pillow by removing one or two layers, making it possible to reduce the pillow's height.

Emma pillow customise

The pillow is completely adjustable based on your preferred sleeping position.

Customisable comfort

You can also turn the pillow upside down and sleep on the foam layer that suits you best.

If you don’t like the feel of the HRX foam, then try the memory foam layer.

The HRX foam side offers excellent support for the head and neck.

We'll explain just how much you can customise the pillow later!

Emma Pillow foams

Emma Pillow foams

The memory foam side allows you to sink a little deeper, offering a more comfortable and softer feel.

A cooler sleep

The Emma pillow's middle layer consists of ultra-breathable Airgocell foam, which transfers heat away from your head.

With the moisture-wicking cooling cover, the Emma pillow allows for exceptional breathability and an overall cool and comfortable sleep 🧊


Composition of the Emma pillow

The Emma memory foam pillow is a breathable pillow with ergonomic support comprising three layers of foam 🧽

You can adjust the pillow to suit your liking by removing one or two layers, thus changing the pillow's height to fit your body perfectly.

Emma Pillow construction

There are three different layers of the Emma pillow 👇

  • Top Layer: Cold foam, which supports pressure points and reduces neck pain.
  • Middle Layer: This Airgocell foam layer provides counter pressure for ideal support. It also acts as a stabiliser for your head and spine.
  • Bottom Layer: Memory foam distributes pressure optimally and evenly. It also adapts well to the shape of your head, offering generous support. This layer ensures a comfortable sleep.

There is no correct way of sleeping on the Emma pillow.

The benefit of this pillow is its memory foam and cold foam layer on either, as you can sleep on the side you prefer.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is the most comfortable ✅

Emma pillow comfort

The only downside is that the Emma memory foam pillow is available in one standard size of 40 x 70 cm.

We would love to see larger pillows from Emma in the future.


How do I change the pillow to suit my sleeping position?

Each sleeping position has different requirements for the best night's sleep 😴

You can adjust the Emma memory foam pillow to suit your preferences and ideal sleeping position.

Side sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you should keep all three foam layers of the Emma pillow.

This allows the distance between the head and shoulders to be filled and guarantees that you have enough support.

But, you can still choose which side of the pillow you want to rest your head on the comfort side or the support side.

Emma pillow side sleeper

Your choice depends mainly on your sleeping preferences and the degree of firmness you enjoy.

Stomach sleepers

The height of a pillow is the biggest problem when it comes to sleeping on your stomach.

If the spine bends even slightly, then the pillow is too high.

And if you’re lying too flat - like when you sleep without a pillow - then your spine may not be completely straight.

Achieving the optimal middle ground is essential for the health of your spine.

With the Emma pillow, you can choose to sleep on only one of the three layers, ensuring optimum height.

Of course, you can choose the layer you prefer the most.

Back sleepers

If you prefer to sleep on your back, a very healthy sleeping position, keeping two of the three layers is ideal.

Of course, you are free to choose which layers of foam you want to keep.

We’d recommend keeping the middle layer and combining it with the HRX foam layer or the memory foam layer.


Emma Cloud pillow

You may prefer something very soft to rest your head on after a hard day.

And, whilst the original Emma pillow is totally customisable, even the most stripped back version of it is quite hard 🧱

Emma wanted a pillow that feels just like sleeping on a cloud ☁️

So they called it exactly that.

Using super soft, high-quality microfiber filling, this is a great alternative to down filling in terms of softness.

It’s a good recommendation to those who need a softer pillow made with renowned Emma quality.

We will compare the two accessories later in this article!

It won’t be for everyone, as it's an intensely soft pillow.

However, for those who need a softer pillow, this is a high-quality choice.


Emma pillow cover

The cover of the Emma memory foam pillow is identical to the one of the Emma Original mattress.

Designed to keep cool 🧊

The white top cover consists of 98% polyester and 2% elastane.

The cover is very breathable and allows for excellent air circulation, which is great for keeping the pillow cool at night and allowing for a comfortable sleep.

Easy to clean 🧼

The Emma pillow is non-toxic, vegan, and naturally hypoallergenic, which is already great for people concerned about hygiene or those prone to allergies.

As a bonus, the cover features a zipper, so you can easily remove it.

You can also machine-wash it at 40℃.

Emma pillow close-up

Choosing your pillowcase 💤

Of course, you should also protect your Emma pillow by investing in a good pillowcase.

The Emma pillow will fit most standard size pillowcases.

Emma Original vs Emma Cloud pillow

The Emma Cloud pillow is a fresh addition to Emma’s range of products, and if you prefer to feel as though you aren’t sleeping on anything, the Cloud may have you covered.

Whilst the pillow looks large and fluffy, lying on it reveals that the pillow is in fact very thin, and you will easily sink into it.

It is a very light and minimally-constructed pillow to give you the feeling of weightlessness.

Emma Memory Foam Pillow
The Emma memory foam pillow. / Photo: © Sleep-Hero
Emma Cloud Pillow
The Emma Cloud pillow. / Photo: © Sleep-Hero

With the Cloud, Emma takes care of every customer as those who prefer a traditionally firm pillow can try the Original, and those who want something softer should try the Cloud.

Whilst we prefer a firmer pillow to rest our heads on, the Coud is still a great option for those who don’t.

Using 100% microfiber polyester, this is an ultra breathable lightweight pillow, constructed to feel exactly like a cloud.

Like the Original pillow, Emma proudly make this in UK 🇬🇧

Here is a table comparing the two products side by side, so you can choose the right one for you 👑

Factor Emma Original Emma Cloud
Height ⬆️ Up to 12 cm 7 cm
Size ↔️ 40 x 70 cm 50 x 70 cm
Environmental Impact 🌳 None None
Cost 💰 £69 £109

Get your Emma pillow for less

Emma UK regularly offers discounts, promotions, and sales, which can give you anything from 10% to 50% off.


Very often, these discount codes also apply to Emma accessories, including the Emma pillow.

You don't have to browse the internet to find discount codes. We collect all the best discounts for you on our discounts page 🙆

Also check out our article on Emma mattress discount codes, a guide on using discount and promotional codes.

Emma mattress range

If you're investing in a new pillow from Emma, you might want to purchase a new mattress too.

The award-winning Emma mattress is the ideal partner to your new Emma pillow!


Emma mattresses are immensely popular and have won many awards 🏆

Their UK range includes the award-winning Emma Original, the luxurious Emma Hybrid, and the brand new Emma Original Hybrid.

Emma Original mattress with the Emma pillows

As the most awarded mattress in the UK, Emma makes some really great products for your sleep.

There's more information and discounts on these fantastic mattresses below, and you can see our full review of the Emma Original for an in-depth look at what makes this mattress so special.

Other Emma accessories

Emma UK also features many sleep accessories 🛏

As a well-renowned brand across the UK, all of Emma's products come with a guarantee of quality and great customer service 🏆

Regardless of if you need a new bed frame, a duvet set to match your new pillow, Emma has something that may interest you.

You'll find snapshots of these in the sections below 👇

Emma delivery & customer service

The Emma pillow is delivered free of charge and dispatched within 1-2 business days.

Emma Pillow in the box

Emma Pillow in plastic

If you live in Ireland, you'll need to use Emma's Irish site 🇮🇪

200-night trial period

Like with the Emma mattresses, the Emma memory foam pillow comes with a 200-day risk-free trial period 😴

This is a key draw towards the product 🔑

A long trial time means you have a great deal of time to test the different options that the Emma pillow provides.

Mattress trial period

Free returns & full refunds 🚚

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the pillow and receive a full refund.

To return a product, you need to contact customer service via the online return portal, which will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to return your product.

Returns are free of charge.

2-year guarantee

The Emma pillow comes with a 2-year guarantee, so if anything goes wrong with your pillow, Emma will gladly help.


Should you get the Emma pillow?

We've become fans of the Emma memory foam pillow.

It was very comfortable, and we slept well on it.

It's super important to find the right pillow height for you and your sleeping position. The Emma pillow is perfect for that.

If in doubt, try different layers or combinations of layers to find what suits you best.

Each person is different and will have unique sleeping preferences 😴

The Emma memory foam pillow is a top-of-the-range pillow and one we can highly recommend.

You can use it together with Emma mattresses and find it an impressive addition to any other quality mattress.



Customisable for all sleeping positions, great comfort 


Top quality foam and a firm side are both of great quality material in the pillow. 


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

With contact free and fast delivery, a 200 night trial and hassle-free returns, there's little better than Emma's delivery! 

Value for money
Value for money

More expensive than competitors, but top quality 


Customisable for all sleeping positions, great comfort 


Top quality foam and a firm side are both of great quality material in the pillow. 


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

With contact free and fast delivery, a 200 night trial and hassle-free returns, there's little better than Emma's delivery! 

Value for money
Value for money

More expensive than competitors, but top quality 

Contact Emma

Customer service: To contact Emma UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at 📧, visit their live online chat 💬, or complete their online contact form 📓

Registered office 🏢: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Emma?

    Emma is a German start-up company first established in 2015.

    The company's idea was to make the mattress market as transparent and consumer-oriented as the market in the United States.

    According to its founder, Max Laarmann, consumers should not have to buy mattresses at extravagant prices from local stores.

    Instead, they should be able to buy a reasonably priced mattress online and benefit from a long and risk-free trial period.

    Today, the Emma mattress is one of the most popular online beds, selling all over Europe and in the UK.

    The brand has also expanded and now sells its original mattress and hybrid mattresses and select accessories.

    All Emma mattresses sold in the UK are also manufactured in the UK

  • Can I buy the Emma pillow on Amazon?

    Yes, the Emma pillow is available on Amazon UK at the same price and with the same delivery and trial period conditions.

    We'd recommend ordering directly from Emma UK, though. 

    Their customer service is a breeze, and we'd always recommend ordering directly from the brand. 

    You'll also get access to all of their exclusive discounts if you order directly from them.

  • Can I buy the Emma pillow with an Emma duvet?

    Emma does offer a duvet, also called the Cloud, which only has a single size. 

    The brand is expanding its range of items in the U.K and is bringing out new accessories often.

  • Is the Emma pillow as comfy as hotel pillows?

    The Emma pillow is a luxurious pillow. With its ergonomic shape and layers of foam, it's a comfortable experience that wouldn't be out of place in the finest of hotels. 

  • Where is the Emma pillow made?

    Emma pillows, along with its other products, are made here in the UK 🇬🇧

Harry Hext

I love getting a great night's sleep. It's a feeling everyone should get to experience each night! Hopefully, my reviews will help you to sleep easy in no time. 

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